Nala's Toy

By Nayan

Nala smiled in her sleep. She was enjoying a pleasant dream that Simba had shrunk to no bigger than a mouse. She was chasing him around like her prey, pouncing and catching him under her paws and then letting him go to chase some more. It was a fun game to play, and it was pleasant to feel such power over her friend.

Simba awoke with a start to the sound of a rumbling growl. For a moment he had no idea where he was, but as the blurry sleep cleared from his eyes, he recognized the cool stone of his small cave. He and Nala had spent the previous afternoon playing in the fields, and when it got dark they had retreated to Simba's cave to sleep for the night. But something seemed different as he looked around. It was still rather dark, but the texture of the rock felt different under his feet, and the walls seemed much farther apart. He lazily rolled over and was field of vision with filled with tan fur. He realized he was staring at an enormous lion's paw! He sprang to his feet, completely jarred awake. His short fur stood on end and he snarled the meanest growl he could muster. But then he noticed that the paw was not moving. He looked up to see the body of an enormous lion, ten times bigger than any he had ever seen, laying next to him on the floor of the cave. The rumbling growl was the sound of the monstrous lion purring in its sleep! He cautiously made his way towards the tremendous lion's head, to get a better look at it. As he looked up at the giant face, his eyes widened and he jumped back in astonishment. It was Nala! Or, some gigantic version of Nala... but none of this made sense. How could Nala have grown so huge over night? Or... had he gotten smaller... much smaller?

He inched closer to her ear, and called out as loud as he could, "Nala! Nala, wake up! Please wake up!!" He batted his paw against Nala's cheek, tugged at her huge whiskers. "Nala! Come on, you've gotta wake up!!" Nala's eyes stayed shut, but Simba's calling out stirred her slightly from her dream. She moaned slightly, a low rumbling sound that shook Simba and made him jump back. Suddenly Nala jerked her head, knocking Simba back several feet with her muzzle. Simba rolled head over heels, coming to rest on his back near Nala's back paw again. He quickly sprung to his feet and called out again "Nala! Wake up!!!" This time Nala's ear flicked slightly, and she slowly opened her eyes. She moaned again and licked her lips with a huge tongue. She slowly rose to her feet and took a slow step forward. Her huge sleepy voice boomed "Simba?". The sound of her voice reverberated off the walls of the cave and was deafeningly loud to Simba. He called out again and then suddenly looked up. He realized he was right under Nala's tail!

Several feet above his head, her tail swished slowly back and forth as Nala's sleep eyes adjusted to their surroundings. Simba turned his head, his eyes followed the tail from tip to base and then down... and his eyes widened as he suddenly realized he was peering right into Nala's gigantic vulva! His eyes traced the soft furry lips and caught site of the pink softness between them. He drew in his breath sharply. He had never gotten such a direct view of a lioness's vagina. He had tried to sneak peaks at Nala before, while they were playing, but had never gotten a full-on view. And now he was gaping wide-eyed at Nala's enormous pussy, its lips as wide and tall as his whole body! He was mesmerized and it took him a moment to focus back on the situation at hand. Again he called out to Nala, but he was out of her hearing range. Suddenly Nala, finally coming fully awake, stretched her front paws, arching her back and pointing her tail high in the air. Simba gasped as Nala's tremendous labia parted slightly, and he gazed into the dark pinkness of her vagina. But then he saw her tight abdominal muscles flex under her soft light fur, and she squatted slightly and let out a tremendous fart. Simba looked up just in time to see Nala's pink asshole pucker before he was knocked back by the force of the gas blast. His nostrils were seared with the stench, and he screamed out in disgust, "NALA!!!!"

This time, Nala heard a high-pitched squeaking coming from behind her. She cocked her head to the side, and looked over her shoulder to find a tiny tan mouse sprawled on its back between her hind legs. She quickly spun around and stuck her muzzle down for a closer look at the mouse. Her ears suddenly flicked back and she gasped! It was a tiny Simba! Just like in her dream! But was she still dreaming... no, she felt quite awake. But how could this be happening? With wide eyes, she whispered "Simba...?" Simba regained his poise and yelled to the giant face, "Nala! Its me, Simba!!"

"Simba!", Nala gasped, "What... how... how did this happen?"

"I don't know! You've turned into a giant!", Simba yelled.

"No I haven't!" Nala stammered, "You've shrunk to the size of a mouse! You're smaller than my front paw!"

Nala lifted her front paw above Simba's head to prove her point. Simba cringed and leapt backwards. She was right, he was smaller than her paw, and he didn't want to be stepped on! Nala noticed Simba's reaction and withdrew her paw, and sat up on the cave floor. She pondered the situation for a moment... and suddenly a rather evil grin spread across her giant visage. She looked down at Simba, paused to think for moment, and then laughed, "Oh I understand now! My dream has come true! You've shrunk to the size of a mouse and now you're my toy!" Simba's jaw dropped, as he looked up at Nala's muzzle. "N-Nala! That can't be right! I'm not your toy, this isn't a dream! We've got to get me back to normal size!!" The grin on Nala's face spread even wider, revealing huge sharp teeth. "But I LIKE you this size! You're my toy now, and I want to play!" She crouched low on her paws and pointed her nose right in Simba's tiny face. "C'mon... let's play chase!"

She raised her paw above Simba's head again. "Nala! No, stop! Don't do this!", Simba stammered. Nala paid no mind to Simba's pleading and dropped her paw down towards him. Simba jumped to the side just in time for Nala's paw to thump down beside him. The force of the impact threw him slightly off balance. Nala crouched even lower and stuck her tail up in the air... she was in a pouncing position! Simba knew his only choice was to run, but where? He quickly looked around the cave. Across the cave he saw the dark rosy light of dawn coming through the cave's entrance. It was a long run, but he knew it was his only chance. He turned and began bounding as fast as he could toward the cave's entrance. He was gaining very little distance and was focusing only on his running, when suddenly he was knocked flat on his face by the force of Nala's pounce landing only inches behind him. He quickly looked over his shoulder to see Nala's huge grin and wild eyes right behind him. He realized that Nala really was just toying with him! He had to get out of the cave, maybe if he could get away from Nala he could grow back to his normal size! The entrance of the cave was coming up ahead of him, not too far now... almost there... when suddenly he felt something pass overhead. And then Nala's enormous body came crashing down right in front of him! He reeled back in terror as Nala spun around to face him. Frozen with fear he could only watch as Nala raised her giant front paws and slammed them down on him, trapping him between them. He struggled in Nala's grip, but he was trapped fast against the tough pads of her paws. Just as it began to become difficult to breathe, the paws were lifted away! But before Simba had a chance to run, Nala's huge muzzle lunged down and snatched Simba up with her lips as if she were picking up a tiny cub. Simba batted his paws but he couldn't loose himself from Nala's mouth, as she carried him back into the cave.

Through her clenched teeth, Nala giggled, "Pinned ya! That was fun Simba! You almost got away, but I caught you!" Simba struggled, "Nala, let me down! You've got to stop this!" Nala shook her head, still tightly gripping Simba. "No I don't! I'm having fun, and I don't have to obey a tiny mouse! You're just my toy now!" Simba whimpered softly, realizing that he really had no control over the situation. Nala walked back to their original resting spot of the night and sat down. With Simba still hanging from her mouth, she rolled over onto her back, her paws curling playfully in the air. "Now I want to play with my prey... let's play some more!", Nala giggled softly.

Simba began to yell, "I'm not your prey! Stop this! WOOAHH!" Nala flicked her head and let Simba loose, sending him flying through the air, to end up bouncing to rest on her taut tummy. Simba struggled to regain balance but found it hard to gain footing on the soft pulsing fur. "Heehee, Simba, that tickles!", Nala laughed. She sucked in her breath, arched her back and quickly stuck out her belly, bouncing Simba in the air like a trampoline. She bounced him several times, giggling louder as louder, as Simba began to grow dizzier and dizzier. After Nala bounced Simba the last time, she kept her belly stuck out for Simba to land on. Simba landed with a thump and shook his head trying to clear the feeling of dizziness. But again he lost his footing, and this time he began sliding down Nala's tummy toward the base of her tail. Simba flailed his paws to regain footing, but only continued to slide down the velvety tan fur. He slid right over Nala's soft furry labia and landed on his tail right at the base of Nala's tail. His back paws were pressed right next to Nala's tight asshole, but his face was right at eye level with Nala's enormous vulva. Simba gasped in amazement, but knew that he shouldn't get any closer than this. He tried to right himself, but he couldn't gain a foothold. At such an angle, all he could do was push with his paws to try and slide off Nala's tail. But pushing against Nala's soft lips was no help, the fur was like slick velvet and the lips were softer than anything he'd ever touched. Nala gasped "Oh, Simba! What are you doing down there? It feels good..." She kicked her legs in the air and spread them as much as she could, lifting her tail slightly at the same time.

The lift pushed him up and forward, pressing Simba's paws against the tender lips and pushing his face into the soft flesh within. Simba gasped, inhaling Nala's musky scent. It sent his feelings tingling and aroused him in spite of the terror and confusion he was feeling. Nala whimpered and shuddered slightly from the new stimulation to her outer lips. She felt a flush of warmth move up her body as her pussy began to get wet. Simba was still trying to brace himself against Nala's lips, but everything was starting to get gooey now and the scent was increasing in power. His paws began to slip on the quivering flesh, as he slowly slid towards the entrance of Nala's vagina. As the lips slipped open wider, he saw that the entrance was as large around as his entire body. It was pink and glistening, spasming and contracting, revealing the dark wetness within, hungry for Simba's small form. Simba struggled hard against the slick skin, but his struggles only stimulated Nala more. Her tail swished back and forth in the air, and she began and moan and slightly buck her hips. "Oh Simba," she gasped with desire, "That feels so good... I want you so much... I want you inside of me!" Arching her back more, Simba slid closer to the wet entrance, and when his face came in contact with the gooey walls, Nala's entire body shuddered. Simba was afforded one quick lung-full of air before Nala jerked her tail upwards, lifting Simba's body up and into her waiting vulva. Simba slowly slid headfirst into the warm, velvety wetness. Nala's vaginal entrance contracted and released, holding Simba tight and then slowly drawing him in deeper. Finally only Simba's kicking back paws and tail stuck out. But as his tail flicked across Nala's tender clit, she let out a soft shriek of ecstasy, bucked her hips and spread herself as wide as she could, feeling Simba's tiny body sink entirely inside of her. The sensations were intense, Simba's struggles sending flashes of white-hot energy through her body. She moaned and growled, kicking her paws in the air, her tail thrashing wildly. Inside Nala's trembling vagina, Simba felt the silky walls harden, as powerful inner muscles gripped and squeezed him. He felt his air slowly running out, and tried desperately to push himself back out, but his struggles only slid him deeper into Nala's warm depths. Nala was bucking wildly now, explosions of pleasure flashing before her eyes. The tingling stimulations coming from deep within her were more intense than anything she had ever felt. She felt her inner muscles grip tighter and faster, and she unleashed a thundering roar as a tremendous orgasm rocked her small body.

As her eyes cleared and the euphoric sensation faded, she noticed the struggling sensations within her fading as well. Not wanting her Simba/toy to suffocate deep inside her, she stood and squatted on the cave floor. She flexed her inner muscles as hard and she could, and felt her outer lips part as a slimy Simba slipped out onto the stone floor with a wet plop.

Simba shook and gasped for air, seeing stars in front of his half-closed eyes. He was in shock, completely shaken by the horrifying, near-deadly experience. His mind was racing, but he felt too weak to move. He slowly turned his head to look up at Nala. Nala peered down at him with half-open, lust-filled eyes. "Oh Simba, that was incredible... you felt so good... I've never felt anything like that before... But look at you, you're all wet and slimy! Come here, I'll clean you up!" Simba moaned, struggled to turn and run, but could only manage a feeble walk, as Nala drooped her head and stuck out her enormous tongue. Simba was pressed to the ground as the slimy pink tongue spread over him, hot as an oven. The tongue pushed Simba around, rolling him over, licking every inch of his tiny body. Nala's hot breath washed over him, as the pressure of the hot tongue made him feel even weaker than before. Finally Nala finished her cleaning, lazily licking her lips. "Oh, you tasted good Simba! Are you feeling any better now that Nala has cleaned you up?" Simba just uttered a soft moan, but felt his strength slowly returning. He shook the moisture off his body, his fur puffing slightly. He sighed hopelessly. How could he ever escape, how could he ever get back to his normal size? As long as he was around Nala, he'd have no chance of growing back, and he felt that he couldn't survive another session if Nala became aroused again. Maybe he could run away and hide when Nala went to sleep... But suddenly he heard a growling that sent chills up his spine. It was Nala's rumbling stomach.

"Mmm, I'm hungry", yawned Nala, "I haven't eaten yet this morning!" She blinked her eyes and slowly shifted her gaze to Simba. The same evil grin spread across her face, and Simba's eyes widened in terror as he made the connection. No! She couldn't be thinking THAT! He looked again at Nala and saw her lick her lips, her eyes wild with hunger. No!! He mustered all the strength he could, and took off like a shot towards the entrance of the cave.

"Oh! You're ready to play chase again?", giggled Nala, "Great! I'm not gonna let you get away!"

The young lioness sprang into action, starting at a slow walk and speeding up to a light jog to catch up with the tiny Simba. Simba didn't dare turn around, he had to focus on escape, to run as fast as he could. The entrance of the cave was coming up fast, he was almost there! If he could just escape into the tall grass, he could hide until grew back to normal! But just as the entrance was only 30 yards (to Simba) in front of him, two huge paws clamped down on him, crushing him to the stone floor. Simba realized he had been caught again, and whimpered with despair. "Ha! Pinned ya again! You didn't think I'd let you get away, did ya?", Nala laughed, "I've caught you, and now you're my prey!!" Prey?? Simba's muscles tightened in shock! She couldn't mean that! She wouldn't really! Simba collapsed and began to cry. Feeling the twitching beneath her paws, Nala stepped back, releasing her grip. Her tiny Simba was curled up in a ball and shivering. Nala smiled a big toothy grin.

"Haha! Don't be so sad, little toy! You're going to be inside your lovely friend Nala, helping her grow big and strong!!", she laughed playfully, "Get ready, prey! Its time for breakfast!"

With that, she lifted her paw and batted Simba as hard as she could, throwing him high into the air. Simba instinctively twisted himself around (as all cats land on their feet), the wind knocked out of him by Nala's blow. But as his ascension slowed and he began to plummet earthward, he looked down into Nala's wide open maw! Her tongue stuck out over her lower teeth, the roof of her deep mouth glistening with saliva, her gullet open wide to reveal the darkness waiting for him. He flailed his paws furiously, as if trying to slow his descent or steer him out of the way of the waiting mouth. But it was no use, and he landed with a plop on Nala's giant pink tongue, sliding towards the back of her mouth. Simba pressed his eyes shut waiting for the sharp teeth to crush and tear him to pieces... but instead he found himself sliding farther back in Nala's mouth towards her waiting gullet. As he neared the darkness of Nala's hungry throat, Simba struggled fiercely, extending his claws to gain footing or make Nala choke. But it was no use, the warm saliva was too slick to provide any traction. Nala quickly tilted her head back, and Simba was pressed to the roof of the back of her mouth, her dark gullet opening wide for him. With one big gulp, Simba was pushed squirming into the eager throat. Nala closed her eyes feeling her tiny Simba struggling down her throat, towards her empty stomach. Powerful muscles squeezed Simba from all sides, pushing him downwards into Nala's waiting depths. With a final push, he fell into Nala's hungry stomach. Frantic, he pounded the soft walls with his paws, trying to scratch his way out with his claws... but to no avail, the digestive juices made the walls too slick for his claws to have any effect.

Nala lay down and belched softly. "You were delicious, my tiny Simba. And now you're mine forever." She rested her head on the cave floor, eyes closed, enjoying the faint struggles deep within her, slowly fading... The air in her belly was quickly getting stale, and Simba was completely exhausted. A wave of calm swept over him as he slowly lost consciousness, sinking into the welcoming darkness. Nala rolled over and fell asleep, digesting her meal.

Nala smiled in her sleep. She had enjoyed her new little toy, and knew that Simba would be a part of her forever. She would tell the others that Simba must have run away during the night... who knows where or why... and she knew that if she ever wanted to have her fun again, all she'd have to do was dream...

THE END (burp)

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