Send In The Clones...

By The~Wheelman [Email]

I woke with the strange feeling that I wasn't alone. Turning over, I found that I wasn't alone! I sat bolt upright in bed and so did he. I hadn't gone to bed with anyone, where did he come from? and how did he get here? Then I noticed something really strange. I was looking at myself!

No, It wasn't a reflection, it was a real person. But it was me! I don't mean he just looked like me either, He was me, down to the last detail. And I do mean the last detail. Stunned, I reached up and touched him. My doppelganger made an identical move, simultaneously, and touched me on the exact same spot, at the exact same time.

"Who are YOU?" "I'm Sean." "You can't be Sean, I'm Sean!" We asked/answered each other. Each with the identically same voice, timbre, inflections, and, of course, at the same instant. This went on for about five minutes! Both of me saying the same things, the same way, at the same time. And getting both of me nowhere at warp-speed. Neither of us had any idea how the other got here. Or worse, even which one of us was the real Sean (or was it original? I still don't know for sure).

"I feel strange..." I said. I looked at myself in astonishment. Not just because it was the first thing I'de heard that morning that wasn't spoken in two-part harmony, but because something strange was happening. Relatively speaking, that is...

As I watched, I saw myself getting smaller. I looked again and saw that I was also growing! And so was the room! Then I realized what was happening was that I was seeing both of me through both of my eyes. Dont ask me to explain! I was wishing I hadn't even woke up!

Obviously, the room couldn't be getting any bigger, so one of me was shrinking. (Why? Don't ask.) At about seven inches, I stopped shrinking. Suddenly, both of me looked at me, and a sinister grin came over my faces. "what an opportunity!" I (both) thought!

I threw back the covers and walked towards my hardening cock. I let out a moan as I felt my arms wrapping around it and I tried to climb on. Rolling on my back. I gave my tiny body a hand (literally!) getting on. With my arms and legs wrapped around my enormous member, I began sliding my body up and down my shaft. Jerking myself off as no man has jerked himself off before.

This was incredible! I could feel My tiny body rubbing up and down my cock as I felt my pulse throbbing hot against my tiny body. Suddenly everything went dark and my body was squeezed hard as I took my hand, grabbed my member and began stroking myself up and down my shaft.

The pressure was unbearable and it felt great. I stroked faster and it became hard to breath as my exitement grew. Just then I came. My body was being pressed against my cock so hard that the wind was forced from my lungs. I felt the muscular contractions of my orgasm sweep like waves up my body. I ejaculated on the shaft my enormous cock, and covered my face with a flood of cum.

As I relaxed my grip on my spent member, I fell on my back into a mound of pubic hair. I wiped the semen off my face and swallowed what was in my mouth before trying to breath. Reaching down with my hand I felt a giant thumb and forefinger grab my body, lifting me, Holding my tiny body over my face I looked up at myself hanging there and saw my gigantic mouth opening below me.

"This is it." I thought, "my fantasy come true." I watched my body dissapear between my lips as I slid into my mouth. My lips closed around my chest and I stroked my cock with my tongue. As I writhed against the wet. bumpy flesh I enjoyed the sensation of the tiny body squrming in my mouth.

I gave a slurp and I was pulled inside. I rolled myself around in my mouth. "this is too good to be true." I thought, tasting myself. Then I realised I was getting a little too close to the back of my mouth. The fear exited me, and despite my struggles I managed to force my body far enough back to swallow.

I swallowed hard and was crushed between my tongue and the back of my mouth. I was forced back and down as the lump moved slowly down my throat. It was terrifying and wonderful. I was really scared now. And as I struggled franticaly to get out, to avoid my fate. I screamed "STOP!!! as I swallowed as hard as I could, too exited to stop.

I was deep in my throat now, yet I still tried to halt my decent. This wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be, and I loved it. My heart was racing and I could feel it beating against my body. Another wave of pressure and I felt the lump in my throat fade away as I tumbled down the wall of my stomach, landing in a pool at the bottom.

I felt immensly satisfied as I gave up the struggle in disgust and sat, chest deep in my own digestive juices. "Well", I thought, "this is my fantasy, my 'kink'." "I guess I should be more careful what I wish for."

The acids sloshed round me as I got dressed for the day ahead, feelng the tiny body inside me as I did. Funny, I thought it would sting like hell. I guess being digested took longer than I thought.

"What supreme irony! Me, of all people". I said to my insides. "Dumped into my own mouth, manhandled down my throat like I didn't even care, and swallowed alive, to die inside my own stomach!

"I can't wait to tell the guys at 'Big~Gulp'!"

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