Soul Mates

By Jewel [Email]

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Tiffany turned in her bed, the covers came with her as she shifted a bit too far, and landing face first on the floor. Groaning she looked up, and followed up the groan with a yawn. She was tired, as she had been for a good while, but without the proper means to achieve sleep. There was no noise, no horses on the road, not a single animal stirred, yet her lack of sleep came from somewhere far closer. Deep inside she could feel it, that inner sense of lacking, something she missed, something she had dreamless dreams about. Dreams filled with a foreboding darkness, all around her, engulfing her. Something vital was missing, not an organ, or a material possession, no it was a part of her soul.

Poor Tiffany never knew, and accounted this night, like so many others, to something other than the truth. Her ideas ranged far and wide, of why she couldn't sleep, and even the local shaman could do her no good. She sighed, and pulled the covers over herself, slipping back into the straw mattress as she finally closed her eyes, and slipped off into the dreamless dream.

The next morning came with a bolt, as the girl had only gotten a few hours of sleep, and groggily, she spilled out of bed, rising on both her slender legs to stretch and dawn her working clothes. The apron was white, but stained brown towards the bottom, from mud, and other various unmentionables. Her mother's voice wafted down to her, calling her from the cellar, the only place she didn't find too hot in the entire house. Ascending the stairs, she called out to her mother, answering Maria's request to get on with the normal chores. Tiffany worked her farmyard job like most women before the age of twenty. Her movements were lethargic as she dragged herself to the two cows the family owned, milking the first, and then the second. Her fingers hurt and she looked down at the pails full of milk, wondering why nothing ever gave her any satisfaction. Those long tiny, thin fingers wrapped around the bucket's handle, lifting it gently as the sun finally laid it's caress on the few exposed parts of her soft white, and oh so delicate skin. That was one thing she'd never lost to the farm work, no matter how hard she worked, it had always appeared a mystery, and even made her classmates jealous. She chuckled softly, setting down the pail by the front door, and taking the broom, readying herself to finish the last of the morning chores. Sighing, her sweeps were brisk and sharp, her blonde hair swaying in the wind as she took the covering of dust off their porch, and the cobblestone pathway leading to it. Her chores finished she retreated into the house and sat down for breakfast, which her mother had prepared just moments before hand. She ate, filling her stomach, but the haunting feeling of being only half full couldn't leave her from last night, and it had seemed especially bad today.

That night, she retreated to the cellar again, the summer heat driving her down to the dank, yet cool, place. Immediately her eyes closed, and she snored loudly, drifting off to sleep. Something strange happened, and she opened her eyes, but didn't awake.

"What is happening?" She spoke aloud to herself, yet her lips did not move. She seemed to be floating as there was no ground below her, and her body, suspended in air, felt as if it weighed nothing. Astonished, her gasp echoed around the planescape of a dream, HER dream. "How... how can this be?!" She said, mostly in disbelief. Her body shivered, as the plane stretched out around her seemed to grown smaller and smaller, finally reaching the size of her cellar room before stopping the inward decline of room's space. The plane was no longer adorned by bright light, but seemed to dim, and gained that ominous look her dreamless dreams so many times before had contained. She gazed into the darkness all around her, above, below, to either side, and a few feet in front as well as back, held there. She seemed to be trapped, but then a pair of yellow eyes took her off that, they stared unmoving at her, before blinking, and disappearing. They opened again, and this time, was accompanied by a voice.

"Why hello there.... I see you've finally found me."

"Wha.. what do you mean 'found you'?"

The voice gave a rumbling chuckle, definitely feminine as the sound seemed to past through her body like it were nothing. "You've been searching, for something special. Me, your completion."

"But... I'm here already, full and done, there is no more to add!" Her voice seemed to crack at the thought of some dream knowing more about herself than she did.

"You know my dear, there is something you've lacked, all this time, something you could never have without me."

"Y... y.. yes I have..." Her voice trailed off into a whisper as she stared into those yellow eyes, that seemed to be her own, mimic her, the only difference was the physical characteristics, but otherwise they were identical.

"Wake now, and go to the barn, I shall be there, and I know you will...." The voice abruptly ended and the eyes blinked, but never opened. Lost with only the darkness, it closed in with lighting fast speed, only to send her hurtling back to reality. She awoke, clutching the sheets of her bed. Slipping on her nightgown, she tiptoed past the door to her mother's room, and slipped out, finding the barn to be a good distance away. Sighing inwardly, she continued on, wanting to meet the owner of the yellow eyes. Her 6 foot frame danced nimbly towards the barn, finding it and going around to the rear. With a gasp she found the owner.

The dragon's name was Kass, and Tiffany had a problem even saying it, but as Kass explained, it wouldn't matter much longer. Clutching forward, the scaled female, having versed Tiffany in what she was about to do, wrapped her claws around the slender human waist. "Once we're together.... we can finally be complete." Her claws were cold against the warm human, and Tiffany, having already agreed, simply gaped in awe, as the 10' dragon leaned forward, placing the girl's upper body into her muzzle.

Kass gently closed her lips around Tiffany's breasts. This was not a time for sexual pleasure, and the dragon did the best she could to simple swallow the girl. Her tongue slide out, like a serpent, and wrapped around Tiffany dragging her forward, her head being slurped up into the beast's throat. It gripped tightly and began to pull, sucking her shoulders in quickly and with the utmost efficiency.

Tiffany merely trembled, as Kass lowered over her, knowing that she would leave the feeling of emptiness far behind by filling her other half's belly. Maybe there had been another way, but this was the most convenient as well as filling on the part of the dragon's. Unresisting she lowered her head, only to have it jammed between Kass's jaw, and down her hot throat. Tiffany gasped, taking a breath before being shoved in. Her legs hung limply out of Kass's maw before becoming more active, digging into the ground as the dragon removed her gown.

Kass held tight, bending the little girl to the contours of her throat as she swallowed hungrily, dragging her down into her gullet, each one of Tiffany's large orbs easily passing into her maw, and over her tongue. Her tail whipped forward, catching one of her prey's lower ankles, and with a claw around her waist, used the other one in unison to her tail to press the delicious looking human legs to their own chest. Grunting and tipping her head back, Kass swallowed again, the wave of muscles, strong and hard, working the smaller female down her throat, her own lips curling halfway down her shins as her ankles pressed tight to her chest.

Tiffany gave an inward sigh, bending to the will of her stronger half, the more complete one who was going to digest her as to join their 2 souls together. She felt a little twinge of pain as her body was contorted in Kass's throat, moving at a sharp angle in the bend. Her legs kicked feebly as they left the ground, only to be caught up and pinned to her chest. She whimpered, wondering if it would have just been better to live a long life with the emptiness. Deciding a resounding "yes!" her body begin to thrash and her legs kicked outwards, but her efforts were in vain as Kass managed her jowls down around her shins, restricting movement.

The dragon knew now that she would have to force her other half down, with or without consent, which in the beginning had always been her plan. She was tired of feeling so empty, and would be the only entity to survive the merging. Tiffany's soul would be devoured along with her body, becoming a meal, but also a part of Kass's soul, the only one that could serve such a purpose for Kass. Lurching forward, she gulped and shot down her meal, before the compacted legs and lower chest, hit the entrance to her throat. Her still wiggling meal she had to press from behind with a talon or 2, while she concentrated to relax her throat, letting the human work her way downwards, ultimately responsible for her own demise.

The girl gave a cry as she was poked, her buns being pressed on by the powerful talons of her assailant, forcing her forward just a bit. Resisting now, as the hot wetness of the throat fully engulfed her, she knew she was already dead. Her whimpers and pleases as she entered Kass's stomach, giving it a nice round look, went unnoticed by the dragon as the acids begin to pour over her.

For once, she had a full stomach, and would soon have a full soul.

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