By Anonymous

"Ok, now I need one of you: I want to show you something special".

John, the guide of the park, went in front of a young girl.

"You, did you like the visit through the park?"

"Yes, really nice. Your dinosaurs are great.How can you do that?"

"There is a special equipe that work for us: our dinosaurs are the best robots ever builded. Spielberg is working with us for the sequel of Jurassic Park. And now I want to show you a very special effect that we have realized for the film. What is your name?"

"I'm Serena, from Italy."

"Ok Serena. Do you have any friends here?"

"No, today they wanted to go to a football match, so I came here alone...why?"

"For the pictures: give me your camera. I will take some pics for you."

"Ok. What should I do?"

"Come with me..."

Serena and John went in a little road on the left.

"Now we will recreate a scene from a film we have just made. You will be swallowed by a T-Rex.."


"Don't worry it's not dangerous. When the robot of the T-Rex will be near you, he will open his mouth: just jump into the mouth. Then you will only have to simulate some pain and the robot will do the rest. You will be gently taken in the stomach of the robot, where you will find a door to get out. Ok?"

"Oh, my seems exciting..."

"Yes, more exciting than what you can imagine. It's better if you take off your shoes: you could loose them in the mouth of the robot.".

Ok, now take this road and start walking. Our T-Rex is arriving. I go back to take some pictures. See you later Serena."


Serena was a nice-looking girl: she had dark hair and green eyes and her body was really pretty.

She was wearing a short dress that arrived just over her knees and a pair of white pantyhose: she had long and succulent legs.

John arrived where the other people were waiting.

"Ok guys, take off your camera and be ready to take the best pictures of your life".

Serena was 10-20 meters from them. She arrived near a rock and stopped.

"Serena, now sit on the grass and wait!!"


"Sit down and relax yourself!"

She made what John told. She crossed her legs and started to move her feet up and down. John was looking with the zoom of the camera: he had a storng foot fetish: that was the reason why he told Serena to take off her shoes. John was becoming excited: her feet were incredible. She had walked on the road without shoes and the nylon under her soles was becoming black. Serena had the best feet he had ever seen: little feet covered with white pantyhose was his passion.

He was looking at her feet when the T-Rex arrived.

Serena didn't seem to be scared: she looked at the T-Rex coming near her with a smile on her face. But when he was closest and opened his mouth, John noticed the terror in her eyes. She slowly tried to avoid him, but before she could move the T-rex closed his mouth around her body.

Serena screamed. The other persons were taking pictures of her: they could see her face and legs coming out from the mouth of the dinosaur. The T-rex turned Serena and her face dissappeared in his mouth. Now they could see only her legs moving quickly up and down and disappearing in his big mouth. Her feet was the last thing to enter: they were still in movement. John loved to see her toes moving while her feet were swallowed.

The group started to clap.

"Wow, incredible!"

"These are great special effect!"

"How can you do that?"

When they were gone John returned to the main house.Paul was waiting for him.

"Hi John, everything ok?"

"Yes, everybody still believe that are special effect."

"Nice: who feeded our T-rex today?"

"Serena. Did you filmed the scene?"

"Sure, wanna see it?"

"Yes: I think he liked her"

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