Serralta's First Visit

By Raleigh the MicroErmine [Email]

Author's Forward: I apologise in advance for mistakes in the description of camping out; having never been closer to a camping tent then the local K-Mart, I simplified what I knew about camping to fit the story.

Warning: Contains male/male sex and death.

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Serralta's First Visit (Beware of NonNative Wildlife When Camping)

Serralta pushed his way through the waist-high bushes, whistling happily to himself as he angled towards a clear section of ground. This was his first visit, and was happy to be outdoors again after the long trip here. This place was fascinating, with all sorts of new plantlife and animals to discover. He'd been following one interesting little flying thing, tracking it as it flew ahead of him until it was just a tiny blur in the sky; without anything else to do, he kept going in the same direction until he found something else interesting to do. The clear area promised that, especially since his sharp ears had caught the sound of running water.

As he stepped into the clearing, spotting the tiny brooklet that he had heard, his foot came down on something unexpected, smooth and somewhat soft to his sensitive pads. It didn't feel anything like the plants or small animals that he'd stepped on before. As he knelt to look at it, a smile came over his face, remembering the dieing struggles of those tiny things against his paws, his sheath rapidly filling under his loincloth at the memory. The smile was quickly replaced with a curious expression as he saw what appeared to be a 20cm square piece of cloth under his toes, propped up in the middle by sticks. His curiousity grew when he noticed the small circle of ashes next to the cloth. Then his ears picked up something making a splash in the water... and that's when he noticed you.

You had taken advantage of your first weekend off of work in over a month. An hour's worth of packing and you were ready for an overnight camping trip into the mountains, eager to get out of the city and away from the mounting stresses at work. After driving up an old fire trail into the mountains, you parked the car, locked it, and started hiking. You found your camping spot after only a couple of hours, a large clearing with a stream running through it. You quickly set up your tent, cleared an area in front of it for your campfire, and circled the firepit with lightweight bricks you'd brought for that purpose. As night fell, you lit the campfire, heated and ate one of the precooked meals from your pack, and laid back under the open sky, unsullied by city lights or smog. As you crawled into your tent to sleep, you finally felt yourself beginning to relax from work.

In the morning, feeling the accumulation of sweat and grime from yesterday's hike, you set out first thing to the stream to bathe. Carefully folding your clothes high on the bank, and with your glasses tucked in the middle, you waded in, shivering at first but gradually getting used to the cold water. After a long swim and scrubbing with a cheap washcloth you didn't mind possibly losing out here, you decided that you were ready to face the day again, when you began to hear a crashing sound in the forest. Looking around quickly, you didn't see anything out of the ordinary... until a huge white .. thing .. crashed down out of the forest. Even without your glasses, you could tell that it looked like a 20 foot long.. well, foot. As you scrambled back towards the bank, looking up along the white-furred leg, at the kneeling body supported by it, noticing out of the corner of your eye the huge bushy black-tipped tail swishing along the treetops, and finally at the somewhat blurry face of the incredibly large creature, you suddenly noticed that it's looking at you.

Before you were even halfway out of the water, the thing's huge arm was swooping down towards you, fingers as thick as your body closing around you and lifting you up from the water. Its mouth worked, and a series of piercing, high-pitched chirps and clicks filled the air, immediately followed by loud, mechanical words emitting from a collar around its neck. "Hey, it's one of the *smart* bugs!" You could hear the sneer even in the mechanical voice at the word "smart" as you were raised towards the giant smiling face. You could see its eyes gazing at you, and its other paw came up before you, the textured pad of one huge digit pressing into your chest and running down your body. Its lips pursed as it began to speak again, but you're startled as, this time, the words come directly from the creature, in broken but still intelligible (and almost deafening) English: "You no cover. You want play?"

As the shock of seeing the creature, and being captured by it, started to wear off, its words sank in. Apparently, however, not fast enough; you could see the fur above its eyes furrowing into a frown, and its voice boomed out again as the fingers around you started to squeeze painfully: "You want play, yes? You play me good, I no skish you."

You winced and quickly nodded your head, willing to do anything to stop the crushing pressure on your ribs. After a moment with no relief, you managed to cough out, "Yes!" Only after the collar burst out with two quick electronic chirps did the fingers release their grip on you, the creature's hand tilting under you so you were laying against its palm. Looking up, you saw a wide smile on its short muzzle, revealing disturbingly large and pointed teeth. Wondering what would happen next, you could only grasp the thing's fingers and hang on as it stood and stepped further into the clearing.

Serralta smiled when his collar translated the little animal's response. Maybe these bugs would be fun to play with after all! Cradling the little thing in his paw, he quickly stood and stepped into the clearing, then dropped down to a sitting position. As he stretched his legs out in front of him, he felt his penis start to emerge from its sheath, pushing up at his loincloth. Licking his lips, he dropped the hand holding the furless animal towards his groin, pulling the loincloth away with his other paw. He smiled as he felt the creature start to wiggle in his hand even before it touched his member; it knew how to play already!

You started struggling as soon as you saw the other hand holding the monster's loincloth, and the tree-trunk-sized cylinder of red flesh and white fur that was revealed. No amount of squirming could free you from the grip of those fingers, though, and in short order you were pressed against the hot and incredibly musky shaft. Then the hand dropped away behind you, and you half-fell, half-climbed down the massive penis and sheath, losing your footing entirely once you reached it's whitefurred groin. Even as you slid down between its thigh and van-sized scrotum, you could see its hand moving towards you again. As fast as you could run, it easily captured you once more.

"You play! You said you play, now play!" You winced as he (having had the creature's gender definitively proven to you) yelled the words, covering an ear with the one hand that was free to move. Then, in softer words, you heard, "Maybe need help. I help." Without time to consider what he meant by that, you and the paw holding you were dropped back down to the his erection... except, this time, the hand didn't go away. Instead, it gripped you lightly, and began to stroke you and the skin under you along the upper part of the huge shaft. You began to struggle once more, part of you unable to believe this was actually happening, the rest of you terrified that it really was. You barely heard the moan from far above as your struggles stimulated the creature more, his hand tightening around you and beginning to stroke in earnest. If you hadn't been so frightened, you would have been sick from the up and down motion, flying four feet up and back down each second.

The smell of the creature's penis was overpowering, filling your lungs with male pheromes. In surprise, you discovered that your body was reacting, your own penis lengthening against the taut skin you were pressed against. The stimulation against your erection was incredible, and when you felt warm, slippery liquid seeping between your body and the shaft, it only increased the feeling. You had almost started to think that you could enjoy this when your body was pulled roughly upwards, your chest and head suddenly free from the monster's penis. As you looked down in surprise, you saw the shaft's head swell for a moment, just before the first gush of hot white sticky semen exploded out, snapping your head back and thickly covering your face and chest. You quickly turned your head to the side, shaking it and opening your mouth to try to get a clear passage to breathe through as you felt more and more of the stuff splashing past your body.

Finally, after a virtual eternity, you felt yourself lifted upwards once more. Unable to see through the thick layer of semen covering your face, all you could do was wait and shiver as you listened to the whooshing sounds of the creature's panting. Your reverie was interrupted by another series of chirps and clicks, and the mechanical voice of the collar saying, "Oh, you look like you need help. You helped me, so I'll help you now."

Then you felt yourself rising once more, and felt your body being tilted until you were parallel with the ground, face down. You felt a rush of air past your neck and back, then the air around your head became noticably warmer and much more humid. The demarcation between warm air and cool, moist and dry, moved past your shoulders, then became solid as something much softer than the thing's fingers closed around your chest. Without warning, your face and shoulders were enveloped in what you could only describe as a huge, soft sponge. As the surface rubbed roughly up past your face, taking with it almost all the remnant's of the creature's climax, you were finally able to blink your eyes clear and look around. You screamed.

Serralta mmmed as he tasted his own seed off of the bug's head. Loosening his grip on its body, he gently started suckling, slipping one finger between its legs to push it further into his mouth. It was squirming again, feeling very strange against his lips and tongue, and it was funny to watch the little legs kicking up and down around his fingers. He giggled, then grabbed the little feet, pressed his finger against them, and pushed the thing the rest of the way into his mouth.

Your voice quickly went hoarse from screaming, but you were unable to stop trying as you watched the panorama of foot-long, razor-sharp teeth slide past your view, only blocked by the flexing tongue as it rubbed along your body then lifted up to swallow. That was the worst part -- seeing the saliva around you pooling towards the darkness in back, and *hearing* it go down. Even the finger pushing your balls up around your cock didn't distract you from the overwhelming thought that you were going to be next. The hugely loud giggle that reverberated through the mouth did, for a moment, but when you felt your feet grabbed and were abruptly slid entirely into the thing's mouth, you couldn't help but scream again.

He smiled, feeling the little furless thing between his tongue and palate, its tiny struggles feeling so nice that he almost wanted to keep it there. But he was hungry, too, and it was a long walk back before he could get lunch. Shrugging to himself, he lifted his head and swallowed hard, having to do it again to get the thing all the way into his throat. Once more sent it on its way, still squirming. That surprised him; why was it still doing that? And why did it feel so *good*?

By the time your shoulders were thrust into the darkness of the monster's throat, you were crying, laughing, praying, almost completely mad. Only one small part of you still watched on in horror, hoping somehow, someone would manage to rescue you, even now... even as the muscles around you flexed again, sliding you completely into the black passage, even as your futily struggling body began its way down to your final end. How could this be happening, how could you be about to be digested? But even that small voice disappeared when you were thrust through the entrance into the thing's stomach. Your body was assaulted by the acidic vapors, your eyes and nose burning as you dropped into the thick pool of juices. There was no intelligence left to recognize what broke your fall as a skeleton or to even realize that the murk your body was in had already begun to melt your skin away, beginning the process of feeding the behemoth that you were inside. Soon, there was nothing of you left at all.

Afterword: This story is dedicated to the mad scientist we all know and love. May we live to see the day that a mad scientist creates one of these things.

Ralii (a race of giant space-faring ermines, 120 to 160 feet tall on average, one of which is the hero, so to speak, of our story) are Ken Sample's creation, used with his permission. Any inconsistencies, mistakes, or other errors are entirely the author's fault. The Ralii themselves are Ken's fault. Mrr. And yes, the name Serralta Ralii is a bad attempt at a stupid pun. :-)

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