Three Girls

By Anonymous

Finally they all were there for him. He didn't evem know their name, but they seemed to be perfect.

The 3 girls were all tied up to the chairs, wondering what was happening. He looked at them.

"Ok who wanna be the first?"

"For what?", asked the girl with short hair.

"I'm hungry. I will eat all of you.". He went near her. "Now I will taste you all and I will decide who will be the first one".

He took the tied ankle of the girl in his hand and took off her shoes. She was wearing white socks. She had big feet, quite arched. The boy started to lick the socks on her sole with the tongue, then he put the toes of her left foot in his mouth.

"Quite nice taste, girl...let's check your friend!"

He went in front of the second girl. She was a strong girl, with a nice face. She was barefoot: her feet had a pale skin and long toes.He tasted them quickly and went near the 3rd girl.

She were a tiny lovely girl. She was wearing only her bra, panties and a pair of blue sheer nylons.

She had long legs and little feet. He took them in his hand.

"What beautifull little feet you have...i guess they also taste good...". he started to lick them slowly from the heels up to the toes. They were the most delicious feet he had ever tasted.

"God...these are feet!"

He opened his moth and put the middle of her wrinkled sole in it, feeling the sweet taste of her feet mixed with the smell of her pantyhose. Then he put it down.

"Ok, you are the best, so you will be the last one.... the dessert...". He looked to the strong girl.

"You will be the first....happy?"

"Noooo, please..." the girl started crying. "..please don't hurt me!".She tried to move, but her arms were tied to the chair.

The boy started to take off her dresses.: "Now look me in my eyes....i will take away the ropes from you, but you will not move or try to escape...."

The girl was soon hypnotized.

"Ok, now stand up"

Now she was copletely naked: she had very big breast.The boy was standing in front of her: he put his hand on he shoulder and opened his big mouth. The face of the girl was soon into it and she was lifted from the floor. The boy pushed her , passing her big breast and reaching her ass. He spanked it with his hand and pushed her again more into him.Then also her legs and feet disappeared into his mouth. The big girl was gone.


He pointed his finger to the girl with short hair.He removed the ropes form her arms and ankles and looked her in the eyes.

" Undress yourself, but leave your socks on..."

The girls did what he said.

"Now, lie down on the floor and put your feet in my mouth"

He opened his mouth and removed the socks with his teeth, swallowing them.

"Mmmm do your feet taste so good as your socks?"

The boy licked and kissed her wrinkled soles for 5 minutes and then he pushed them all in his mouth.

"Pleeease, stop it.....don't eat me!!!!"

Before she finished to say this, her legs were already into him. He took some salt and put it on her face.She continued to scream until also her face was pushed into him.

"And now the dessert..."

The other girl was crying. He took her head in his hand and kissed her, tasting the sweetness of her lips.Than he passed his tongue all over her beautifull face, down on her breast, legs and feet.He sucked her stockinged soles and toes.

"Now i'm thirsty..."

He took a knife and made a cut under her left sole, then he sucked her blood.

"You're the best, stand up and bend forward: touch your feet with your hands..."

As she was in this position he took the ropes and tied her hands to her ankles.He went behind her and kissed her incredible ass, before putting it in his mouth.The tiny girl was lifted from the floor, and he started to swallow her. When half of her was inside the boy, he stopped swallowing. He was full: ne had to wait to digest the other 2 girl.

He waited with the girl in his mouth, legs and face coming out. The boy tickled her stockinged tender soles.

"I think you have to wait..."

"Please....let me out....i don't wanna be eated....pleeease"

" we play with your feet, ok?"

For about 20 minutes he tortured her tender feet: he tickled them and burned her soles with a lighter.

Then he finished her.

She was the best girl he had ever eaten.

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