The Sorcerer's Apprentice

By Callsfire

Dawn broke over the rimmed peaks of the northern mountains. The thin golden rays filtered down into the main plaza of the Cral. The morning bells had already begun to sound bringing attention to the hour. Slowly dragons began to emerge from their cliff lairs and soon the plaza was dotted with strolling dragons and draconians. Arak rushed from his own small lair and leaped into the wind, its gush under his wings as he flew up towards the Magister's quarters. Arak beat his wings gently slowing his descent as he landed on the large precipice that jutted out from the Magister's lair. Magister Shadrack was one of the elder wizards of the Cral and from time to time would allow an apprentice to serve under him and learn the magical arts. Arak had felt himself very lucky to be chosen since he was a blue dragon while Shadrack was a bronze. Blue and bronze dragons were not always the best of friends but Shadrack chose him in spite of the fact that he was a bit pudgy. Arak had been working proudly as the Magister's apprentice for several months now and just the other day the Magister had allowed him to dabble in fire magic. It was a great honor to be permitted to use the element of fire which was most valuable to dragonkind. Arak slipped into the Magister's lair and padded quietly back to his workspace. Shadrack emerged from behind his conjuring screen and stood in front of Arak gazing down at him. Shadrack was a pleasant looking dragon, quite well built and fairly lean with only a slightly protruding belly. But then he was a full adult and he ate well. One of the pleasures of working for Magister Shadrack was his love of fine foods. A roast lamb or tasty damsel was a common treat for the Magister's pupils. Life at the Cral was not difficult but the young adult dragons were expected to find food by themselves. The adults would give pointers and such but everyone was expected to catch what they needed. Such was life in the Cral. Arak had never been very good at hunting, he always seemed a bit too slow for his intended prey. Though humans were relatively easy to catch one had to fly a great distance to obtain them as there were absolutely no human settlements anywhere within several hundred miles of the Cral. The council of elders intended to have no humans intruding on their land. This was one of the reasons why working for Magister Shadrack was such a delight for any of the young dragons. The food was free as long as one kept his snout in his studies and obeyed the Magister unquestioningly. Thus it was in heavy competition at any time that the Magister announced his need for a new apprentice. Shadrack delighted in training anyone with the yearning to become a sorcerer, but those who did poorly usually ended up getting disintegrated or wounded when they tried to difficult a spell. In spite of this unfortunate consequence the Magister turned out trained pupils ready to go off to the Academy every few months. For this reason the Magister usually requested a new pupil every 2-3 months. He would only take 2-3 apprentices under his wing at a time but his training was the best one could get in all the northern regions. Even older dragons came to Shadrack for pointers on their spellcasting. Shadrack looked Arak over as if sizing him up and inquired as to how his studies were coming? Arak smiled and responded that he had studies the flame sphere spell as Shadrack had instructed and that he had successfully cast it 3 out of 5 tries. Shadrack looked pleased and smiled a toothy grin then poked Arak's pudgy tummy with his tail. "My Arak you've been eating well. I see you're starting to look like your master eh?" Shadrack chuckled and patted his own stomach which was quite large as well. Arak blushed at Shadrack's joke and responded, "Well you feed me so well what dragon would not expect to be fattened up when working for good Magister Shadrack." The Magister laughed and patted Arak on the back the sent him off to his studies in the lab. For the rest of the day Arak saw little of Shadrack who was behind his conjuring screen working on some arcane spell. As evening fell and the bells began to toll in the high tower of the Cral the Magister emerged from his conjuring screen looking a bit tired and with a small potion on his claw. Arak looked up as Shadrack inquired about his progress. Arak detailed his studies over the course of the day and the intriguing discovery he had made about enhancing the flame sphere spell. Shadrack looked quite impressed at his pupils progress and sat his down on the stone couch. Arak was happy to tell Shadrack all about his discovery as the Magister paged through his notebook. Satisfied his pupil's work was sound Shadrack sat down the book and offered him a meal for all his good work. Arak readily accepted as he had seen Shadrack bring in some lambs a few days earlier. Shadrack did indeed bring out the lamb and roast it for Arak. Arak was a bit surprised that Shadrack allowed him to eat the entire thing, but ate it all at his master's request. Shadrack smiled down at young Arak and laid a paw on him as he finished the last hunk of meat. "You have done quite well young apprentice, please stay a bit longer while I dine and we can talk about your fine discovery." Arak nodded and patted his stomach as Shadrack lumbered back over to the kitchen to retrieve the other lamb. He came back empty-handed with only a small flask. Arak asked what it was and Shadrack responded that it was a wonderful potion for use with meals. Shadrack opened the flask and intoned a spell when suddenly the swirls of magic flew over and into Arak's throat burning him. Arak coughed and choked but no sound came out. He tried to call out but he could not speak. Shadrack got an evil grin on his snout as he moved toward Arak and suddenly he gripped him by the middle and lifted him up. Arak gave Shadrack a questioning look as the Magister sat down by the fire. "Now my little apprentice, I shall dine and a fine dinner it shall be eh?" Shadrack grinned exposing all his forefangs and poked Arak's taut belly. Arak struggled in the mighty dragon's grip but it was no use. Shadrack was at least twice his size in height and 3 times that in bulk. Shadrack rubbed Arak's sides getting a feel for his build. Arak tried to scream but nothing came out, the potion had been one of silence and would last for at lease 20 minutes. Arak realized that Shadrack intended to eat him and had only been fattening him up. Shadrack opened his maw a bit and drooled as he brought the young dragon closer. His wide maw contained many teeth and his tongue was huge and wide as well as long. Arak was sickened as the huge saliva coated organ slid out and rubbed across his face and then up and down his chest. The tongue withdrew into Shadrack's mouth and he smacked his lips hungrily. "Yes you will make a fine addition to my bulk little one. You are nice and plump so be happy you will nourish the body of one of the greatest sorcerers in the land. Don't worry it will not hurt much until you get into my belly." Shadrack grinned and out again came his tongue which coiled about Arak's neck in a warm sticky vice. His maw gapped before Arak's view as he was pulled closer to it. Shadrack pulled Arak up onto his chest and closed his jaws over his head. Arak's head was enveloped in Shadrack's mouth as his warm leathery lips clamped down on his neck. The warm tongue rubbed it's textured surface against his face and under his chin. Arak nearly choked on the hot saliva that filled Shadrack's mouth as it washed over his face. Shadrack purred happily as he saw Arak's body wriggling in his grasp. Surprisingly Arak had more fight to him than many of his previous pupils. Arak began to feel a suction in time with the warm tongue that rubbed against him, pulling him deeper into the dragon's mouth. Shadrack's lips slid over Arak's chest and arms fairly easily. Arak pushed against the warm flesh of the bronze dragon's mouth once his arms were engulfed. He flailed about inside pressing against the hard pallet at the top of the dragon's mouth hoping to force the jaws open. It was to no avail and Shadrack opened his mouth for a moment to give his victim a breath of air and to slurp up that taut tummy of his. Shadrack slid his hot tongue under Arak's belly and between his legs to get better leverage. Arak struggled but in spite of his predicament felt himself getting turned on by the hot tongue underneath him as its moist surface slid back and forth against him. Shadrack's jaw slid open a bit as he began to slurp in Arak's stomach. The full belly would be very delightful once it was inside him. Arak felt his snout being shoved into Shadrack's hot throat whose muscles clenched about it pulling him in further. He groaned as the tongue pushed against him as it lifted upwards tilting him at an angle. Arak gripped the hot squishy tongue and began to grate his cock against it. Shadrack chuckled at Arak's reaction remembering that this was how most of the other ones went. Dragons being as passionate creatures as they are a few warm caresses can easily get one turned on. Shadrack gaped a bit as the bulging tummy slid in past his lips. Arak could feel himself sliding into the dragon's throat but he was lost in the passionate embrace of the tongue. He jerked several times as he slid his cockhead up and down the grove of the warm tongue. Slowly his belly slid in until only his tail and legs hung free of the bronze dragon's mouth. Shadrack chuckled a bit at his prey's antics as he felt the blue dragon spray his seed into his mouth in a passionate orgasm. Arak growled with pleasure as he came inside the dragons hot mouth. He felt the throat muscles clench about his upper body and begin to undulate as they pulled him into Shadrack's throat. Shadrack munched pleasantly working his lips to pull in the wiggling remains of his prey. Arak's legs were strong and gave him a little trouble but he merely slid his hot tongue around them and pulled them in. Feeling Arak already slipping into his throat Shadrack laid back on his stone couch and began stroking his belly as he waited for Arak to make his way down. By now Arak was tightly gripped by the muscles of the bronze dragon's throat and they assaulted him with slow moving waves that incited him with every pass. Shadrack looked down at the swaying tail hanging out of his mouth and slurped it up like a giant noodle. Arak was completely trapped as Shadrack tilted his head back a bit and swallowed gently, a huge wave of muscle formed as the tongue lifted up his back end and pushed him fully into the warm gullet. Shadrack's throat was like hot velvet rubbing against his body. Every portion was subject to the endless massage of muscle pushing him further into the dragon's body. Shadrack grinned and licked his lips as he felt the squirming bulge descend into his chest. Arak had been a good apprentice and he would be and even better bulge in his belly. Arak called out finding he could finally make a noise as he was pushed through the tight muscle ring and into Shadrack's stomach. Shadrack felt his stomach bulge and distend as Arak emptied into it. He looked down and smiled as the bulge wiggled back and forth. Arak was enveloped in a hot cocoon of muscle that clenched and rubbed against his body. He purred for a few moments at the heavy massage but began to wail as hot liquid began to work on him. It was not very painful only the dulling of his senses as he began to get digested. Shadrack smacked his lips and belched as he patted his full belly spreading his legs so it could rest on the ground. Arak tried to struggle and kept up for about 10 minutes much to Shadrack's enjoyment as he groped and sloshed inside his full belly. Shadrack listened to the pleas and massaged the struggling lump until it began to subside. Arak was just to tired to go on and slipped slowly into a nice resting position inside the taut tummy. Shadrack felt a serve of pleasure as the struggles subsided. He patted the lump once more. "Now my dear boy you have done a great service to me and I thankyou for it. Now I must cast the fire sphere spell on the 3 remaining sheep to simulate your death. I had to have a plan to account for your disappearance didn't I? Well I appreciate your contribution both to magic and to myself." Shadrack chuckled as he rubbed the nice bulge and decided on the story that he would make up about Arak incinerating himself leaving only a pile of ashes. He would claim that he ate the rest of his sheep if anyone asked about his bulge. After all who would suspect a dragon of eating another dragon? Shadrack laughed at the thought and the next day he carried out his plan giving the sheep ashes to Arak's parents and putting out his help wanted sign to wait for another hopefully plump apprentice.... The End

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