Tasty Justice

By Angel

He looked around nervously. It would not be long before the cops found him here, and he knew it. Part of him wanted to turn himself in, but that was no option. If they caught him, it would mean the chair. They would not believe that he wanted to repent his actions, nor would anyone forgive him. His only chance was to stay outof their hands. He looked around the abadoned warehouse. Everything of value had been stolen long ago, but some trash remained. Crates and oil drums, mostly empty, were scattered all over the floor. The few windows were dirty, and almost all broken. Nobody had been here for years. He would be safe. For now.

"Greetings." He started at the voice, and turned to face the speaker, drawing his gun. A beautiful young girl stood before him. All he could think of was that she had to die before she would reveal his hiding place. "You're dead, lady." He pulled the trigger, closing his eyes. The shot echoed through the abandoned warehouse. After a few moments he opened his eyes again, expecting to see her lifeless body. His jaw dropped as she still stood there before him, the tip of a slender finger resting on the end of the gun barrel. As she removed it, the bullet fell out and hit the concrete floor with a light -tic-. "What the...", he started. Wings suddenly flared out from behind her back, as she still smiled at him.

The gun slipped through fingers and clattered noisily on the floor. "Wh..who... wh.. what are you?", he asked finally. She smiled gently, and answered simply, "Angel." Suddenly his legs failed to support him, and he dropped to his knees. He knew that the appearance of this obviously heavenly being could mean only one thing. He sighed, "You're here to punish me. I had never believed it would ever happen." She smiled tenderly, "Well, actually it's a bit different than you think. I was to take your soul and deliver it to hell." He blinked, "But... I'm not dead!" She smiled, "Not yet. You see, I'm a bit early. The police will arrive here in half an hour. You will refuse to surrender and shoot at them. They will return fire, and you will be shot in the head, and die on the way to the hospital." He swallowed, hard. Then he asked, "Why are you telling me all this?" She briefly licked her lips, then said, "I know that deep inside you want to repent and make up. Therefore, I have a proposal for you."

He blinked, and then nodded, "What do you want?" She smiled again, and licked her lips again, "Give yourself to me, freely and without resisting. I will swallow you up whole, and inside me you will have plenty of time to repent before you die. Then I will digest your sweet body and bring your soul to heaven, instead of hell." He blinked, his face pale with shock. But he found himself staring at her as he actually considered her strange proposal. There was no reason to doubt her words, and he certainly did not feel much like dying here in this filthy warehouse. At that moment, a siren blared in the distance. He looked back at her. The alternative... to be digested in her heavenly body.... "Will it hurt?", he asked. She smiled warmly and shaked her head, "Not a bit." Then, with a sigh, he resigned, "Angel, I'm yours. Please take me in before they do."

She smiled warmly, taking him by his chest and lifting him up to his feet, "Wise choice. Take off your clothes." He obeyed. "Now mine." He hesitated. "This won't fit when I am done. Hurry up, they will be here soon." He slowly took her robe from her magnificent body, suddenly feeling proud that he would soon be nourishing it. She smiled and pulled him closer, briefly licking his cheek, "Just tasting... Are you ready?" He merely nodded. She took his hand in hers, "Just relax. You will soon be safe in me." She effortlessly put his hands in her mouth and swallowed. He felt them slide into her throat, and shivered at the though that the rest of him would follow soon. His head followed his arms, and he buried his face in her warm wet tongue. She swallowed again, her velvet throat taking his head. He could now hear the pounding of her heart and a faint gurgle from her stomach. She lifted him at the waist, raising him overhead, and swallowed again, sliding his chest into her. He relaxed, feeling comfortable inside her warm body.

Just as she swallowed his waist, there were the blaring of sirens, screeching of tires, slamming of car doors and running footsteps outside. He could hear it inside her, but cared not, knowing that he was safe inside Angel. Several policemen arrived, just in time to see his legs slide down Angel's throat and her belly expand as it accepted him inside. She licked her lips and patted her stomach, smiling at the wide-eyed officers, "Sorry boys, you are too late. He chose another form of justice." Many guns were pointed at her, and one officer stepped forwards. He gulped, then said, "Miss, I'm afraid you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent..." She merely smiled as he read her rights, and offered her wrists. The handcuffs snapped shut, and then they just slid from her wrists like warm gelatine and dropped in shapeless puddle on the floor.

None moved as she then simply turned and walked out, then spread her wings and flew away. Inside her squishy belly, he had repented and mumbled the few prayers he knew, and just waited for his end. Her acids dissolved him quickly and without pain, like she had promised. Soon there was nothing left of him.


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