Space Quest

By Akunin

The starship Earth Force fell silently through the void of space, on its way home to Earth, where its mission would be completed.

"We have a problem," the zoologist said grimly.

The crew was gathered in the conference room, a little worse for wear, but pleased at their near success. "What is it?" the young doctor asked, taking in the man's worried expression. "Is the creature hurt?"

The zoologist shook his head. "Not now, but it's doomed to die of starvation in less than three days."

"What?!" the captain shouted. "But we've offered it the best our kitchen has to offer!"

"That's the trouble. This is a vegetarian ship, but the creature is strictly carnivorous. It needs meat. About ninety pounds of it, and fast!"

"But we're not going to arrive at Earth for another week!" the captain exclaimed.

"Right," the doctor agreed. "And there are no stops that we could make fast enough to get the meat required."

The zoologist sighed. "I think we all know what we have to do. The creature's survival is vital to the survival of the entire human race. We're all scientists here, so we should be able to make the decision rationally."

"About who will make the supreme sacrifice?" the doctor asked incredulously. She shook her head empatically. "But we can't! Each one of us is absolutely necessary to the creature's survival! We just don't have anyone we can feed to it!"

A hush descended on the conference room. The doctor was right. No one was expendible.

And then there was a knock on the door. "Um, excuse me?" a sweet female voice called uncertainly. All of the crew members turned toward the door to see a young girl enter. She was in her mid-teens, and very lovely, with long, curly blonde hair and vibrant green eyes. Her young, round breasts pushed out from beneath her tight grey sweater, and her legs were displayed to the upper thigh by a short, cheerleader style skirt.

She approached the table shyly, her face downcast and a rosy blush colouring her creamy cheeks. "I'm Brittany. I'm really sorry for stowing away like this," she said sweetly, "but I've never been on a starship before, and I thought it would be really neat." She looked up at the crewmembers, who were glancing at each other knowingly. She seemed fairly plump, surely at least ninty pounds of meat was on her. And she wouldn't be a great loss to the human race in an intellectual capacity, to be sure. "I hope you're not mad at me?" she asked hopefully, turning on a pretty smile, and making puppy-dog eyes.

"Not at all," the captain beamed suddenly. "We're happy to have a guest to entertain. But you're surely starving, and probably tired, too. Doctor, could you take care of her needs? We'll make a fresh start of things tomorrow!"

The doctor led the girl to the kitchen under mild protest, and motioned for her to take a seat. She then pleasantly fed Brittany as much food as she could eat, with plenty of liquor to wash it down. Then she offered her dessert, which Brittany accepted eagerly.

"I'm stuffed!" Brittany exclaimed contentedly.

"Now time for a shower," the doctor said firmly.

She led Britanny to a small room with a faucet in it, watched carefully as she undressed, then took her clothes out of the room and sealed it.

The airlock hissed, and an amber spray came out of the faucet, drenching Britanny, and stopped. Then the opposite door opened into the habitat.

"What's going on?" Brittany sputtered.

Outside the habitat, the doctor explained what was happening to her crewmates. "This is an incident we should study while we have the chance, because I doubt we'll ever have such an opportunity again. I sprayed her body with a hormone that enhances her scent a hundred times. The creature will be able to smell her a mile away." The other scientists gathered around the window, and waited for the creature to discover a naked young girl in the habitat with it.

Britanny wandered out into the habitat, still naked. Her teenage body was very well-formed for her age, and ever so soft. "Doctor?" she called uncertainly.

Suddenly a furry ball came into view. It was about the size of a small dog, and twice as cute. It scampered over to her.

"Oh, how cute!" Brittany exclaimed. "What's your name, little fella?" She knealt down to pet it.

The creature sniffed her fragrant body eagerly, and licked the flesh of her belly. Its adorable black eyes glittered at her.

Brittany giggled at being licked, and fell onto her back playfully. "You're so cute!" she repeated to the pint-sized creature.

The creature scampered onto her belly and started licking her bare young breasts hungrily. "Now, now, cutie!" she reprimanded sweetly. "Let's not be naughty!"

But the creature wasn't listening, because it was undergoing a transformation. It quickly grew to the size of a pony, weighing Brittany down, and its snout extended and grew long, sharp teeth.

Brittany gasped and tried to wriggle away, but it was on top of her, and was too heavy. Then the creature yipped happily, and tore into her tender flesh. It pulled her into its mouth before she could even scream, and munched poor Brittany's naked body all up, swallowed her, and burped happily.

And so the mission was a success, and no one was the wiser.


I'm aware that these stories are unrealistic, hackneyed, and pandering, but seeing as I wrote most of these things in my mid-to-late teens, and that they were never intended for an audience, I think they should be excused.

I'm always looking for more character-oriented gynophage stories, especially those involving younger females, and most especially ones involving stewing or other cooking methods besides impaling-and-BBQing.

I'm also interested in finding comics on the same subject. One such title I've heard of but never seen is "Boiled Angel."

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