By Geoff Balme [Email]

This is a confession and I'll hide the identity of the victim for my own sake. I never meant any real harm to the young lady I was dating at this time, this time I discovered what REAL sexuality was. Her name was samantha and she was a petite, gypsy-like sweetheart with lots of spunk and excitement oozing from her every pore. Watching her walk in her long cotton skirts and sandals alone gave me spasms of excitement that were hard to control.

I was twenty years old and she about nineteen as I took her on a drive down the dirty back roads of the country around my home. Always a favorite thing to do for us, since there was no place for young people to go and be alone. And since I had my band van there was really no reason to waste any money and time doing anything else.

This particular night when we got parked she slipped off her sandals and climbed into the back with me amongst the blankets and pillows of the van. She began to play act this character we had just seen in a really awful movie called In The Company Of Wolves, where a young girl more or less lives the life of the famous Little Red Riding Hood. Now I was the Big Bad Wolf and she was asking me why my arms were so large... I grasped her slender ankles and kissing her toes gently told her "All the better to hold you with..." she giggled and wiggled her tiny toes.

Now I have to assure you I had no intention of doing what happened next. She persuaded me the entire way. she slipped most of both her feet into my mouth and exclaimed "oh my! what a big mouth you have!" and quickly began to ask me if I was intending to eat her up. Well at that moment her soft feet on my tongue and between my teeth didn't disagree with me. In fact I was finding looking up her skirt at her slender pale legs quite enticing, and she pulled it higher and up around her waist.

In the darkness I found that I was able to actually get my lower jaw around her tender heels, her feet were in my mouth and I was not gagging. She was petite and I am quite big, mind you. I reached up and squeezed her smooth calves. It suddenly became a real hot desire to have them in my mouth also. all the while she's playing this Little Red Riding Hood story to the hilt. "Oh My! You aren't going to EAT ME! Are you!" I was drooling and slurping busily away as she was undressing, I reached her little knees and found her white thighs in the moonlight far too irresistable. I noticed with huge excitement that she had thoughtfully not worn panties! I greedily sqeezed her thighs into my tight mouth. My lips felt as though they were breaking, I could feel her toes wiggling against the deepest part of my throat.

As I approached her hips she started to wiggle her butt. And started to become alarmed that she was indeed being swallowed. I heard her complaining a bit, but I was amazed. I was completely involved in what I was doing! I couldn't stop at all, I kept thinking all I have to do is finish getting her hips in my mouth and the rest will slide down easy!

I Promise I had no intention of actually eating this pretty young woman. It was all her idea, she FED herself to me. As her exteremly soft buttocks slipped between my teeth and I looked up to the white torso sticking out between my grossly distended lips I realized that I had done something no one else had ever done. She was inside me, and sliding in by the moment. I couldn't help it, my heart was pounding and she was moaning only softly as I sucked and gently swallowed her up. Her face was calm, I remember her nodding what seemed to be consent ... but honestly I don't know. She may have gone into shock. The last I recall was seeing her pretty little hands and painted fingernails sliding into my mouth and I lay back in an orgasmic afterglow.

I kept her sandals but had to ditch that pretty skirt and blouse. It was a horrible lesson I'll never forget.

I lay low in terror for weeks after that, my distended body slowly shrank back to normal. I felt terrible for eating her. But I knew I was in trouble, I wanted to eat other women. I still want to eat them. But somehow I have to learn to control the final swallow reflex during that extended orgasm. How? How can I save my poor sweet dates the fate that befell Samantha. Before Samantha I was a normal healthy american teenage boy. I wanted all the same ole stuff every american fella wants. Somehow she triggered something deep within me... Something she knew about... I can still hear her Little Red Riding Hood act... Little Red Riding Hood... what is that anyway?

So it's my warning to you large fellows... beware the petite women for they'll teach you something that might curve your life track forever...and force you to snap to frightened attention everytime some woman in some prono film says: EAT ME.

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