The Perfect Crime

By The~Wheelman [Email]

There were no witnesses, no bodies. There was no evidence, no alibi was needed. No one even suspected that a crime had taken place. Which was fine by me, For I considered it a just reward.


Marilyn and I had been seperated 4 years. She sent me away less than a month after our daughter was born. Since then, the only reason she would call was because she wanted extra money, Then, suddenly, out of the clear blue she called and asked if she and Crystal could fly out to California for her 5th birthday, since Crystal had never met her grandparents. She said she would pay half. So we spent an hour on the phone every Saturday making plans.

Then in February, she asked if I could cover all the costs, because "something had come up". I reluctantly agreed, since it would drain my already feeble savings. She promised she would pay it all back. When the day arrived, I recieved a message on my machine. She had missed the flight, it had "slipped her mind" she said. Three days later I recieved the court citation for the divorce. The date told the whole story. It was applied for in February. She walked into the courtroom uncontested and walked out with half of my life...


As I carefully calibrated the field generators, a toroidal distortion formed around the cage and at the reciever plate. "this time for sure!" I mumbled in my best Bullwinkle impression, and tapped in the sequence code. As I clicked on the transmit icon, a static like feeling filled the air and the orangatang in the cage was swept away. Simultaneously he appeared on the reciever plate. I walked over. Better, but still not right. I'de checked the equations and designs hundreds of times. they were right . WHY didn't it work?

O.K. Imagine the universe as a sheet of paper. It has 4 dimentions; Heigth, width, depth, and it exists for a length of time. Now place a pair of paperclips at opposite ends of our model of space-time. Now obviously, if you wanted to go from one clip to the other, a straight line is the shortest route. Or is it? Suppose you could create a fifth direction, one at right angles to all the others. Then you could "fold" the space in this dimention between the two clips so that they were right next to each other. Now the straight line through 4-d space is the long way around. All YOU have to do is "step" across this fifth dimention and arrive instantly at your destination.

This is not science fiction, it's science. It's called a 'Tesseract'. Einstein theororized it, and I have created it. And passed objects through it, successfuly. But for some reason, living matter always emerged smaller in size. I know it can be done. I just have to figure where I screwed up. I picked up the now half sized orangtang and put him back in his cage, and headed upstairs, grabbing the mail from the kitchen table as I passed. As I leafed through the stack, my heart froze. A regestered letter. From the Dallas County Court. Opening it confirmed my fear. Another trial, more money. And again, I was caught financially unprepared. I fell back on my bed.

As I awoke to the morning news, the dream began to fade into nothingness. However, not before I grasped the signifigance. But could I pull it off?

Just then, the weatherman began talking about a tremendous storm front sweeping through central Texas. The entire region was under a tornado watch. It was presently just north of Dallas. I gave a heartfelt "thank you!", threw on a pair of warm ups and rushed down to the basement.

Darwin screeched for breakfast as I decended the stairs. I scratched his head and gave him some feed. Starting up the generators, I sat down at the computer and began charging the field coils. getting the coorordinates from the GPS link, I entered them into the processor. I created a tesseract with the other end at Marilyn's address. Bullseye. I was right in her livingroom. I moved the tesseract around the house and searched. Had they evacuated? then I noticed it was dark out. Hell, it was almost black outside. I checked the basement. There, huddled under a heavy bench, were Crystal and her two brothers. Their parents had to be somewhere near.

I went back above. Lightning flashed and through the big bay window I saw two figures in front.They appeared to be looking for something. Suddenly Tim grabbed Marilyn's arm and pointed. They began to run when a strong gust bowled them over. I didn't waste a second. surrounding the pair with the tesseract, I hit the transfer icon. The screen flashed TRANSFER COMPLETE but I payed no attention to it. I went over to the reciever plate. there on the plate was a pile of clothes.

I slowly searched through the pile. Lifting a skirt I saw two naked figures, no more than 4" high. They saw me and started to run. but at their size they didn't get far. I grabbed one in each hand and took them over to the table and dropped each into a seperate mouse cage. picking up Marilyn's cage I sneered, "Gee, Toto, I don't think we're in TEXAS anymore". She recognized me and began begging. If I released her and Tim, she'd call off the lawsuit. "You're about ten years too late for him!" I sneered. I put her down onto the table again.

I rolled the old flouroscope over and placed it around Darwin's cage and switched it on. I adjusted it so his internals were clearly visable. "want to watch a movie?" I said innocently, as I picked up Tim's cage and placed it into the larger cage. "how about King Kong?". Marilyn stared, unbelieving as the ghost Darwin. picked up the ghost Tim"s cage and studied it. "Watch." I said, "He's always been quick with puzzles." Sure enough, in no time Darwin had the cage open and was reaching inside for his "treat". Marilyn screamed as the 'tang brought the struggling Tim to his face and sniffed.

She was pleading with me to save him. As Darwin opened his jaws, she became hysterical. Horrified, she watched as he stuffed Tim into his mouth, his jaws working as he began chewing. Surprisingly, Tim was not reduced to mush. In fact, he was still struggling. he was alive! Evidently, even though reduced in size, his body had not lost any of it's structural strength. This held possibilities.

Marilyn was still groveling, but I just said "Watch the movie." Darwin had worked Tim into the back of his mouth when his swallowing reflex took over and the contractions began pushing the still struggling figure down into Darwin's stomach. The image began to get hazy as gastric juices filled the cavity. When the struggles stopped. I turned off the 'scope. "Show's over, now it's your turn." Marilyn looked in horror towards the cage. "no, dear." I said, "Darwin's had his treat. you are MINE."

Reaching my bedroom, I put her cage on the bedside table. I then began searching in my special drawer, looking for the right toy. The one I chose was made of a clear, stretchy plastic, molded into the shape of a woman's face. Complete with mouth and throat. I placed it on the bed with some lubricant and turned to face Marilyn. I began to undress. As I removed my pants, my cock, which had become hard with anticipation, sprang to attention. Marilyn screamed and backed into the corner of the cage. I reached In and took her out.

Obviously, not all of my money had gone into feeding the child. She was much better looking than when I last saw her. Fit and trim, she was. And her breasts! They used to hang nipple down. Now they were firm against her body. Not a hint of sag. Well, so much the better! For me. I held her by her wrists and smeared a gob of lubricant over her cinnamon toned body. Then, holding her by her shoulders, I grabbed the toy and squeezed the sides so the mouth opened. An image of Darwin crossed my mind as I fed her arms in. Up to the shoulder into the open maw and then let them close.

It was almost as sexy watching her being "devoured" by the toy as it would soon feel. When I had gotten her all the way in, I let the plastic lips close. I lubed up my member and pressed the now hard tip against the mouth. As the lips parted, I could see my cock through the clear back of the toy sliding between her calves. Her knees bent and my penis, which by now was so hard it almost hurt, slid between her thighs. Her legs wrapped around my shaft as I moved up into her crotch. I bent the tube back slightly and moved over her pubic mound. The thick hairs tickled the underside of my cock's head.

The toy was normally snug, but with both of us in there, it was deliciously tight. As I pushed, her body slid deeper into it. until her head was forced against the end. Facing down the tube, she could see her approaching fate. Her arms were crossed behind the top of her head. Since she could go no further, I began once again to slide up her body. The color contrast of my pink member pressed against her brown form turned me on even more. She was trying to get her arms loose, probably in an attempt to stop my advance up her body. Not that it would do any good. I slid over her ribcage and touched the bottom of her tits.

The tube was squeezed tightly around her so her breasts were pressed together with nowhere to go and I pushed them up her chest and slid over them. As the tube stretched, she was able to free her arms and they came down on the head of my cock. All she succeded in doing though was to get her arms wrapped around it. As I pressed against her face, they slipped into the groove behind the head and locked in place. It was too tight for her to move. She was embracing me like a lover and there was nothing she could do about it. I began stroking up and down inside the tube.

Locked into place Marilyn moved with me. Her body sliding just enough to make it appear as if she was humping my cock. Her now perfect tits rolled beneath the underside of my cock, just at the base of the tip, the most sensitive part. It felt fantastic! Although having her tits kneaded between my rock hard member and her ribs. I doubt she was enjoying it as much. As orgasm approached I moved faster, thrusting violently. The same thing that kept Tim from being chewed up was now keeping her from being crushed. With an unbelievable rush of pleasure, I pressed my cock into her face and pumped the tube full of semen.

As I pulled my cock out of the toy, Marilyn fell onto my abdomen. I picked her up and dropped her into the pitcher of water on the table. She gasped with the cold, then immediatly began scrubbing herself, trying to wash off all of my juice. I cleaned myself, then reached in and picked her up again. holding her by her wrists. she hung across my palm. "What a pity I can't keep you," I said "you're the best toy I ever had!". She looked at me with hate in her eyes. "I suppose you're going to feed me to the monkey now." she spat bitterly.

"Darwin is not a monkey," I corrected, "he's an orangatang. And I told you he already had his treat..." "Yea, my husband!" She cried out. I replied, "Now, now, it's rude to interrupt. As I was saying, I'de like to keep you. so I could use you whenever I wanted." A look of horror crossed her face. " but, I can't take the chance of you escaping or someone, especially Crystal, discovering you That got her attention! "Of course I'll get Crystal. I AM her natural father. You've already told me that Tim's relatives don't really care for her as much as they do her brothers. Why wouldn't the court grant me custody? Don't worry, I'll take good care of her."

Marilyn began pleading with me again. "please don't do this! Not to her. She's your child for God's sake!" She probably thought I was going to use Crystal like I was using her. I had no intention, of course. Crystal never did anything to me, she was just an innocent pawn, used by her mother to get to me. But I saw no reason to let Marilyn know that. I brought her to my lips. Opening my mouth I stuck out my tongue and began licking her body. Starting from her feet, up over her groin, her tight waist and beautiful tits. I played with them a little then continued over her face and up her arms. "MMMmmm, delicious." I said luxuriously. I started to lick again.

This time I pressed her body against my tongue and pushed her arms into my mouth. My lips closed around her shoulders. I worked her in until her tits were between my lips, then her waist, her thighs, her calves, and finally her feet dissapeared into my mouth. I began to play with her body. Even in my fantasies I never imagined it could be this good! I started to chew, knowing I couldn't hurt her. Marilyn wouldn't die until she was swimming in the burning acids of my stomach. I continued to chew and tongue her, periodicaly swallowing saliva so she wouldn't drown. I could hear muffled screams when I did. It frightened her, The thought of being swallowed alive terrified her. Good!

I layed her face down on my tongue and began masticating her towards the back of my mouth. Her struggles were useless, soon her arms were hanging down my throat. She was screaming down my gullet as I pressed her against the roof of my mouth with my tongue and swallowed.

I had to swallow a few more times to get her all the way in, but soon her whole body could be felt squirming inside ny neck. She was still screaming as I gave one more swallow. I stopped swallowing and let the contractions of my esophogus carry her slowly down to my belly. As she reached the opening to my stomach, I waited a second or two, then gave one last swallow, forcing her in. The sensation of her inside me vanished. I belched and as my stomach constricted I could feel her again, faintly. Soon, however, it stopped again and I knew I wouldn't be feeling her anymore.


I discovered what was causing the size reductions a few days later. the problem was a mechanical one. A loose connetion has cut out part of the circuit. Reconnecting it not only corrected the problem, but when I sent Darwin through, he was returned to normal size. However, I waited a full year before publishing my findings or patenting the device.

The storm that ravaged central Texas was one of the worst in it's history. Nearly 150 dead or missing. Some of the bodies were never found. Rescuers found Crystal and her brothers safely huddled under the workbench that had saved their lives when the rest of the house collapsed into the basement.

There was a token fight, but as I predicted, the court awarded me custody of Crystal.

As you might imagine, my invention was the greatest of the century. The automobile, once a commodity, was now barely a curiosity. You can still see them, at a museun or a race track. Their use is prohibited elsewhere. With no more need for parking lots, freeways or big multilane boulevards, the cities discovered a goldmine of building space. There are still roads, but they are much smaller and the only vehicles on them are bicycles.

The bicycle, in fact, is enjoying a popularity unlike any it has known in it's almost 200 year history. Now that the dangers of the traffic are gone. The automobile industry is history. The only two major auto manufacturers remaining, ironically, are Ford and Chevy. They are now making "tesser booths" as they have come to be called. The rivalry continues.

I, of course have become unimaginably rich, Three years after starting the company, I turned the management responsibilities over to my top executive employee, Bill Gates, and retired to my 200 square mile ranch in the Sierra Nevada (most of which I designated as a nature preserve). I live there with my Daughter who will soon be getting married.

I never mentioned te size differential effect to any one. And, to my knowledge, nobody has ever stumbled onto it............

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