The Partnership

By the Wolf [Email]

Daniel and Zurt had been partners for a long time. Daniel knew that he should trust Zurt completely with his life as he always had, but they had fallen on hard times. He did have a bit of cause for worry as Zurt was a huge female dragon. They had travelled together for as long as he could remember, since long before the great dragon-human war. Before the war all dragonkind and humankind had worked together for either good or evil. Daniel and Zurt were no exception. They were bosom companions who would work for good on occasion but mostly just tried to survive. They were travellers who did a good deed now and then when the need arose, but their main loyalty was to each other. They could not count how many times each had saved the other's life, and on many lonely nights in isolated countryside they had found ways to give each other sexual pleasure. Their relationship was the closest thing to love that a man and a female dragon could share.

Then came the great dragon-human war. Some treachery among a group of humans reached the ear of every dragon in the area. An attack was made on the group, and then retaliation was made on the wrong group of dragons. The war continued to escalate after that, and soon the world was enveloped in battle.

Some dragons had a problem with the war but went along with their kind out of loyalty. Others, however, had no compunctions about the war for one main reason. Humans were considered a delicacy among dragonkind, and the war allowed those dragons permission to devour as many humans as they felt. As a result many dragons became fat and slow, making them easy pickings for a vengeful human whose relative had become a quick snack. Zurt, however, had long ago sworn off eating humans save when one threatened Daniel. That was one of the many ways she stayed alive.

Daniel first received news of the war the hard way when he and Zurt had come to a town and in a matter of moment fifty or more arrows were pointed at her head. He managed to calm the villagers and tell them that Zurt meant them no harm just before they unloaded. When he heard the whole story of the war and the ravaged countryside, he began to worry that Zurt might decide to go with her kind into the fray. When the were out of the town travelling again, Daniel asked her what she planned to do and told her that he would not stand in her way. Her reply surprised him.

"I've known about the war since it began," Zurt said, "It's a foolish thing that I wouldn't be involved in to save my scales! Besides, my true loyalty lies where it always has."

As she said this she ran a huge finger up and down his body. It gave him an erection which she quickly stroked gently with the tips of her fingers to show him just where her loyalty did lie.

"I love you," he had said quietly.

After the war was when the truly dark times came. Almost all of each species had been killed. Those that were alive had a tough time living, as food was scarce due to the destruction of crops and livestock. That was why Daniel was nervous. He and Zurt were surviving, barely, but he had to wonder what she was thinking sometimes. He could swear that over the last few months following the end of the war, she had been staring at him with a hunger that was not sexual. Usually this happened when they were beginning to run low on rations and were heading to a place where there might be food. He never said anything, but he had begun to carry his sword at his side at all times. He felt guilty that he did not trust his friend/lover, but he could not be to careful. Of course if a man and a dragon were walking together, and the second party suddenly decided that the first party would taste good at that point and time, there was not much that the first party could do, sword or no sword. Still, it was better than nothing.

Zurt was feeling bad about herself. She was ashamed at some of the thoughts and feelings she had been having lately. The first had happened about a month after the war ended. Daniel was walking slightly ahead of her as they headed for a broken down town that they hoped would have food. She was absolutely famished, her eyes found Daniel's body, and for a fraction of a second she thought, Mmmm THAT would taste good right now! She instantly pushed the thought from her mind and almost burst into tears. She loved the human probably more than any human female could love him. A great confusion began to grip Zurt's mind. The female part of her would look at Daniel and see a lifelong friend/lover who had stuck by her through the good times and bad. The dragon part of her would look at him and see delicious, tender, juicy meat that was being wasted walking around. Over time, as food decreased, the problem got worse. She would have that same thought on occasion for longer periods than a second. She would get a whiff of him and her mouth would water. More symptoms had come as time passed, and she had only hoped that he hadn't noticed. She realized that this was in vain when he began to carry his sword at all times. This hurt her deep inside. Zurt had always taken special care to make sure that she was never in a position to hunger for his flesh. This was always a difficulty on those nights that they pleasured each other. Daniel had begged her many times to use her long snake-like tongue to get him off. She refused because she was to afraid that she might get a taste for him and lap him up in the heat of the moment, though she never told him this as it would only worry him. She was angry at herself for having this hunger and angry at him for thinking that she would give into it. But at times she wondered if she would.

One night when they were finishing dinner, as Zurt chewed on her last pathetic strip of meat, she began to feel the hunger again. She tried to make it subside by making conversation.

"How far to the next town?" she asked casually trying not to think of what it would feel like to swallow Daniel down.

"About two day's journey," he said noticing the concern in her voice.

"What are the chances of finding food in that area?" She asked this hoping that the outlook would be good and dull her hunger.

Daniel was afraid to answer her. He had seen how hungry Zurt was getting earlier, and knew that the truth could make him a meal. He finally uttered the one word expecting the worst: "Slim."

Zurt's mind began to search frantically for a way to quell her hunger, while at the same time rationalizing the idea of eating Daniel. She finally had a flash of inspiration.

"You know I could fly..."


She had expected this but had to try. As long as she had known him, since childhood, Daniel had had a deadly fear of heights. Normally she understood, but now she was furious. You stupid bastard, she thought, I'm trying to save your life!

Then, in thinking about the long journey, their chances of survival, and the taste of a human, she lost her resolve.

Zurt scooped him up in one giant talon and took of his clothes with the other. Daniel knew in an instant what was about to happen. He struggled for a second then realized it was futile. He couldn't believe it! After all the enemies they had faced, all the challenges they had braved together, he was about to die by his partner's claw.

"I'm sorry Daniel, but this is the only way that one of us will survive. I didn't want it to be this way, and I'll always remember you fondly."

"Please! Don't..."

"I love you."

With that she placed him gently in her mouth. He was almost exactly the size of her elongated snout. His taste was exquisite and was heightened by the very fact that she was in love with him. She would make sure that he felt no pain.

Daniel was thrust into total darkness when Zurt closed her mouth. It was warm and moist. The smell of her breath was not exactly bad but overwhelming. He could feel her tongue begin to work his body around, covering him with saliva. Even though he knew he was only being tasted and that he would die soon, the sensation of being in her mouth and having her tongue work all over his body gave him an erection.

Suddenly her tongue moved him into a position of being flat on his back. It wrapped several times around his erection and began to move in ways that he had never imagined. It would work the erection gently then spin/slide off it and back on creating sensations he never thought possible until he came so hard that he thought his heart might stop.

After the tongue was finished pleasuring him, it began to work him head-first toward the back of her mouth and toward the throat that would swallow him. He felt himself be pitched into it and moved to the esophagus where muscles began to work his whole body toward his end. The sensation of the working muscles and the slime that was coating his body somehow excited. He had another erection which the working of the esophagus slowly brought to orgasm.

He finally emptied into her stomach and began to worry about the pain of digestion. There was not enough air, however, in the stomach to keep him conscious, and he quickly passed out never to feel anything again. Daniel's last thought was that if he had to die, at least he would be able to feed his lover.

Zurt sat in the field and smacked her lips. Daniel had been wonderful meal and was already beginning to nourish her body. She flew off hoping to find a young buck dragon that would give her a child and help her forget the pain of losing her dearest friend. Although she knew it was not a proper dragon name, the child would have to be called Daniel.

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