By Geoff Balme [Email]

Even for a monster like me, sometimes life gives you little pleasures like that little feeling I get in my abdomen when a beautiful woman recognizes that I'm eyeing her, and smiles at me.

Most of the time, however, I was left cleaning the meat slicer in the back of a Hardee's restaurant, and for thrills I didn't use the mesh gloves. The blade has a legendary sharpness rivalled only by Japanese swords. Tammy was closing with me this night. Tammy was a tall brunette who didn't quite think of herself as attractive. I did my best to let her know that I thought she was very pretty. She had wonderful hips and nice thick thighs, not at all fat, just tender and meaty, the way I adore a woman. I often gave her rides home and asked her to wear her shorts just for me when we closed. I did this jokingly, never thinking that she would do so.

But this particular night as I scrubbed the blade, I looked up into the area and she smiled at me, and I noticed she was wearing her little red satin shorts, and she lifted a leg, and grinning in mock self assuredness she showed off. I noticed that her feet were clad only in sandals and toes were gleaming red with polish. My abdomen squirmed that weightless feeling. My mouth watered.

That Peter Gabriel song came on the radio we weren't allowed to have while we cleaned up and got ready to leave. That one about the prince who was a frog, I enjoyed the video of a pretty girl grabbed by the computer animation frog and swallowed up. This sequence also gave me that little feeling in my gut. And I was looking right at Tammy now as she bumped close to me at the sink.

"Tammy," I said as I wrapped an arm around her waist and looked seriously into her eyes "I'm going to eat you up tonight!" She giggled and shook herself away from me saying; "Oh no you don't, you big frog prince! Don't you eat me!"

The feeling started to become a pulse as we turned out the lights and she playfully ran to the door her soft behind jiggling and her sandals slapping her soft pink and white soles. "Behave yourself" she said smilingly holding up a finger to warn me. "I might just kiss you and turn you into a prince!" "I know, I know, come on, let's go." I pinched her behind as we locked the place up and headed to my truck.

I let her in the passenger side and she climbed in. I walked around and got in and noticed that she had slipped her sandals off and was wiggling her toes on the dashboard of my van. Her soft legs smoothly shone in the moonlight. She moved the curtains behind the seat back a bit and twisted to look. "Ooh, looks comfy, you know I don't have to be home right away."

Now my heart was speeding up. I left the keys in the ignition and looked at her very seriously. "Tammy, if you go back there with me, I'll swallow you whole. I devour pretty girls like you. I can't help it. I just start with the pretty feet, and slowly eat my way to your neck and then... " I traced my finger up her legs and body and touched her nose.

"That's the cutest thing, I want to do something nice for you, you've been so good to me all these late nights." She held my hand and was so sincere.

Well, I mopped so she didn't have to and I gave her rides home. What any fellow would do for her probably.

She was holding my hand and said: "Why don't you go in the back you big monster and scare me!" She already knew I liked to make her scream and she knew it was very sexy to watch her wiggle with play fright. she knew me very well, as most women do.

I climbed into the back of my van as I had hoped I would be able to do, the rug was clean and the little mattress was covered. I even had a rubber dinosaur mask to frighten her with.

She pushed, very slowly one pale foot between the black curtains, it shone in the moonlight like it was glowing. She then wiggled her little toes in the air and swung her foot up and down. Adding the other foot she let them hang in the air and slowly kicked them. I examined them closely letting my breath fall on them through my monster mask. Not a bit of dry skin even. perfectly smooth and soft. Pink and creamy colored. I pinched her calf and she screamed, kicking her feet fast and then letting them slow down. I then gently lifted a bit of cloth and caught her ankles, and tied her at her ankles. "Oh no!" she shrieked. "What are you going to do with me you beast!" "I'm going to eat you up!" I growled "Oh no please don't eat me!" she cried as I pulled her into the back of the van, she plopped down on the carpet, screaming at my mask. She turned and attempted to escape but her tender feet were tied and I was on her. I began to kiss and nibble, and yes, eat her feet. "You don't mean it! You won't eat me, you can't! You're not big enough!" I only moaned and shoved her toes into my mouth through the dinosaur mask. They fit perfectly well, I was amazed at how petite she seemed. They wiggled like caught birds and as I swallowed them I removed the cloth. She now had her feet stuck in a Dinosaur mask from her point of view. Though I know she felt the heat and the wetness of my mouth, it was dark and she knew I was trying to scare her. I adored her because she loved to play fear. I sighed heavily as I sucked her heels in and felt the soles of her feet with my tongue. My abdomen started to squirm and I fell on my belly. It was like an orgasm and I opened my mouth. It was just enough for her to pull free and scramble to the back of the van giggling. My heart was racing now, and I didn't even think. I know I had a hard on like an iron spike and it was difficult to breath in the mask. I cornered her in the back of the truck and she kicked her pretty peds in the air. She fell forward though and I caught her hands, no rings. I then took her laughing face in my hands and decided to kiss her as she gave a shriek at the mask. I realized that she was saying the word "prince" breathlessly as I smothered her lips. The mask swallowed her panting head, and I kissed her lips, sucking hard. However I got her cheeks and tongue and then her face into *my* mouth. It was so hot! I felt her muffled cries and she thrashed a bit, her beautiful body wiggling on the mattress. I gulped her head into my mouth and then felt her hands push on the mask. As I sucked in, her shoulders approached and the strength of the mask and my mouth pulled her in. Her soft arms were pinned to her sides slowly I reached up and pulled her t-top off. Tammy's soft breasts demanded my appetite. All the way to her feet her toes called to me. "Eat me!" I could feel her whole body call. Slowly I pulled her with my entire abdomen, it was eased as though I was scratching a tremendous itch. It pulled her and I enjoyed her taste. I could feel her hair tickling my throat and belly. I could feel her lips kissing my esophagus. She was sliding into me and I was just kissing her. I was satisfying a terrific desire. Nothing was like this. No sexual release was this potent. any outside observer would have seen a man with a dinosaur mask on with a woman's hips and legs hanging out of it. I only saw her. I threw my head back and sucked hard, her tender buttocks fell into my mouth, I had just removed her shorts, she had worn no underwear ... and my heart nearly burst. She was absolutely smooth, slick and smooth as I slurped and gobbled her thighs and then her calves. I tore the mask off as I realized I was really doing this. the mask fell to the floor of the van and I got a breath of cool air in my nose. The air hit me and her pretty little feet wiggled between my lips. Her toes looking for a hold, actually grabbed at my nose for just a moment. I reached up and tickled them, and they reacted! I could feel her body almost laughing inside me as I tickled her soles. I couldn't resist her though. Her heels so round and pink, were next. I slowly let her feet slide in to watch each toe of her soles-up feet vanish. I started to wish I could have eaten her face up, so I could also watch her insteps and painted nails, then I briefly thought of a mirror I had in the box nearby, I got it and watched the painted nails slide away into my mouth following the rest of her. A slight taste of sweat and salt as the toes passed into me.

I swallowed hard, and rolled onto my back. "Oh Tammy," I said in tears "thank you! thank you! you are delicious!" my voice was choked with stress and emotion. I loved her. I rubbed my abdomen as though I could caress her. I don't know how long I lay like that. but the sun as coming up as I woke. I'll never forget my sweet Tammy.

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