My Discovery

By Pi-Zero [Email]

Let me tell you about myself. Just looking at me you'd never think I was anything special, average height, about five-foot six or so, wavy brown hair and blue eyes. I've kept myself in very good shape, knowing I can attract better-looking guys with a more muscular body. However, I am far from normal. I am special, I have what I call, the Power. I remember the day I discovered it. I was nineteen and I was with Mike.

Mike and I weren't really friends, just fuck-buddies. We had accidentally discovered our own and each other's sexuality by accident. We had sex together because there was no one else to have it with. Once, both our parents took vacations. I invited Mike over for some porn and sex since we hadn't had any for a while.

Sex was about average. Mike wouldn't give me a blowjob, even though he had promised if I gave him one he would reciprocate, so I went to bed rather pissed off. I woke in the morning, hornier than when I went to bed. The sheets had been shed during the night and Mike lay stretched out in his full glory. He was shorter than I was, only five-two, but had a gorgeously tight swimmer's build, and green eyes. I wanted him to wake up in the right mood to blow me so I decided to wake him with some foreplay. Now I'm not a foot fetishist, but Mike kept his feet very clean and he liked me to play with them, so I got down by his feet and began nibbling at his toes. He must have been tired, because he didn't wake up. I worked harder. His feet were right next to each other so I began to blow his big toes like they were a big fat cock. This still didn't wake him, so I put my mouth over the end of one of his feet, nothing. Curious to see how much of his feet I could lick before the fool woke up, I slid the toes of his other foot in with the ones already in my mouth. MMM, his feet actually tasted pretty good. My mouth didn't really feel stretched, so I pushed further, and slid both of Mike's feet completely into my mouth. After doing this without even thinking about it, I looked down and started. My god! My mouth was wrapped around the combined girth of both of Mike's ankles! I felt his toes tickling the back of my throat, as they moved in the warm, blanket-like caress of my body. It was weird, but felt somehow, 'right.' Still curious, I opened my already stretched mouth wider and slid my lower lip up, underneath Mike's calves, I felt his legs slide against my throat and saw that Mike was now in my mouth up to his knees! Moving by instinct I swallowed and moved up further, stretching my mouth even wider. In my mind I knew this was impossible and yet there it was in front of me! My mouth now rested just below Mike's balls. Reaching upwards, I grasped Mike's hands and fed them into my mouth by his sides, sliding up and taking his balls and cock into my mouth. Mike moaned softly in his sleep and his genitals were enfolded by the soft wetness of my mouth. I slid upwards once more, till my mouth formed a tight, flesh belt around his waist, and constraining his arms to his sides. When I swallowed this last time, Mike's crotch slid backwards in my mouth and slightly down into my throat. The pulsation of the muscles, much like my mouth the night before, urged Mike to an erection. Unfortunately, being held pointing downwards, this quickly became uncomfortable. Mike's dick was one of those that stick straight out when hard, but it couldn't do that, there wasn't room. Mike was jolted out of dream by the sharp pain of his seven-inch prick being bent the wrong way. It wasn't to comfortable for me either.

Mike woke, and there I was my mouth impossibly stretched around his midsection and his arms pinned to his sides. After the obligatory moment of utter denial, he freaked. "Oh my god! What's happening! You're swallowing me Brian! You're mouth! A doctor! 911! Help!!!" Up until this point, the thought of actually swallowing Mike had never occurred to me. I don't know what I was planning on doing, but it wasn't eating another man. For God's sake he wasn't almost as large as I was! For a split second I started to pull back, to disgorge my former bedmate. Then something stopped me, what if I did? What would Mike do if I id let him go? I would be sliced open and examined or sold to some freak show to eat live chickens or something. I couldn't let him go. Besides, what had he ever done for me? He would never let me be the top. He never kept his promises. And I was hungry. Why shouldn't I try? If I couldn't actually swallow him, then I would disgorge him and we could see what transpired.

So I did, I gripped his forearms and pulled him towards me, sliding him across the bed, instead of the other way around. His nipples now rubbed across my upper lip. Mike began to fight in earnest, but as I already had his arms trapped, there was nothing he could do but wiggle around like a fish out of water. He began to plead now, listing reams of things he had done for me, most of them fake. This would be the hard part, I took a deep breath and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, pulling his broad swimmer's shoulders into my mouth. My lips now wrapped around his throat, forming a tight collar. Lifting my lip, I encompassed his chin too. I looked down, past my nose, and saw his face, quivering there, full of fear. At this moment, I almost didn't, I almost let him out. But I was hot as hell and the hunger was upon me. I wanted him IN me NOW! I wanted to feel a full grown teen-aged boy slip down my throat. So I swallowed, his blond head slipped beyond my view and into my mouth. I swallowed again and felt his squirming form slide down my throat and come to rest in my stomach. He continued to squirm around in there, not that he could escape. With the last gulp, and the fell of him sliding down, I came. I came like I had never before, coating the bed with my cum. My orgasm fading along with Mike's struggles, I sat up. As I did so, shock hit me. First of what I had done, killed a man. Second for the fact that I had swallowed him, and he had been almost as big as me! Then I realized I was sitting up! There was a man in my stomach, however he had managed to fit, and I was sitting up! What's more, there was no visible bulge in my stomach! I had the same six-pack washboard I had had before. I didn't understand it all but it was incredible! The feeling of power when I had felt him slipping inwards and down, struggling in my stomach. I came again from the memory of it all, and fell into exhausted slumber.

The next day I woke up thinking it had all been a dream, but it hadn't. There were my cum stains on the bed and Mike's discarded clothes on the floor. I picked up his briefs and inhaled the heady odor of his crotch that resided there. In memory, I hung them on an unused line of hooks I had the back of my closet. It was the first, but it wouldn't be the last. After disposing of the other clothes I went downstairs to fix myself some breakfast. Then I hit myself, I wasn't hungry, how could I be? I decided to stay home for a while, not wanting to draw undue attention to myself. Later that week I discovered my muscled had grown slightly more defined than they had been, and I was significantly stronger. I had always been a little strong for my muscle size, but the difference was dramatic now. Though I looked well built, I was a powerhouse of strength. In my home gym I benched a good fifty pounds more than usual, without great difficulty. The police didn't begin looking for Mike until his parents got back and realized he was gone. They never drew a connection to me, or even asked me many questions. Our meetings had been secret, even from our families and so there was no evidence to link us. After the investigation I decided to be a little more careful about who I tried out my newfound power on. I didn't wait long though to go out and test my newfound power.

My next victim would be an underclassman I had seen walking around school and working out periodically. I had no idea what his name was, and that was all the better. After watching for a week or so, I discovered that he was always the last out of the weight room and into the showers after school. Being a freshman he was still uncomfortable with group showering and communal changing rooms. He was significantly shorter than I, only about four-eight or so. He hadn't hit his second growth spurt yet, or would just be forever short. I was confident that even without my newfound strength I could have taken him pretty easily. I had actually contemplated raping him once, but had decided that would be stupid. I waited till he stepped into the shower and turned the water on before I made my move.

I stripped so as not to get my own clothes wet and stepped into the shower. I came face to face with the smaller man, who jumped when he saw me. He couldn't have helped but notice my raging eight-inch erection and backed up a bit, obviously wondering what to do. Before he could get too far I grabbed his arm and pulled him close, grinding my cock into his stomach. So as to squelch any screaming that might alert the athletic trainer (who stayed late), I pulled him in wards me and kissed him roughly. I easily pushed my tongue into his mouth and tasted him. This was interesting but it was time for business. I clamped my hand over his mouth and held him close with the other. Then I bent down and pressed my lips to the top of his head. He must have wondered, amid his fright, why I was kissing the top of his head. It soon became apparent however. I stretched my mouth outward, encompassing the crown of his head. It was smaller than Mike's had been and my mouth stretched more easily this time. I slid the youth's head quite easily into my mouth, soon settling my lips around his neck. Though his shoulders weren't as broad as Mike's had been, I knew this boy's would cause me more problems because of the sharp angle of transition between them and his neck. So I took a deep breath and pushed downwards, using gravity to help me. My lips now wrapped around the boy's midsection, just below his nipples. I couldn't conveniently bend over any farther, and I didn't want to end up with my nose in the grime at the bottom of shower, so I wrapped my hands around the kid's waist and lifted. I probably could have lifted him before but now, with my newly strengthened muscles, I found it almost easy. Now my job was much easier. The weight of the boy's body caused him to slide more easily down my throat. His newly renewed struggling made swallowing almost unnecessary. My lips soon passed his waist, and slid up, his tight little ass held in my mouth. I took a second to slip my tongue in between his muscular ass cheeks and invade his virgin hole. He began to struggle more. I soon grew tired of this and let him slide further in, his ass slipping down my throat. Now only his legs kicked outside my stretched mouth and his own weight and my swallowing was quickly pulling those in too. His legs were forced to straighten as I pulled his knees into my mouth, and one swallow later, only his feet remained outside. I swallowed once more, and easily pulled the boy's feet into my mouth and down my throat. Once again I came as my prisoner was curled up in my stomach, squirming and kicking, but fantastically making no bulge. My cum was quickly washed down the drain with a blast from the shower and I stepped out, toweling myself off. This had been a successful adventure, my power looked like it was going to continue to work, and I was going to have plenty of opportunity to use it.

The End
For Now

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