Mr. Marino

By Sean [Email]

Even though it was November, Craig was dressed in just a pair of running shorts and nothing else. The heat in the old apartment building was unreliable; it alternately froze the occupants or heated them to dullness. Today was one of the overheated days. But tomorrow was Monday and Craig had a big test; he needed his concentration to study, so he dressed light and opened the window a crack. Lying on his shabby sofa and poring over his books, Craig rubbed his smooth chest and idly fingered his nipples as he read.

There came a knock at the door. Craig jumped up and peered through the peephole. He saw the heavily moustached face of Mr. Marino, the heavyset electrician who lived down the hall. Craig unfasted the chain and opened the door. "Hi, Mr. Marino," Craig said. "What's up?"

Despite the heat, Mr. Marino looked a little taken aback at Craig's near nudity; he looked up and down at the young man. Mr. Marino was physically entirely unlike Craig. He was taller and older, probably in his mid 40's. His red-and-black plaid work shirt was not tucked in and was unbuttoned, revealing a chest densely covered in curly black hair, and a deep-navelled belly which spilled over his dirty faded jeans. His hair was wavy and black, and he had a day or two of unshaven stubble on his face in addition to his very thick moustache. "Hi, Craig," he said in his gravelly, working-class voice. "I want to ask a favor. I don't have time to get to the market before the football game starts. Any chance I could borrow some eggs from you?"

"Sure, Mr. Marino," said Craig. He went to the kitchen and came back with a carton which still had a half dozen eggs in it. Craig handed the carton to Mr. Marino.

"Thanks, pal," said Mr. Marino. Looking at Craig again, he cocked his head and added, "You're welcome to come over and watch the game with me."

"I'd love to, but I've got a test tomorrow," said Craig. He didn't really want to watch the game with Mr. Marino, since he didn't know him that well; but he had to study, anyway, so he had a good excuse to deline.

"I understand. Thanks again," said Mr. Marino. He left, and Craig locked the door and returned to his studying.

A few minutes later, there was another knock. Craig got up and looked to see Mr. Marino's face once again oddly stretched by the fish-eye peephole. He opened the door again.

"Sorry to bother you again, Craig," said Mr. Marino, scratching his belly. "But I just realized I don't have any butter to go with my toast. I hate to keep bothering you, but I just don't have time to get to the market. Could I borrow some butter?"

"Sure," said Craig. He fetched a stick of butter from the fridge and brought it to Mr. Marino.

"I appreciate it," said Mr. Marino.

"Don't mention it," said Craig. Mr. Marino shuffled out, and Craig locked the door and returned to his studies, trying to resume his twice-interrupted concentration.

It was only about a minute later when there was yet another knock at the door. Craig looked again and saw that it was Mr. Marino. What did he want now? Craig opened the door. "Yeah?" he asked.

"Sorry to bother you a third time," said Mr. Marino, looking down at the young student. "But I've decided against the eggs and toast; they just aren't going to hold me for the whole game. I really need something bigger, and I couldn't help noticing that you're looking mighty tasty. Do you mind if I eat you, Craig?" His heavy black eyebrows were raised in expectation.

"I can't," said Craig. "I've got a test tomorrow." He really didn't want to be eaten by Mr. Marino, but the test gave him a good excuse to say no.

"Yeah, I know," said Mr. Marino, scratching his chest. "But if I eat you, you won't have to worry about the test, right?" he said, reasonably.

Craig looked at Mr. Marino, considering. He was really sick of studying, and he was sure he'd be excused from the test if someone ate him. "But how do I know I'll like it inside you?" he asked, looking at the burly electrician's ample belly.

"Oh, you'll love it in there, I'm sure," Mr. Marino promised, proudly slapping his belly with both hands. "It's just the place for you, my stomach; all nice and warm and comfortable. No studying or any school for you to worry about. And even if you decide you don't like it, you won't be in there all that long before I digest you anyway."

Craig looked at Mr. Marino and didn't know what to say. A hungry gurgle from Mr. Marino's belly could be heard in the silence. Mr. Marino grinned. "Hear that? My belly's asking you to come inside." Without being invited, Mr. Marino stepped in and closed and locked the door after him. Craig felt his balls tingle with a thrill which was half fear, half sexual interest. Mr. Marino put a heavy hand on Craig's shoulder and guided him over to the couch, and Craig did not stop him.

Mr. Marino sat down heavily on the sofa, which creaked under the electrician's weight, and guided Craig so that he was standing in front of him. He reached out and pulled down Craig's gym shorts, revealing a cock which was half-hard and leaving the reluctant student naked. Mr. Marino looked up and down at Craig's smooth chest and legs. "I am really going to enjoy swallowing you," he murmured, massaging the smooth curves of the undergrad's butt. "I've been wanting to eat you since you moved in." His stubbled jaw moved curiously as it unhinged, and he firmly guided Craig's head down into position in front of his mouth.

Stretching his mouth wide, Mr. Marino took in the crown of Craig's head. His moustache and stubble tickled Craig, who couldn't help bursting into giggling at the feeling. Mr. Marino chuckled around Craig's head and continued to guide the young man into his mouth. In a moment, Mr. Marino had Craig's whole head in his mouth. "Mmf," Mr. Marino rumbled, running his tongue all over the student's face and ears, tasting him and enjoying him. He rubbed his big rough hands up and down Craig's smooth body to put him at ease, and he felt the student relaxing in his hands.

With a happy sparkle in his dark eyes, Mr. Marino gulped Craig in further. He took in the young man's shoulders, and his heavy moustache slid across Craig's back like a coarse broom. He put his powerful workman's hands on the young man's waist, and with his arms flexing under hi red-and-black wool sleeves, he hoisted Craig up into the air for easier swallowing.

Mr. Marino was sorry that his crammed-full mouth made it impossible for him to talk to Craig while he swallowed him. He wanted to tell Craig how much he appreciated him being such an appetizing snack and what a great pleasure it was to be swallowing him. He wanted to tell Craig how he was sure Craig enjoy being inside his stomach, all safe and warm and secure inside a stronger man's body. He wanted to tell Craig how much he was looking forward to the pleasure of digesting him while he kicked back and watched the football game. But he could say none of these things, so he just grunted appreciatively and stroked the student's warm body and continued to gulp him.

When the student's nipples disappeared past Mr. Marino's lower lip, the bigger man paused in his swallowing to stimulate the nipples with the tip of his powerful tongue. Mr. Marino teased the stiff points until Craig was squirming in his grip in delicious torment. Chuckling again around his meal, Mr. Marino resumed swallowing the young man, holding Craig up with one hand around his waist and gently scratching Craig's back with the other. Craig had been lightly resting his hands on Mr. Marino's shoulders, but as the bigger man ate him further, his arms were gently forced to straighten out against his sides.

Soon Mr. Marino's lips were around Craig's waist like a warm belt, soft but tight. Mr. Marino paused to get ready for the next part, which was one of the biggest challenges. Even with his jaw unhinged and already enormously stretched around his live meal, Mr. Marino was going to have to stretch a little more to get the young man's ass and hips into his mouth. Concentrating, he relaxed his jaw further, and with his throat gently tugging Craig inward, the young man's soft butt slid past his upper lip and could be felt as a wonderful soft padding against the roof of Mr. Marino's mouth. Mr. Marino's tongue wrapped around Craig's cock and then probed up between Craig's legs into the wonderful earthy taste found only in a young man's crotch. Mr. Marino felt Craig wiggling in his throat from the warm wet stimulation to his maleness.

Mr. Marino could have stayed like this for a long time, enjoying Craig's crotch; but the football game was going to be starting. Best to get this finished. With more determined gulps, he took in Craig's legs until his knees were resting on the older man's lower lip. Mr. Marino took a firm grip on Craig's soft feet and swallowed and swallowed until his moustached mouth was encircling Craig's ankles. Gulping further, Mr. Marino took Craig in until only his toes were visible sticking through the bushy moustache. Then even the toes were inside. Mr. Marino took another moment to lick Craig's toes until he felt the young man shaking in the tightness of his throat from the tickling feeling.

It was time to finish the meal. With one big gulp, Mr. Marino drew Craig down his throat and simply swallowed him whole. A huge lump slid down Mr. Marino's stubbled neck and past his furry muscular chest, and the electrician's hairy belly bulged out enormously as the student came to rest down in his stomach. The actual curled-up form of the young man couldn't be made out through the muscle and skin and fat; it was all one anonymous, hairy, deep-navelled bulge. Mr. Marino felt Craig moving around inside him, settling in.

"Craig, buddy, you were delicious," he said, rubbing his swollen stomach. "You were better than any eggs and toast." Mr. Marino could have relaxed on Craig's couch for a long time, enjoying the boy in his belly; and being so full made him contented and lazy. But the football game was going to be starting, so Mr. Marino eased himself off the couch and stood up with a much heavier belly than he had had when he sat down. Taking Craig's gym shorts with him as a souvenir, he left Craig's apartment and shut the door. He felt the boy rocking from side to side in his sagging belly as he returned to his own apartment. Mr. Marino was glad nobody else was around, because he really didn't want to have to explain how his belly had gotten so much bigger than before.

Kicking back on his own couch, Mr. Marino reached for the remote control and flipped on the TV. The football game was just starting. He slowly rubbed the bulge Craig was making as he looked at the screen.

Inside of Mr. Marino, Craig felt the inside surface of Mr. Marino's expanded stomach all smooth up against his naked body. As Mr. Marino had promised, it was very warm and comfortable here, if a little cramped. Being swallowed had been quite an experience, but now Craig could just relax. The very muffled sound of the football game came to him through Mr. Marino's hairy belly, and even though all directions seemed the same in here, Craig could get a rough idea of which direction the sound was coming from. To tease the man who had eaten him, he poked his finger against the stomach wall. Craig could not see it when Mr. Marino smiled, but he did faintly feel it as Mr. Marino patted his belly in response.

By the time the first quarter of the game was over, Mr. Marino was well into digesting Craig. He rose from the couch long enough to get some beer from the fridge. He licked the malty froth from his moustache and belched. It was nice not to have to worry about snacks or meals; he was still wonderfully full and could just enjoy watching the game and drinking his beer. When the game was over, Mr. Marino fell asleep while he finished digesting Craig.

Craig didn't show up at his test the next day, and the instructor looked at his empty seat and wondered what had kept him away. In a nearby building, a burly electrician strung wires. All day, his moustached mouth was curved in a curious smile, and there was a contented sparkle in his dark eyes.

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