Music and Sport together at last

By Palinor

It was an especially warm August day. Mr. Pauls was watching as the marching band lined up on the football field. This was Mr. Pauls first year at Parkfield High School and he decided to get an early start on the year by having a marching band camp.

"Band attention!"

Mr. Pauls smiled as he watched the students lined up and fell into rank He had only been teaching for five years. The school he had taught at before went from a twenty member band to a band of seventy. Parkfield is similar to his other school. It would take some time but with some hard work and lots of patience he knew he would be able to build up this program also.

"Forward...march...1, 2, 3, 4"

Yes, this group will need a lot of work and patience Mr. Pauls thought to himself. Mr. Pauls liked the community of Parkfield. The superintendent and principal were very supportive of the extracurricular activities and felt that the marching band camp would be a wonderful idea. Actually from all the faculty that Mr. Pauls met, Mr. Fodor the physical education teacher and football coach was the only person he worried about. Jon was a bear of a man, intimidating to both students and faculty. He also seemed to have a problem with personal hygiene, which made it difficult to be in the same room. Just as Mr. Pauls thought how uncomfortable he had been when he had met Mr. Fodor, the football team came charging onto the field followed by the huge coach. "Pauls, what do you think your doing! This is a football field and we need to practice!"

Mr. Fodor walked right up to Mr. Pauls giving the band teacher a view of his furry chest. Backing away Mr. Pauls answers "Jon, according to the schedule the field is suppose to be free for the band's use right now. What are you doing holding football practice now?"

"You listen Brian," as the coach closes the space again, "when I want my boys to practice is when I want them to practice. It's to be hot this evening so I decided we'd have practice now." The coach's odor was especially pungent and Brian again backed away.

"Give us five minutes coach, this will give you some time to get your players warmed up and us time to wrap up our drill." Brian called the band to attention and ordered them to return to the school.

Jon smiled in his triumph and ordered his players to start stretching. As Brian began walking back toward the school, the coach couldn't help but watch. He's got a nice build and a hot face, especially the goatee. The coach smiled to himself and returned to barking orders.

Brian went into the band room, the students were messing around in the room. "Let's finish up our rehearsal in here. Get your horns out. 1, 2, ready go..."

As the week continued Brian and Jon's paths kept crossing at the football field. Both seeming to try to get back at the other. Some days Brian won out and that band practiced on the field while the football team lifted weights, other days Jon won and the band practiced in the room or on the street.

On Thursday, where Brian lost and was forced to take the band in to rehearse Julie, the drum major complained. "Mr. Pauls could you talk with the principal about this schedule. There is enough time in the day for both groups to practice. I think Mr. Fodor is just being unfair."

"Don't worry Julie, let me talk with Mr. Fodor. There has to be something the two of us can work out."

"I don't think that is a good idea Mr. Pauls. He gave Mr. Chencey a hard time last year. Actually Mr. Chencey got so upset that he just stopped coming to school. He left everything behind, even his wife."

"I won't let him get to me Julie. I've dealt with his type before." Brian gives Julie a smile as he leaves the room.

Brian opened the door to the men's locker room. I never did like the smell of these places, Brian thought to himself, why would anyone want their office back here. He walked back to the office, there was the coach sitting back in his chair. Brian took in a deep breath and then knocked at the door. The deep voice answered back. "Come in Brian." The coach smiled and leaned back in his chair.

"Jon, we need to get this schedule worked out. We are only hurting both groups by fighting over the football field. Why don't we work together and solve this situation." Brian couldn't help but think that this would mean he would need to spend time with this sweaty jock.

Jon stood up and smiled. He moved over to the door and pushed it shut. "I think we can work something out." Jon moved right up next to Brian. "I have always believed that music and sports can get along well together."

Brian slid away from Jon. "You certainly haven't been showing this. You keep scheduling from practices to conflict with mine."

"I'm not the only one doing this." Jon smiled as he turned the key. The sound of the bolt locking echoed in Brian's ears. "I really think that we should spend some time together and who knows, we might even become friends." Jon moved toward Brian and began pulling his shirt off exposing the thick carpet of fur covering his chest.

"What are you doing?" Brian began to panic as Jon trapped him in the corner of the office. Jon wrapped one arm around Brian's waist and pulled him close while with the other arm he pulled Brian's head close and planted a kiss solidly on his lips. Brian struggled trying to break away from the grip of the bear. The more Brian struggled the more intense Jon got. Jon began to tug at the shirt Brian was wearing ripping it off of his body. Fighting, Brian reached and grabbed the first object he could find. He hit Jon with the stapler and managed to briefly push him away. Jon just smiled as he dropped his sweatpants revealing a stained and sweaty jockstrap. Brian maneuvered to the door and franticly tried to open it.

"What's the matter Brian? I thought you wanted our two departments to get along." The coach smiled as he pinned Brian to the door. "I think we can get along really well, one well oiled machine to be honest." Jon crushed his body against Brian pulling him down to the floor. Jon maneuvered himself on top of Brian pinning down his arms. Pulling down his jockstrap, the coach revealed his thick, stinking meat and let it slap Brian in the face a couple times. "Yeah! I've been waiting for this, you looked so cute out there on my field barking out orders just like me. Good thing you know who your superior is." With that Jon forced his meat into Brian's mouth. He started to hump Brian's mouth causing Brian's head to hit the floor laying him into a daze. Jon tensed as he felt himself climax releasing his load into Brian's mouth and throat. Jon smiled and pulled his dick out of Brian's mouth. "You're really not holding up your end of the deal here Brian. I'm doing all of your work." With that Jon licked Brian from the chest up to his lips. He whispered "Maybe we should combine our efforts." Jon kissed Brian deeply sucking out what he could of his load he shot into Brian's mouth.

The kiss pulled Brian into a dream-state. He even started to enjoy this experience. When he opened his eyes he was horrified to see Jon's mouth open wide enough to easily fit his head. Jon guided Brian's head into his mouth and closed his lips around his neck. Brian began to panic and tried to free his head from the coach's mouth. Brian could smell the rank odor coming up from the depths below. The coach began to suck Brian in slowly working his mouth Brian's shoulders. Brian tried to cry out and struggle but it was all fruitless. Jon was a bigger and stronger man by far. He rolled off to the side of Brian still holding him tightly. By this time Jon had ingested the band teacher up to his chest and abdomen. Jon smiled at the wonderful taste of the director as he got to his pants. Jon pulled the pants down and began to play with Brian's dick as he swallowed it in. Licking the meat Jon smiled and then swallowed deeply pulling Brian in down to his knees. Allowing himself to readjust he then gave another deep pull. Only Brian's feet now were free from Jon. With one last swallow Jon swallowed Brian completely down.

Brian found himself moving down and down, getting closer to the musty smell. As he felt his feet disappear into the warmth of the coach, he felt the sudden movement as the muscles work him down into the stomach. Brian found himself settling down in the dank, moist chamber. There is no sense of direction, only the gentle movements of the stomach and the sound of the heart. Brian tried to struggle feeling around the walls but each movement he made the stomach shifted to accommodate him and leave him in the same position.

Meanwhile, the coach smiled and patted his bulging stomach. He loved the feeling of having a living man in his belly struggling to get out. He let out a deep belch rumbling his stomach and forcing his meal to settle down. "Yep, I knew our departments could work it out together."

The End

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