Pet Shop Exotica

By Magus T. Fox

Ben had always wanted to go out and buy a snake, but all of his life his parents dissalowed him. Now that he was twenty, and had moved out on his own, though, it was a different story. Merely a week after settling down Ben went out to an exotic pet shop.

The place was called "Pet Shop Exotica", probably some foreign title with their 'exotica'. Regardless, the add in the phone book claimed they had a wide selection of the finest pets for low prices. Since Ben didnt have the best of cash flows, it looked perfect.

Soft bells rang as he opened the door, and a figure came up to the counter. Ben looked around and was amazed. All sorts of beutiful and strange animals were everywhere in cages and tanks. His gazing was interrupted by a harsh *AHEM* and he quickly turned back to the counter.

"May I help you, sir?"

"Umm, yeah. I would like to purchase a snake. The largest you got. And also, the cheapest."

The man behind the counter looked disheartened at the last requirment, but nonetheless, dissapeared through some curtains. He came back with a large box ith holes in it, about the size of a washing machine. He pointed to the price tag on it. Ben was amazed! Only L37.00! He quickly paid, and was off to home with his new pet.

The excitment in the air built as Ben closed the door behind him. He eagerly placed the box on the kitchen table, and began opening it. From pulling back the cardboard flaps, he could see a large snake. REALLY large. About as thick around as a telephone post. It was scrunched up inside the tight space of the box, and Ben noticed there was a way to open the corners. When he did so the box flattened out and the snake unwinded. It was huge! At least twenty feet long. It turned it's monstrous head towards him and let out a low hiss. Ben backed away from the snake. It was bigger than an anocanda! Slowly he backed towards the phone. There was no way he was keeping a snake this big!

As he turned to reach for the phone, he tripped and fell. The snake had wrapped it's back end around his legs. Ben cried for help, but he lived in the woods and no one would hear. The snake pulled him towards it, and he saw it un-hinge it's mouth. 'Oh shit!' Ben thought, 'It's goind to _eat_ me!' and apparently thats just what it intended. As he got near it's mouth, however, it did something odd. With its mouth, it pulled out Ben's shoes, and then his socks. Ben watched puzzledly. It stretched over him and unbuttoned his pants. It then withdrew them while holding him captive still. Then it removed his shirt, and briefs. Ben lay there shivering, and it bit him lightly on the leg. Ben was scared shitless, but apparently it didnt inject poison. Instead Ben felt numb, and he saw it let go of him. He tried to move but was unable, only to watch it in horror.

The snake moved and positioned itself with it's head at Ben's feet. It opened it's mouth wiiiide and he felt his feet surrounded by a warm moistness. It was hard to see what was happening, but he felt the warmth move up his lower legs a bit, and then over his knees. His feet grew warmer and felt strange while it swallowed up even more of his legs, now halfway up his thighs. A wave of pleasure went over Ben, as his genetalia were encompessed by the warmth, but this quickly died down as he looked to see that he was halfway submerged. Ben let out a soft cry for help, and it continued its way up. The warmth spread up his torso, and encompased his limp arms up to the elbows. He was beggining to slip down into the snake's mass now without it even swallowing. He gasped for air and saw the snake move up so only his head remained in view. Then in one final gulp, he was submerged entirely. He felt himself slip down the snake's throaght, and then stop. The muscular action kept working, however, and he felt himself get squeezed through a small opening into a wet, moist canal. It was actually somewhat spacious in the area he was in now, but he still could not see. The snake hissed softly, and remained still, awaiting it's new arrival...

Ben was no longer numb, but was unable to move. He tried to move his legs, but felt that they.... were sticking together! To his horror, his arms had dwindled and were merging into his torse as well. His legs merged slowly, and then thinned out a bit. His bodyhair seemed to withdraw and a sudden coldness swept over him as he became cold-blooded. This coldness was quickly warmed by the surrounding flesh of the canal, and Ben strangely felt calm. His head reformed, and pushed out into a long snout. Scales covered his body, and it took on a thick cylindaric shape. A forked toungue darted out of his mouth as he let out a muffled hiss.

The canal felt wetter now, and he began to slide. With no limbs now, he could not stop his descent, and there was a pushing sensation as muscles all around him contracted. His long form was squeezed down the birth canal with ease and he was projected out from the rear of the much larger snake now. As he shook around in the outside world, and dried the fluids still soaking him, he looked over and saw the large snake still there. He must have lost body mass because it was larger than before. Ben began to lose his train of thought and he screamed mentally. He was fighting a losing battle, and his humanity was swept away without a moments notice. The small snake hissed softly and squirmed its way over to it's mother.

The door opened slowly, and the man from the pet store walked in with several others. He looked at the large female snake and she gave him an intelligent nod. The man picked up the smaller snake which jerked wildly. Carefully he place it in a box, which he handed to one of the men with him. Then he helped the larger snake into it's own box and rewarded it with a rabbit. She had done good. The man was pleased and he gave the signal for their departure. The pet shop had gained yet another fine specimen.

The End Hopefully, this setting can become a series, like the Spells'R'Us series, but thats only hoping. I hope you all liked it, I just _had_ to do the snake thing. C Ya all next story!

~Felix (A.K.A. Magus T. Fox)

Copyright 1997: Magus ([email protected]) . If you want to post this anywhere else, please ask the author for permission first. Thank you.

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