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The jungle was a savage place in many ways-- the strong survive, the weak perish in fear, and morals are absolutely unheard of. It's all natural. The jungle is an unspoiled place indeed.

Lose all your human thoughts, o reader, and slip deep into your most primal instincts. Let your animalian side show this instant, and keep it focused here and now.

She was a tigress-- lone, solitary, she worked alone, hunted alone, and sometimes without a team a meal was all she could catch. And Sheba was hungry. Her stomach caved into her slender body and needed sustenance. She growled, but it came not from her throat, but from her gut.

She scanned the jungle floor-- alas, a mouse, trembling in her presence. Sheba normally would not waste her time on something so puny, but a tigress has to do what needs doing. She picked the mouse off the floor with her massive paw.

She sat in her feline manner, slowly raised the shaking mouse, following it up with her head, until it was high above her. She then parted her lips, and revealed her maw to the mouse. The mouse could see Sheba's long, smooth tongue as she rolled it around in her mouth; her sharp, glistening teeth as she gaped wider, and, ultimately, her dark, massive throat, waiting to accept the poor mouse.

She plucked the mouse away from her grip and it began its decent. Falling, past her pointed ears, past her feline eyes. She draped her muscular tongue out like a red carpet, and she felt the mouse press against it. Sheba slowly closed her mouth over the shivering mouse. She felt the tremors through her entire maw.

Habits were urging her to swallow, but she would just as soon roll her tongue over the doomed mouse, scurrying to escape. Now is the time to be one with nature:

I'll swallow you soon enough-- don't worry." She forboded the event by pushing the mouse against the back of her front teeth, and gracefully swallowing nothing but air.

All the mouse could do was squeak. The tigress's maw was warm, soothing, but deadly. Sheba rolled the mouse around, pushing it about with her tongue.

"It will be absolutely painless... I promise not to chew." Sheba growled, but that offered no solace to the mouse... he could feel the vibrations from her vocal cords, but that was not where he was going. His trembling was more pronounced.

All things in nature happen for a common cause: the continuation of nature itself. A male tiger joins our ranks. Tigers and tigresses only tolerate each other during times of courtship.

"Female perfection..." the tiger whispered to Sheba as he walked around her, gracefully circling his potential mate. Sheba did not move-- she almost forgot about the mouse waiting for her to gulp him down.

"What's in there?" The tiger, Koro, pointed to her full mouth. He would not tolerate mating with her and not being able to hear her contentment, so he gently nuzzled her throat up and down.

"Come on, please swallow whatever you've got in there." He nuzzled harder to trip her throat into gulping.

Sheba could no longer hold back. She rolled the mouse into the back of her mouth. Her tongue began to press against the roof of her mouth, and her throat began to open wider and wider. Her tongue, tense from resisting Koro's massaging, jammed the hapless mouse into her strong throat. Koro slowed down to feel, first her throat working, muscle after muscle forcing the mouse deeper and deeper down her neck, then the mouse itself, sliding down. He pulled away to curiously watch her work the lump past her tigress breasts and into her body.

Koro purred in contentment. "There now, that wasn't so hard." He was quite aroused from watching her gulp the mouse. Koro was as ready as ever.

"Now-- accept me, if not ever, for this moment. Mate with me."

Sheba was quite reluctant at first and turned away. Koro, however, could not resist the slender, yet strong tigress. He rubbed against her and felt her heart best once, twice. He must have done something right, because she was no longer quite so cold. She turned her rear toward him and pointed it his way.

"Are you absolutely certain?" Koro asked. "Once I start, my instincts will take over and pull me right to the end. There'll be no stopping me." Koro was right. Once he began mating, he was too large for her to overcome if she ever wanted to stop.

Sheba nodded.

Without a word, he placed his large paws upon her back and slid them towards her neck. He parted his paws and slid down to her muscular tigress breasts. That instant, the whole underside of his body rested upon her back. He wrapped his arms about hers, pinning her in place. She could feel him push his way in, thrusting until he could not sheath himself any deeper within her. She tried to change her mind out of fear, but she could not. Her fear drained away and her enjoyment built up with each of his powerful thrusts.

Koro began to growl as he pushed himself into her ever deeper. She began to purr, gently at first, then much more loudly. They roared in climax simultaneously-- it was over.

Koro, satisfied, began to limp away-- drained.

"Whoa, whoa, where are you going?" Sheba asked threateningly.

That instant she had seized Koro, who had squandered all his energy mating with her.

"What are you doing?" Koro was very frightened, but couldn't move.

Sheba opened wide again, and slid his hind legs into her throat. Koro was still dazed. Sheba slowly worked over his knees, his powerful legs, his long tail. She coaxed her throat open wider and wider as her strong gullet was beginning to take over. She gulped and gulped, each time forcing the tiger inch by inch into her body.

Koro came to his senses! He was being mercilessly pounded down into her deep throat by her powerful tongue! He dug into the earth with his front paws-- the back ones were being digested. He pulled as hard as he could, every muscle in his body contorted to the maximum point. Sheba growled, then thought to him:

"Don't try to escape: I'll see if I can swallow you down faster"

Sheba's neck was bulging as Koro inched down. Sheba would rather let her gullet take over, but she promised Koro...

She pushed him down, pulsing her tongue and feeling his muscles slipping deeper, deeper. She resorted to using her paw and forcing him down to his head. She closed her maw. At the same instant, daylight vanished from Koro's eyes. Sheba was poised to swallow her prey.

But she had a change of heart. Again, unheard of in the jungle. She parted her jaws.

"You're free to go. I can't stoop so low. I could not live with myself."

She had intended on Koro simply slipping out-- she relaxed her throat --but Koro struggled wildly! She, against her own will, accidently delivered the final, thunderous gulp. Her throat echoed as Koro roared while sliding to Sheba's stomach. As his struggling feline head was forced down, she stretched her neck and sent one last accidental gulp down to him. His fate was sealed.

"I'm sorry!" She was talking to herself. Koro was trapped. She could touch him, feel him wasting away, and could do nothing. What's done is done. Swallowing is final.

Yes, the jungle is savage, and perhaps we as humans would benefit from a simpler lifestyle. Sheba remembers Koro to this day, but only as a meal. The cubs have long since left her.

-- ©1998 Tiger81
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