The Tiger and the Equitaur

By Punk Tiger

-AUTHOR'S NOTE: Usually, I'm not as sexually active as I am in this story, but I'm going to face it. This would probably be EXACTLY how I'd react if a similar situation came to pass.

--PLAYER'S NOTE: Which only goes to show that Punk is not only a shameless Vorarephile, but he also enjoys it WAY too much.

-(Shut up! Who asked you?)

--(Oh, go get another piece of pineapple...)

"Damn it, Patrick, you're really hip-deep in it now..."

He ran through the woods, daring not to look back for fear of seeing what he knew was chasing him. He ducked behind a boulder and panted, trying to keep an ear out for his assailant.

"I hope I don't meet up with that equi... equi... that horse-headed centaur again... Where the hell is that path..." His tail was twitching nervously as he slowly caught his breath. He knew he was close. His thundering footsteps weren't that far off... or were they? At that size, he could be a mile off... Then he spotted the thicket of trees he passed through after venturing off the mountain pass. A relieved grin started to spread across his muzzle...

Carrack walked casually through the thin forest looking along the ground as best he could for signs of the escapee. The forests always had a way of vexing him when looking for the little ones. At 90+ feet tall, it was easy to spot them running in the plains and catching up to them was a breeze. But in the forest, his size was a slight disadvantage, being unable to see the ground clearly. In what few clearings he found, he peered behind stones and looked inside hollow stumps of trees without success. A flurry of movement caught his eye as he saw the tiger man dash into a thicket of trees. He grinned and started to make his way around the thicket.

Patrick made a break for the clearing. He knew where the mountain pass would be beyond there that would take him out of this weird land. He was almost at the edge of the clearing, when suddenly, a huge, hooved, brown-furred leg the size of a large tree planted itself directly in front of him. He slammed into it and was knocked flat on his back. He shook his head and stared upward...

...And towering well above the treetops, glaring down at him, he saw the grinning muzzle of the giant equitaur Carrack.

"Oh, ho!" he rumbled. "We meet again, tiger man..."

"EEP!..." He madly scrambled to get back into the woods, but Carrack's huge hand came down and, with two fingers, plucked him from the ground by his shirt. Patrick quickly lifted his arms and slid out of it. He dropped a few feet... into the taur's other hand. He peered over the side of it and saw he was too high up to make a jump for the ground.

The equitaur smiled. He casually tossed the shirt aside and reached into his hand for the tiger. Patrick cringed as the thick fingers carefully grabbed his pants by the cuffs and pulled them off. He now lay in the rough palm of this giant, wearing naught but his fur. He brought him up to his nose and sniffed him. The nostrils flared as the tiger's scent was breathed in. Carrack seemed to nicker quietly as he considered his small captor.

Patrick looked up into the equitaur's large brown eyes, trying to read them somehow. Although he was scared, his body unconsciously betrayed his true feelings. He found himself staring momentarily at the thick, reddish brown lips, then tracing a path with his eyes down the muscular neck, through the deep barrel chest and coming to rest on the powerfully muscled abdomen. His sheath started to thicken noticeably...

"You gave me quite a chase," Carrack rumbled in a stern voice, "but it was futile. Your fate is in the hands of the council. I am to be your gaoler..."

He really wasn't listening to what was being said. Patrick was too engrossed in watching the movements of the lips and tongue forming the words that erupted from the equitaur's long mouth. His excited member started to peek out from his straining sheath. The warm breath had the scent of fermenting grains and fruit. His tongue was a faded pink colour, thick and...


Patrick was startled from his daydream by the sudden shout. "I'm sorry, Carrack..."

A momentary shift of the equitaur's eye gave him a hint as to what was going on. Half of Patrick's penis was exposed from his sheath, pulsing gently. His gaze softened somewhat.

"Scared, tiger man?"

Patrick paused for a moment before answering. Carrack's voice now sounded almost soothing... not at all like the threatening tones he had used moments earlier. He trembled slightly. "I'm accused of a crime I didn't commit and in the hands of a giant who could crush me with no more than a passing whim. Yes, I think 'scared' could be an accurate term for my state of mind." His paws half-heartedly tried to conceal his tumescence.

The taur pondered for a moment. *His mouth says one thing, but his body says another...* He brought his captor in front of his muzzle and opened his mouth wide...

He cringed almost as an afterthought, fascinated by the deep, box-like mouth displayed before him. The small opening between the lips lead into a long pinkish corridor ringed a little way above and below with the blunt posts of flat ivory teeth. The hard palate was arched like a shining pale pink cathedral vault. The fleshy inner walls of the cheeks glistened in what little sunlight made its way inside. The thick, soft tongue made a long, inviting carpet that lead to the back of the mouth and dropped into the entrance of his throat. His breath, sweet with decay, wafted warm and moist around him...

The paws that were trying to hide his erection suddenly gripped and stroked it as it slid fully out of its sheath.

*An unusual reaction,* thought Carrack, *but I think I understand. This may prove interesting...* He brought the tiger back to eye-level and cleared his throat. "Did you understand anything of what I've said before?" Again, the tone of his voice was far from threatening.

Patrick released his heated tigerhood in embarrassment and tried to hide it again. It jutted out from him, throbbing gently with each beat of his excited heart as he looked the equitaur in the eyes. "No, Carrack," he shook his head. "My mind was on...other things, surprisingly."

The giant's muzzle creased into an almost playful smile. "The council has appointed me to be your gaoler. While you are in my custody, escape will be impossible. I will know your every move."

"Please, Carrack, listen to me," he implored. "I couldn't have stolen the emerald... I'm too small..."

"The council will rule tomorrow. I will release you should they find you innocent. Until then, I must keep guard. But do not worry," he smiled, "I'm sure it will not be an unpleasant experience for you."

Carrack suddenly opened his mouth wide and tilted his head back. The tiger fell head first from his palm, between his lips and into the deep cavern of his mouth. The jaws quickly shut, trapping the tiger inside. His body was a little more than half the length of the equitaur's warm, moist tongue.

Patrick was at first stunned at being engulfed, but as the soft tongue gently pressed his back against the ridges of the hard palate and slowly moved back and forth between his legs, the fear soon melted away. The smooth warmth slid easily along his inflamed member, firing his passions beyond belief. From somewhere below the muscular organ, a thick blanket of saliva was forming, wetting first his legs and hips, then into his chest arms and head. He held on to the writhing tongue as it rubbed and enveloped his penis. He opened his mouth and began panting as he was taken higher into the throes of passion.

He was rolled about on the slippery tongue for quite a while. Carrack could begin to taste the musky saltiness of the tiger's precum as it quickly leaked out of him. He thought the flavour was quite pleasant. He flipped his tongue over him, trapping the rutting tiger beneath it. The exquisite smoothness surrounded Patrick in a blanket of impossible softness. The underside of the tongue slipped along his jutting member, causing him to grit his teeth as the pleasure coursed through him in an almost overpowering wave. The warm pool of saliva soaked into his fur, enhancing the erotic feeling.

Shortly, the tongue scooped underneath him and laid him face-down on top of it rubbing and tasting him again. Patrick gave a loud roar and came mightily. Thick bursts of his semen erupted from his cock and spread out on the slickened tongue beneath him, mixing with the thick, clear saliva as he ground his hips into it. Shortly, his body began to unwind from the intense orgasm. The pulsing torrent of seed slowed to a trickle, then stopped. He laid on top of the taur's tongue and purred loudly, still giving an occasional hunch of his hips.

This was the first time Carrack could remember that a prisoner actually enjoyed the prospect of being put in his custody. It was a welcome change from the usual crying and thrashing. He rolled him around in his mouth until he heard him roar and could taste the strong flavour of tiger seed. He felt the little tiger's antics slow down to a stop, then felt him purring in delight on his tongue.

*A very unusual soul, indeed,* he thought.

He breathed the thick moist air of the equitaur's mouth. Reaching out idly, he felt the hard smoothness of one of the ivory teeth that surrounded him. Suddenly, the tongue lifted underneath him, pinning him lightly to the ridged palate. A sudden influx of cool outside air rushed by him as the moisture in his fur was sucked away and added to the pool of cum-laced saliva in the back of the mouth. With a smooth rapid movement, the tongue collected the liquid and with a loud, squishy gulp, swallowed it. Patrick marvelled at the display and felt his quickly hardening member poking into the tongue again. The slick tongue started pushing him deeper into the back of the mouth. He bumped and slid head-first toward the black pit of the throat. His excited heart beat faster as he drew closer. The equitaur tilted his head back slightly and he slid over the back of the tongue and into the pharynx. The throat walls constricted around him and forced his way into a tight, slick tube. Another muscular thrust, and he began the long slide down the throat and into the taur's huge muscular body.

Carrack felt the tiger's struggling form ease his way down his throat and into his chest. Shortly, he felt the pressure release as he entered into his stomach. He smiled, knowing there was no easy way out of the guarded cell he put his captor in. He trotted back to his place near the council chambers.

The slimy walls surrounded his body on all sides as a cocoon. His cock slid firmly through the mucus, wrapping it in a warm, sensuous membrane. Suddenly, he was aware of a deep pulsing around his body, squeezing and relaxing. He realized that it was the giant's heartbeat sounding through the thin muscled walls around him. It was almost too much for him to bear... He grit his teeth as his body convulsed. His seed spilled forth from his engorged penis as he came again. He felt himself pass through a ring of strong muscle rubbing down his body. He fell lightly into a soft mushy substance. His arms free again, he wrapped a paw around his still-spasming member and stroked it until his second orgasm passed. Lying on his back, he panted heavily in the acrid air. He wondered briefly what kind of place he'd landed into. He felt the strange substance beneath him. His nose could now decipher the overwhelming smell of fermenting vegetation. If this was the stomach, surely his acids would make short work of his body. He stuck his paw deeply into the wet grasses below him. The raft-like quality of the grassy flooring gave way and he found himself immersed in the smooth warm liquid. He coughed and sputtered a bit, but he felt no ill effects from it.

*Surprised?* Carrack's voice sounded in his head. *You are in my first stomach. I digest vegetation by fermentation in there. Don't worry, tiger man, meats like yourself are saved for the second stomach in my lower half. For now, you will have plenty of air in there. Consider it a by-product. Feel free to eat what you can. It may not taste very good, but it will not harm you.*

He felt caught between beating his fists against the stomach wall, screaming to be released and purring in ecstasy that a dark fantasy had finally come true. The walls around him moved slowly, casually mixing the stomach contents around. He found himself about waist deep in the fermenting mix. His feet planted themselves firmly into the hot slimy stomach wall; the mucus lining oozing up between his toes like warm putty. Softened by fermentation, the tendrils of grasses gently rubbed against his body, slowly stroking and tickling his still-exposed shaft. He had a difficult time settling into his "cell," but he finally managed to get some sleep... after happily releasing more of his proteins into the slowly digesting mix.

The next morning, Carrack was back in the village outside the lodge of the Elders, Patrick in his hands, waiting for judgement. Carrack, it seemed, had a remarkable mastery over his body as he brought him up as easily as a cow or other ruminant brings up cud. The tiger was somewhat startled awake by this, but didn't complain during the process... for that matter, judging by the way he was hugging the equitaur's tongue and purring loudly, it was yet another pleasurable experience for him.

Shortly after sunrise, the seven Elders left the lodge and stood upon the platform just outside the door.

"Carrack," one called out, "placed the accused among us."

Dutifully, he set Patrick gently on his feet in front of them.

"Carrack, has the accused given any secrets or cause for his guilt or innocence?"

"Aside from his claim of innocence, there are two things I have found without a trace of doubt in my mind. First, that although he is a random and unpredictable soul, he is still a good person deep inside..."

Patrick grinned at the verification of his character.

"...And the other is that he has a strong liking for pineapple."

Patrick blinked and looked to the equitaur.

"How did you know that? I never mentioned it."

It was Carrack's turn to grin.

"Carrack, this one is accused of stealing the emerald of Sakkon-dor. Will you vouch for his innocence?"

"I am his gaoler, not his friend. I cannot vouch for him."

The Elder looked to Patrick.

"Do you have one here that can vouch for your innocence?

"I am a stranger. I have no friend or relation here. I can only beg for your compassion. I could not have stolen that emerald... It's too large... I couldn't possibly..."

"Enough! We've heard your pleas too often. If you are so innocent, what are you hiding behind your back?"

"Why... uhh..."

He brought his hands in front of him and held up a spherical emerald the size of a medicine ball! He dropped it as if it suddenly turned ice hot in his paws.

"But...! How...? I...!"

The Elders grinned evilly.

"Carrack, carry out the sentence!"

The equitaur roughly grabbed Patrick, and grinning evilly, stuffed him into his mouth and bolted him down. The waves of muscles powerfully dragged him down his throat, squeezing him tightly down the slick tube. He landed in the stomach with such a powerful thrust that he bounced inside the rubbery chamber. The grasses and enzymes that were there not a half-hour ago were gone. The stomach writhed and churned and started to squeeze around him, forcing him through another sphincter and into another soft rubbery tube lined with small villi. It gurgled and squeezed around him, moving him deeper within. For all his fright, this new sensation around him got him excited again as the little fleshy polyps caressed his quickly hardening member. It was stop-and-go down this path as the muscles squeezed him in a staggered peristalsis. He felt the angle of descent level off as he entered the equitaur's horse-like half. He felt himself nearing the edge of pleasure again when he pushed through a tight restriction and slid into a large chamber filled with a hot liquid. He achieved orgasm and came wildly into Carrack's second stomach, but started to cry out in pain as the liquids around him stung viciously along his spasming member. The pain also increased as the digestive enzymes soaked into his fur. This was it! The horror of death by digestion! The harsh stinging gave way to a warm wave as raw nerves were overloaded... He felt himself slipping into a state of shock...

...He opened his eyes, panting heavily. The morning light streamed through a small break between the curtains of his room. A few seconds passed when he realized that he'd been dreaming. He breathed a sigh of relief. His member was stiff and throbbing, 'morningwood' as he liked to call it. But it took a moment to realize something else. He pulled back his covers to find that he had made a sticky mess on himself and his sheets from the evening's antics. He smiled and shook his head.

"Well, at least it's wash day."

He gripped his erect tigerhood and started the day off right.

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