Warehouse 8

By Little Peter [Email]

"I see that he's coming around."

The voice sounded like something from a dream. Off in the distance but still close.

Opening his eyes, Peter could only see a fussy light before him, No! What! That was above him. He was laying down on something soft like a mat. He sleepy sat up.

"A! Good he's getting up." the voice came again.

With sleepy eyes Peter started to scan the room. He was in an office. His eyes finely opening he now saw the holder of the voice. It was Patrick, the owner of Aroma's Coffee Shop, sitting behind a big wooden desk with a smile on his face. Two men stood behind him with there arms crossed. They looked like they've been working out for years.

"Nice to have you with the awake..."

"Wherrrrr.... Where... am... I?" still feeling the affects of the drug swirling in his head.

"Your new work place and home." was the reply.

That struck Peter strange.

The last thing he remembered was when he when into Aroma's for his nightly Mint tea after work. The place was empty. He walked up to the counter and order the tea like he did every night. Patrick greeted him with the same smile. As he ordered the thought of how hansom Patrick was, with his short read hair and the Goatee that circled his mouth. He liked the size of Patrick, shorter then him but nicely shaped.

He paid for the Tea and sat down at a nearby table.

Patrick came up to him and asked if he could sit with him. This was a first and Peter said, "OK!".

Pulling up a seat Patrick started asking him if he would like a career change. Peter was happy were he was in his current job, stated that he enjoyed were he worked, but was wondering why he was asking.

"Ho, I need a new person on my staff for a Restaurant I own. The last person left with one of the customers. So now I need to replace him."

"Like I said, I'm very happy were I'm currently at. But I do wish you luck in finding someone soon."

"I'll have a new staff member tonight and very soon." was the reply.

"You do? I thought that you were still looking?"

"I was, until you walked in."

"Until I WALED IN?"

"Yap! The drug I slipped into you tea tonight should be taking affect very soon."

"You're joking... Right... Right?"

No response came. Starting to panic Peter got up and started for the door. Before he got 5 feet he felt the drug HIT and collapsed on the floor. Every thing went black until he woke up just now.

Patrick *SNAPED* his fingers a glass of water appeared before Peter from a person he didn't see at first. Looking from were it came from he spotted another person standing there waiting and staring at Patrick. The first person handing him the glass said, "Drink this... It'll counteract the drug."

Picking up the glass slowly he drank the entire content.

Patrick started, "Now that your aware of were your are, it's time for you to know why and what your here for! Where to start? Well I own a very special Restaurant. I called it Warehouse 8 and you are the latest employee to come to this establishment. You'll have an 8-hour workday for 5 days and 2 days off. Clothes and a room have and are supplied for you. In addition, you'll have many duties to do. Any questions so far?"

"How..." Peter started.

"You will be on a 3 month probation. If I don't like the work you do or if you want to quit.... YOU CAN! No one who worked for me here ever leaves the same way that they come in."

"What about the last employee you said that left with a customer?" Peter's mind started to race.

"Ho! I meant to say he left IN the customer." as he started to lick his lips.

"You... he... HU?" was the only words that fell out of Peter's mouth.

"You see this place serves a very special brand of people. A group with a special need. A need that I can help to fill."

He then pointed at one of the two people standing behind him and then pointed at the person that was standing and staring at him. The bouncer moved towards the person. The guy realizing this started to the door behind him. Quickly truing around and trying the handle of the door. Locked, the guy then turned and faced the huge man coming towards him. He started to cry and slid down the door curling up into a ball. When the bouncer got to the him, he picked the him up off the ground with no effort and cared him back to Patrick, and held him in the air. I have to show you what happens to MY EMPLOYEES when they don't do what I like." as he talked he took off his shirt reviling a firm and furry chest and stomach. He then undid his belt and undone his plants. With a small twist of the chair he turned and faced the bouncer holding the person.

"This one has insulted a very good customer. Sense he is still in his first 3 months, I have to punish him for his disobedience..." staring at the guy dangling before him, "And if he would of made it pass the first three mounts, the customer would had to do this him self. But now I can enjoy him."

The bouncer shifted the person around until his arms were pinned to his sides. Patrick leaned over and gave a kiss on the young man's forehead. He then moved his mouth to the crown of the head. The guy wiggled and squirmed in the bouncers grip but was not able to get free.

Patrick rested his opened mouth on the crown. He then started to push forward. His mouth stretching more and more as it started to cover the top of the head. His jaw seemed to have unhinged it self while this was happening. Soon haft of the person's head was in Patrick's mouth. The man wiggled and squirmed even more now.

Peter sat there in shock at what was happening before him.

The rest of the head now completely inside the mouth, started to go down the throat. Patrick made a humming sound of having something delightful to eat. The bouncer had to help Patrick get the shoulders in. Once in, Patrick started to slowly swallow. The man's shape showed as it passed through the mouth, throat and the now expanded chest. The throat it self could be seen moving. Up and down. Up as it loosened, and down as it contracted around the body and pulled more of it in.

When he finely got to the waste of the man, who was still fully clothed, he leaned back into his chair. The only thing that was seen was haft of the man in Patrick, down to his stomach, and two legs shacking in the air. The stomach had not bulged yet but was soon into a large round ball like shape, as he swallowed the rest of the young man. When the butt and waist was in, the stomach started to fill out. The legs slid in slowly, and the stomach filled out even more. When the feet were the only thing left the bulge in his stomach kept moving and wiggling. With a couple of more swallows the feet were gone with the shoes. The bulge in his stomach shifted and came to rest. It was almost the same size of it owner.

He patted and rubbed it with a smile like a cat that just ate the bird. The young man still moved inside.

"So filling.... You won't be there long..." talking to the big bulge of a stomach, "You'll really get to know me..."

He then looked up at Peter.

"I enjoy this part so much! If you only knew the felling of having some one inside you. The felling of power it gives you that you can affect someone's life. However, this all will be over soon. I have a VERY HIGH MATABILISM, which should be kicking in any moment now!"

He continued "Atom! Once I have finished my meal you can show Peter to his new home. I want you to teach him what he needs to know. And when you show him to his new place take him by the back way. Thank yooooooohhh! Ooooohhh! There he goes..."

Peter with his eyes still on Patrick, seen what Patrick meant by having a VERY HIGH MATABILISM. The bulge in his stomach started to shrink. Quickly! The skin relaxing as it shrunk. Within a couple of minutes Patrick's stomach was almost back to normal. With one good belch "Buuuuuuurrrrrrrrp" the stomach flattened to it original shape.

Patrick rubbed his stomach excusing him self and dressed.

Atom garbed Peter by the arm and helped him off the mat. Peter still fixed on Patrick, with a look of 'lost of reality' on what just happened, followed the tugging on his arm out the door. Once out of the room and the door closed, Peter just stared straight ahead not really looking at any thing, or hearing Atom talk to him.

Atom walked Peter into his room and sat him on the bed. Then went over to the sink and got a glass of water. Waving his hand in front of Peter's face for a reaction and then not receiving any, he pored the water on his head.

Peter jumped and snapped back to the here and now.

"I... I.... I... I, it's not possible... I must be dreaming...." He stuttered.

"HO! It is, and that's not all!" Atom added.

"Now you better get some rest you start tomorrow night and I need to finish my shift or I'll end up were Mark went."

"OK!" Peter said and laid down on the bed.

Atom left the room, turned off the light as he did.

Peter laid there for awhile remembering the Net Site he uses to hit almost every day after he got home. "Big Gulp". All of the stories he read on the site were a sexual turn on, but he never thought that he would ever live it. He stade awake for a while remembering the stories he read until he fell asleep.

Atom hurried through the staff complex to the motel section of the warehouse. Getting to the front of the section he took his position as the desk clerk.

"OK Tom, I'm back."

"Where's Mark? I thought that he was working with you tonight?"

"He's not going to be around anymore." His voice trailing off.

Tom looked at Atoms face and knew what had happened. He then packed up his cash and papers and headed out the door.

"Is Mr. Smith Coming in tonight?"

Tom stopped and turned around.

"Yes he is." Tom said, "He's been asking for Shane to serve him."

"Does Shane know that he's next?"

"Ho yea, he does and he can't wait." A smile crossed both their faces.

"Who will it be next week," Atom asked.

"I've been thinking about Ted. He should be next."

"Ok. Thanks. See you in the morning"

"See you in the morning. Bye."

Atom finishing setting up. He sat back and remembered Marks legs kicking as they went down to the owners guts.

"Hope that never happens to me..." he whispered under his breath.

The door on the other side of the room flew open and a short, round belly man walked in. He went to the desk and smiled at Atom.

Atom getting up greeted the man "Mr. Jones nice to see you tonight. A room for a week, sir?"

"It's nice to see you too. It would be nicer to have you, you know."

"I know sir, but you know the rules!"

"Yes I know. But one of this days I'll get you yet" he chuckled.

"So will that be a room for a week?"

"Yea. Then we'll see if I need to stay for another week like the last one I swallowed."

"Well we hope you don't have to get another week. That will be room #235 on the second floor." While holding out the key.

Mr. Jones held out his hand under the key. Atom dropped it.

"Thanks, you little cutie." As he turned and walked off.

"That's another place I don't want to end up in. Thank God that Patrick ruled that his top people were not to be swallowed, with out his consent." He thought to him self.

Finishing his paper work he sat back and went over the list of things he had to do to get the new guy trained. Boy that was a list and a half to go over.

Tom when to the cash office and dropped off his cash box and papers. He then headed for the restaurant's kitchen. Taking the back way around he was safe from the customers.

"Dam!" he sputtered " I wish I was still in my 3 month probation. I would be safe walking out across the warehouse with out being swallowed. I hate taking the back way, it takes so long."

Reaching the kitchen his he started to look for Shane.

The kitchen was a ramble of sights, smells and sounds. The 'Shifts!' were busy away preparing food and people for the customers. He walked pass a roll out table with a nude man covered in a sugar glassed coating with cherries and banana bits all around. The man was tied so that he wouldn't fall of the table or get away. A waiter came and wheeled the card out the door to the dinning area. As he followed the cart out he spotted Shane. He called Shane over to the corner.

"Shane. Are you ready?"

"Yea. I think so..." his voice trailing off of being unsure what was going to happen.

"Don't worry. We've done this before and all of the people we got out are now living on their own. We even got a letters from them saying thanks and that they where safe. "OK."

"Remember to move around once your inside or the bouncers might suspect something was wrong. Once he gets to his room he will swallow a pill for you to take. The pill will shrink you in a couple of hours. It only lasts for a couple of hours so he has to act fast. Once he is outside and safe at his place he'll let you out and let you return to full size. We ask that you write a letter saying that you made it. He will then bring back the letter and we'll get the next person ready to go." "Thank you again for getting me out of here."

"We would have done it earlier but we had to wait for the 3 mount probation to be over with."

"I know."

"Now get ready. He's here. Remember that you don't know that he wants to swallow you. So act surprise."


"Get going."

Shane grabbed his paper and pen and went out the door marked 'OUT'. The dinning area was pack tonight and he moved through the room to the table that Mr. Smith was sitting at. He stopped at the right side of Mr. Smith, and pulled out his paper and pen to write down the order.

Mr. Smith sat there with his dark blue suit. His dark brown hair glistened in the rooms light. He turned his head and looked up at the blond headed young adult standing there with paper and pen waiting for him to order.

"Ah. Shane you're here! I would like to order now."

"Yes sir, and what will it be?"

"Well I was thing about that young man hanging next to the door as I came in but..." he raised his hand and summoned one of the many bouncers in the room to his table. The bouncer made his way thought the room to the table and stood behind Shane.

He then continued with his order, "...I just changed my mind. You look really good and I had not had a blond for a long time."

The bouncer grabbed a hold of Shane. Shane started to struggle to get him self free from the bouncer. Mr. Smith rose from his seat, standing around six and a haft feet tall. He then grabbed a hold of Shane while waving his head for the bouncer to let go. Shane struggled in Mr. Smith's hands as the man picked Shane up off the ground. He brought Shane to his now wide-open mouth.

Shane was assured that this was safe, still couldn't hold back fear as he entered the mouth. The wet sides and warmth wall made him panicked even more. Mr. Smith feed more and more of Shane into his mouth. Shane now upside down in the throat could feel the muscles contract and pull him in further as Mr. Smith sucked him in. His mind raced with what was happening with him. He saw countless people swallowed and now he was doing the trip. Mr. Smith greedily shoved the young man's butt and thighs in his mouth and then stopped. Patting his stomach he looked at the bouncer walking off.

"This is my chance to finish this off quickly!" He thought.

He tilted his head back and with one big GULP pulled the rest of Shane into his stomach.

Shane hearing and feeling the loud GULP found himself fully inside and curled up in a ball. His mind went blank.

"Will you move around in there!"

Thinking back on what Tom had said he squirmed around the stomach. He couldn't move much as the stomach walls were holding him in place. Suddenly he felt his surroundings move and shift, flipping him over until his was up right. Then he felt a movement of being pushed forward and to one side. Then to the other side. He filly figured that Mr. Smith was walking. His mind started to calm down, allowed him to get into the swing of things. The warmness of the body he was in and the soft sounds of the heart thumping let him relax even more. He felt that he was in a rocker and soon he would be rocked to sleep lake a baby. He felt safe and secure, like being in a womb.

He could still here the customer out side as Mr. Smith walked across the room to the other side. Out the door and down the hall. The movement stooped and he could hear a voice talking.

"HA! Mr. Smith nice to see you tonight. A room for a couple of hours, sir?"

It was Atom. He knew were he was and that soon his nightmare will be over.

Mr. Smith's voice boomed around him again. "Well yes, and nice to see you to tonight. This has been one of the best meals I had in a long time. But I'm sorry to say that your going to be short staffed again!"

"Ho really?"

"Ho yet. I had the waiter. He was quite tasty. I should be done with him shortly. Ho... by the way do you have my medication here. I left it here before I went to eat. I think it was Tom that was here."

"I have them right here for you."

"Thank you. And what room do I have?"

"You're in room #216. Here are the keys and I hope you enjoy your stay here."

"Ho I will. In case I don't see you later, have a good night"

"You have a good night, Sir"

Mr. Smith turned and walked off to the elevator.

Atom watched as he got into the elevator. One the door closed he couldn't help smiling know that they got another one out.

A couple of hours later Mr. Smith walked out of the elevator to the desk.

"That was refreshing. Here is the keys and I'll see you next week."

"Have a good night, and see you next week then."

"Who do you have for me next week?"

"You know that I can't tell you that! We don't even know who is working tomorrow!"

"Well I hope that he is just as cute and tasty as the one I had this week." Well he patted his belly and winked. "Ho well... bye!"


Again Atom watched as Mr. Smith walked out the door. Once Mr. Smith was gone he moved his thoughts back to the list in front him that he was making for the new person to learn.

"My shifts almost over, and I can get to bed soon!" He thought.

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