Special Delivery

By Anonymous

Chester noticed he'd popped another button as he stripped off his grimy and sweatstained workshirt. Without thinking, he dropped the damp clothing on the floor at the foot of his bed and sank heavily into it's sagging center - it cradled his bulk easily, having conformed to his considerable weight and shape over many years. It groaned under him as he lay back. His stomach echoed the sound. Damn, I'm hungry, Chester thought, fingering a widening circle over the hard, round belly that was the mark of an accomplished beer hound. He grinned absently at the feel of his smooth gut, straining at the waistband of his jeans. In the warm quiet of the late afternoon, he became lulled by the sound of his worn leather belt creaking in time with his breathing. It hadn't been that long ago that Chester had been what he now thought of as a "frat jock", lean and mean and all that other crap. But after a run-in with a defensive lineman that had broken his leg, he had discovered he had liked the hefty belly he had gained while recuperating...he'd found a great sexual energy in the consumption of large amounts of beer and pizza. He gazed at the empty beer keg in the corner...last night's before-bedtime snack. His belly whined again at the memory.

Chester groaned as he stretched, dragging the phone from the nightstand and plopping it onto his gut. The memory button was losing it's lettering, Chester had thumbed it so many times. This was the only number he had in memory, and watching the phone rise and fall with his breathing, he mulled over the number of times he'd placed such a call as this one. "Antonios Pizza," the voice at the other end declared.

"Hey, George, this is Chet..." he knew he buddy's voice in a moment. George immediately lowered his tone to something less business-like.

"Yo, my friend...what can I do ya for?"

"I think I'm in the mood for the usual, man," Chet said, and rubbed his eyes with his free hand.

"Is that all you want?" George sounded unimpressed by his friend's request.

"Naw...something to go with that," he replied, scratching his armpit. George knew how to take care of him, that was for damned sure. "I need something hot and fat-free, y'know?"

"Yeah, yeah I think I might have something ... a specialty, ain't on the regular menu. You want me to send it now?"

Chet smiled, having gone through similar conversations with George before. "Great, man. I owe you a brew." He set the receiver down and slowly got to his feet. A rumble sounded from somewhere inside of him, so he stroked his belly as he headed for the bathroom.

"Yeah, I hear ya...it won't be long," he soothed, checking the key in the bedroom door lock.

When the doorbell rang, Chester had just finished drying off his thick and furry legs, and hitching a short towel under his gut, stomped to the door. Barely revived from a hot shower, he caught the astonished look from the wide- eyed teen as he opened the door. If he were in the mood, Chet might have chuckled, but instead he chose to impress the young blonde further by leaning in the doorframe and folding his 18 inch arms over his broad chest.

"Mr. Lug?" the boy asked sheepishly, trying not to stare at the massive man in front of him.

Chet smiled this time. "That's my nickname. Your boss George calls me that."

The kid looked like he wanted to apologize and instead turned his gaze back to the order slip taped to the top of the pizza box he hefted. The big man pressed him.

"My name's really Chester, but everyone calls me Chet." He extended his hand, and was pleased to find he could wrap it around the slim young man's, engulfing it. He was kinda cute, for his age... A few too many freckles, or maybe it was acne, but all in all, an ordinary teenage guy trying to make the best of a bad job and a polyester uniform shirt. Chet almost felt sorry for him. He stopped that thought dead - it might make him change his mind. His friendly smile broadened...when had he ever refused a meal?

"One deepdish family size with five toppings," the boy returned to the topic he knew best. But Chet saw him stealing glances at the damp towel slung tight and low around his fat middle. It didn't leave much to the imagination. He shouldn't tease the kid...as his mama had said time and again, "don't play with your food."

"Whadda I owe ya?" Chester righted himself and swung open the ripped screendoor.

"Uh...George said fifteen even and you get the next round. He said you'd know what that meant." The boy looked doubtful.

"Oh yeah, I know." Chet idly scratched his navel, poking a finger deep into the dark pit. "Listen, I don't have my wallet on me," he grinned at his joke and saw the kid's shoulders drop their tension a bit. Must be really new. "There's some cash next to my bed...grab what you need and I'll be in to give you a tip."

The kid, David as his nametag stated, gave over the heavy pizza box and followed Chet's directional nod down the hallway.

David found his way into Chet's bedroom, sidestepping old pizza boxes and marveling at the beerkegs stacked around the room, some serving as bedstands. Empties. It wasn't hard for the boy to believe all this beer had ended up in one belly, judging from the big man's gut. The thought made his cock stir suddenly, and David became aware of the musty smell of the darkened room. It smelled like the locker room at school, and David liked that, it fit the big- bellied man pretty well. He didn't notice any cash lying around, and lifted a pizza box to check beneath...man, this guy was a pig! A noise behind him made the kid turn around

Chet stood just inside the doorway, having to stoop to clear the frame. He was tugging at a brown leather belt, strapping it into place in the waistband of a pair of faded jeans. Settling the wide shiny buckle into position, Chet exhaled loudly and brushed a hand over his beergut. "It's gettin' big, but I can't help it. You'd be suprised what finds it's way inside this ole pot." He grinned unselfconsciously.

David looked around the room. "Yeah, you sure must get hungry,"

"I do." Chet fixed a stare on the slim little guy, and began to shut the door behind him. "Right now, I'm thinking I need to have me a big fuckin' meal, keep this fat belly happy." He'd closed the door and turned the key in the lock. Without looking away from David, Chet pulled the key free of the lock and grinned. He flashed it at the boy, who was starting to get wild-eyed. Probably thinks I'm gonna screw his brains out, Chet thought...He flipped the brass key into the air and David watched as it arced downward to land with a plop in the big man's open mouth. There was a loud gulp and the key could be seen tracing it's way down Chet's throat, to be lost in the enormous curve of belly. A rumble exploded a moment later, followed by a satisfied belch. David began to panic now...what was going on? What was this guy doing? Chet watched him with mild amusement for a moment, but his stomach grumbled loudly this time, so he made his move.

"You want out?" he asked the kid, who backed into the corner nervously. "Well then you need the key. So you better go after it, huh?"

With that, Chet squatted down in front of the shaking boy. David could see his own pale reflection, distorted and scratched in the broad belt buckle. His eyes unfocused, staring at the hard round belly that overshadowed his image that was pitifully small against the field of tanned beerbelly. Pressing the full weight of his belly onto the boy, Chet slowly rose, lifting the young man effortlessly with the pressure of his round gut alone. Chet pulled himself, and the struggling boy, up to his full height. Looking David, whose feet dangled beneath him, almost directly in the eye, Chet made a hungry snarl. "George sure knows what I like," he said breathing heavily against the kids face. "Ever thought you'd be the delivery, instead of just the delivery boy, David? I could eat a boy like you every day..." he chuckled, "But then, I pretty much do!"

David was nearly as white as the wall, trying not to look at the big man's mouth, so dangerously close and wide. Chet laughed and drove his body into the young man. Feeling the useless thrashings the boy was making, trying to free himself from the huge belly that trapped him, he added, "Oh I almost forgot your tip; ya might wanna take a deep breathe, it'll give ya a few extra minutes to get comfortable once you hit my stomach."

"Let me go...I wanna go...down..."

"Right, you're goin down...gonna end up in this big old beerbelly like one of them pizzas. Y'know, I can eat one of those in about a minute flat. You won't take much longer than that. And there's still some brew in there...you're in for a wild ride bud, so keep your hands and feet inside the jock at all times!""

With that, Chet opened his mouth in a broad yawn, and simply swallowed the young man's whole head at once. Muffled cries and screams echoed in Chet's mouth, but he paid very little attention...he sucked in mightily and the boy's neck slithered inside as well. Reaching underneath, Chester pulled on opposite sides of the boy's uniform shirt, ripping it right off David's torso. Now, Chet was free to indulge a particularly favorite skill...exhaling deeply, with a grunt the big man slurped the boy's slim and smooth body inside him right up to his shallow little navel. This allowed Chet to straighten up and look down the boy's backside. With a throaty chuckle, he worked his tounge forward until it touched the top button of David's pants. Deftly wriggling it inside the waistband, he was delighted to find the kid had a sizable dick, which became increasingly erect the more his tounge rubbed and slid around it. When the pants could no longer contain David, his cock, and Chet's prying tounge, they burst the button and loosened considerably. With half of a smooth and squirming boy in his gullet, Chet decided to give his meal a final pleasure before sending it down to his stomach. Thrusting his tounge against David's cock again and again, he forced the boy to cum, squirting a sweet load that Chet found quite tasty. At this point, David went limp, spent from the physical excess, his moans registering from deep within the vast chest, where he now perched headfirst. Chet took advantage of his meal's "cooperation". Pulling off shoes and socks from the little feet protruding over his lower lip, the big ex-jock gathered up a fistful of each pant leg. With the bestial sound of a mighty slurp, David disappeared further...right up to his buttocks, which quivered and tightened before Chet's lip drew invitingly over them, helping the sweet little ass inside his mouth. The kid wriggled again, realizing belatedly that he was indeed about to be gobbled up. Another greedy gulp and the boy was swallowed to his knees, sucked right out of his pants, as if Chester had slurped a banana from its peel. Chet tossed the kahki pants aside, and rubbing his eager belly, threw his head back. This was the part he relished most, the delicious feeling of David's cool little body, twitching fitfully, sliding right down his hot, cavernous gullet. With one last swallow, David began the short descent into the large belly of the ex-jock, to fill his new (although temporary) position, as Chet's resident bellyfiller.

Chet turned with his last swallow and stood at three-quarters to the full- length mirror on the back of the door. With a distinct sigh of pleasure and pressure, he watched the small mass of the boy drop gently into his abdomen, pushing out his already fat gut as the kid came to rest within his swaying bearbelly. Admiring the capacity of his enormous belly and his appetite, Chet prodded and poked at the new addition that lay heavily over his belt. "You alright in there, buddy?" he felt the boy kicking inside, moaning lowly. "Hey, none of that now! You keep quiet and let me digest you in peace!" he rumbled, and thundered up a belch that rolled the kid around inside him with its force. This quieted his struggling meal, and he patted his gut fondly. "That's better. It don't matter, really, cuz you're all mine now, so wiggle around all you want, you aint going nowhere, anyhow." Chet chuckled, "...'cept out under the tree after I'm through with ya..." Thrusting his tree-limb arms into the air, he stretched with feline grace, despite the pendulous belly that swung before him. A lion's roar of a yawn ended with a deep burp, the last of the air that had gone down with the boy; it made it's escape loudly, causing Chet's meal to settle pleasingly lower inside of him. With both his broad hands on either flank, he shook his massive stomach from side to side, not quite through playing with his unwilling guest. "You sure feel good in there boy, and you look comfortable too." Smiling with an idea, he reached for the doorknob and opened the "locked" door - how many keys had he swallowed using that trick, just to see the look on the face of his unassuming snack.

Easing his bulk into a ratty recliner, Chet popped a top and drained the beer in two swallows, paying no attention to the foam that sprayed out and over his body. "Hope you're hungry, guy...cuz I sure am..." he said to his belly, and set the pizza box on top of it. He tore a quarter of the pizza out, which dripped cheese and grease on his chest. Ahhh...good, Chet thought as the slice went down slippery and hot...he was glad he had eaten the boy up so quickly. Cause there's nothing worse than flat beer and a cold pizza ...

The End

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