Ron & Chuck

By Anonymous

[The setup: I'm not sure how this fits in with all the other stories about Ron and Patrick (and friends) that I've been posting. Maybe it doesn't. So, just tell yourself this story takes place in a parallel universe with characters who are similar, and rules which are not *quite* the same as the ones we're used to. As always, it seems, we join our characters in the bedroom...]

Chuck peeled out of his clothes and tossed them aside. He stepped over to the large man sitting there, watching him. He reached out to the muscular chest and stroked it upwards, feeling the warmth against his fingers. He began petting the thick beard found just a short distance above.

Ron responded by reaching up to pull Chuck into a long, passionate kiss. Chuck began to rub the nipples which stuck up out of Ron's hairy chest, and soon had them at attention. Still kissing, Chuck pushed Ron over onto his back and straddled the big man, rubbing his hands along Ron's well-defined muscles. Breaking away from the kiss, he scooted back just a little and pulled up Ron's rousing hardon. Leaning over into another long kiss, he soon felt Ron poke his stomach with a full erection. Ron reached down to massage Chuck's own cock together with his own and soon they were both very hard.

Chuck rolled aside and then turned around to face Ron's hard eight inches. He eased himself back somewhat, finding a better position to approach the large cock which jutted up. This gave Ron the position he needed to start licking the pulsing dick waving overhead. In no time at all, they were soon in a race to see who could blow the other one off first. Ron soon shifted to jacking Chuck. There was no way he could hold out long enough, otherwise.

About a minute later, he first noticed the gentle change in his position. Chuck's cock wasn't directly overhead any more -- it had started sliding back. But he hadn't moved -- nor had Chuck. Ron smiled. There was only one explanation for this.

With each thrust, Chuck took Ron deeper. He opened his eyes and reached up to feel Ron's balls in his hands. He felt them contract and expand, as they always do. Closing his eyes, he redoubled his efforts.

Soon, Ron began to recognize the same tingle that he had with Patrick build inside him. In his hand, he could feel that Chuck's cock was already swelling. His own cock was buried to the hilt in Chuck's anxious maw. As Chuck's hardon neared twice it's original size, Ron couldn't easily jack it off any more and he let go.

Chuck felt the change and opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was that Ron's legs were too short. Looking down at the balls showed they had also changed size. He pulled Ron's hot cock out to discover it was only three of its original eight inches. However, he knew that Ron was almost off, and this was no time to stop. Taking Ron in his mouth again, Chuck started the final approach. The final stages of an orgasm started to move through Ron's entire body. Just a few more seconds --

And Ron's tiny prick began to convulse. Chuck continued with the suction, although there wasn't much left to suck on -- only about an inch remained. Opening his eyes, he felt the tiny spurts and saw Ron shrink in the same jerky way. A few moments later, there wasn't anything left to suck on, and Ron had disappeared entirely.

At the same time, Ron felt the first shots rip out of his cock and saw Chuck baloon up to enormous dimensions. Chuck kept right on sucking as Ron diminished. He shrank suddenly and without even a pause. Starting from about 18 inches, by the time he had three shots off, he had already collapsed to four inches. He kept cumming, and Chuck kept sucking. He was inhaled effortlessly into Chuck's warm mouth, and swallowed as Chuck drank in what little cum had collected there.

Ron was alarmed, but lost consciousness almost immediately.

He became aware of himself again moments later. He was disoriented at first, but then realized that he was looking out through Chuck's eyes. In fact, he could feel Chuck's whole body. He had somehow been integrated with Chuck. He tried to move, but found that he could only watch and feel and experience whatever Chuck was doing. Realizing his plight, he soon settled in for the ride.

Chuck didn't know what had happened to Ron. Had he shrunk away to nothing? Who knew. He was sure that Ron would reappear somehow. He moved up to the head of the bed to address his own needs. Laying on his back, he soon had his own cock hard and was pumping away.

Ron felt Chuck jacking off. It was surprising like his own masturbation, but the technique was ever-so-slightly different. Ron felt an odd sensation of being pulled somehow in all directions at once.

Chuck liked to watch as his cock disappeared into his fist and then reappeared again. This jackoff session didn't feel quite like the others though. He was a little more giddy -- a little more energy was pushing up inside him.

After about a minute, he noticed the wispy hair starting to come out of his chest. This was a real turn on, and he continued stroking harder and faster. With each stroke, he saw more hair develop. He also noticed that his short cock was lengthening and thickening by a small amount. Soon, he recognized the hair patterns as the ones that he had seen on Ron's chest. He put a hand to his face, and felt the rapidly thickening beard. He stood up and saw immediately that he was several inches taller.

Releasing his cock, he walked into the bathroom to survey his "new body". Ron looked too, and recognized it. It looked so much like him! Somehow, his features were overtaking Chuck entirely -- turning him into a muscle bear. (Though not quite as beefy as he was, Ron though to himself.)

Chuck ran his hands over the new shape of his body. It wasn't exactly like Ron's, but the influence was obvious. He smiled, and decided to appreciate it in the shower.

Ron felt the water on Chuck's skin, like his own. He experienced each touch, each move. Chuck seemed to have lost interest in getting off, although he couldn't seem to stop playing with the cock which hung between his legs. It seemed too small to Ron -- and too big to Chuck.

Drying off, Chuck came back to bed and watched TV for a while. Then he went to sleep, taking Ron with him.

In the morning, Chuck rolled back the covers to discover his body was the same shape as when he went to sleep. 'Nice and hairy', he thought to himself. His rubbing pleasures led inexorably down to his croch, and soon he was jacking off his new, big, thick cock. Ron had awoke with Chuck and was along for the ride.

If Chuck had been watching, he would have seen the hair on his chest continue to thicken with each stroke. His legs got longer, and his cock got harder. He didn't notice these things, but Ron did. It seemed as though Chuck's form was getting completely lost. Soon, Ron felt another tug -- this time quite directed. His awareness was gradually built in Chuck's steamy balls. He felt himself bouncing gently with each stroke, squeezed from time to time. A moment later, Chuch was cumming.

Ron had a strong sensation of movement. Rapidly he shot back inside Chuck and then out to his cock again. He could feel Chuck's firm grasp -- it was firm along his entire body, as Ron realized he was completely in Chuck's pulsating dick. It was insanely pleasurable being stroked along his whole sensitive body. A few more strokes, and he was ejected out the end in a white gush onto Chuck's now-hairy tummy.

He layed there, cooling, for a few moments. Then he gradually felt himself coalesce out of the cum and into a very tiny copy of himself. He was growing rapidly and could soon see up over Chuck's mat of hair. As he grew, he saw Chuck's eyes were still closed, savoring the orgasm he had just had.

As Ron telescoped up, he saw Chuck's hair thin, and his beard fade. Evidently whatever change had occurred was reversed when he come out. He jumped off onto the bed and a few seconds later was kneeling over Chuck's familiar form.

Chuck looked up. "I was hoping I would get to explore being a bear a little more," he said.

"Perhaps we can do that another time," Ron said. "I've stayed over a little longer than I had planned... I better head home."

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