The Ole Swimmin' Hole

By Patrick Davis [Email]

Returning to the place where they played while in high school, two college boys bring along a friend from school. But one of the boys has a surprise for the friend.

The two boys, who had been friends all through High School, were delighted when they found out they would be attending the same College, together. They even managed to sign up to be roommates in the dorm..............

They had first met back in the beginning of their Freshman year of High School when they found out they would be sharing a locker and soon found out that they had a lot more in common with each other than just sharing a locker, starting out with both of them having birthday's in the month of October. They were literally born just three days apart in the same hospital. They lived in the same town but had gone to different schools until the ninth grade. Both had one older brother and one younger sister. And both of their Mom's were named Lauren. And the most astonishing thing they shared was their names. Jeffery Daniels and Daniel Jefferys. Yes, Jeff and Dan were indeed destined to be best friends from the get go. And the similarities in their physical being was just as extraordinary. People who did not know any better, would constantly confuse them as brothers. They both had sandy blond hair and blue eyes, were both just about five foot ten and weighed in within two pounds of each other, at last they checked Jeff at #144 and Dan at #145. The two of them had been working out since their second year of High School and their bodies were both well defined. They kinda looked like younger versions of the guy in the Soloflex ads seen on television. Maybe not quite as built as him, but then he has had a few more years of professional training than they did. The two of them did stay after school to use the weight room about twice a week, and either in the locker room or the showers they always to often joked at just how much they looked like brothers.

During the summers off of High School, both Jeff and Dan had gotten part time jobs at the local market as stock boys, but whenever they could get the chance they would scurry off to the old abandoned gravel pit on the far west end of town. It was in quite a secluded spot and not to many other people knew about it. It had long since filled with water and was a great place to get away for a swim on the warm summer afternoons. And being that the boys had seen each other naked many times, in the showers at school or in each others rooms when they changed clothes, being naked around each other was nothing new or strange. That's why they usually just stripped off what clothes they did have on and went skinny dipping. It all seemed very natural to them and they liked the way it let them tan all over, not leaving any tan lines.

This was the first summer after starting College and the first time they had a chance to go back home during warm weather. It had been quite a grueling schedule for their freshman year and they were looking forward to seeing some old friends and just spending time relaxing. They packed only the stuff they needed to take. Since they would be assigned a new room in the fall the rest was put into a storeroom in the basement of the dorm. As they carried boxes down the empty corridors and packed up the car Jeff had noticed someone was sitting in one of the rooms at the end of the hall. On his last trip past he poked his head in and saw his friend Sean. He was just sitting on the edge of the bed looking kinda glum. Jeff asked Him why he had not left for the summer and Sean told Him that the plans His parents had made to go to florida had fallen through due to some major flood damage to the resort. So all he had to look forward to was going home for a boring summer in the city. Just then Dan was walking past the room with the last box to put in the car, he heard what sounded like Jeff yelling "To hell with that!" Wondering why Jeff was yelling at him for carrying the box, he looked into the room with a very puzzled look on his face and when Jeff saw him, he filled him in on what happened to Sean's plans. I was just telling Sean "To hell with that, He ain't gonna miss his vacation, what do you say we bring him along with us? He's already packed!" "Hey yea, sure why not, sounds like a great idea, Sean grab up your things and hurry it's a long drive and I want us to get there before midnight."

The three of them were on their way in not time at all. They did make it before midnight, but barely. Since Jeff knew his parents were not going to be home this first week, (they were visiting relatives out of state) he headed straight for his house. With the long drive, they were all tired and decided to just crash out and get an early start in the morning. Sean was given the guest room and went in to unpack his bag. Jeff went to his room, followed by Dan, that's where the twin beds were that they had slept in so often while sleeping over during High School. Dan decided to first take a quick shower before he turned in and when he got out, offered it to Sean. Sean said he was a morning showerer and told Jeff to go ahead and then asked Jeff if he minded him using the phone to tell his parents about the change in his plans. "Sure go ahead, no problem, we don't want them to worry about you." But after three attempts the phone was still busy and Sean decided that he would try again in the morning. Jeff was in and out of the shower in no time and, just as Sean was heading down the hall to the guest room, came out of the bathroom and bumped right into Sean. He was naked, which startled Sean at first, but Jeff calmly said "Oh sorry, didn't mean to offend, but I sleep naked." "That's ok, I do sometimes too, by the way, nice tan." "You think so eh? Just wait a couple of weeks and see how much darker we all get" and with that the two of them went to bed.

Now Sean was an early riser, by 8:00 he was up and into the shower. The sound of the running water awoke Jeff and he had that morning gotta take care of business feeling. Forgetting that it was Sean that was in the shower and not Dan he walked down the hall buck naked to get to the bathroom. He just went in and had a seat on the porcelain throne. He was sitting just across from and facing the shower, which had clear glass doors. As he raised his head and looked in front of him he could see Sean all lathered up looking back at him. "Oh geeze, sorry guy, I forgot it was you in here." "It's OK, Jeff, I've been in the showers plenty of times with guys before, at the gym, you just startled me a bit, I did not hear you come in with the water running in here." Jeff couldn't help but look at Sean, he found himself to be admiring him a bit, even staring at him. He never really looked at a naked guy except Dan before, and Sean was, how do they say, built like a brick shit-house? Sean was more muscular that either he or Dan. Chest like a bodybuilder, arms with bulging biceps and legs like.... suddenly his gaze was interrupted Sean noticed him looking and said "I see you've noticed my legs, eh, I work out a lot and have got some great hams there." Slapping himself just below his ass. " Good enough to eat, don't you think, Jeff?" Well, Jeff got a real tingly feeling when Sean asked him that question, it was a strange feeling he never had before. "Yeah, you sure do, Sean, and I bet you'd be mighty tasty too." What was that he just said? Did he say what he thought he just did? Jeff shook his head, attempting to clear his mind, finished his business and flushed the toilet. "Hey, hey, hey, there, cried Sean, what are you trying to do cook me in here?" Jeff gave a great big smile back to Sean, "mayybeee." Gosh, did he really say that? He shook his head again, then he apologized, and quickly left the room.

About half an hour later in the kitchen - all three seemed to be devouring all the cereal they could find. After all they were growing boys and needed their nourishment! They sat at the table discussing what they wanted to do on the first day of vacation. Sean said since he was a bit new to the area he was up for going along with whatever the other two wanted. Dan looked at Jeff who smiled back... "SWIMMING" ..and they hi-fived each other over the table. They finished eating, stuffed the dishes in the sink and headed for the door. It took about thirty minutes to get to the gravel pit, and Jeff fish-tailed a bit as he slammed on his breaks at the top of the cliff. "Last one in's a rotten egg." shouted Dan as he was halfway out of the door. Since skinny dipping was the order of the day, clothing was coming off fast. Jeff was out of his shirt before he got to the large out-cropping of rocks that were stuck out over the water, it was the spot that they used many times as a diving board of sorts. Jeff quickly kicked off his sandles and was dropping his shorts and underwear all in one motion, he looked over towards Dan, he was already naked! The two of them climbed up and stood side by side on the rock, naked for all the world to see, it was something they had done often. They looked to each other and nodded, together they yelled -GERONIMO!- as they dove together into the water. When they surfaced, they looked around and then up to Sean who was standing there in his fruit-of-the-looms. Jeff yelled up asking if he was joining them. Dan told him it was no time for modesty, "just drop em and dive" he said. Sean pulled his undies off and tossed them aside, then came up closer to the edge of the rock. That is when Jeff got that funny feeling again - a kinda chill, but still something warm about it. As he continued looking up as Sean's magnificent body gleaming in the morning light, his stomach began to growl. Sean, now naked, slowly raised his arms and posed in the cross position, then he brought his arms together and made a dive any swimming coach would be proud of. He hit the water right between Jeff and Dan like an arrow hitting a bull's-eye. The three of them splashed at each other in the cool water, then raced each other across the small pond to the far side which had a sorta beach, just a flat area where they could lay out to work on their tans. Dan led the way, Jeff let Sean take his lead, and, from behind, found himself staring at the mounds of flesh glistening in the water in front of him, his thoughts were that of a great rump...roast! Shaking his head wildly he tried to get such thoughts out of his head.

Dan was the first one out of the water and reached down to help Sean up over the edge. Sean looked a bit hesitant about getting out of the water, being totally naked with his clothes so far away. Dan sensed his being uncomfortable and told him that they have been skinny dipping here for years, and as of yet only once had unexpected company. That was when a couple of buddies from school had followed them to find out where the secret place was that they were going. But, that day, all turned out just fine as all four of them ended up spending the whole day swimming naked together, without a care in the world and having the time of their young lives. Now Jeff, still wading in the water, found himself staring up at Sean, and his stomach was again growling, it was much louder this time. Attempting to ignore the thoughts, he just jumped up out of the water and shook his head, spraying the other two boys with the water from his hair. "Hey, hey, cut that out, it's cold" shouted Sean, Dan added "Be nice or I'll through you back in!" Jeff did notice that now out of the water the breeze was a bit chilly on his wet skin. "Let's just get some sun," Jeff said "we need to start working on our tans." The three of them took up spots near the edge of the water on the warm sun-beaten rocks. Jeff found a nice flat spot and Sean took up a spot next to him on another large flat rock, Dan found a spot just a bit further away from the other boys. As they laid there soaking up the sun's rays, Jeff could not help himself, he was again looking over at Sean and again his stomach kept growling. He did not understand what was happening to him. All he could think of when looking at Sean is how much he looked like food. His whole body began to look like a fabulous meal. Sean seemed to be tanning, or was it browning, right before his very eyes, turning that golden brown of a roasted turkey, his fingers and toes were becoming french fries, his chest like a rack of lamb, arms became turkey legs, and, speaking of legs, jeeze, his legs were great big hams, even the anatomy was correct, with two potatoes and a mouth watering sausage link placed just so. It was if someone had come from the grocery store, brought the food here and placed it in the shape of a man. Oh Christ, he was losing his mind, he turned his head away, closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Jeff was abruptly awaken by a dousing of cold water from the pond. Sean had gone back into the water and decided to get even with him for splashing him with cold water earlier. Now wide awake, Jeff dove in and chased Sean all the way to the far side of the pond. Jeff pushed Sean under, then when he popped up Sean returned the ^Ñfavor' and pushed Jeff down. The two of them were splashing and carrying on when Jeff went under the water. He looked around and right in front of him was Sean, he could not help himself it was as if someone else had taken over his body, he swam around behind him and on the way up to the surface stuck his tongue out and licked Sean, slowly, all the way from the back of his hams, across his rump roast and over his side of ribs, and then up his back to his shoulders. Sean was stunned, he turned to look at Jeff who just smiled at him and said "I can't help it, you look so good I want to just eat you up." Sean couldn't say much of anything, he wouldn't know what to say if he could. "What the hell is that all about, man??? Jeff replied "I don't know what is happening to me Sean, all I know is that you are going to be my next meal. Yep, I'm gonna just eat you up, starting with those little french fried toes of yours." Sean, even more shocked now, could only mumble "Huh, what, meal, wadda you mean?" Jeff didn't say anything else, he just smiled as big a smile as Sean had ever seen, almost bigger than his face. Jeff then dove back under the surface of the water. Sean then felt him grabbing at him under the water, rubbing his hands all over him and poking at his chest and stomach. Jeff came back up from under the water and swam around in front of Sean and grabbed him by the waist. Sean thought it strange but somehow Jeff's smile, and mouth, seemed even bigger now. Holding Sean tightly Jeff then slid his hands down across Sean's roast, slipping under the surface of the water, Jeff started slowly sliding his hands all the way down the fine turkey legs. Jeff found he was suddenly strong enough that he prevented Sean from doing any kicking and Sean, who was beginning to panic, was finding himself helpless.

Suddenly Sean felt a strange warm feeling on his toes, he could not tell what was happening at first but then realized that somehow Jeff was stuffing both of his feet into his mouth. He yelled to Dan for help. But his voice was weak from struggling and Dan was to far away to hear him. Sean could now feel his legs going down into Jeff's mouth, his knees bent as they went in and Sean was surprised how very easily his legs slid down into Jeff's throat. But even more surprising to him was the warm feeling coming over him, the warmth of Jeff's mouth was in sharp contrast to the cool water, and the muscles of his throat we thoroughly massaging his legs. He did not feel like struggling as much now. Jeff, who was now kinda laying on his back but underneath Sean, was looking up at the front of him through the water, he was using his tongue now too, trying to savor every tasty morsel of Sean, then he began swallowing more of Sean's legs. Sean felt himself slowly sinking into Jeff. Now his hams were completely inside of him, and his rump was resting on Jeff's chin, with his balls tickling Jeff's nose. Jeff struggled a bit, but soon got his mouth open wide enough to take Sean's rump, balls and sausage down with the next swallow. He had eaten him now up to his waist. All of this was a most strange feeling for Jeff to, aside from the fact that he found that he had not needed to breath while he was under the water but, just how really great Sean tasted. Jeff was using his tongue even more now, darting it here and there, licking Sean all over as he sild in. He kept swallowing and Sean went past his tongue and down into his throat where the muscles contracted and kept massaging him as he continued to swallow Sean still further. Soon Sean was sliding down deeper into his gut, on the way to Jeff's stomach. Jeff had begun swallowing slower now, enjoying his meal, and that is when he noted that Sean was no longer struggling at all. Sean felt Jeff struggling again as his teeth scraped across his nipples. Then his mouth opened just a bit more, making it wide enough so that his chest could be swallowed, the warm moistness of Jeff's insides made up for any discomfort. Jeff had eaten Sean up to his shoulders now, his arms sticking out above his head, looking just like he had when first diving into the pond. Jeff raised his head out of the water now and was looking right into Sean's beautiful blue eyes. Sean spoke up "I thought you were joking earlier when you said ^ÑI looked good enough to eat,' but I guess now I know better. And what else is strange to me is how good it feels, so warm and comforting." Sean could tell, even with his mouth full, Jeff was smiling, and with another gulp Jeff took Sean's head into his mouth. One last swallow and Sean's arms and hands slid silently into Jeff. Jeff was amazed he felt really good now, his stomach had stopped growling, and he knew that Sean was going to become a part of him forever. Sean too was feeling good, He had never been in a place so warm and comfortable, but yet, even now, could feel himself being digested in Jeff's stomach, becoming a part of the very being that was Jeff. Jeff felt good, even stronger as he swam back over towards the spot where Dan was still sleeping. He climbed out of the water and laid back down in the spot he had been earlier, he placed his hands on his stomach, which he noticed was slightly distended, and patted himself, then he again dosed off to sleep.

Jeff was abruptly waken by a dousing of cold water from the pond. Dan had gone back into the water and decided to get even with him for splashing him with cold water earlier. Now wide awake, Jeff dove in and chased Dan all the way to the far side of the pond. Jeff pushed Dan under, then when he popped up Dan returned the ^Ñfavor' and pushed Jeff down. The two of them were splashing and carrying on when..............when Dan asked Jeff where Sean was. "I ate him" said Jeff. Com-on "He's probably still napping on that big rock over there." replied Dan. "I woke you because it's getting late and we should be heading back." He swam back over to the shore and was surprised when he got out of the water and could not find Sean anywhere. After looking all around the area where they had been swimming Dan yelled back to Jeff, who was still in the water, and asked "Ok, where the hell did he go?" "I told you already, I ate him" Jeff said. "Yeah, right!" Dan decide it was a joke and dove back into the water. Together they swim back towards the car, Dan wanted to see if Sean had decided to get dressed, maybe not wanting to get sunburn. Now of course the cliff was a lot higher than the ^Ñbeach' side so it took them a few minutes to climb to the top. Something the two of them had done naked many times before, "last one up's a rotten egg." yelled Jeff and they proceeded to race each other to the top. Once they got back to the top of the cliff, they grabbed up their clothes and Dan realized Sean's clothes were there too. "Ok, I give, what really happened?" "It's true, I tell ya. I'm not sure what came over me, we were playing in the water and then....I just ate him up." Come on, let's go and I'll tell you about it when we get home. As they began putting their clothes back on, Jeff noticed that his jockeys fit a lot snugger now and ripped them trying to get them on. Dan noticed too. "I told you!, I ate him and now I am bigger. Now that I look closer at my body I can see the difference, can't you?" "I guess I can," said Dan, "You do look bigger now." Jeff then picked up his shirt, held it up in front of them and said "this ain't gonna fit either, im afraid." He then picked up Sean's shirt and shorts and put them on. They got into the car and drove home, the whole thirty minutes in dead silence.

When they got home Jeff told Dan the whole story and although it was [pardon the pun] a bit of a story to swallow, Dan believed him, Jeff had never lied before. They knew they couldn't say anything to anyone else and needed to get rid of any evidence that Sean had been there. After all, he never did get anyone on the phone, so nobody knew where he had gone. They went into the guest room and gathered up his things. They took them out to the yard and added them to the pile of wood and started a bond fire. "Those too, said Dan, pointing to Sean's clothes that Jeff was still wearing. He stripped off the shirt and shorts and tossed them into the fire. Standing there naked in the glowing light of the fire Dan could now see just how much bigger Jeff had gotten. Not as big as Sean, mind you, it was only slight, but enough that Dan could notice the difference. He wondered if someday he would be able to eat someone so he could get bigger too. Dan was almost ashamed at himself, thinking that for the first time in their lives, there was jealousy, raising his head.

Dan and Jeff were enjoying the fire and after a few beers Dan joined Jeff and he too stripped off his clothes. Laying on the lounge chairs by the fire was a nice change from the hectic school schedule. "Will you teach me?" asked Dan. "What's that?" asked Jeff. "How to get bigger, like you?" "I don't know if I can, It just kinda ..... happened."

As the fire began to die down they decided to go to bed. Jeff stopped at the bathroom on the way to relieve himself and while there stepped up on the scale. Hmm, #150 even, five pounds more than Dan. Jeff got to his room just as Dan quietly rolled over and fell asleep. After a while, Jeff, decided to throw off his covers, and take the time to examine his body more closely. He was able to see just how slightly bigger he was. He ran his hands over his body and could tell his arms felt stronger, his chest was a tad firmer and his abs a bit more defined even his dick felt bigger and his legs, well let's just say, he's got great hams. That's when his stomach gurgled, he smiled, pulled the covers back up onto his new self, and drifted off to sleep.

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