Saturday Night Cinema

By MouthChaser

That saturday I had nobody to go out with, so I decided to go to the cinema. They were playing a cool war movie which I specially wanted to see, because my favourite actor appeared in. Well, he is not a good actor at all, but he has the thing I like most on a man: a big mouth. I have felt attraction to big-mouthed men since I was a child, mostly if that man wears a clean beard, a moustache or (oh!) a goatee. And I had seen that actor in previous action movies, laughing, eating and shouting at his buddies, always opening his mouth much wider than any man I had ever seen before. I bought my ticket and went into the theater. There were very little people for a saturday night, and I could freely choose a seat.

A few minutes before the movie began, a rather large guy arrived and sat on the same row, a few seats to my left. I discretely examined him. He was very tall, nearly as tall as I am (about 6'5), and huge built. He had a massive, square jaw, very short black hair and a goatee surrounding his big lips. He accomodated himself, stretched his arms and crossed one leg onto the other, showing me the sole of an inmense combat boot.

- My, what big feet - I could't help saying, while I felt an inmediate hardon rising.

He heard it, and he was now looking at me with a funny expression in his face. My face turned red.

- Size 15, to be exact - he said with a deep voice, while he moved and examined his boot. - Really hard to find. I buy them in army surplus stores.

That was much more conversation than I had expected, so I tried to go on further.

- Size 15!. I have never heard about shoes that big!.

- Well, they seem to be quite usual in the army. One day, I couldn't find a pair in my size, but I found some size 16s, and I bought them.

- So you always wear military footgear - I guessed.

- Well... in fact, I only have some pairs of boots and a pair of military oxfords for dressing up, and they are all very comfortable.

I couldn't believe he was telling such details to an unknown man, but I was delighted. The hardon was becoming painful in my trousers, and I was afraid he would notice it.

- Oh!, well- I said, and I looked forward to the screen. The lights were still on, and there were a few people more in the room. I wanted to go to the wc and jack-off myself to death, but the movie was about to start, so I decided to stay. The guy stretched his arms again, uncrossed his legs, and started yawning. With the corner of my eye, I saw him open his mouth very, very slowly. He went on opening it wider little by little. At one moment, I realized that he had open his mouth quite a lot, and I directly stared at him. In fact, his mouth was open very wide, almost as wide as my favourite actor's. He made a pause, and then went on stretching his jaws even furher. At one point, his lower jaw seemed to go out of joint!. It was amazing, he had stretched his mouth to the size of a coke can, and he was still opening!. That was almost driving me mad. When his lower jaw touched his chest, he tilted his head backwards and continued yawning.

- Oh, my, what a mouth! - I exclamed. I was trembling in excitement.

He then stopped opening, and put his huge in front of his mouth. That gave me a true reference about the size of that yawn: more than three inches wider than his fist!. That made a good 6'' opening, while a normal man can barely open his mouth more than 2''.

He finished yawning, and slowly closed his mouth, making a funny movement with his lower jaw in order to put it again in its joint. Then he looked at me and laughted.

- Surprised again, uh? - he said.

- Surprised? Smashed! - I said. My hands were trembling, and I was sweating cold. - How the hell do you manage to stretch your mouth that wide?

- That wide?, well... in fact it's been nothing. My jaw muscles are extremely ellastic, so I can unhinge in order to open my mouth as big as I want.

- Do you mean you can open it... (glup) even bigger?.

- In fact, once a friend betted that I couldn't put my entire fist in my mouth. I won the bet by engulfing my friend's whole head.

- You are joking. That can't be done!.

- Wanna see? - he said, and opened his mouth friggin' wide, even wider than before, and stretched it to the sides with his hands.

I woke up and went next to him, with my knees willing to let me fall to the floor. His head offered an impressive sight, with his teeth so far apart, his tongue lying flat on the bottom of his mouth, and, down there, a big uvula leading to an uncertain darkness. His throat was so wide that I could have, if he let me, put my entire arm down it. His lips were amazingly stretched, with his goatee forming a thin hairy line around the entire mouth.

I suddenly realized that, in fact, my whole head could fit in there comfortably. I took rapid measures with my hand on his mouth: one span and four fingers high, one span wide; that's bigger than a lions's jaws!.

He released his lips and closed his mouth again, taking some time to re-hinge his jaw. The lights turned off and the movie began. My favourite big-mouthed actor offered no interest to me by now.

- Wanna go to supper? - I asked, and inmediately I realized how absurd that question was. He didn't know me at all, and he was there to see the movie. And if I changed the conversation, we may never again talk about his oral skills.

- Sorry, I can't afford it - he answered with a big smile - though I'm really hungry. I don't have a job.

- No problem! - I said enthusiastically. - I will pay if you show me some another trick.

- But... what about the film?

- You can see it tomorrow.

- Well... Ok. Let's go.

We woke up in the darkness and left the theater.

- We can go to my flat - I said - and call for some pizzas. You will eat more for less money.

- Ok. I love pizza. I think I could eat four or five.

- Oh... you are going to have a chance to demonstrate that.

We arrived home with three large pizzas that I bougth by the way. During the supper, he proceeded to fold an entire familiar pizza and stuff it in his mouth whole!. He chewed only for a few seconds, and then, with a great effort, swallowed it all at once!. I could see the bulge of the pizza going down his throat and into his stomach.

- Oh, God!, you did swallow that whole! - I said. - But... it was a pizza ball the size of a watermellon!.

- Well... it was dry and hard to swallow. Gimme anything something soft and slippery and I will swallow it whole.

That gave me an idea, a terrifying one. I doubted, but finally said:

- Could you swallow me whole?

He stared at me in surprise. He surely thought I was kidding. But my face was grave, and I was sweating and trembling.

- I don't think so. But - he smiled - we can try it.

- Ok - I said, before he or I regreted, and left the room.

He proceeded to take his shirt off, revealing a huge muscular body, extremely hairy. His shoulders were huge, and his arms had impressive biceps. A few minutes before, he told me that he had been a construction worker. He took off his trousers too, to allow his stomach expand as necessary. I went back into the room with a small bottle of olive oil, which I extended all over my naked body. He helped me, and the contact of his strong hands produced an instant hardon on me. He was smiling all the time. He thougt that this game was funny. Once I had oil all over my body, he went down on his knees and stared at me.

- Well, let's go on. How do you want me to swallow you, head first or feet first?

- First I want to check the way. I don't want to get stuck halfway down. Open up, please.

He agreeded and open his mouth very wide once more. Then I forced my entire hand down his throat, past his uvula. It slid down easily, so I forced more of my forearm down. He wrapped his lips around my arm, and started swallowing. I could feel his throat muscles driving my arm deeper and deeper, until all my arm was entirely inside him. That was unbeliable: there was I, with my whole arm down a man's mouth!.

He made a sign to tell me that he couldn't hold his breath any further, so I retired my arm. He breathed for a while, and then he opened his mouth again, even wider than before. This time I shoved both hands, forearms and finally arms in his mouth, feeling his mouth stretch wider and wider. With little effort, I accomodated my head in there and pushed hard. The darkness was complete, so I couldn't see his teeth or tongue, but as soon as my head reached his uvula, he closed his lips around my whole chest and began swallowing. That wasn't going to be so easy as he had thought. The width of my shoulders was too big a mouthful for him to swallow, and when they went down his throat, I got stuck.

He tried to swallow harder, but that didn't work. So he took me by my legs with his huge hands, and lift me over his head. My own weight pulled my body down and down, while I felt his lips stretched around my waist, my legs... until nothing but my feet where out. Then, took a strong swallow and I fell completely into his incredibly stretched stomach. It was a dark, wet but hot and comfortable place.

- Woah!, I thought I could never do it! - I heard him say. - How are you in there?.

I didn't answer. Now that I had accomplished my greatest illusion, I wouldn't leave.

- Hey, you must get out before you suffocate!.

But I didn't want to get out. I was happy.

- Well... you must know what you are doing...

I knew.

The guy stayed in my home for a whole week, before his bulging belly returned to an acceptable size and he could dress himself again. Now I am part of him, and I will never leave.

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