The Minotaur

By Sean [Email]

I wrote this way back in Feb. 1995, but I'm finally getting around to posting it now in Jan. 1998. Part of the delay was that someone had suggested that I try to get this story published, and I didn't want to preclude this by distributing it. Since that time, my thoughts on intellectual property have evolved, and I've realized I was doing the wrong thing in trying to keep this work for myself. Also, I just don't have the time to revise this for publication or to seek out a publisher, so at long last, here it is. See the related pictures in the picture gallery.

It was on their fourth day in Grinden Forest that the five men began to be aware that they were not just lost: there was some subtle power at work to confuse them. Each of the men had a certain justified pride with his skill as a woodsman, and each was reluctant to admit that he had lost his sense of direction. But as evening approached, and as the uneasiness because apparent on each man's face, the men finally stopped to discuss their situation.

Five days earlier, the men had spoken with a stranger in a tavern in the town of Baroga. The stranger was tall and hardy, obviously a fighter to be reckoned with, and he had told of his travels in the uncharted Grinden Forest. Kabrel, the youngest of the five, had noticed that there was something just a little wrong with his eyes; he had the slightly mad look of a man who had seen visions. But the bag of gold coins and jewelry which the man had shown them was unquestionably real. The man agreed to give the five men directions to a cave in Grinden Forest where more treasure was to be found, on the condition that they give him the tenth part of their takings when they returned.

Filled with the lust for gold, five men had been in high spirits when they filled their packs with supplies, girded on their swords, and crossed the bridge from Baroga into the forest. The forest seemed peaceful, and the gentle confusion had come on so subtly over the following days that it took quite a while for the men to realize that something wrong with the heavy richness of the forest air, something more than the moistness of the ground and ferns and trees could account for. Now, on the fourth day, each man was trying not to remember the many enthusiastic adventurers who had set out into the mysterious Grinden Forest and had not returned.

The men discussed returning to Baroga, but more than one of them was privately uncertain that he would be able to find the way back. After much discussion, the men decided to camp for the night where they were, to search for the cave for one more day, and to set out again for Baroga if they were not successful by the following nightfall. With a decision made, the men felt better, and set to preparing their camp. They built a fire, and Tygas, the best archer of the company, managed to shoot a fat rabbit which the men skinned and roasted.

Night fell. Around the fire each man talked of what he would do with his share of the treasure, each with as much confidence as if the gold was already in his hands. Kabrel spoke with animation about his plan to buy books and instruments of music and to start a public lorehouse where fathers might send their sons to become bards. The other men grinned at this plan; Kabrel was the youngest of the party, and was more given than the others to such fancies. While all of the other men in the party were purely human, or nearly so, Kabrel had a grandfather who was of one of the races of Silvan Elves; this lineage no doubt contributed to Kabrel's flighty nature.

The oldest member of the party, Gunnar, was a fighter by nature and was not interested in books or harps. He was most interested in buying a sharper sword, a better shirt of dwarf-wrought mail, and a sturdy horse. He had just passed his thirty-third winter and wanted to make a greater name for himself as a warrior before death in battle eventually took him.

Andros and Tygas were mainly concerned with good living: good food, good wine, and readily available sex partners. The others knew that these two could not hold wealth for long; they would spend their share of the treasure and then turn to the next adventure to pay for their fast living.

Riklas shook his head silently but spoke no word of disapproval aloud; he spoke instead of his plan to buy a farm with his money and settle down to a life of peaceful prosperity. He talked of the workers he would employ tending the fields, of the house he would build, of the two or three wives he would marry to bear him children. He spoke of the young men who would live with him in his house, each contributing to the upkeep of the farm by keeping the bees, herding the cattle, or repairing the house; and at night Riklas would have one of these young men to his room to please him sexually. His words created a picture of years upon years of changeless, pleasant stability. This plan seemed particularly dull and pointless to Andros and Tygas, but Gunnar understood better why such a life appealed to Riklas, having come from a farm himself.

The night insects were chirping and the fire was crackling as sleepiness gradually came over the men. The five men cast dice to see who would keep watch, and Andros lost. The other men unbundled their blankets and drifted to sleep with their various plans in mind as Andros sat by the fire and tried to keep his weary eyes open.

In the middle of the night, something drew Kabrel from his sleep, and he lifted his head. In the distance he heard the echo of a rich, low melody played on some large woodwind instrument related to a flute, but larger and deeper in tone.

Kabrel looked at the rest of the party; they were all sleeping, including Andros, who had fallen asleep on his watch. Under usual circumstances Kabrel would have shaken Andros awake and scolded him soundly, but right now Kabrel was too intent on listening to the music to care. The others were all fully human and did not have the sensitivity of hearing that came with Kabrel's part elven ancestry; they probably could not hear the distant song which had awakened Kabrel.

The music was so distant that it was almost an echo, hardly distinguishable from the normal sounds of the woods at night, but it was compelling; it seemed to tug at the deepest part of Kabrel's maleness, drawing him gently but irresistibly. Kabrel stood silently, taking care not to disturb his sleeping companions, and silently walked from the red glow of the fire's embers into the dark night.

Kabrel eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he walked without faltering between the dark shapes of the trees toward the source of the song. The music led Kabrel to the opening of a cave. The light in the nighttime forest was dim and all of the shapes were uncertain, but opening of the cave was pitch black, like a gaping mouth. Under normal circumstances Kabrel would not have dreamt of entering such a place without light or weapons, but the haunting music floated out of the cave, inviting him inside. The notes were very deep, and there was something rich and inexplicably male about their resonance; somehow the notes of the flute contained a masculine warmth and strength which Kabrel had no ability or desire to resist. The music said something about the male physique, something about the power of male genitals, something deep and mature and compelling.

With his heart pounding, Kabrel entered the cave. It was fortunate that the floor of the dark cave was smooth and even, for Kabrel was not checking carefully for pits in the floor as he followed the flute music through the inky darkness. Presently a red glow showed around a corner, and Kabrel entered into a chamber where there was a flickering fire. The fire illuminated rough-hewn cave walls, and in the dancing light Kabrel saw the one who was playing the flute.

It was a minotaur: a man's body with a bull's head. He was seated on a stone next to the fire, and he was very large; if he were to stand, he might well have been nearly twice as tall as Kabrel. The minotaur's body was that of a powerfully muscled man, and all the more imposing because of his great size. His arms, legs, and chest were covered with thick, dark body hair, but he was otherwise naked. His long bull's horns cast pointed, flickery shadows on the jagged stone wall. Intelligent eyes from the bull's head glinted in the firelight as Kabrel entered. The minotaur did not otherwise give any sign that he was aware of Kabrel's presence; he simply continued playing his deep melody on the long wooden flute with his large, powerful, furry hands, hands which one would not expect to be adapted to the precise movements required for such intricate musicianship.

One part of Kabrel's mind was aware of the danger of the situation; minotaurs ate humans, and this minotaur was so large that he could easily overpower Kabrel and could probably swallow him alive. But Kabrel seemed unable to be afraid of this possibility. The rugged masculine beauty of the minotaur made Kabrel's blood hot; he had never before seen anything as brutely, unabashedly male, and even though Kabrel was partly aware that he was falling under the minotaur's enchantment, the spell was so pleasant, so obviously inevitable and correct, that Kabrel had no desire to resist it.

For a while Kabrel simply stood looking in awe at the minotaur and listening to the music. As the enchantment increased, the dancing flames in the fire themselves seemed to be singing about the masculinity of the minotaur. Kabrel had a tremendous desire to touch the minotaur, to feel the warmth of the living flesh through the body hair, but he could not move. He could only keep his eyes fixed on the minotaur, and the minotaur gazed deeply into Kabrel eyes, seeming to see into the deepest part of Kabrel's desires.

Finally the minotaur made a subtle change in his music and gave a tilt to his bull's head, and Kabrel knew that he was either permitted or commanded to approach. Kabrel walked very slowly, step by step, until he was directly in front of the minotaur, standing between the mighty knees, looking up into the hypnotic depths of the minotaur's eyes. Kabrel could now feel the male warmth radiating like the glow of a red sunset from the body of the minotaur, and still the minotaur played his song.

The minotaur's melody now told Kabrel to remove his clothing. Kabrel carefully and deliberately unfastened his clothing, and soon the little human stood naked in front of the giant minotaur with the pile of clothes scattered about their bare feet. The heat from the fire felt pleasantly warm on Kabrel's naked back, and Kabrel's penis was unabashedly standing at attention.

The melody became stronger and wilder, and the vision of the minotaur swam before Kabrel's eyes as the enchantment completely took hold of him. The flickering of the fire, the irresistible features of the minotaurs muscles, the maleness of song all finally pulled Kabrel consciousness under, and his thoughts disappeared into a dream.

The music still sang in Kabrel's mind, but Kabrel was unaware that the minotaur had stopped playing and had set the flute at the side of his rock. The minotaur ran a finger slowly down Kabrel's chest, feeling the smooth flesh of this handsome young adventurer; he stroked Kabrel's stiff cock and gave Kabrel's balls the lightest of feathery touches with his fingertips. The minotaur slowly licked his lips. He carefully placed his hands at Kabrel's sides, hooking them under Kabrel's shoulders. He gently lifted Kabrel and opened his mouth very wide.

Kabrel felt the warm wetness of the minotaur's tongue against his face; in the haze of the enchantment, he did not quite understand that his head had been placed inside the minotaur's mouth. He simply thought that the minotaur was gently licking his face, and the sensation was a pleasant one. He felt the minotaur's mouth against his ears, and heard the wet sounds of the minotaur's mouth; he thought that the minotaur was licking and nibbling on his ears, but had not quite figured out that the minotaur was in the process of swallowing him. The minotaur raised Kabrel further, sliding the human's naked shoulders inside. The tongue and throat muscles gently pulled Kabrel within. The minotaur was careful not to graze his teeth against the human, since a sudden pain might make Kabrel aware of what was happening; the minotaur did not want to break the enchantment before the young adventurer was securely inside him.

The flute music continued to float in Kabrel's mind as he felt the warmth of the minotaur envelop him. He felt the minotaur's lips around his torso, and was not quite sure if the minotaur were kissing him or massaging him with his giant hands. The minotaur swallowed in Kabrel's chest and arms, and then his lips were around the human's waist. Kabrel's legs hung out of the minotaur's mouth. The minotaur swallowed Kabrel in further, feeling the smooth, firm buttocks slide across his upper lip. As Kabrel's waist vanished inside the minotaur, Kabrel felt the minotaur's tongue against his erect cock. The wet roughness of the tongue against Kabrel's cock excited the young man; he thought the minotaur was giving him a blow job, and the minotaur could feel Kabrel gently flexing in passion in his mouth and throat.

As Kabrel's knees passed through the minotaur's lips, the minotaur could feel Kabrel tense and shudder, and he knew that the warmth of his mouth had brought Kabrel to an orgasm. The minotaur's eyes smiled as he proceeded to swallow Kabrel the rest of the way in, pleased that the swallowing process was as pleasurable for his victim as it was for himself. The minotaur knew that the enchantment would start to fade after Kabrel's orgasm, but it was too late for Kabrel to escape now.

From his position almost completely inside the minotaur, Kabrel was in fact having an increasing awareness that something was very strange; how was it that he could the pleasant warmth of the minotaur's mouth all over his naked body at once? Before Kabrel had completely comprehended what was happening, the minotaur was down to his ankles, and then the quivering feet disappeared inside the minotaur's mouth. The minotaur closed his mouth, and his throat muscles smoothly glided Kabrel down into his stomach.

Just at the moment that the minotaur finished swallowing him, Kabrel's thoughts became nearly clear again for a moment, and he realized that he realized he had been tricked into letting the minotaur eat him. He felt the warm, smooth surface of the inside walls of the minotaur's stomach all around him, and he knew that there was nothing he could do to escape. Still, he struggled around a bit, even though he knew it could do no good. For several minutes, the minotaur could still feel the human moving slightly within him, but it was not long before the minotaur's powerful digestive system began its work. The minotaur scratched his chest, stretched, and laid down on the floor of the cave to relax beside his fire as he digested Kabrel. He gently stroked his fingertips through the hair on his bulging, contented stomach.

As the hours passed, the minotaur felt the strength from his meal entering his bloodstream, and his muscles and body all grew a bit larger. The matter that had made up Kabrel contributed to the muscles in the minotaur's mighty arms and legs, and in his chest and abdomen; some of Kabrel's matter was added to the minotaur's cock and balls. Kabrel was now a part of the minotaur.

The minotaur leisurely fished through Kabrel's clothing, which was still scattered on the floor. He found some coins and tossed them onto his stack of treasure. Then he cast the clothes into the fire and relaxed.

Several hours later, the minotaur began to feel hungry again. He could make out the scent of at least three different humans nearby; they were doubtless part of the same company as the first man the minotaur had eaten, and they were probably looking for their lost companion. The scent of one was stronger; the minotaur could tell from scent just as if from sight that one of the humans was nearer than the others, and that the party must have split up to search.

The minotaur threw a few more logs on the fire. Ah, the scent of that nearest man was appealing; the distant whiff of the healthy, male sweat of a human made the minotaur's stomach rumble. Licking his lips at the thought, the minotaur took up his flute to summon the man to his cave.

The enchanting music resonated against the stone walls, and as the minutes passed, the minotaur smelled the scent of the man becoming stronger. Over the notes from his flute, the minotaur soon heard the faint sound of booted feet entering his cave. A few moments later, the minotaur's next meal had cautiously walked into the doorway of the room.

Gunnar was a sturdy adventurer, several winters older than Kabrel, and his broad shoulders and torso were clad in mail. His brown locks hung down from the sides of his helm, and he had a thick, neatly trimmed moustache. His face was more manly than that of the almost boyish adventurer the minotaur had last eaten.

The sight of Gunnar made the minotaur's mouth water; indeed, the minotaur's desire to swallow this handsome adventurer was so great that it was difficult for the minotaur not to rise and seize him immediately. But even though Gunnar was gazing openmouthed with the familiar look of blank fascination that the minotaur had recently seen on Kabrel's face, the minotaur knew that the enchantment was not yet deep enough. A wrong move at this point could break the enchantment, and even though the minotaur did not fear the man or his sword, the minotaur did not want his prey to offer him any complications, such as an attempt to escape.

The minotaur thought back to a man he had eaten a month earlier; he had been particularly hungry that day and had underestimated the man's resistance to the enchantment. Just as the minotaur had placed his mighty hands around the man and was lifting him to his mouth, the man's mind shook free from the spell, and he had come out of his pleasant dream to find himself looking into the gaping jaws of the minotaur. How he had struggled! It was too late then to try to start the enchantment over; the minotaur had had a difficult time keeping a firm grip around the the thrashing man until he could manage to get the man's head in his mouth. The man had continued to fight even after he was finally inside and was sliding down the minotaur's throat. The minotaur would not have thought it possible for the man to continue struggling inside his stomach for as long as he did. But finally the man had to stop, and the minotaur had slowly digested him.

But that had been several good meals ago, and the handsome man who now stood before the minotaur was even more appetizing. The minotaur kept his eye contact with Gunnar for several minutes as he continued to play his song. The minotaur could tell that the spell was progressing too slowly; this man was going to be difficult. He was the sort who would remember himself just as the minotaur was ready to swallow him. The minotaur decided he had better give this man something more effective than flute music to keep him quiet, and with a series of notes he instructed the man to approach him.

The man obeyed, but too slowly; he still had some reluctance. The minotaur noticed how long it took before the man was standing between his legs, where Kabrel had recently stood with less resistance.

The flute music instructed Gunnar to kneel. The adventurer removed him helm and placed his head between the minotaur's legs. Following the instructions of the flute, Gunnar licked at the minotaur's heavy, furry balls, and then he managed to stretch his moustached mouth around the minotaur's cock.

The minotaur continued to play the spell on his flute as the adventurer sucked him. Ahh, this was good; the man knew what he was doing, and the minotaur was made the hornier knowing that he would soon have the satisfaction of devouring this cocksucking man. As the minotaur approached orgasm, it became difficult to concentrate on the flute, and finally he stopped playing. With a roar deeper and louder than that of a lion, the minotaur came in Gunnar's mouth. He pushed down with one of his mighty hands on the back of Gunnar's neck to be certain that Gunnar could not move his head away as the minotaur filled the adventurer's mouth with his cum.

Finished, the minotaur released his hold on Gunnar. The adventurer reeled back, almost losing the enchantment now that the sound of the flute had stopped. But it did not matter; Gunnar had been forced to swallow the minotaur's cum, and it was only a matter of moments before it took its effect.

As the cum entered Gunnar's body, it rapidly took control of him; the minotaur now owned him, and Gunnar would have no ability or desire to resist any command that the minotaur might give. Some of this cum, in fact, was made of Kabrel's matter, but the minotaur's body had transformed it.

Gunnar could see in the minotaur's eyes that the minotaur was commanding him to disrobe. Gunnar took off his belt, mail, boots, and clothing, and stood naked before the minotaur.

The minotaur looked at the unclothed body with hungry, glittering eyes. Now that Gunnar's body was uncovered, the minotaur was able to see how fully muscled he was. The pectoral muscles of the swordsman's chest were well developed, and the ripples of abdominal muscles could be seen through the soft body hair. The arms and legs were strong and sinewy. In proportion, the man was nearly as well muscled as the giant minotaur himself. This was a good, solid man. The minotaur licked his lips at the sight.

The minotaur laid down on the floor of the cave, belly-down. Gunnar understood that he was to do the same, and lay down before the minotaur, facing him. An observer from the ceiling would have been struck by the similarity in physique between the man and the minotaur: their calves, buttocks, and backs had the same muscular curves. But the minotaur was twice the size of Gunnar and was covered with thick hair, and his head was that of a bull.

From the minotaur's eyes, Gunnar knew that he was being instructed to approach. Crawling, he moved toward the minotaur's large head. He saw the mouth open wide as he neared it, and he knew that he was going to be swallowed. But he had been transformed utterly into the minotaur's slave by the cum which the minotaur had forced into his mouth, and if the minotaur desired to eat him, Gunnar would cooperate.

Gunnar placed his head inside the minotaur's mouth. Immediately the minotaur began to suck and swallow him in, guiding him with his tongue and pulling him in with his throat muscles. Gunnar helped the minotaur swallow him by wriggling slightly as if he were crawling headfirst into a sleeping bag. But this help was unnecessary at this point; the minotaur's mouth alone was plenty powerful enough to draw Gunnar inside.

Gunnar felt the warmth of the minotaur's mouth embrace his shoulders, then his chest and arms. Deep in his throat, the minotaur was making little hums of pleasure as he satisfied his hunger, and Gunnar felt these vibrations against his body. It was an erotic experience for both the man and the minotaur; the minotaur looked down with fascination at the muscular body of the adventurer slowly disappearing inside him, and he tasted the sweaty taste of a man sliding across his tongue. This man had more body hair than the last one the minotaur had eaten, and the hair on this man's chest made a pleasant tickling on the minotaur's tongue. Gunnar felt the warmth of the minotaur's mouth in contact with ever more of his naked body, and he felt that he was coming home; so great was the minotaur's control of Gunnar's mind that Gunnar felt a great feeling of safety and well being as he was being swallowed.

Down to Gunnar's waist, down to his knees the minotaur ate him. Gunnar's toes fidgeted with pleasure. Finally Gunnar's feet slid into the minotaur's greedy mouth, and with a gulp the minotaur swallowed him whole. Gunnar felt himself being forced down the minotaur's esophagus into the waiting stomach.

The minotaur felt the man's warm body slide down his throat, and felt a wonderful feeling of fullness and satisfaction at having the adventurer safely inside his stomach. The minotaur yawned, rolled over onto his back, and patted his distended stomach. A few moments later the walls of the cave reverberated with the deep rumble of the minotaur's snores.

Gunnar remained aware of himself for several minutes inside of the minotaur. It was dark and very warm, and the smooth inner walls of the minotaur's stomach felt almost pleasant against Gunnar's skin. There was nothing left for Gunnar to do; he merely had to wait until his master digested him.

And digest him the minotaur did. As the hours passed, the minotaur absorbed the adventurer bit by bit into his bloodstream, and he grew even larger, stronger, and more ravenous than before.

When the minotaur awoke, he felt more rapaciously hungry than ever. He sniffed at the air to see where the remaining men from the party were. The confusion spell which the minotaur had put on the forest had kept the men from finding their way out. The minotaur had a hard time distinguishing the scents; apparently these men were staying closer together now. Were there two men, or three? The minotaur couldn't tell. It would be easier to wait for them to separate, so that the minotaur could summon them and eat them one at a time, but the minotaur's hunger was so great that he was willing to take a slight risk; he would summon them all at once, and see what followed. The minotaur took up his flute.

The scent of the men grew stronger; the minotaur was almost certain now that there were three men. Soon, one man had entered the room; he was followed by another, and then another. The minotaur knew that he could swallow all three if he needed to; with his current hunger, it would feel good to have the remarkably stuffed feeling that would come from eating all three men at once. But it was getting to be time that the minotaur sent a man back to the land of humans to do his work. The minotaur decided to swallow two of the men now, and send the third one back.

The minotaur wanted to look the men over before deciding which two he would eat. Through his flute music, he instructed the men to disrobe. This the men did, and soon they stood naked in a row before the minotaur.

Two of the men, Andros and Tygas, were very much alike. They were both tall, young, lean, and strong, and the minotaur could tell from their scent that they liked their ale, even though neither had drunk any since leaving Baroga. They looked like lusty young hot-shots, and the minotaur knew they would be easy to keep enchanted. These were the kind of men who mainly sought immediate pleasure, and the thoughts of sex which the minotaur wove into his music would be enough to keep them distracted.

The other man, Riklas, was obviously of a different kind; the minotaur was a little surprised that this man would come on a wild adventure at all. In spite of the daze of enchantment in the man's face, there was something about the man's sober grey eyes that suggested responsibility. This would be a good man to send back to the towns; he could be counted on to carefully and deliberately carry out the minotaur's plan.

The minotaur knew that Riklas would also be the most difficult to keep enchanted, and he began to include thoughts of oral sex in his music. Presently the minotaur instructed Riklas to approach and to kneel, as Gunnar had done. The minotaur had grown so very large from the men he had recently eaten that Riklas could barely cram the minotaur's cock into his mouth; but he managed to do so, and he sucked as the minotaur continued his music.

While Riklas sucked him, the minotaur kept an eye on the other two men. They, too, had heard the thoughts of oral sex in the music, and they were now taking turns sucking each other. Their smooth skin glistened in the firelight. The sight of these lusty young men fellating each other was sexually exciting to the minotaur, and it did not take long before the minotaur had interrupted his flute music long enough to come in Riklas' mouth. The roar he gave was a quite different sound from the sweet music he had been playing a moment earlier.

The minotaur took a few deep breaths and recovered himself. He had to act quickly to keep the enchantment from failing in the other two men. With a look, the minotaur ordered Riklas to fall back. Riklas stood beside the wall and watched the following events without interfering. The minotaur returned to his flute, and played about embracing, about kissing. Andros and Tygas stopped sucking each other and laid down on the floor beside the fire, Tygas atop Andros; their mouths were locked together in a fervent, seemingly endless kiss, and they embraced each other and pressed their bodies together with a firmness that matched the vigor of their lust.

The minotaur laid down on his stomach with his head next to the men's feet; he looked up between the men's legs to see how they were rubbing their cocks against each other's abdomens. The minotaur opened his mouth very wide, almost like a python unhinging its jaw, and used his hands to guide both pairs of feet into his mouth. Andros and Tygas seemed to take no notice of this, and continued with their embrace as the minotaur slowly drew them inside himself. The men's ankles disappeared, then their calves, and then their knees.

Andros, who was lying on the floor with Tygas on top of him, was only dimly aware of the pleasant warmth that seemed to be spreading up his legs; his only thought was to hold Tygas as close as the strength of his arms would allow, and to keep his attention on their deep kiss. The strange warmth spread up to his buttocks; it was almost as if he were sitting on a warm tongue, with his and Tygas' legs down inside some sort of warm smoothness. And still the warmth spread; not only did he feel Tygas' chest and abdomen against his own, but he also felt the warmth spreading up his back.

Riklas watched with fascination as his two companions disappeared into the minotaur. Soon only their heads were outside the minotaur's mouth, and still they continued their kiss. Then the minotaur's throat muscles pulled the men the rest of the way inside. Riklas caught one last glimpse of the men's hair before the minotaur closed his mouth. With a remarkable gulp, the minotaur managed to swallow the two men at once.

The minotaur rolled over on his back and gave a breath like a sigh of contentment from his bull's nostrils. The men he had eaten formed a considerable bulge in his abdomen. Riklas wondered whether the men would be able to finish their sex inside the minotaur before the minotaur digested them. For Riklas, there was no telling: he could not see Andros and Tygas, and did not know whether they were still having sex, or what thoughts or feeling they might be having. There was only the anonymous mound in the minotaur's belly; the men inside were obscured by the minotaur's muscle, skin, and fur. Riklas's mind had already become so transformed by the power of the minotaur's cum that he felt jealousy: jealousy that he had not been chosen to satisfy his master's hunger, and jealousy that he had been denied the experience of being sensually enveloped by the loving warmth of the minotaur's mouth.

As for the minotaur, he could still feel the two men moving slightly inside him. He turned his head and gazed at the remaining man with hungry, glittering eyes. He felt wonderfully full with the two men he had eaten, but it would be so extraordinarily satisfying to swallow a third man. And here was that third man, naked and ready to be devoured. But no: he could not give in to the temptation to eat this handsome adventurer now. Riklas was needed for other things.

The minotaur beckoned, and Riklas laid down on the floor beside the minotaur. Riklas was glad of this; even if he could not be eaten, it was still a great comfort to be in contact with his master's body. Riklas knew that the minotaur was a man-devouring monster, but he could not resist the effect that the minotaur's cum had had on him: he loved the minotaur. The little man nuzzled his nose in the hair on the giant minotaur's chest and breathed in the musky male warmth. Man and minotaur both fell asleep.

When he awoke, Riklas looked at the minotaur's stomach. The bulge formed by Andros and Tygas was gone; they were digested and had been incorporated into the minotaur's body. Riklas knew that this was what had happened to Kabrel and to Gunnar as well, and he knew that the minotaur would at some point swallow him too.

The minotaur kept Riklas around for a few days, forcing Riklas to repeatedly suck him off so that the his enchantment over his the man's mind would be longer lasting. Riklas did not need to eat any food during the time that he stayed with the minotaur; the minotaur's cum had a remarkable property of sustaining Riklas as well as of taking an ever deeper control of his mind. When the minotaur slept, Riklas slept next to him; Riklas desired nothing more than the continual warm touch of the minotaur's body.

Much of the minotaur's thought was given into Riklas' mind; it was partly transmitted by the cum which Riklas was made to swallow, and partly by the music the minotaur sometimes played, and also by the meaningful glitter of the minotaur's eyes. Riklas knew that the minotaur was not concerned with wealth or glory; the minotaur had the cunning of a human but the hunger of an animal, and his sole purpose was to find a steady supply of men with which to fill his ever-ravenous stomach. So great was the minotaur's control over Riklas' mind that all of Riklas' values and beliefs adjusted themselves by degrees to become centered around the minotaur's hunger. It was obvious to Riklas that the purpose of male human life was to satisfy the minotaur. It was clearly wrong for men to resist the minotaur, for it was only by being swallowed by him that their lives could only be properly fulfiled. Riklas soon understood fully what his master expected of him.

One day, the minotaur took several handfuls of gold coins and jewelry and put them in a sack. The minotaur didn't understand why these cold metal things were such an effective lure for humans, nor did he care; he was practical and was concerned with results, not reasons. He gave the sack to Riklas, gave Riklas back his tunic, pants, and boots, and sent him away.

Riklas felt tears slide down his face as he climbed the corridor out of the tunnel. How could he stand to be away from his master's body for so long? He knew that he would later be permitted to return, and that he himself would have the privilege of being joined to his master's body in the indissoluble embrace which Kabrel, Gunnar, Tygas, and Andros had already enjoyed. But Riklas had a task to accomplish before he could return, and he knew that the long absence of the warmth of the minotaur's body would be almost unbearable.

Riklas stumbled through the woods. The spell of confusion which the minotaur had worked upon Grinden Forest no longer affected Riklas, for the thought and knowledge of the minotaur was now in him, and he knew the forest as well as if he had lived there as long as the minotaur had.

Riklas knew that he could not return to Baroga, since the locals there would remember him and would ask difficult questions about what had happened to the others. Instead, Riklas set out for the town of Remmen, a score of miles down the river from Baroga. And in a dark tavern near the water, Riklas showed the minotaur's treasure to the bravest, most handsome, most foolhardy men he could find, telling them that he would direct them to more of the same treasure if they would give him one out of every ten gold coins which they returned with. It was the same strategy that the minotaur's slaves had been using for years, and it was an effective one.

As Riklas spoke with a party of four men, he thought how pleased the minotaur would be to ingest them all one by one. Riklas knew that he was not permitted to return to the minotaur yet; these men would probably all be eaten by the time that Riklas returned to the minotaur. This was in fact what later happened, although Riklas never learned the particulars of it: how the four men had entered the cave all at once, and how the minotaur had been so specially hungry that day that he had eaten them all at once, one after another, pushing to new limits the ability of his stomach to expand. The four men were long digested by the time that Riklas returned.

Riklas spent several days in Remmen. In the day he stayed in his hired room, trembling in agony at his extended absence from the minotaur's warm limbs. At night he composed himself enough to venture out to the local taverns to find more men to send to his master. A few days later, he walked along the river footpath to the next town down the river, where he continued to recruit men to send to the minotaur.

After a few weeks of this activity, Riklas knew that he had sent enough men to have earned the permission to return to the minotaur. He traveled back up the river, moving only by night so as not to be seen by people who might have difficult questions about the many men who were no doubt missing by now. Riklas crossed the Baroga bridge on a foggy night and crept through the Grinden Forest back to the minotaur's cave.

There was no sound of the minotaur's flute, but Riklas knew that the minotaur smelled him coming, at that his scent would be recognized as his own. The entrance to the cave was as dark as ever, but Riklas walked in without hesitation. A few moments later he was standing at the entry to the minotaur's chamber, gazing at the minotaur and waiting to be given his next instructions.

The minotaur had grown even larger and more terribly strong from all of the men he had recently eaten. His horns gleamed in the light of the fire, and the eyes glittered in recognition as he looked hungrily at Riklas. "You have done well, little one," the eyes seemed to be saying.

The minotaur rose and stood enormously in front of Riklas; Riklas was standing upright, and he was staring straight across into the minotaur's crotch. The minotaur bent down and with the slightest effort ripped Riklas' clothes off; Riklas stood before the minotaur as naked as a peeled switch. The minotaur placed his hands on the adventurer's shoulders and pushed him down so that he was lying on his back. Then the minotaur straddled the man's face and coarsely fucked his mouth.

Riklas' vision was completely filled with the minotaur's crotch. His mouth was stuffed full and was straining at the jaw from the minotaur's cock. He could hardly breathe; he could only get in the briefest gasps through his nose when the minotaur briefly withdrew his cock, only to force it again into Riklas' throat. Riklas knew that he would suffocate if this went on for much longer, but he didn't care; his only cared about pleasing the minotaur. He knew that is was his destiny to be the minotaur's sex object, and he lay still, perfectly relaxed and perfectly happy, allowing his mouth to be fucked.

Fortunately, the minotaur was particularly horny today, and it did not take long before Riklas felt the taste of the minotaur's come filling his mouth. Thrusting deeply, the minotaur gave his usual animal bellow as he came. He forced his cock so deep into Riklas' mouth that the man could not breathe at all. But fortunately, this lasted only for a few moments. The minotaur gradually slowed his thrusting and relaxed, laying with his great weight on Riklas. After a moment of rest, the minotaur withdrew his cock and rose from the floor.

Having satisfied his sexual lust with this man, the minotaur was now ready to satisfy his hunger. In a way, it was a shame to eat this man; he had given such excellent service. But he was so appetizing, lying there naked on the floor, looking up trustingly at the minotaur, his sinewy arms and legs completely relaxed. The minotaur's mouth was watering; he had to fill his stomach with this man.

Riklas' mind was perfectly clear as he felt the minotaur pick him him and stand up. The minotaur was very tall; when the minotaur brought Riklas' human face even with his bull's face, Riklas could see that the floor was far below.

The minotaur was so hungry after getting an excellent blow job that he considered just gulping Riklas down; in just a few seconds, the minotaur could have the adventurer safe and secure in his stomach. But no: this was too good a man to eat quickly. The minotaur had to swallow him slowly. The minotaur stuck out his tongue and licked at the man's face and neck and ears, tasting him. He slowly guided the man's head into his mouth; Riklas had the sensation that the tongue was pulling him inside.

The minotaur was breathing deeply and was making rumbling growls of animal satisfaction as he slowly drew Riklas further in. Someone standing facing the minotaur would have seen have been struck by the muscularity of his arms, which effortlessly held Riklas at the waist with both hands as a man might hold a sandwich; the contours of the minotaur's muscles were only slightly softened by the minotaur's body fur. There were soft wet sucking sounds as the minotaur slowly swallowed Riklas up.

The adventurer's buttocks were quivering, but whether in fear or in pleasure could not be told. Riklas' back muscles vanished into the velvety darkness of the minotaur's hungry mouth. The minotaur's lips were around the man's waist now. Riklas felt the warm wetness confining all of his upper torso, and now felt the minotaur's tongue probing in his crotch, licking in the crevice between his balls and his leg, tasting him.

Riklas felt the mouth and throat muscles rhythmically constricting and relaxing around him, pulling him slowly but unstoppably further within. Now only his lower legs were outside the minotaur's mouth. The man's toes curled and uncurled.

The minotaur could feel the adventurer's hair tickling the deepest part of his throat; the sensation was rather pleasant. He continued to swallow the man in, until finally only the feet were outside. The minotaur fondled the feet with his giant hands, and then swallowed a little more, until even the feet were inside. He paused a moment, enjoying the sensation of having the man's feet in his mouth and the rest of him halfway down his throat. He knew that the blood would be rushing to the man's head, and thought about how there was nothing the man could do in his confined position to stop this.

Then, tilting his head back a little, the minotaur swallowed the adventurer down into his stomach in one gulp. The minotaur yawned and stretched and gave his belly a satisfied slap; this had been one of the best men the minotaur could remember eating. The minotaur threw a few more logs on the fire and stretched out on his back to take a nap while he digested his meal.

Inside the warm darkness of the minotaur's stomach, Riklas remained aware of himself for a little while. He didn't move about much; it was so very cramped in the minotaur's stomach that he could move very little anyway. He opened his eyes and found that it made no difference that he had done so; it was perfectly dark. Riklas closed his eyes again and relaxed, knowing there was nothing more to be done.

As the minutes passed, Riklas was overcome by the lack of air, and then by the minotaur's powerful digestive juices; he was slowly broken down. As the hours passed and the minotaur slept, Riklas was pumped through the minotaur's intestines and absorbed into the minotaur's bloodstream. A little of Riklas' matter went into building every part of the minotaur a little bigger: the muscular arms, the chest and abdomen muscles, the sinews of the neck, the strong legs and feet, and the minotaur's big, heavy cock.

The logs in the fire popped and cracked. The minotaur's chest rose and fell as he breathed and slept, dreaming of all the men he had eaten before, and all the men he hoped to eat soon.


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