The School Bus Ride

By Anonymous

On the way to school one day, it seemed pretty normal. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, it was a beautiful day. Philip was about 13 years old. He had gotten his homework done, and was very proud of it. He was expecting an A. "I can't belive it, Rick, I'm gonna pass this test!," Philip said to his friend Rickie, who always sat next to him. "Yeah, and giant women 500 feet tall roam this country too," Rickie said in reply sarcastically But then, they heard something really weird, ironically, they saw a sexy, super-model-looking- giant woman in a bathing suit walking around in the distance, hunting for food. All the little kids were screaming. The bus driver, a drunken idiot, got frightened and stopped the bus in the middle of the road like a damn fool, and got out screaming and running for help, leaving the kids behind. "Help, mommy!" Kids were crying. High schoolers were saying fuck and shit and damn and other immature crap like that. The bus driver, Mike, ran away, and the giantess spotted him and said, "Hey, you!" The man panicked. "Yeah?," he replied. "Come here," she said. "No, never!," the man said and ran with terror. The woman laughed and giggled. "Poor fool," she said. She picked him up with her left hand and leveled him up with her face and said, "Say good- bye to your little bus driving job, and your little bratty kids too." The man screamed as she put him in her mouth and swallowed him up, effortlessly, and rubbed her smooth tummy. Then she spotted the school bus getting away. One of the high schoolers must be driving it. She laughed as she slowly walked towards it. The kids inside were crying and screaming. One of the high schoolers was masterbating, as if this was a dream come true. The giantess walked faster, and decided to scare them straight. She smashed her big, sexy, blue-toe-painted-foot right in front of the bus. "AaaaAhhhahha!," the kids cried, as the driver slammed on the brakes. They were horrified. They wanted to go home. The giantess laughed. Then, the high schooler that was masterbating stood up, and said, "Please babe, take me, swallow me, chew me!" "My pleasure," she said. She busted the windshield and reached in. The children screamed. She took the little masturbator out. "Yes, yes!", the kid mumbled. She raised him up to her mouth . "Now, just swallow, pleeeeasse." The pervert said. She put him in her mouth and crunched on his arm. "AAAHHHHH!", he cried. She took him out of her mouth, and swallowed just his arm. Now, she reached for his penis, she ripped it off, and swallowed it. The boy was suffering. "God, help me,!" he cried. She let him free, suffering. The giantess realized he was suffering, and decided to end his pain, and smashed him with her sexy foot. The kids cried. Philp was extrmely scared, so was Rickie. She looked into the bus, looking for her nexy bratty victim. She hated kids. The kids cried for their moms. She took a little girl with pig-tails and a dress and lifted her up to her mouth. The little girl was a kindergartener. "Please, don't eat me!" She cried. "Sorry, rugrat!" The giantess replied, as she slammed the girl down her throat and swallowed. She reached in for a high schooler. "Oooh, you're well-toned, and sexy, aren't ya?, Are you captain of the football team?" The giantess asked. "No, but I play." The kid replied. "Please, what you're doing is wrong, they're just little kids, let them live, including me, swallow people your own age." The kid said desperatly. "How old are you, boy?" The girl asked. "18," he replied. "Well, I'm 20, close enough." She replied. The boy screamed. She rubbed him down her body, to her pussy, and then licked his chest, then balls, then gave him a human blow-job, she sucked his whole body. "Cum in my throat, boy." She said. He did. She swallowed his sperm, and then, decided to swallow him. She did. She decided to eat a bunch of kids at once. She opened the emergency exit, and put her mouth around it, and drained out the bus, thirteen kids were killed in that one swallow. She took a little boy, about 6, and put him in her mouth, and chewed, and swallowed. Now only Rickie and Philip were left. "Hmmm, only two left," she said, and I'm still starved, what a coincidence!" She said. The kids cried. "Oh, don't cry, boys, the police are here." The woman said. They were infact, too. The arrived at her feet, and shot at her. The little bullet was just a sting to her, she smashed the cop's car that shot her. "Hey, that's my car!" The cop said. She picked him up and kissed him with her tongue. "Wow, you're a sexy one." He said. She put him on the tip of her tongue and pushed him to the back of her throat and swallowed. He cried on the way down. She smashed all the other cops that were watching. She then turned to Rickie. She picked him up out of the bus, and raised him to her sexy, red-pouted lips. "Say bye-bye to your little gay friend down there, you little piece of bait." She said. Rickie slowly went into her mouth. He said goodbye to the world he would no longer see. She balanced him on her tongue, and swallowed. She turned to Philip. "And now, for the gay kid." She said. She picked him up. Philip screamed for help. "Won't work you little shit." She said. "Why are you doing this?" Philip asked crying. "Don't cry, wuss!" She said sexy-ish. She licked off his tears. "Why?!, she said, because I've always hated kids, and I hate men who think their macho!, I've decide to swallow all the men I can, including all children, because they will turn into men, and I've decide to kill any girl that goes along with it!" She relpied. "But I'm not bad!" Philip cried. "Yeah, but you're a boy, and I have an appetite." She said. "You're so pretty, how could you do this?" He cried. "I don't know kid, but I'm hungry, and I'm sorry." She said. She threw him in her mouth and started to swallow, but then stopped. She thought, Is this really right? Should I kill this innocent kid? Then she thought, what the hell, I already killed 16 other kids or so. So she swallowed Philip. The giantess walked off, and rubbed her milky tanned white stomach, with sperm and kids in there suffering being digested, and about to become waste. She walked off to kill her next batch of innocent victims, the mall.

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