Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

By The~Wheelman [Email]

This story has been compiled from the events I've recorded in my diary over the last few months since the "Fall of Man"...

Seven days out of L.A. Four days since the blue sky turned flashbulb white, and my weekend camping tour was lengthened indefinatly. I was able to duck into a culvert with my bike before the blast wave hit, and fortunately I was far enough away not to be incinerated. I keep checking myself like a leper for signs of radiation poisoning, so far though I haven't seen any. How long does it take for the symptoms to show?

I haven't seen anybody since then. I mean nobody, as in NO BODIES. Alive or dead. Come to think of it, the traffic was very light those last few days, even for the mountains. It was as if everyone decided to packup, leave town and nuke the place to cover their tracks.

I Climbed into the Yosemite Valley, thinking that some people may have fled to the mountains, but it was as empty as everywhere else I've been. Thankfully, the nuclear winter so feared, didn't seem to be happening. The sky's were darker, but not black. More of a dull teal color. The climate was definitely cooling off though. I wondered how long before the harsher winters which were sure to come would once again bury this valley in glacial ice. I Spent the night in one of the glorious hotels on the valley floor.

The next day, as I was "raiding" the local convenience store for supplies I heard a scream! But before I could turn around someone jumped on my back and began pummeling me with small fists. Fortunately he wasn't very strong and I was able to reach around and grabbing his wrists, yanked him around to face me.

It was a girl! Or a small woman, it was hard to tell, she was so mussed up. And obviously insane. She kept babbling like a child. I tried to calm her down, talk to her, but it was no use, she just kept struggling and screaming. From the looks of her she was probably as hungry as I was...

As I stared I barely noticed that she was getting smaller. Not even when the rags she was using to cover herself fell from her shrinking body. I just kept staring, holding her arms above her head. When she was about five inches tall she stopped shrinking. Holding her by her wrists, I looked at her tiny form. Even undressed it was hard to determine her age. Was she petit? Or not yet fully developed? Her wildly tangled blond hair and her wild animal like behavior gave her the apperance of being not much older than fifteen.

Just then, my stomach grumbled with hunger. Without even thinking, I brought her to my face. Opening my mouth I stuck her in. As my lips wrapped around her chest, I began working her into my mouth with a chewing motion. There was no crunching of bones, no blood. I felt her small breasts against my tongue as I pressed her body against the roof of my mouth. I fondled the tiny form with my tongue. It was the best thing I had ever tasted!

I tipped my head back and began swallowing. In the store window I saw a strange man with a woman's legs stickng out of his mouth. As I swallowed they moved further and further between my lips. I felt her hips and then her slender legs moving over my tongue. I could see the bulge in my throat, and as I continued to swallow, it slowly moved down out of sight behind my collarbone. I felt her struggles as the muscles of my esophogus forced her down my throat into my stomach. Only when she was in my belly did I realize what I had done. I had swallowed someone ALIVE! I looked around quickly, but there was no one there. No one to see what I had done.. I hurried back to the hotel and locked myself in my room.

I climbed Tioga Pass out of the valley the next day. Except for the girl, the young woman, that is, I had seen no one. There was no reason to stay. At Lee Vining, I turned north. For the next two days I couldn't get what I had done out of my mind. I kept thinking of that small body in my mouth. My tongue running over her petit breasts, the feel of her being squeezed down my throat to be slowly diges... I killed the thought, again. Damn, it was starting to feel almost... erotic.

It took seven days to cross Nevada. and I still haven't seen anyone. I continued on my course towards Salt Lake City. Somewhere there had to be someone left alive, and sane enough to start life over After a few days I pulled into the city. It looked deserted. Picking up a map I tried to figure where the most likely place people would go. Being that it was a religious city, I decided on the Temple. Not exactly a logical choice of refuge, but probably the most likely.

It didn't look to promising when I got there, however. I wasn't sure what I was hoping for. Singing, perhaps. But it was as silent as a tomb. I went in, empty. Every room was as neat and tidy as you would expect a church to be. Perfectly normal, if this were a normal situation. Here was the church, there was the steeple, but when I opened the door, where were the people? I went back outside and consulted the map for another likely place.

He came limping from around a corner of a nearby building, trying desperately to reach me. I called out, but he didn't answer. As he got closer I saw he was holding something in his hand. Suddenly he raised it and tried to lunge at me. I quickly stepped aside avoiding the slashing blade. His foot slipped off the curb and he fell in the street, the knife clattering beside him as he grasped his reinjured ankle. The knife handle was covered with dried blood, and so was his shirt. Blood was crusted around the collar, as if he had been eating raw meat. Putting two and two together, I surmised I was to be his next meal. As our eyes locked, he froze...

I Rummaged through the pile of clothes and picked up the small figure. Angrilly, I stuffed him into my mouth. "Make a meal out of me, will you?" I thought, "Well, chew on this!". I bit down as hard as I could. He cried out in pain and fear, but was unhurt. He didn't taste nearly as good as the girl did, he was too hairy, and not that clean either, but in my anger I didn't care. I kept chewing, working him back towards my throat. When I felt his balls pass my lips I bit down on them. I could hear him scream down my throat. He was a meaty thing, well, fat actually. I found my self thinking of beef jerky as I continued to work him into my mouth.

It was hard getting him down into my throat, Although no taller than the girl, he was more massive, and the coarse hair was making him difficult to swallow. his struggles weren't helping either. I grabbed one of the water bottles from my bike and began drinking to help ease him down. It helped as I felt him sliding more easily down into my gullet. Even when he was completely swallowed though, I kept drinking until the bottle was emptied, then belched to empty my stomach of air, drowning him. I was afraid with his strength he might damage my insides!

After that I wanted nothing to do with this city. I felt no remorse over what I had done. After all, it was in self defence. Eat or be eaten, literally. Was that how the world was going to be from now on? I decided to avoid the cities. They wouldn't be a very wise place to go after a disaster anyway, no dependable water, no place to grow food. I decided to stick to country roads. and farm areas. I left via U.S. 40 and headed towards the Central Plains.

It took almost three weeks before I approached Denver. I spent some time relaxing in the forests and national parks, collecting my thoughts and forming plans. I was sure my choice to follow rural routes was a good one. Even if I didn't find anyone else, I would eventually have to find a place to live and support myself. But while the stores were still able to provide food, I could still look for others. Running even a small farm would be much easier with help. If I could find someone with some farming experience, even better. Remembering my experience in Salt Lake, I turned north again before I got into the city. From the looks of the skyline, There wasn't much left of it anyway.

I kept in the foothills as the plains didn't look in two good a condition. They seemed to be having a bad drought. The change in climate could have done this. The scene was depressing so I headed deeper into the mountains. I pulled into a small town and stocked up on some needed supplies and got some more maps. Finding a small park I sat down and rested under an elm.

I awoke to find a slender asain girl kneeling beside me, as if in prayer. She saw I was awake and started speaking hurridly. Most of what she said was in Chinese or Japanese, I couldn't tell. Only about very third or forth word was in English. And she kept bowing to me like I was some kind of priest. Little by little I was able to put together her story...

She had been off walking in the woods and when she returned, everybody was gone. Her son had left a note on the kitchen table saying that he had been called to active duty and was ordered to report to the nearest military base. Her husband had driven him. It was nearly two weeks before they returned, badly injured and suffering from radiation poisoning. Both died a few days later. She buried them in the local cemetary. No one else ever returned. She was convinced that judgement day had arrived, and that she had been left behind. And that I had come to judge her. I tried to tell her that I was just a man, a survivor like herself, but she wouldn't listen to me. she was too lost in her religious fantasy, bowing and praying.

As her nightgown fell from her shoulders she stood up and looked at me. She too was shrinking. I looked at her naked figure standing there. She didn't run, she probably thought this was part of her judgement. The words ran through my head; "And all shall stand naked before the lord". Her face was flat, with delicate features, despite the slightly weathered look common to people who worked the land. She was slim, her breasts were generous and conical. She had a tiny waist and narrow hips, and I was suddenly filled with a completely different kind of hunger!

As I pulled my cycling shorts off, she reached out with her arms, I grabbed her around the chest and pulled her hard against me, by this time she was not much more than three feet tall. As I pressed her chest against my swelling cock I squeezed her breasts together with my hands and began furiously tit-fucking her. I knew I couldnt damage her, so I didn't restrain myself. She must have thought of it as a sign of her acceptance into heaven as she tried to embrace me. But her arms were two short so instead she reached behind my cock and pressed it against her chest. She was actually helping me!

I let out a groan as I felt myself coming. Desperately she opened her mouth and pressed her face against the head of my cock just as I shot my load. Although she tried hard to swallow all of it, most of my ejaculation ended up on her face and in her hair. Spent, I sagged to my knees and dropped her. As she wiped her face and hair licking up every drop. Then she walked towards my sagging penis and tried to massage the last few drops out, licking gratefully. She was only a foot tall by now. I wrapped my fingers around her body and lifted her to my face.

I licked her all over delicious body. As I stuck my tongue between her legs, she spread them and began twitching and moaning. She must have thought, "what a way to get to heaven!" When she was only a few inches high, I held her in my open palm and, tipping my head back, opened my mouth wide. She bowed to me one last time, and said something in her languag. Then she lowered her long slender legs between my lips, and I closed them around her thighs. She squirmed as I worked her deeper into my mouth. With her hips in the back of my throat I lay back on the grass and played my tongue over her tits and across her tiny body before starting to swallow. What an incredibly sexy feeling! She slid down my throat so easily that I stopped swallowing and enjoyed he feeling of her lithe body being massaged slowly down into my stomach as she squirmed, probably still trying to help. Satisfied, I curled up on the grass and went to sleep.

No one else was in the town, she had told me that. So I continued on my way. I should have felt guilt, or regret. Something. After all, except for her fanaticism, she might have been quite sane, or at least curable. but every time I thought of her I was filled with such wild feelings of sexual release it didn't seem to matter, as I remembered the incredible feeling of coming between her breasts as she held her face against my erect member. I was actually beginning to enjoy what was happening to me

It's been ten days since I swallowed the asain lady, and I haden't felt any hunger. This happened before, with the girl (WOMAN!) in Yosemite. it took over a week before I was hungry. The man in Salt Lake, almost two weeks. Obviously, even though reduced in size, their bodies were still providing all the nutrients of 100 - 200 lbs of meat.

I picked up a well illustrated book on wild edible plants hoping to vary my "diet".

The mountains began to veer east so I followed. Surely all the plains couldn't be trapped in drought, could they? The views from the passes were not promising. Small towns along the way provided some supplies, and I was getting pretty good at identifying edibles, although I had made a few mistakes. Fortunately, nothing more serious than an upset stomach.

There must have been a military base near here, or some other strategic something, though I could find nothing obvious on the map. But someone must have thought it was important, the area was pretty blasted. It was starting to get cold, even though it was only September. I really didn't want to migrate too far north with an early and possibly harsh winter coming. As I rode down into a narrow valley I saw a small town. The steep walls of the valley had protected it somewhat, but it was still rather damaged. Maybe the north end had fared better. It was getting late and I needed shelter anyway. The sky didn't look too friendly.

It wasn't until I reached the end of town that I found a house in good enough shape, and it looked suprisingly good. The front was blackened from the heat, of course, but structurally, it seemed sound. The face of the garage told a grim story of that fateful day. In perfect silhouette was the shadow of a small tree, a picket fence, and the figure of a man holding... a bicycle. Of the scene, nothing remained but a charred stump where the tree stood. I would have thought that the bicycle, being made mostly of metal, would have survived at least in part. But of it there was no sign.

I tried the door. Locked. Going around back I tried the rear door to the garage. It was open and I went inside. It was dark. but a window high on the wall let in a little light. As my eyes got used to the darkness I saw an object by the door to the house. It was a bicycle. No, I decided, it wasn't the same one. the frame was a different shape, and it showed no signs of heat from the blast. I went inside.

Halleluya! The solar heater on the roof was still working. HOT WATER! I went to the laundry room and, got all my dirty (and not-so-dirty) clothes out and dumped them ito the basin. Then I stripped naked and threw those in too. Filling the basin, I added some soap and let them soak while I went searching for the shower. I washed myself thoroughly and then soaked until all the hot water was gone. feeling cleaner than I had in a long time I dryed myself off and headed for the bedroom.

For some reason, maybe because I was tired, it didn't even seem strange that in a house that was so tidy, the bed should be unmade (maybe they had to leave in a hurry?). I threw back the sheets and jumped back. The bed wasn't unmade, it was occupied! Startled awake, the occupant grabbed the sheets and backed into the corner, holding them close to her body. Equally startled, I stammered, "Ex-excuse me! I'm s-sorry!" and I turned to leave.

Under normal circumstances, it would have been a completely normal thing to do and say, and maybe that's what reassured her. "Wait," She cried, in a meek voice. I turned. She was standing in front of the bed, the sheet still held around her. She looked at me. As her eyes ran up and down I realized I was wearing nothing but what I was born with! "don't go, please." she begged. And dropped the sheet.

She was almost jet black, with a figure to die for! I stood dumbfounded as she approached me. Before I could do or say anything, she wrapped her arms around me. Bringing her face to mine she parted her lips and kissed me deeply. The sudden movement unbalanced me and I fell onto the bed and on top of her. I rolled over lengthwise on the bed and returned the kiss. She responded wildly! kissing my lips, my cheeks, then my neck as she moved down my body. As her breasts touched the tip of my cock, my hips rose to her. Immediately she grabbed my cock and massaged it against her firm tits.

When I became fully hard she moved down and, pressing it against her face, licked my cock along it's full length, then her tiny mouth opened wide and she went down on me. Further and further she went. When she was about halfway down my shaft I felt myself entering her throat. Still she continued, until my entire organ was buried deep inside her! then she came backup and did it again, even harder! After about five thrusts, each more forceful than the last, she lifted her face. Looking at me, she pleaded "Help me".

I lost all control! grabbing the sides of her head I thrusted myself furiously inside her, not even caring if I hurt or injured her. Her arms wrapped around my back as she pulled my in eagerly! My hips began bucking as I pounded her face against my groin. I came without warning. Pulling her head deeply into my crotch, I pumped my load into her throat! I came so hard I barely felt her body spazm, as she came too. Even after I was spent I kept on pumpng, in one incredibly long release!

Finally my body relaxed and as my hands fell from her head I felt the muscles of her throat contracting. She was swallowing my semen while I was still inside her! My now limp cock fell from between her lips and she smiled at me. Then she began slinking her body up mine. Rubbing it against me seductivly. Reaching my face she began kissing me in a erotic in-out movement, like she was fucking my mouth with her lips and tongue. As she moved up further, I felt my cock slip between her legs. Her small nipples were right over my mouth. Reaching up, I placed my hands on her tits and guided them to my lips and sucked them like a starved babe. She moaned and ground her chest against my face.

My cock was hard again so she lifted herself up and pushed it inside her quite wet pussy. With a squeaky moan she lowered herself down. It was so incredibly tight I couldn't believe I didn't shoot my load right then. She began grinding her clit against me, increasing in speed as her excitement grew. In almost no time she arched her back and with a strained groan. her body stiffened and began to shudder convulsively. When the spasm passed she collapsed on top of me. Breathing heavilly she whispered in my ear, "Take me."

I didn't need to be told THAT a second time! I rolled over on top and thrust myself into her mercilessly. When I felt myself about to come she would stop me, and hold me back till he urge passed, before letting me continue. Twice she did this. the third time, however, she didn't try to stop it. I felt her coming again and that set me off. With the force of of two frustrated orgasms behind it, I shot my load into her, pushing myself as deeply as I could into that tight pussy. We fell asleep in each others arms, still connected together.

I awoke only slightly dissapointed that she wasn't laying in my arms. As she lay there, I looked closely at her in the morning light. She was so incredibly beautiful. Her skin was velvety smooth and black as coal. Her body was muscular, but still very feminine. The classic dancer's figure. Her legs long and fit (that was probably her bicycle in the garage). Average hips, firm buttocks that were even lightly dimpled on the sides. The abs were faintly visible on her tummy. Her breasts were small, A "B"-cup at best. But the firm muscle underneath made them stand out so that they looked a good size larger. Even lying down they stood proudly out from her chest. Her arms were slender, not as nicely muscled as the rest of her. She had a small face. Her lips, typically negroid, framed her tiny mouth. She had a very narrow neck. It seemed impossible, that she could have gotten my fully erect member into that tiny mouth and throat! Yet she had thrust me inside herself violently. I hoped she her mind was as perfect as the rest of her.

She awoke, and, seeing me admiring her, smiled warmly. "good morning." she said (in a voice that could melt chrome steel!). "I'm sorry about the way I took advantage of you last night, It was rather rude of me. My name is Naomi, Naomi Campbell." My mouth dropped. "No, she giggled, "not THAT Naomi Campbell!". Still, I couldn't believe my luck. "My name is Chris Wheelan." I said. "And you certainly don't have to appologize." I couldn't help but add, "If you don't mind my asking, where did you ever learn to do that?" "I didnt know I could!" she said. "It just happened, and it felt so incredibly sexy I couldn't stop. And the deeper and harder I took you the better it felt. Hell, I even came!" She looked down. "You probably think I'm some sort of freak, like Linda Lovelace or something."

I didn't bother telling her I could live very happily with a freak like that, of course. Instead, I said. "No, you're no freak. I don't know where or how you got this gift, But it's nothing to be ashamed of, that's for sure" She looked up at me, then smiled wickedly, "Well, you sure enjoyed it!" And we both cracked up laughing. We looked longingly into each other's eyes, then embraced each other again.

That evening she told me what happened. She and he fiance' were returning from a bike tour and they had stopped because she was out of water. She knocked on the door but nobody answered. "I guess they won't mind if I use the hose." and she went round back. Just then the sky lit up and the air turned terribly hot. There was a sound like close thunder and she fell unconcious.

When she came to. everything was burned black, except for the small patch behind the house. she went out front. That's when she saw the shadow figures on the garage door, and the broken, slightly melted bicycle. Of her fiance', there was no sign. She ran out back and, finding an open door ran inside and cried like a baby.

For three days she did nothing but eat, sleep and cry. after a week the food ran out. she found a small market and for the next few weeks, survived. It was only a few days ago that she worked up enough courage to get a shovel out of the garage. For a whole day she dog. Then burying the broken bicycle she kneeled by the surrogate grave and cried till sundown. That was when she finally accepted that he was gone.

"But the market is almost empty," She said. "I tried to a bunch of cars to see if Icould drive to the next town, but none of them would start. I couldn't find anything wrong with them, the batteries were good. I knew the problem was electrical, but everything was connected. At least as far as I could tell."

"EMP" I said. A puzzled look crossed her face. "ElectroMagnetic Pulse." I explained. "It was caused by the nuclear explosion. It's like an electric shockwave. Everything electronic is rendered toast. especially microchips. Transistors too, I think. I haven't been able to find anything electronic that works since the explosions."

"And all cars today have microchips in them." she said. "could something like that be the reason that nothing I've planted will grow?" I looked out the window. It was obvious that even the surviving plants were dying. "I've been watering them, I've tried fertilizer, the soil PH is right. But nothing my father taught me on the farm seems to work." She looked helplessly at me.

"Hmm," I tried to remember what little I had learned in my biology class. "Did you check the soil for microbes?" I guessed. Naomi looked at me. "No, I completely forgot about that!" We tested the soil the next day. Sure enough, it was sterile. "Well," I said, That settles that, we can't stay here. It could be years before this valley recovers." Naomi stareed at me "We...?" "Of course! you didn't think I was going to leave you here in a radiation blasted valley, did you?" I said. "Wham, Bam, 'Thank you Ma'am'? I don't think so!" She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

We discussed our route that evening. It was getting two cold to go north. There was already snow on some of the higher peaks. South was out of the question, it was nothing but a dusty wasteland. And the blast which killed the town came from the east. So we decided to head back west. We spent the next day loading up Naomi's bike with her stuff and scavanging what supplies we needed from the surviving stores.

We took a different route from the one I rode in on, since Naomi said that there was a fairly good sized town about sixty miles away. We arrived as the sun was nearing the horizion. It wasn't until I saw the tear in Naomi's eye that I realized that this was the town she had stayed in on her tour. I held her tight and let her cry.

The next morning we found the backpacking shop. It turned out to be the town's bicycle shop as well. I selected a good set of paniers for Naomi, as well as a quality down sleeping bag. Although there was nothing wrong with mine, I got a matching one for myself, with the zipper on the opposite side so we could join them together if/when it got cold. I also got a slightly larger tent and cook kit. They would weigh more, but since we were sharing the load both of us would actually be carying less. We let the next day with a slight dusting of snow on the ground.

It's been three weeks since Naomi and me left the valley were I found her. food was getting scarce. In many places the animals had discovered the markets as a food source. Meats were especially rare. Most of the livestock had been left penned and had starved. There were plenty of wild edibles, but we needed protien. Our attempts at fishing and trappng were futile. There were no weapons anywhere, no guns, not even bows and arrows. I was able to bag a snake, it really does taste like chicken, although stringy. It didn't offer much.

We had just checked out a small market in a one street town in central Colorado. We were moving slowly through town, hoping to spot another market when we heard yelling. Carefully we peered around the corner. There in the middle of the street was a man and a woman arguing. The man held a wilted weed in his hand and was waving it about. It was hard to understand what they were yelling about as they kept interrupting each other. Then I realized they wren't even yelling at each other, they were just... yelling.

"what are we going to do?" Naomi asked me "We can't go around, this is the only road. And the only other one was miles back. I don't even think it goes the right way!" Her stomach growled. We haven't even eaten that day. I sighed. I kney a solution for both our dilemas, of course. Theproblem was I had never told Naomi about my "talent". I wasn't sure how she would take it. Just then my stomach spoke up. Shit. "Naomi," I said, "there's something I have to tell you, Something I've been holding back...."

I told her everything. The man in Salt Lake, the asain girl, even the woman in Yosemite. Well, not everything. I left out what I did to the asain before swallowing her, and I didn't say how young the woman in Yosemite looked. When I finished I could see she didn't believe me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a rat scurring through a garbage pile. I motioned Naomi to look.

As the rat got smaller, Naomi's eyes got bigger. She looked at me and I saw fear in er eyes. "NO," I said. "I would never do that. Not even if it meant starving. Why do you thing I rode all these miles? Ive been searching for months for someone with a sond mind. I would die first," I pleaded. "I love you." With that, I saw the fear fade from her eyes.

She looked back at the couple arguing. "I'm not sure..." she started. "Look." I argued. "It's them or us. Hell, look at them. They're near dead already. their minds are gone, and from the looks of them their bodies aren't far behind. Even if we do get past them they will probably keep yelling until they collapse. Then the vultures will have them." I hoped my arguments didn't sound as hollow to her as they did to me, but I couldn't think of anythng else to do. Naomi looked up into the sky. Sure enough, there were a couple of large black birds circling overhead. she looked back at me and sighed....

They never even noticed us as we approached them. I reached down and picked them up one in each hand. Even held naked in a giant's hand they continued to argue with no one. the man even kept waving his hand about as if he still held the weed. Naomi took the bikes and we walked towards one of the houses. When we got inside, I faced her. She had a very uncertain look on her face. She reached out, hesitated. then took the man and held him in her dainty hand. He was mexican, and was probably quite muscular, though starvation had taken it's toll. "I won't watch if it bothers you.." I started. She brought her hand to her face and, opening her tiny mouth, pushed his legs between her lips.

As they closed around his thighs, and she began working his body into her mouth, a smile came over Naomi's face. She stuck out her tongue and played with the mans prick. He came on her tongue and she giggled seductively. I watched her as she played with him in her mouth. As she continued to pull him in, I saw her throat swell as his body was pulled into it. Seeing this, I also felt myself swelling. Naomi reached under my shirt and slid her hand down my shorts. Wrapping her hand around my sweling member she stroked it as she worked the man into her throat. And as I watched the bulge move into that amazing neck, she knelt down and pulled my shorts off.

I looked at the woman in my hand. She must have been considered quite a prize before the world went to hell. She was voluptuous, with an hourglass figure. Like a Spanish Mae West. As I felt my cock sliding past Naomi's luscious lips, I slid "Mae's" arms past mine and into my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and ran it down her arms onto her chest, then pulled her inside. As Naomi tongued my prick, I mirrored the action in my own mouth. Pushin Mae's ample busoms around with my tongue, sliding the tip down her belly and in between her legs, I teased her pussy.

Pushing Mae all the way into my mouth, I continued to tongue her as I placed my hands around Naomi's head and bagan thrusting myself deeper inside her. As I forced my cock down her throat, I felt the tip hit against something. She still hadn't swallowed him! I began fucking Naomi's face hard, each time ramming my cock into the man's face. As I pounded Naomi's face into my groin, I also worked the woman into my throat. Just as I came I swallowed her, feeling her slide down as I pumped semen into Naomi. She stood up and, smiling seductively, swallowed slowly. I watched as the man was forced down into her belly.

Ten days later we found the valley. It was beautiful! Except for the teal sky you'de never know anything had happened. There was only one house. From the extent of the fields it was safe to guess they had owned the whole valley. We approached the house carefully, As well kept as this place was, it was possible they were still here. "They might not take kindly to strangers." I warned. "I'm sure they would welcome two strong bodies," Naomi countered. "A farm this size taks a lot of peope to run!"

But there was no one home. The poultry and livestock had been left out to graze free, and had remained healthy. There were even horses, who seemed quite glad to see us. We saddled them and spent the rest of the day as cowboys rounding everyone up and herding them into their pens. Finding feed in the barn we fed them and secured the gates (rounding up the chickens was nothing short of hilarious). I hadn't had this much fun in years. I've never enjoyed working this much ever.

None of the modern farm equipment worked, of course. However, serendipity was smiling on us, as we found an antique tractor. After a lot of cleaning, a little twisting and hammering, and some cussing, it belched up a cloud of black smoke and sputtered to life. I ran dancing and cheering after Naomi as she drove it into the barn. Reaching up I grabbed her under her arms and swung her down and around, kissing her.

"We wont be able to plant untill spring," she told me that evening. "It's getting two late in the shortened season, the crops won't have enough time to grow before the winter snows kill them." "Good thing there is plenty of food and feed stored." I answered. "I guess you have until spring to make a farmer out of me, so I can be of some use around here!" "Oh, you'll be busy enough," She said slyly. "In fact in the beginning you'll be doing most of it." "how's that?" I asked, taking the bait. With a smile, she replied, "Because I'll be busy taking care of the baby." Grabbing her, I pulled her against me and kissed her with all the love I ever felt for this incredible woman.

Authors note: All characters in this story are of legal adult age regardless of descriptions which may suggest otherwise.

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