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Accidentally Eaten

by girlfood

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© Copyright 2015 - girlfood - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M+; Solo-F; FF/m+; tinymen; foraging; accident; fall; water; glass; trapped; food; pizza; swallowed; eaten; disgested; absorbed; cons/nc; XX

Bertrand looked up at the woman coming out of the shower. Her body, perfectly sculpted, radiated steam from the warm water. Her soft skin was tinted red from the heat of the shower. Steam filled the room and somewhat obscured the view of Robin. Still, she was strikingly beautiful. She stepped out of the shower, water still streaming off of her in what amounted to tiny rivers to the four men looking on, and grabbed a towel high above them.

Strictly on principle, Bertrand disliked the idea of peeping. There was no way around what they were doing either; He and every other man standing with him gawked at Robin's beauty. Of all the places to be shrunk, a beautiful woman's apartment was probably the least objectionable location. Bertrand had initially voiced disfavor of the taking in an eyeful of the unsuspecting woman but they were trapped there and it would be almost hard to avoid. Additionally, the tiny men had only hair raising near death encounters to look forward to with Robin, the drudgery of walking seemingly endless miles to collect the bolder sized pieces of bread on the floor, or the agony of trying to find enough water to keep themselves hydrated.

Watching the giantess move past them with grace and beauty as she wrapped her form in a towel and headed for the bedroom was a beautiful sight.

Bertrand turned to the left, wondering why Tyler had not yet made a lust inspired comment about her body. Then he remembered where Tyler was and looked down at his shoes. Tyler was dead. There was no changing that. Bertrand told himself over and over again that it wasn't his fault but he still felt somewhat to blame for the loss of a member of this tiny group. Bertrand had assumed the role of quasi-leader.

The silence awoke Bertrand from his musings and he looked about himself. Normally, someone would have said something about Robin stunning form by now and it was almost always Tyler. Bertrand realized that everyone had subconsciously expected to hear Tyler's cheerful announcements about what he thought of particular parts of Robin's anatomy. They had practically been a constant whenever Robin came into view. This had been especially true after she emerged from the shower, in her naked glory. Now, with no one talking, they were all reminded of the friend that did not stand with them.

"Come on guys," Bertrand said, trying to draw the group back. "There is water over there and, I don't know about you guys but I'm looking forward to a long drink."

The group moved towards the tiny puddles of water that had fallen from the giantess as she had exited her shower. Bertrand took the lead, trying to keep everyone's mind off of Tyler's death by talking about his plans for tomorrow. Tyler had died because Tin had figured out a way to climb onto the dining table. They had found a wealth of crumbs from Robin's breakfast and had gorged themselves. It wasn't often that they had so much food available and they took advantage of the situation.

After a time, they began to grow drowsy and allowed sleep to take them, sprawled out on the table together. The feeling of contentment was not to last however as each man began to grow thirsty. There was nothing to drink on the table and Robin's shower wouldn't be for hours. From his position lying on his back Tyler had noticed the overhanging plant stems above them. Fiddleheads, he had called them and had called them. They were in a pot in the center of the table.

According to Tyler, they could be sucked on for moisture. He determined that he could climb the plant and hopefully find a way to break through the outer layer to the mushy wet insides of a leaf. If it worked, he would signal to the rest of the group and they could follow him up. Everyone agreed it was a good plan, or at least a plan. Anything sounded better than dying of thirst while waiting for Robin to take a shower. Tyler commenced his climb and being the fairly athletic person that he was, he achieved the fiddlehead sometime later despite his handicap of miniscule stature.

It was then that Robin had returned home. It was a Saturday and not surprising that she would not be gone for the day. She was apparently hungry because she walked over to the kitchenette and began making a sandwich. Everyone looked on eagerly as she did so. Sandwiches meant crumbs. She brought the plate over to the table and set it down at an all too close a distance to Bertrand to be comfortable. Someone could have easily been smushed had she placed the plate a little further back. He quickly hurried the group closer to the potted plant for safety.

"Man look at her ass," came the comment from above as Robin walked back to the kitchen. Bertrand turned and watched the tush that was now extremely familiar and remarkably perfect moves as her buttocks strained the material of the black pants that hugged Robin's body. She stopped, her buttocks still drawing stares in a stagnant image of perfection as the giantess busied herself at the counter. "How did she get those pants on this morning?" asked the voice from above. Bertrand looked up and realized that Tyler had crept out on the edge of a fiddlehead, perhaps to gaze after Robin with a less obstructed view. The beautiful calilpygian began gathering food together, unaware of those watching her.

"Come on Tye," shouted Howie. "I need a drink. See if you can get some water from that plant of yours."

Despite the fact that Robin watching was the only diverting activity, not to mention a necessity if one didn't want to be stepped on, Bertrand and the others kept an eye on Tyler while he crept out even further on the fiddlehead and start to pull on, what was to him, a humongous leaf. Luck seemed to work against them. Tyler could not simply tear the tip of the leaf in half as he had planned. They outer layer of the plants waxy cuticle was too thick at his tiny size to rip. Tyler then attacked the plant with his teeth, trying to bite his way through.

"Come on," said Bertrand. "We may as well climb the pot and see if we can help him up there." The gang climbed the pot with relative ease. Soon they were standing under the fiddlehead, their feet in the dirt.

Before they had a chance to continue their climb the group was somewhat distracted by the sound of water filling a glass. Robin had taken a tall glass and was now proceeding to the table where her sandwich lay waiting. Bertrand was not too worried. They were on top of the plant pot and were in little danger of her sitting a drink down on them. Maybe if they were lucky, she would pour some of the water into the plant!

Meanwhile, Tyler was so engrossed in his activities that he didn't notice Robin's approach, otherwise they would have heard something about her breasts or belly or face and how pretty he thought she was. Instead he was pulling with all his might on the leaf. Suddenly Tyler's hands slipped and he lost balance just as Robin set the glass under the Tyler's fiddlehead that overhung the side of the pot.

Initially, it might have been viewed as a lucky thing that Tyler landed where he did, right in the glass of water. The impact did something to soften what otherwise might have been a painful fall. However it was obvious that Tyler was in a great amount of danger where he was.

Robin's soft mouth opened wide and everyone got a good look inside. Tyler had more then once made a comment about letting Robin suck on him. It was always off color and quite rude but it had often won a laugh from his companions. Now, staring into that dark cavern, everyone realized just how easily they could be forced over the larynx and into the esophagus. Why, with a mouthful of food or water Robin would never even know they were there.

Robin had just picked up her sandwich and taken a bite that would have been more then twenty men Tyler's size could have eaten. Bertrand stared as Tyler swam to the side of the glass farthest from Robin. Unfortunately, the glass was not filled to the brim and Tyler was trapped within. A moment later Robin swallowed what she had in her mouth and took another bite. She would take a sip soon.

"Guys! Get me out!" Tyler's call for help managed to reach Bertrand's ear. It was so different from his impolite remarks about when Robin normally ate. Now he was in great danger. Bertrand cast about, looking for some possible solution. "What are we gunna do man? What are we gunna do?" Howie was leaning towards Bertrand and asking him fervently for a plan. Everyone held their breath as Robin reached for the glass.

She took a long drink and set the glass down again. Bertrand saw Tyler's tiny form swishing back and forth with the motion of the water. He was still in the glass. Thank God. Now how was he going to get out before Robin drank again?

Robin kept eating her sandwich. Tyler swam away from Robin and banged into the far side of the glass. From where he stood on the pot, Bertrand was just below eye level with Tyler. His face was frantic, his eyes wild with fear. His manner was devoid of his usual nonchalant attitude and solely one of uncontrolled horror. His whole body shook as he flailed with desperate effort to escape, every motion of his ordeal painfully visible to the group through the transparent glass.

The terror in his voice was blood chilling. "Guys. Help! Get me out!" he cried. He was actually crying! Bertrand, for all his leadership, froze as Robin's well manicured hand returned for the glass and fingers wrapped around it base. Bertrand's eyes tracked the form of Tyler, his tiny fists still beating on the glass inconsequentially, as his transparent prison was brought to Robin's full lips. She didn't even bother looking at the glass as she tilted her head back and drank.

Bertrand didn't cry out, didn't speak, he only watched the movement of Robin's throat as, from his perspective, the size equivalent of an olympic sized swimming pool was swallowed in the blink of an eye. Just as she drank without looking, so did she set the glass back down, now empty of its contents, water or human. Orren let out a tiny cry. Howie stared, wide eyed in disbelief and Tin fell on one knee, tears in his eye, either praying or simply too weak to stand.

Bertrand stood and watched Robin. The woman was completely blameless for the death of his friend. As far as she knew, she had only drank a glass of water. She was unaware of the fact that a man who had admired her form so many times was now dead, in her stomach. Now he was nothing more than food.

No. That wasn't right. He was now food, certainly. But Tyler wasn't dead. Not yet. He had been swallowed alive. He was still alive but his life would be one of horror and agony until its end.

Robin finished her sandwich and rose to clear her plate. This time no one said a word about the perfect shape of her body although they had an even better view of her backside than before. With a grace of movement that was agonizing to behold, she walked to the sink placed the dishes within. Why was it sorrowful to watch her move so perfectly? Because she was an accidental killer? Or was it because that somewhere within her was a man who could never have moved with such grace? A man who would never have been able to walk like that. But Tyler would move that way as soon as he was absorbed into her body, just like every other animal she had ever eaten.

After putting the dishes away Robin went to the couch in the living room, sat down and began to read a book. Bertrand could only stare at her as she read. His friend was still alive within her. That was the most unbelievable part. He would be with her, in her, alive, for a few moments. But he had no say in what she did. He didn't even know what she was doing right now. It was amazing to imagine Tyler as her food. No, it was unfathomable. That was not all he amounted to. Tyler wasn't food. He was a person.

Robin burped. It was not a loud burp but it was more than loud enough for the four men with their eyes glued to her. She absentmindedly raised her hand to her lips for a brief moment as if to excuse herself. She then settled more comfortably in her seat, crossed one leg over the other and continued to read. It was so ordinary a set of movements that it nearly drove Bertrand insane with the reality of it. No matter how they might think of Tyler; a person, a friend, Robin's digestive made no such distinctions. He was only food to be digested. Food that would soon become a part of the body which he had adored. He was only food to Robin.

It amazed Bertrand that Robin could sit there so calmly, so innocently. She had no knowledge of what she had done but it seemed incredible that she could not know. How could it be possible that Tyler's life was so suddenly forfeit. That he was still alive within Robin and there was not a damn thing anyone could do about it.


Bertrand reminded himself that Tyler was dead. All they could do now was keep their minds on what they needed to do to survive. They walked towards the gigantic puddles of water on the bathroom floor. Reaching one, Bertrand began to drink, not too quickly because drinking too fast made you sick. Still, each gulp felt like liquid life after a day without water.

Bertrand looked back at the rest of the group. Each man had found his own tiny pool and was drinking with great relish. At least they had forgotten Tyler for a moment.

Later that evening, everyone lay tucked away safely in their beds, with feathers pulled over them and piled under them for warmth and comfort. Howie, Orren and Tin were all sleeping fitfully, their dreams obviously of a deceased comrade. Bertrand knew he couldn't sleep and had only pretended until the others' eyes had closed. Then he got up and started walking.

It had taken some time but he had arrived at his destination. He was on Robin's bed, walking up her leg. She was lying on her side and it was easy going. Bertrand had walked on her in her sleep before, with Tyler.

A few days previous, Tyler had informed Bertrand of his plan for a night jaunt across her bed and Bertrand, despite an inner drive of chivalry, decided it too attractive an experience to pass up. Together they had explored the vast form of the beautiful sleeping woman. They had walked up her leg, she had been lying on her stomach then, and arrived on her backside. The two men had amused themselves by exploring the contours of her anatomy.

"Damn firm ass huh?" Tyler had said. "You don't get a butt like this being a couch potato." That had been when she rolled onto her back, throwing the two off. Bertrand was sure that they had deserved the throw considering their enjoyment of their previous perch, but Tyler climbed back onto Robin, this time on her stomach.

"Wow. This is one girl who does stomach crunches," Bertrand had observed.

"Yeah, and can you imagine how much she eats?" asked Tyler. "I mean damn. She could fit a whole circus in her stomach."

It was odd that Tyler had brought that up, since he would later die within that stomach. Bertrand ceased his reminiscence and stopped his walk up her side. Her buttocks was off to his left and he took a few steps in that direction. It felt fit and strong under his feet. It was always worth seeing but he didn't feel too interested in looking at it tonight. Instead he walked back to her side and looked down at her exposed belly. Somewhere within there. Deep within her belly. His friend had died inside that beautiful stomach. Tyler was probably inside her small intestine now. Maybe he was even just under his feet.

Bertrand knelt down to one knee and placed a hand on Robin. His thoughts were of Tyler; how they had continued to explore her body a few nights ago; crossing her breasts and walking up to her face. Listening to her breathing. Walking away and looking at the perfect profile from the light of the moon outside the window. Bertrand remembered.

Was that why he was here? To say good bye to Tyler? It seemed that his unconscious mind would not let him rest without a final good bye. Bertrand jumped off into space, sliding down the well toned outside of Robin's belly. A belly that had held his friend. He landed softly on the mattress and turned to look up at the gigantic stomach. "Good bye my friend," Bertrand whispered. He left Robin for the night and returned to his friends, finding sleep much easier now.


It was three days later before they climbed the table again. They had been finding crumbs on the floor under the table but those were much more moldy and stale. Bertrand finally decided to make the call to surmount the table again. Robin had left the apartment in workout clothes, tight enough to nearly give the tiny men heart attacks from desire. Despite the lack of comments, the tiny men had watched her go, admiring her beautiful form. However Robin leaving for the gym meant that the apartment was clear and safe from being accidentally squished or eaten. It was this that had been the deciding factor in Bertrand's judgment, to attempt the table once more.

Climbing takes time and it was nearly noon when they arrived on the top. The men were hungry and exhausted. The group sat down to take a rest after their difficult morning. They sat for several moments, breathing hard and relaxing their shaking muscles. Robin suddenly appeared in the empty apartment carrying a tray of pizza. The men scattered as she placed the tray and another glass of water on the table. Pulling off a triangular piece and laying it on a place, Robin left the room. They heard her in the bathroom as she turned on a shower.

"She's showering early today. She must be going out tonight," said Bertrand to his friends. "We should go to the shower and drink, then get crumbs from the pizza after she leaves."

It was a logical plan but was ultimately voted down. The smell of hot pizza was too enticing to pass up after surviving on old crumbs for weeks. Besides, there might be condensation on the water glass which they could drink. Bertrand reluctantly allowed them to attack the pizza as long as they avoided the slice that Robin had already set on her plate. Orren and Tin let out cry and jumped aboard the rest of the pizza, trying to stuff as much as they could into their mouths.

Bertrand took a more cautious route with Howie following his lead. They nibbled on pizza from the side, rather than on top of a slice. Still, the food was hot and enticing. It was like heaven after what they had been living on. That was probably why Bertrand didn't notice the other woman when she came in the room. A gigantic hand reached out and grabbed the slice of pizza on which Tin and Orren stood. They were plopped onto another plate and the force of the fall shoved them deep into the soft tomatoey dough of the pie. Bertrand looked up. Mindy, a friend of Robin's was standing over them, licking her lips.

"Hey Robin," she boomed. "I'm just gunna eat a piece of your pizza before we go out tonight."

Bertrand could hear Robin in the bathroom call, "Enjoy it. I'll be out of the shower in a second".

Mindy, a beautiful girl, sat down and picked up a slice of pizza. It was the same piece as Orren and Tin stood, looking up in a stunned silence at the pretty giant who had seemingly come out of nowhere. "Not again," cried Howie as they watched Mindy fold the pizza over on itself, trapping their friends. She inserted the pizza into her mouth and took a huge bite. A loud "Mmm" filled the air as she began to chew and then swallow.

Bertrand and Howie watched as she ate the entire slice of pizza. Howie began to cry. Bertrand tried to pull him away from the pizza tray. They were not looking where they were going because they kept looking back at Mindy. They stumbled onto a napkin and both lost the desire to move. Instead they lay on the soft material, shaking with despair. Their friends were dead, chewed and swallowed. Mindy stood up and, almost as if to point out how delicious she had considered the meal, rubbed her belly. It sent Howie into fits seeing her do that and realizing that his friends were digesting within that trim stomach.

He turned away just as Mindy reached for a napkin. Consequently, she lifted up the napkin on which they sat. The world whorled around Bertrand as he and Howie were sent flying. He could hear Howie somewhere off in the distance screaming but he was too busy shouting himself to pay much attention. Bertrand landed in a lake. He became aware of Howie splashing into the water a few seconds after him, bubbles swirling around the two men. They kicked to the surface and gasped for breath. It was only then that they realized where they had landed. Mindy's lift of the napkin had tossed them into the gigantic glass of water that Robin had set on the table!

Terror seized Bertrand's heart. He looked over at Howie and saw his eyes go wide as dawning comprehension mixed with Panic began to flood the man's features. "Oh HELL! We're in her drink, just like Tyler was. Bertrand! We're in her drink! I don't wanna die that way man I don't wanna be..." Howie's voice was higher then usual and it suddenly broke as his emotions overwhelmed him. And who could blame him? Bertrand felt extremely sympathetic towards Howie since they both would wind up. Anyone could be, terrified by the thought of ending up... No! Don't think about it! Think about getting the fuck out.

Bertrand looked around their transparent prison. The walls of the glass were far too high and slippery to climb and they certainly couldn't find any means of escape below them. No. They were dead meat. Wait! Don't loose it, he thought to himself sternly. Bertrand struggled to keep his emotions in check. Calm down Howie. It was all he could do. If he was going to be digested alive inside a beautiful women; well dammit, there were worse ways to go! He wasn't about to die of a cardiac arrest!

Bertrand swam towards Howie, who was thrashing around and still babbling. "Damn it man, get a Grip!" Bertrand cried, smacking him across the face. Howie reeled from the blow. He stared at Bertrand in disbelief but had at least stopped yammering. "Howie. We will be alright. We will get out of here. It's going to be fine," Bertrand said.

It wasn't so much of a lie as an omission; they would get out of there, they would just be inside Robin. Fine was also a relative term. Becoming a part of a woman who was practically a supermodel wasn't so bad was it?

"Really?" asked Howie, so desperate for hope that it was really quite gut wrenching to see. "How are we going to get out?"

"You must trust me," Bertrand urged. "I know we will get out of here but you've gotta relax man. I need you to calm down. Now take some deep breathes."

Robin had appeared. She could be seen walking towards them through the glass behind Howie. It was amazing. She was well over a thousand feet of perfection, moving directly for them. Howie had his back to her and was still trying to calm down.

"Okay Bertrand," he was saying with some element of control had returned to his voice, though it still quivered. "If you say we can get out of here, we can. But how? Tell me how? Please!"

His expression was one of fierce panic and he continued to query Bertrand in a hurried voice like a drowning main grasping for a lifeline.

"You've gotta calm down. It will take care of itself," Bertrand said. His eyes were still on the colossal woman walking their way and Howie turned to follow his gaze.

"Oh GOD!" he screamed when he saw Robin, nearly upon him. Both man craned their necks backwards to stare up at the absolutely stunning face of Robin, who was looking down at the piece of pizza next to their glass. The tip of a humongous tongue appeared from between gigantic, soft, red lips and slowly passed over them. The tongue quickly disappeared between her lips, now turned upward in a slight smile. "I love pizza," Robin's voice filled their ears. "It will be perfect right now. I'm hungry," she said to Mindy.

"Ahhh! No. I don't want to be swallowed!" cried Howie as he started swimming towards the far end of the glass. Bertrand was in the way and Howie began to cling to him, dragging them both down under the water. Bertrand held his breath, refusing to die while being dragged down by his friend. He tried to push Howie off but the man clung too hard. So be it. Misty's voice echoed in the glass around them as the two men struggled against each other. "I know. That last piece of pizza I had was terrific. It tastes really good today. They must have added something yummy to the pizza."

She could be seen rubbing her stomach where Tin and Orren's bodies were now digesting as nothing more than tiny bits of protein. It must have been an awful death to be folded into a piece of pizza and suffocate in the hot dough or to be crushed by her strong white teeth. It was a painful way to go, but far more immediate than the long, agonizing process of being digested alive.

A punch to the jaw dislodged Howie's hold on Bertrand. It did not knock him out as Bertrand had hoped it would. There was too much adrenaline in his system right now. Howie simply kept swimming away from Robin. Through the glass Bertrand saw Robin lift the slice of pizza to her mouth. Bertrand got a brief glimpse of the upper palate of her mouth as she opened. Then a gigantic portion of pizza disappeared into Robin's mouth and she began to chew. Bertrand knew that they wouldn't be as lucky as Tin and Orren had been, to be chewed to death before being swallowed.

He watched Robin gulp down the pizza before taking another bite. That was when she wrapped her hand around the glass. Robin lifted them towards her face. She still chewed the pizza and it was obvious that when she was done she intended to wash it down with a drink. Please just let her drink us, thought Bertrand. Let it be over.

The glass reached Robins lips and she tipped it backwards, causing a flow of water towards the gigantic lips wrapped around the glass. Bertrand and Howie started moving towards her dark mouth, resistance to the flow of water was inconsequential. Bertrand hoped this was the end. The last thing he wanted was to prolong the experience. They weren't so lucky. Robin set the glass back down as they were both nearing her mouth. The motion sent the water in the glass rocking, and Bertrand and Howie were thrown back and forth in an oscillating rhythm.

Bertrand watched Robin taking another bite of pizza as he rose with the water and then suddenly sank back down as the motion of the liquid sucked his tiny body with it. Howie was screaming somewhere, flailing about like a wounded fish. Bertrand couldn't calm him down now. He was too far gone. And even if he did manage to get Howie under control, what difference would it make when they were flowing down Robin's gullet? He doubted it would make any difference to Robin, who would remain blissfully unaware that she had just swallowed her second and third human beings.

Robin was halfway through her pizza slice now. She was bound to be thirsty. As if on cue, she reached for the glass again. Howie screamed again, his throat raw from so much shouting. Bertrand realized that Howie was now between himself and Robin as the motion of the water and Howie's uncalculated flailing of his limbs had brought him somewhat closer to the side of the glass that was nearest to Robin. Howie realized this as well but by then it was too late. Bertrand and Howie began swimming against the monstrous column of liquid that began flowing into Robin's mouth as she tipped back the glass.

The attempt to survive was obviously futile but some more primitive section of Bertrand's brain demanded that action be taken. Still, he watched as those gigantic lips allowed water to flow from the glass between them and into Robin's mouth. Howie was caught off guard and far too close to Robin's lips. Bertrand screamed for Howie to swim but it was way too late. Howie disappeared between the lips like a speck of food to fuel the enormous beauty before him.

Now Bertrand was nearing the cavernous mouth. The undertow was pulling him along and in a second there would be no point in fighting anymore. He gave up, looking at the giant woman who would absorb all he was into her. It was at the last second that Robin stopped drinking and set the glass down. Bertrand was sloshing about the glass again, disoriented and quite surprised to find himself still treading water. He looked about the glass. Howie was nowhere to be found. The glass was suddenly very quiet. It no longer rang with the echo's of Howie's tiny voice as it had barely a second ago. It had been so fast! In the bat of an eye, Howie was gone. It seemed unreal that someone could disappear so fast.

But Howie had not exactly disappeared. He had been swallowed by a giantess who Bertrand had a crush on. He looked up and saw Robin starring down at the pizza. Her eyes, face, what he could see of her body, all perfect. He realized that he loved Robin. He loved her but how did Robin possibly not know about what was happening within her own stomach right now? Howie was within her. Howie was still alive! He was probably screaming for Bertrand right now, digesting inside Robin's vast stomach.

"You know I think this pizza was better than last time," said Robin to Mindy.

The comment was heard by Bertrand and it sent chills through him. He knew that the idea was ludicrous but it seemed that both women had said that after eating the tiny men. It was as if they had been a tasty spice. Deep within Robin's belly, Howie had heard Robin speaking too. He screamed for Robin to hear him but her gurgling belly, busy with the new arrival of pizza, water and Howie was far louder than the doomed man could ever hope to be. Besides, Howie couldn't make himself heard outside of Robin. What chance did he have within?

A few moments later, something large splashed into the stomach, washing slime, chewed food and water across Howie. As he bobbed in the stomach liquid, he realized that it had been another piece of pizza. Robin had kept eating like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Of course, to her, this was perfectly true, but to Howie, it was a signal that Robin either did not know or did not care that he was within her. Howie realized with terrible clarity that he was now food. He began to scream louder than before.

Bertrand could not take his eyes off Robin. He watched her eat more pizza, each bite of food gulped down that beautiful neck. Her pretty lips drawing the food into her mouth. Her eyes as she ate her pizza. Bertrand wondered what it was like in the stomach with food raining down on Howie. If he was lucky he would be crushed by a swallowed bit of pizza and would be put out of his misery. There was no way of knowing out here but he would soon be joining Howie.

Robin had finished the last of her pizza. A chill of horror and excitement went through Bertrand as Robin's eyes shifted from the empty plate to him. She picked up the glass once again and Bertrand knew that this was it. However instead of immediately draining the glass, Robin stood up and invited Mindy to the living room to sit on the couch. Robin walked with her glass in her hand, holding it before her as she went. Bertrand was treated to an splendid view of Robin's stomach, exposed by the blouse that she wore. Her hips moved with rhythmic perfection. It was slightly memorizing to stare at her toned belly as she walked. It was cruel knowledge indeed that Howie was indeed within that beautiful belly and still very much alive.

But far worse was the knowledge that Bertrand would soon be within Robin's belly himself. It was a terrible attraction, Bertrand realized, to be so enamored of someone's anatomy and realize that it would be his own undoing. The whole situation seemingly impossible but terribly inescapable. Robin sat down on the couch with Mindy settling next to her. Mindy began to talk about movies with Robin listening politely, their recent meal forgotten.

Bertrand's view of her was an excellent one. Above, he could see her gorgeous face, her large cleavage. Behind him, one finger tapped slightly on the glass, sending ripples throughout the water around him. Right before him was her stomach. It was so well toned that it was wonderful to see. But it was also terrible. Howie may still be alive in there, though it was impossible to know from here. Any complaint he made about his condition or current situation now would go unheard in the finality of the belly. Bertrand wondered if he would be able to hear Howie when he too entered her stomach, or if Howie would now be made as silent on the inside as he was now on the outside.

Robin began to grip the glass more firmly in her hand and Bertrand predicted that Robin was about to take a drink. It seemed strange to realize that in a few seconds he would only be about six inches from where he was now. But six inches would make all the difference. Robin began to lift the glass to her lips, bringing the glass quickly up her torso. Bertrand was treated to a final look that the flat stomach that awaited him, past her large breasts and up to her pretty face where her mouth was already parting to meet the glass.

He didn't bother struggling as she tipped the glass backwards. The flow of the water was too strong to fight, Bertrand slid downwards as the glass was inverted, Robin's fingers surrounding the glass and leading to her beautiful mouth. A mouth he had once kissed while she was asleep. Now, it opened for him, a beautiful landscape that would be his death. He rocketed passed those gigantic ruby lips, his last image of Robin was of her serene expression. As far as she was concerned she was doing nothing more than swallowing the water that surrounded him. She didn't know it was his end any more than when it had been Howie's or Tyler's. Still, he now belonged to her, her food. All too quickly, he was in her mouth. He sensed as much as felt the tongue below him, the water carrying him along, as she swallowed. Bertrand was violently forced into her gullet and down her esophagus.

The sound of moving water filled his ears, roaring with a noise that seemed unbearable. Suddenly he fell into a pool of mushy liquid, from the waterfall ejected from Robin's esophagus and into her stomach. He had reached the place where he would die. The outside of the stomach was beautiful and mesmerizing. It invited the viewer to gaze longingly at it. It also deceived the former soon to be occupant into thinking "how bad could it possibly be?"

The inside of the stomach was quite a contrast. The belly, was, Bertrand realized, anything but friendly on the inside. His skin began to burn, as did his eyes. It was pitch dark of course, but also quite loud. Every second or so there was a bubbling noise and occasionally he would hear Robin talking, engrossed in a conversation that seemed another world away. Here in her stomach, Bertrand struggled against fate. He not only belonged to Robin. He was her food. He would soon become a part of the body he had once so admired, and even walked upon while she slept.

It was a good way to go but a horrible way to die. Bertrand had hoped that the digestive process would kill him quickly. The pain he initially began to feel intensified until he couldn't imagine anything worse. He couldn't live long like this. The seconds ticked by like hours and Bertrand's own body proved to him how wrong he was about his initial prediction about his life span in Robin's stomach.

Finally, unable to thrash his limbs any longer, his head slipped below the surface of the liquid in the stomach, the churning belly now in full digestion mode. Everything within was slowly liquidated and broken down. Bertrand eventually seeped into Robin's small intestine. By this time, Robin was at a book store picking out a new read. Men gazed at her beautiful form, especially her exposed stomach which Bertrand had just vacated. His body, like his friends before him, was absorbed into Robin's form. He was now a part of her.

Robin walked gracefully out of the store, several men, now a part of her body and the rhythm of her stride. Robin was never the wiser.

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