Sailor's Lament: A Sailor Moon Horror Story

By Dark Moon [Email]

Dear reader, please do not read this, expecting a cute and loving tale! Read only at your own risk! Remember, no cartoon characters were harmed in the writing of this story. Serena's birthday was coming up, and curiosity was eating her alive. "I just gotta find out if mom and daddy got me that new Sailor V game!" she said to herself with determination, tossing her long yellow hair back, as she searched the house. She looked in all the old gift hiding spots, and found nothing. "They must have got me something!" the pretty young girl pouted. Serena continued to look, even checking in her brother Sammy's closet. "Nothing! I can't believe it! I turn 17 in 3 days, and no loot!" she sat down in the living room, and watched "Cutey Honey" on television. A small black cat wandered into the room, and hopped into her lap. "Don't you have homework to do tonight?" the cat asked in exasperation. "You need to study harder, if you are to lead the Sailor Scouts as Sailor Moon!" "Get real, Luna! It's Friday! I don't have to do anything tonight! I'll get up early on Monday and take care of it then!" "You, get up early?" the cat laughed, "I don't believe it!" "Did you see if mom and dad got me my birthday present yet?" the young girl asked, trying to change the subject. "I bet you did!" she said with enthusiasm. "Serena! Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you!" the cat continued in a kindly voice. "Your mother and father would be disappointed if they couldn't surprise you." "I suppose you're right." Serena said quietly. "The suspense is killing me though! "Don't worry. "The cat giggled. "It will be all over soon!" At dinner, Serena noticed her brother grinning at her. "What's so funny, Sammy!" she demanded. Sammy waited until mom and dad were talking about something, and then whispered to Serena. "You'll never find it this year!" His big sister blushed. "I don't know what you're talking about!" "Yeah, right!" her brat of a brother laughed. "Mom! Serena's been searching the house again! "Sammy, you're such a kidder!" the embarrassed girl stammered. "You know I never do that!" "Serena." Mom said. "Why don't you take all that restless energy and go do your home work! I happened to run into your teacher, Miss Haruna, today, and she told me about your test on Monday!" "Ok, ok! I'll study tomorrow!" her mother just looked at her. "Um, I guess I could do some tonight." Later that night, Serena made like she was studying, but had a comic book propped up in her textbook. Luna didn't think it was funny. "I give up!" the cat shouted. "You better do some real studying sometime this weekend!" Serena just giggled at her comic. "That's it! I have better things to do then watch you rot your brain on comic books!" the cat stalked out of the room, tail at an indignant angle. Serena put down her books, looked at the clock and sighed. "It's midnight. I thought she'd never leave!" Serena had thought of one more place to go gift hunting, and didn't want Luna to see what she was going to do. The crafty scout went to her dresser, and took out the Luna Pen. "I hope this works." She whispered, as she tiptoed through the quiet house. Serena stopped at the basement door. "I bet they hid it in daddy's office." Slowly she opened the door, and eased down the steps. She tried the office door. "Rats, still locked!" Serena grinned, and whipped out the Luna Pen. "Locked doors can't stop Sailor Moon!" she held the pen high. "Disguise power, turn me into a cute little mouse!" Magical light swirled all around her, as she started to shrink, and transform. In seconds, it was over. Serena the mouse, twitched her whiskers, and giggled. "This is pretty cool!" she squeaked Serena scampered to the locked door, meaning to scoot under it, when her sensitive mouse nose picked up a familiar scent. "Chocolate!" she squealed in delight. "I smell chocolate!" the mouse made a beeline behind some boxes, and there it was. On some kind of wooden platform, was a chunk of chocolate bigger then her entire body! Serena moved like she was in a trance, and slowly approached the massive sweet. "Just a little couldn't hurt!" she exclaimed. She was wrong. Serena climbed on the platform, and started to nibble on the candy. Snap! The trap sprung! Serena screamed as white-hot pain lashed across her shoulders. By rights, the strong spring should have broken her back, but the very size of the chocolate saved her. As it was, she sobbed in pain from her welts. The spring was imbedded in the candy, but still pinned her firmly down. "Oh god, it hurts!" she moaned, as she tried to wriggle loose. "Help me!" she screamed, her tiny voice just sounding like a squeak. "I have to get out of this!" she tried to calm herself down. "Maybe if I turn back to normal, I'll bust out of the trap!" Serena looked to her right, and saw the Luna Pen, well out of reach. "Damn. Too far away! I have to get out of this trap first!" Thankfully, the pain was fading, so she started to wriggle in earnest, never noticing the shiny black eyes watching her. The breath whooshed out of her, as something heavy landed on her back. Serena screamed again, when she saw the two extra mouse paws land on either side of her front paws. "Oh crap! Get off me you dumb mouse!" it took Serena's shocked mind several seconds to figure out why the mouse was starting to bounce up and down on her. "No, I'm not a real mouse!" she shouted, "Please, get off!" he didn't, of course. Something long and hard was starting to poke at Serena's hind legs. The terrified girl/mouse tried to get out from under her attacker, but the trap held her firmly in place. "No, please no!" she begged, as the mouse tried to gain entry. "Darien has to be my first! Not a mouse!" Serena twisted and dodged for all she was worth, but was beginning to tire. "Help me!" she cried, the musty smell of the mouse filling her head. It was only a matter of time, and Serena shrieked as the mouse ripped through her virginity. She could only sob, as he thrust with amazing speed. Serena's horror grew, when she realized her mouse body was beginning to respond. "No! Please no!" she wailed, as she felt the first hint of an approaching orgasm. She tried to hold back, feeling humiliated by her body's betrayal. "I don't like this! I don't!" she gasped, as the mouse pounded away. He stiffened against her, and she felt something hot spurt deep into her belly. Her shame was complete, as the feeling forced her into a massive orgasm of her own. The mouse rapist stayed on her for a few terrible moments, before finally slipping out of her aching vagina. Serena just lay still, and sobbed. Something sleek and black, streaked through the basement, and was on the male mouse in a second. "Luna, thank you!" Serena cried, voice sounding like a weak little squeak. "It's been such a long time," Luna laughed with glee, as she pounced on the unsuspecting mouse. "Canned food tastes so lifeless!" Luna was hungry. She had purposely skipped her dinner, in preparation for the hunt. She wasted no time, and bit deep into the mouse, killing him, and then devouring the warm fresh meat. When she finished her meal, she noticed another mouse caught in the trap. "Hmmm, a two course dinner!" she giggled. "How nice!" Serena couldn't believe her ears. "No! Luna, It's me!" she squeaked in panic. Luna had taken the edge off her hunger, and had time for some sport. She opened the trap, with her hand like paws. "Run little mouse! Run! Who knows, maybe you'll even escape me!" Serena looked at the blood on Luna's face, and was nearly sick. "Luna, it's Serena!" she screamed. "Stop!" Serena was shaking with fear. Her squeaky voice didn't even sound like words to her! "I have to get the Luna Pen!" she gasped, as she ran. With a graceful leap, Luna landed between Serena and the pen. "Too slow!" Luna purred deep in her throat. She swiped at the mouse with her razor claws'; opening a wound across it's back. Serena ran in blind terror, blood matting her fur. "Luna, it's me! Please don't kill me!" Serena felt something crash into her, ripping at her, as she was slammed into the wall. Shock numbed her body, and she felt only a dreadful cold. Serena stared in disbelief at the jagged bone, white as snow, jutting from the spongy red mass were her leg used to be. "The pen, the pen." She moaned, as she dragged herself across the floor. If she could only reach the Luna Pen, transforming back would heal her! Serena was almost there. "Just a little more." She whispered. "Please, let me just touch it!" Luna pounced again. This mouse was little, and made a nice mouth full. The huge tongue rasped roughly across Serena's face, as she whimpered in pain. "Please no!" the mouse breathed, pounding uselessly at the rough tongue. Serena felt pain, as massive teeth, like steak knives, lashed into her body. She begged futilely when she started to slide towards the back of the cat's throat "Please Luna! It's me! Meatball head! I don't want to die!" she tried and tried to grab hold of something, but her mouse paws had no fingers. Muscles constricted tightly around her ravaged body. Serena was forced downward, into darkness. Warm wetness surrounded her. She finally came to rest, bumping her face into something hard, and unyielding. Reaching out blindly, she touched something. It was the neatly severed head of her mouse lover! Serena opened her mouth to scream one last time, but no sound came forth. Powerful digestive fluids poured down her throat, choking her. She writhed, in terror, for just a few seconds, as the corrosive acid began eating into her flesh, before finally laying still. Luna licked her chops, after such a fine dinner, and looked around on the floor, for that leg she had missed. She spotted it, and was startled to see it slowly growing, and transforming. Terrible fear filled her mind, when she noticed the Luna Pen laying not far away. "Oh my Princess!" she wailed, when the leg had fully regained human form. Luna sobbed in despair. "Please forgive me! Queen Serenity! I've failed you!" She hung her head in sorrow. "I'm so sorry, Serena!" A sudden thought, formed through her grief. "The leg," she whispered. "It returned to full size!" her blood seemed to freeze in her veins. "Oh no! Please not that!" Luna ran for the stairs. She had to get to the first aid kit; it should have something to induce vomiting. A stabbing pain tore through her stomach before she reached the first step. In panic, she desperately tried to bring up her last meal, but it was already too late. The pain grew and grew. Luna watched shaking, as her sleek body stretched and bulged. Her bladder was forced to empty, and her bowels let go explosively from the increasing pressure. Bones snapped, one by one, as her growing belly forced her ribs, and then her legs straight out from her body. She deserved to die for what she did, but the pain was unbearable! Each breath was getting harder and harder, as her lungs were compressed. Oh, how she fought to draw one last precious breath, tossing her head from side to side in silent agony. She couldn't even cry out, when warmth spread throughout her body, as her internal organs were finally crushed. Mercifully, she was dead, before her body split open, spilling what remained of Serena, out onto the cold cement floor. The fighting spirit went out of the other Sailor Scouts, when they learned the horrible news. The power of the Nega-verse picked them off, one by one, and darkness fell forever across the Earth.

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