The Ritual

By Zezhian Dragonfang

It was the night of the waxing half moon. The sky was clear and full of stars. Deep in the forest a meeting was taking place. Five of the tribe's largest, strongest and most virile minotaurs were preparing for one of Obram's most ancient and powerful rituals. Among the minotaurs there was a lone human; Beorn by name. He was a hero in that tribe by doing a great service to them. The reward of his choice was to become a minotaur himself.

It was an hour before midnight. The bonfire blazed up into the sky. Completely naked, the minotaurs surrounded the fire while Beorn began the Ritual of Transference. In a low chant, he tossed some strongly aromatic herbs into the fire.

"Almighty Obram!" he cried, "Karantl Gormalos Icti, Karantl Falo Lamanhast!"

His penis was swollen and hard. The lead minotaur walked up and handed him a large earthenware cup. He then knelt before the human. His long tongue snaked out, wrapped itself around Beorn's stiff penis and drew his erection into his mouth. The minotaur's mouth was long and hot and completely enveloped his penis. His smooth tongue washed his member in saliva and slowly stroked it, pulling him deeper into his mouth; seeming to want to swallow him whole. His tongue was long enough that he was able to lick Beorn's seed pouch. This was a completely new experience for him and it was a pleasure he would not soon forget. Soon, he gave the signal that he had reached his threshold. The minotaur released the throbbing member from his mouth, but kept licking the shaft even as Beorn violently ejaculated into the cup. His knees were weak but his member, although spent, remained erect.

Beorn then turned to the other minotaurs as the leader walked back to his place in the circle. Although he was a tall man when compared to humans, the minotaurs still towered at least two feet over his head. He walked over to the first minotaur. His hands caressed the bull-man's powerful chest, breathing in the musky scent. He held the minotaur close to his own naked flesh; the heat from it inflaming his own passion. Beorn's hands slowly slid down the body, feeling every muscular contour until he finally reached the proud beast's eleven inch erection. Slowly, he licked and sucked on the jutting penis. As the minotaur writhed in orgasmic pleasure, the others tried to resist the urge to grip their fine stiff manhoods and began masturbating. They were all eager for their part of the ritual, but they didn't want to disturb the magic once started. As the human before them, each minotaur added their seed into the cup.

The lead minotaur sat on his haunches. The head and some of the shaft of his penis were touching the ground. His member was over 16 inches long and heavily veined. His seed sacs, larger than plums, hung loosely in his pouch; heavy with seed. At Beorn's approach, he stood with his legs apart, letting his impressive member dangle loosely in the cool breeze.

Beorn knelt down before him. He kissed and licked the tops of the minotaur's bare feet. He slowly massaged the powerful legs; all the while admiring the beautiful flesh that hung between the knees. Gently, he took the long flaccid manhood in both hands, stuffed as much as he could into his mouth and swallowed. The minotaur felt his penis get sucked into the human's throat and slide down the narrow tube of the esophagus. Inch by inch, his throat muscles massaged it as he swallowed, pulling it down deeper into himself. As the minotaur grew within him, Beorn's breathing became laboured. The beast thrust his quickly hardening manhood with more ferocity. Soon, none of the minotaur's penis was exposed. His tongue played around the hilt of this warrior's sword, licking the base and prodding the scrotum. Beorn's nostrils were filled with the bull-man's heady musk. He could feel the gentle pulsing of the beast's organ within his throat and felt it growing longer and longer. He massaged the minotaur's buttocks with one hand, occasionally slipping in a finger or two in the opening beneath the tail. The other one was gently rubbing and tugging on the heavy balls one moment and stroking the sensitive flesh between the balls and anus in the next. The sensations the minotaur felt were intense. It had been many years since his penis was completely enveloped in a warm, moist sheath. Every time Beorn swallowed, the beast dug his toes into the soft earth, gaining purchase to thrust himself deeper. His penis, mostly sliding within the tight, slick passage of the esophagus, as well as the massaging of the throat and tongue gave him more pleasure than he could handle. The human's caresses were making it harder to hold back.

The time had come when the minotaur could no longer hold back from the human's stimulation. He gave his signal, but instead of releasing him, Beorn wrapped his arms around the minotaur's waist, firmly grabbed onto his buttocks and forced him further down his throat; sucking and swallowing like a man possessed. His face was pressed firmly against the minotaur's hairy loins. The minotaur shivered and bellowed in great grunts and snorts as orgasm hit him as no fist ever could. His swelling balls then lurched in their pouch in time to the knotting and spasming muscles pumping his seed into this posessed man. Wave after wave, Beorn could feel the hard flesh throb, firing the hot seed down his throat and directly into his stomach. He reached around and began to gently maul the fleshy orbs; making the minotaur give up another few loads of his thick semen.

After the minotaur spent his seed, the human still would not release him from his amorous embrace. He felt the beast's manhood grow softer within his throat. With more coaxing, though, the firmness returned. Soon, they were repeating their part of the ritual. This time, when the sweating minotaur grunted out his signal, Beorn slowly slid the minotaur's throbbing penis from the sensuous sheath of his throat. The moist, glistening member was covered in the human's mucosa. The minotaur had to hold on to him to keep his balance as he violently ejected his seed into the cup. Beorn stroked the slick member, making sure the minotaur was completely emptied of seed.

Beorn then took the cup and faced back into the fire. From his pouch nearby, he pulled out some dried herbs and crumbled them into the cup. He then produced a small crystal rod. He chanted something unintelligible as he stirred the contents of the cup three times with the rod. He held the cup on high again, brought it to his lips and drank the minotaur's seed.

After he placed the empty cup on the ground, he felt the strong magic of the ritual take hold of him. He knew Obram was pleased. He felt himself grow taller and stronger. His body became more hirsute. The excessive rate to which he was transforming made him weak momentarily and he slumped to the ground; still changing. Within ten minutes, he had transformed into an 8-foot tall minotaur.

As the shock left his body, Beorn stood up, stretched his magnificently solid physique and began to take inventory. The chill of the night air felt wonderful on his naked flesh. It was then that he realized that he had a rock hard 14-inch penis and a nearly uncontrollable urge to ravage something female. Fortunately, his horse was a mare. Making sure he was not going to frighten her, he stood on a small tree stump and thrust his aching erection into his horse. He felt the penetration and the hot moist flesh of his horse caressing his full length as he plunged it deeper. It was a bestial display of raw power and complete sexual ferocity. As he reached his climax, Beorn gruffly bellowed out to Obram, thanking him for a successful ritual. The other minotaurs were in a heightened state of sexual excitement as well; as some of them were masturbating or sucking on each other. After Beorn finished with his horse, he joined in the orgiastic frenzy.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light accompanied by a clap of thunder. They all stopped what they were doing and looked around. There, in the middle of the clearing, stood Obram himself. All the descriptions of him were correct. He was a 40-foot tall, thickly muscled, completely naked and extremely well endowed minotaur. His huge penis dangled down to just below his knees and his seed sacs hung heavily between his thighs. His eyes flickered as two bright stars and he had a broad smile on his lips. The minotaurs that were standing dropped to their knees in adoration of the god.

Obram spoke in a deep booming voice: "Beorn, appear before me."

Beorn stood and walked to Obram. "I am he."

"Your ritual is complete... but not fully complete. Bring the cup to me." He got the cup and brought it before him. "This ritual has not been performed for many centuries. Now we shall complete it in it's most ancient form." Obram knelt down before the minotaur. "Take my seed."

Beorn approached Obram and grasped the god's penis in both hands. He felt a slow pulse as the god's life blood rushed into his organ to make it firm. Feeling this giant grow in his hands was enough to make him rock hard again. Every so often, he would gaze in wonder of Obram's immense hairy seed pouch which he would stroke and lick.

Obram began to writhe in ecstasy from Beorn's massaging. His penis was stiff and pulsing. He gave his sign that he was about to give way. He grabbed the cup and aimed Obram's penis inside it. With a huge grunt, Obram came into the cup. To see a 40-foot tall giant ejaculate was an amazing sight. He arched his back, his breath came in ragged gasps and his penis spurt out his seed in quantities greater than any man or beast could create.

"Now, add your seed into the cup again." It really didn't need to be said, for Beorn stroked his own hardened penis a few times and ejaculated in the cup. "Drink it, but not all... Pass the cup to the others." The god's seed was dispensed in such quantity that it nearly filled the cup to begin with. All who drank it felt Obram's hot seed enter their bodies and change them in some indistinguishable way.

After the last one drank, Obram spoke. "Know now that you carry the seed of Obram in your bellies. My essence has mixed with yours and in so doing, you are blessed above all others. Remember this night well, and tell your people that Obram lives... and he is watching."

A shimmering glow appeared around Obram. A soundless flash of light erupted from him and both he and Beorn had vanished. They reappeared on a shore presumably far away from the ritual's site; for the sun was shining brightly. Beorn blinked a few times, his eyes getting used to the sudden brightness.

"Beorn," Obram spoke softly.

He faced his god and knelt before him.

Obram smiled. "You have been my follower since you acheieved self-realization. Your love and generosity have been greater than those around you. The bravery you have shown to others has been legendary. You have followed my examples with your head and heart. The boon I have granted you with the ritual is not given lightly; only to those who truly wish... and deserve it."

Beorn was shaking in joy. Such high praise from a god is a unique distinction.

Obram continued. "I want to give you one other experience that no other mortal has ever deserved."

Obram grew. He grew until he was over 300 feet tall. Beorn could see a bright aura around the god. He then knelt down on one knee and told Beorn to climb into his hand. After doing so, Obram lifted him up to his face.

"Enter into my being." He opened his cavernous mouth and extended his tongue forming a makeshift bridge to his hand.

Beorn hesitated slightly. He could see the two rows of flat teeth, like so many white posts guarding the entrance. His mouth was arched like a glistening, pale pink vault of a cathedral. Further back, he could see the abrupt, downward entrance into the throat. He looked down at the god's gigantic body; surmising where the vital organs would be located. Deep within the god's muscular chest, his heart was beating. He saw hair, like tall brown grass covering the body; on the chest, down to the abdomen and the legs. He saw Obram's ponderous erection extending out for yards from his crotch.

Shaking off his apprehensions, he stepped onto the firm, slick surface. Obram slowly retracted his tongue and closed his mouth. The minotaur thought that afterwards it would be pitch black. Whatever the aura was that surrounded the god must be within him as well. Obram's mouth was roomy, but he still had to crouch. His feet sunk up to his ankles on the soft, moist surface of the tongue. He started to move to the back of Obram's mouth; noticing the tonsils and lack of uvula. Suddenly, the tongue twitched. He slipped around as he got covered in saliva. The tongue moved him towards the front of the mouth and stood him up against the front teeth. It retracted away from him momentarily. Beorn looked down at the floor of the mouth. He saw the salivating glands pumping the hot, thick liquid into the mouth. A pool was forming and he found himself mid-calf deep in saliva; his feet feeling the smooth muscular movements beneath him. The tongue came foreward again, dipping into the saliva pool and then brushing the slimy tip up Beorn's body; giving special attention to the hardening penis. Beorn involuntarily pumped his hips every time the tongue stroked his seeping cock. Obram's tongue then scooped him up onto it. He then felt the tongue rise up behind him, sliding him towards the back of the mouth. He dropped into Obram's throat and with a loud gulp was swallowed feet first. He slowly slithered deep within the giant god. The smooth, firm flesh surrounding him felt sensual as it slowly caressed his naked body. Aroused by this, his penis began to throb and stiffen again; rubbing firmly against the esophagus. He passed through a strong ring of muscle and dropped into a large bag-like room that was made out of a slick, resilient material. He landed in a pool of liquid at the bottom. The walls and floor were wet and convoluted and the acrid air was hot and humid.

And there he stood within the belly of Obram. The acids there had no effect on him.

"Feed me your seed," Obram's voice sounded in his head. "Give my stomach your food of life."

Knowing that he would be safe in this unlikely place, he managed to make the proud flesh rise again. He covered his 14-inch penis with the gastric mucosa making it smooth and slick as he slowly stroked his throbbing member with both hands. He reclined on the stomach wall. The hot, slimy flesh against his back felt very sensuous. Stomach acid occasionally dripped and splashed on him. He stroked faster and faster. Sweat from the heat and his exertion rolled down his chest and forehead. As he was reaching his brink, he thrust his hips and began to rub his inflamed organ between his hands and the stomach floor. Orgasm built quickly through his body and with bestial grunts, he finally released it. His breath game in heavy gulps as he spurt his seed on the stomach floor. He lay gasping for a minute or two as he watched the pool of semen he created slowly get absorbed. Exhausted, he lay panting inside Obram's magnificent stomach wishing that he, too, would be absorbed into the great god.

"Enter into my second chamber," Obram's voice boomed in his head. He could even feel the resonance of his deep voice in the pit of the stomach. A small opening appeared next to him. He stood up and slid through it. He landed in a smaller, darker and much cooler bag room. The walls in this room were covered with honeycomb-like skin. The opening closed tight after him.


He lay back against the wall of this strange chamber and closed his eyes. Soon, he felt a tingling sensation. It felt oddly like he was being absorbed within this chamber. His blood merged with the god's. He felt his sinews meld. He felt the soft earth beneath the god's bare feet, the breeze blowing across his gargantuan body. Then he awoke and found himself as Obram in his full 300-foot splendour. He felt the power in his muscles, the sun warming his body. Most of all, he felt the god's hungering in his loins. Before he knew it, his hands circled his immense penis and began stroking.

At his touch, the soft flesh began to pulse into life; becoming firmer with each beat of his heart. Suddenly, he stopped his stimulation on the still hard flesh. He turned to the sun and held out his arms, closed his eyes and _felt_. He felt the breeze pass around him; felt it caressing his inflamed organ. He felt the warmth of the sun penetrating his body... He felt as if he ruled the planet. The elements were his to command. He smelled the grass and the earth and the breeze off the ocean. His blood was pounding in his ears. He felt the power the god commanded. He took all the overpowering emotions and stimulations and focused them on the centre of his pleasure. With a yell of pain, passion and power, he achieved orgasm. His seed, like white rain, fell upon the earth.

After ejaculation, he slowly opened his eyes. He found himself back outside Obram's body standing between the god's legs in the same position that the god was in.

"Thank you, Obram," said Beorn, "for this great blessing and experience that you have given me. I shall cherish this forever."

"You are the child of my loins, Beorn." Obram nearly whispered. "Enter the world as a hero above others."

(...MAY be continued...)

"The Ritual" is copyright 1993-1996 Mark "Zezhian Dragonfang" Correia. Redistribution of this work for profit is reserved to the author. Redistribution by portable media (CD-ROM, floppy, paper, etc.) is expressly forbidden. Any redistribution must include this copyright notice intact.

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