Night Hunt

By Omega [Email]

Exerp from the Anals of Furoic Age
Story by Omega
All characters and locations (c)
Not to be reprinted without the author's permission
Events within this story take place 100 years
before those in "Tears" and sometime just before
the events in "Obsession".
Saundra ran through the moonlit forest as fast as she dared,glancing fearfully behind her now and then... Branches and twigs clawed at her face and hair as she fled headlong into the night.Only the occasional glimpse of the full moon told her she was going in the right direction...

"Leaving so soon my dear?",came the bemused voice directly infront of her.

Saundra gave a frightened squeak if fright and skidded to a stop,claws digging into the earth as she nearly tumbled at the feet of her pursuer.Her golden eyes darted left and right as she scrambled away from the smiling white stag that stood before her,arms crossed,like some ghostly apparition.Pale,almost luminous eyes locked with hers for a second before she was again tearing off through the woods,laughter echoing eerily around her...

She cursed her foolishness for thinking that she, a 6th Circle Sorceress,could hope to prevail against the lord of the dread White Tower...Lord Omega,Warlock to King Eisenreh,one of the most powerful battle-mages in the land.Yet she had dared to challenge him.

Baron Nordlingen had warned her,the old black german shepherd not really taking her boasts seriously at first,when she visited his castle and made clear her intent to face the mage who lived nearby. Once convinced of her determination,the Baron had simply led her to a high balcony overlooking the great forest and said.

"There,Lass,lives the stag.My family has known him for generations.In the 200 years that House Nordlingen has watched over these lands.NONE has yet to prevail against Omega."

"None?",she had asked,smiling to herself.


Saundra had thanked him and with the dawn,had set out certain in her inevitable victory and fame as the sorceress who bested this mage...

Her finding spels had shown her the correct path all too easily.As if the mage were unconcerned who found him. With the Baron's directions and the assist of her magic,she soon came to the quiet clearing where the warlock's tower stood like an ivory pillar.The sun was almost setting,but her magesight revealed dormant wards and the true extent of the towers defenses. But she had not come as some stealthy thief,but as mighty conjurer.She had come to battle the Omega in Duel Arcane... ...and she had failed miserably...

Now she was on the run.Her magic spent and nowhere to hide or rest.Omega had shattered her last spell and pronounced her doom.

"Foolish girl...Though you lack wisdome,I preceive that I may yet have a use for your...body..."

She had then known cold fear as a slow smile had crept over his muzzle,a smile that revealed the wicked fangs of a predator.And there was a look in those strange pale eyes that filled her with mortal dread.Befrit of spells,she had done the only thing left to her... She ran like HELL!!!

Now,panting and exhausted,she could feel her fate close to her.A stumble sent her sprawling,dirt and leaves staining the ruin of her once fine robes.She gasped and sobbed to herself as she rose wearily to her feet and barely had the strength to gasp as she stood face-to-face with the stag, who was sitting on a fallen log before her as if he had been waiting patiently for her to arrive...

"I find that a good chase always works up fine appetite, my dear...And you have proven most energetic indeed..."

She barely had time for a single terrified scream before she was entraped within bonds of shimmering green magic. And then she fainted and darkness claimed her...

But all to soon he returned to conciousness to find herself propped up against the log the mage had been sitting upon...But what was more disconcerting was that she had been stripped naked while unconcious.

Omega sat in the grass watching her,taking in her nude form with that same odd smile.

"You have a very beautiful body my dear.You carry your draconic heritage well.Yes...I do believe you will serve me well tonight...We get so few black dragons in these parts."

Saundra trembled as his eyes traveled over her.Standing she would have nigh approached 8ft tall,with her forward swept horns adding a little to her height,much as the stag's own impressive rack added to his 6'4" frame. Her emerald green hair lay about her shoulders in disarray and a few stray locks drew his eyes to her more than modest breasts and from there down to her flat tummy and lower. Saundra blushed as Omega smiled again and her long,sinuous tail swished behind her,betraying her slight arousal as she was bound with her arms pinned to her sides and her long legs secured slightly apart so the stag could see her softly scaled inner thighs.

Omega gave her a sly wink and began to stand,drawing her gaze upwards.

"The moon is in place...It is time to begin my dear.Tell me...Have you ever heard of the...Rite of Consumption?"

"n-n-no...",dread made a tight knot in her stomach.

"It is a powerful magical force that allows one fur to totally consume another...WHOLE and ALIVE..."

Saundra's golden eyes grew wider with each softly spoken word."W-whole???"

"Yes...and to gain great power in this.That is what will happen tonight my dear...Foolishness has its price... And *YOU* must pay..."

She could only struggle helpless as Omega began to strip, revealing the finely honed body all battle-mage's posessed. When done he bowed low to her,the red markings under his eyes deepening a little as it was her turn to look him over. Saundra had to admit.As an executioner,Omega was sure easy on the eyes.She almost smiled when she saw his short tail flicking much as hers had.

Then he was kneeling and spreading her thighs...

"I preferr you to be...relaxed for this my dear..."

Saundra's hasty protests were soon moans of pleasure as Omega lowered his great head and began to lightly explore her labia with the tip of his tongue.Soon her moans were growing in volume as he pressed his broad muzzle deep into her sex and commenced to lap gently as her body responded to his pleasuring of her.

He did not pull out untill he had drawn from her several orgasms the likes of which she had never before experienced. Saundra lay back with tongue lolling out as her breathing slowed and a warm buzz settled over her...

Omega sat before her with a satisfied smile.He reached forward to take her long muzzle in his hands and gently placed a kiss upon her scaly lips.

"Do not resist this,relax and let it happen..."

Saundra was still too blissed out to quite redgister his words untill she felt him hook his thumbs into her jaws to open them and seconds later insert both his feet into her gaping maw! Two things then happened in quick succession...Her tastebuds became awash in the mouth-wattering taste of Omega's flesh, and her body was gripped in an intense hunger!

Omega worked his hooved feet fully into her mouth and then proceeded to press his toes down her throat and he drew Saundra's jaws close over his calves,slowly wriggling his way deeper into her.The dragoness could not believe what was happening.Her lower jaw had unhinged and her throat was stretching far more than she would have thought possible.

The white stag's voice heald great amusement as he worked his legs further down her throat.

"heh...Did you perhaps think *you* were going to be the meal? Perhaps some other time eh? heh-heh.But tonight *I* need your unique dragon biology to complete a much needed part of my own life cycle...For much like the eternal Phoenix,I too am renewed in a manner.In return you will be given a great gift.But you have no say one way or the other...For I am takeing advantage of your nature and enhancing primal urges."

Saundra was incapable now of answering even if she had been able too.For as her tongue slid over his legs,the desire to devour the stag grew in intinsity.Her gullet was now quite stretched as she gulped down his legs.Her lips stretching ever wider to engulf his hips,her long tongue snakeing out to wrap around his tail to draw it in,her sharp teeth holding him in place as she growled deep in her throat to match the growing grumbling of her stomach. Omega reached down to caress her face as she strained to lift him up so he was easier to swallow.The warlock had judged her reaction well...

A series of rolling gulps sucked his fine deer rear in and Saundra was amazed at how good it felt to have him filling her like this.She could clearly see the blissful look on Omega's muzzle and the black dragoness then understood that tthe mage was thoroughly enjoying this as much,if not more so,as she was now.As her lips encircled his chest.He did a strange thing...

Omega gave her a wink and reached up and with a twist,poped his antlers off and tossed them aside with a chuckle.

"Most furs forget about those in their pleasure.heh..."

Saundra groaned as the deer bagan to fill her belly. Bigger and bigger it expanded to accomodate the meal she was takeing in.As her jaws closed over his head,Omega released her from the shimmering bonds and the dragoness stretched outh with a thankful sigh as she patted her swollen stomach and swallowed down the great stag's still smiling head and paused,his hands still dangling from her lips.She stared cross-eyed at this comical sight and slurped them in with a giggle.

One last gulp had Omega fully within her hugely distended belly.Saundra giggled in pleasure as she felt her meal shift to a more comfortable position inside her.She would have never imagined it would feel so good! She felt sated both sexually and physically.She worked her lower jaws back into place and gave a deep,contented sigh...One mirrored by the stag within...

Saundra then stretched out and smiled when she found blankets and pillows ready for her.She stroked the form in her stomach and lay back to sleep,and dream,and to digest such a fine meal... She would face what the dawn brought knowing she had experienced something truely magical...

Saundra camped out at that place for almost a full week. She needed no food and a burbling spring convieniently placed near her served to slake her enormus thirst.She fell into a fit of laughter when she layed down with a great sloshing sound and the muffled gigglez of her still living meal...

She slept much and on the 5th night digested the stag in her sleep. The black dragoness awoke feeling strangely full of life and vitality.Omega was gone...yet he was with her still in some strange way.And that was not the end of things,for she awoke the next day to find she had sprouted a magnificent pair of wings from her back! Something only a handfull of her kind were ever born with... Saundra wiped away a tear and gave thanks to the white stag.And she made plans to personally thank him when he returned to the flesh, like the great Phoenix...Reborn and renewed...

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