The Tale of Cottontail Rabbit.

By jd [Email]

Early one morning, Cottontail the bunny was feeling adventurous. What was there to do on this beautiful morning? Soon it would be fall, summer would be over, and there would be no time for play. Preparations for winter would set in, and he would have to join in the work. Cottontail really did not like work, and he wanted to have as much adventure as he could before Momma Rabbit made him help in getting ready for winter.

"Winter is a cold and hungry time for rabbits who don't prepare" she would scold.

Along the trail at the back of the wood, he found a fence. He wondered what might be inside that fence. He began to explore the length of the fence until he found a small spot that he could fit under. With much effort he was able to pull himself to the other side of the fence.

He needed a few minutes to recover from the ordeal of climbing through the fence. He was almost exhausted from the struggle. But he began to see that it was worth the effort. The ground was funny here, like chopped up tree bark. But the plants growing were like none he had seen before.

Soon Cottontail found the most wondrous of places inside the fence. There were many new flowers the likes of which he had never seen. And most of them were the most delicious he had ever eaten. He could hardly contain himself as he began munching almost every flower in sight.

As he worked his way through the flowers, he grew more and more careless. He started to forget that he should be hiding as he nibbled, and became almost bold as he moved about the flowers.

On the patio in her garden sat a Lady known to all the local area rabbits as the Woman in Black. She was wearing comfortable blue jeans and a black T-shirt, advertising a local fair, as she stretched out with a book and a glass of wine. She had just lit a Marlboro Menthol and was relaxing in the warm afternoon when she noticed movement in a section of her garden. At first she thought it was a bird and paid it no mind. But as the time went on, she could see the texture of fur.

She got up from her lawn chair, and walked over to the section where Cottontail was busy. She decided to watch and see what he would do as she finished her cigarette.

Standing with her hands on her hips she noted that he was certainly a busy little bunny, he would nibble on one flower, and before he finished he would move to another. All in all, he was making a mess of her garden.

When he saw the Woman in Black he didn't even pay her any heed; he was so busy eating. He had heard stories about her, and what she did to little bunnies, but he knew those stories were just to frighten young rabbits. So he just went about his business, munching on the flowers in front of him. If she tried anything, he could easily outrun her.

"You there, in the carnations," she called "stop that this instant." She took a last pull on her cigarette, and stepped on it, then walked over toward the spot where Cottontail was eating.

"You there, yes you, come over here, Right Now!" She demanded

Cottontail did not know why, but he found himself compelled to obey her commands. It was as if her determination to tell him what to do had made her quite able to do so.

"What do you want with me?" Cottontail asked her.

"Stupid question." She answered. "I'm going to eat you the way you've been eating my garden. That's what I want with you."

She added "Now be a good little bunny, and come over here to me so I can catch you."

Cottontail could not help himself. He hopped straight over to her. She was beautiful beyond belief. He could see that she was a sumptuous woman, and would have little or no trouble eating him all up. Even knowing what she would do with him, he felt comfortable as she picked him up. He put up no struggle to get away.

"Well little one, I can see that you are plump, tender and juicy" she said "Just the way I like them. You will make a tasty treat for me tonight."

She placed him in a box, and gave him some fruit and water. "Just consider yourself dinner." She said as she placed the lid on the box. She went back out into her garden with her wine and her book.

While in the box, he noted that there were holes to let in air and light. He found that he could chew away at the material and make the holes bigger. He determined that he might be able to chew a hole big enough to let himself out.

When the hole was large enough to fit his head through he stuck his head out to take a look. She had placed him in a corner of the pantry. There were clothes piled up to be washed, a sink in the corner, and many sundry items lying about. He could also see a way out of the house through a garbage chute at the end of the room.

He worked his way out of the box, and was headed for the chute when he heard the woman say, "Stop right there."

He stopped immediately. "Now come back here this instant." Her voice was commanding. He obeyed without hesitating.

If you need something to chew on, I have some apple slices you can nibble right here.

She gave him the apple slices and held him in place as he ate them. She then placed him in a new box, without any holes, and put the lid on it. She returned to her patio to enjoy the sunshine.

This box was the same material as the last so Cottontail began chewing a new hole for himself. But it took so much time for him to get this new hole opened that by the time he had enough room to stick his head out, it was evening.

Just as he was finishing his hole, the Woman in Black came into her living room dressed in one of her finest black evening gowns. Floor length, and sheer elegance. She opened the box with Cottontail inside and reached in and pulled him out. "You look no worse for wear from working your hole in that box. In fact, I'd say you look good enough to eat." She told him lifting him out. "I think we can relax a bit before dinner."

She sat in her recliner chair and put on some music; she then placed Cottontail on her lap and began to scratch between his ears. He enjoyed the feeling of her hands scratching his neck and back as he sat upon her soft belly. She then dimmed the light and lit another Marlboro. As she smoked Cottontail relaxed even more in her lap. He liked being in her presence. He began to feel confident that she liked him, and she would not be eating him tonight. She just seemed so nice.

"I don't want you to eat me up tonight." He said to her. "Will you let me go instead?"

"No!" she answered

"May I stay here with you?" He asked her. "I like it in your lap, and you can stroke my soft fur. I would love to live with you like that." He added

"No, you may not." She answered. "I have plans for you that put you in my belly, where you belong. So shut up, and be a good little dinner bunny."

"But I don't want to be eaten for dinner." he said

"Listen, I really don't care what you want." She answered. "It's very simple, Point 1; You belong to me now. Point 2; You are filling. Point 3; I want to eat you, because you belong to me and you are filling."

"But you are being so nice to me, I thought you would let me go, or let me live here with you." he said.

"I was nice to you so you wouldn't try to leave before dinner." she answered. "You see, the way it works is big eats little, I'm big and you're little."

"But I belong out in the woods, where I can run free." He told her.

"You should have thought of that before you started mucking about in my garden. As stupid as you are you were bound to be caught and eaten by a predator in the woods anyway." She answered. You might as well welcome that it's me who is going to be eating you."

"Besides," she added, "A girl's gotta' eat, and you're available."

She finished her Marlboro, got up and told Cottontail, "It is time for you to become dinner now."

She began rubbing him with a warm liquid that made his fur feel strange. He asked her, "What is that stuff you are rubbing on me?"

"It's butter, to make you slippery." She answered. "I don't want you giving me any trouble on the way down."

When she finished rubbing him down. She gripped his hind legs in one hand and lifted him holding him upside-down. She lifted him over her head as she tilted it back with her mouth open.

He tried to fight her, but as one hand lowered, the other guided him into the waiting mouth. Cottontail could see into her beautiful face, he could see the mouth open, he saw it getting closer. He could smell the remnants of her last cigarette on her breath as his head entered her wide-open mouth. He felt her teeth clamp down to hold him in place as she prepared to swallow him whole.

He tried to fight, but her teeth held him in place as she began pushing him into her waiting mouth. He could feel her muscles begin to work him down her throat as she pushed with her hand, and pulled with her mouth. Before he knew it had happened he felt himself sliding down to her stomach.

He struggled against the stomach muscles as they began their task of softening him up for the onslaught of acids to come. He felt her hand pat him inside her belly, and he heard her say, "Good little bunny, you're right where I want you."

When she felt him fill her stomach, she patted her belly and sat down. She luxuriated in devouring little rabbits. She enjoyed the way they struggled once in her belly as the merciless acids began to take their toll on their little bodies.

Now that nothing remained of Cottontail, she eased herself back into an easy chair and lit another Marlboro, she tilted her recliner back to relax and enjoy her fullness. Every now and then she could feel him move and struggle to survive, but to no use, he was hers now and there was no getting out. She had enjoyed her little treat for dinner and now would enjoy her warm summer evening having satisfied her hunger so well.

Besides there were other pleasures to be had this evening she thought as her companion entered the room.

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