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Adrielle's Sacrifice

by Dr. Troy

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© Copyright 2012 - Dr. Troy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; snake/f; pantyhose; oral; swallowed; digested; absorbed; climax; soft; cons; XX

The Park

It was a sunny spring day and Adrielle was taking a walk in the park after a shopping tour. Having no lectures in college today she decided to enjoy today’s wonderful weather.

Adrielle was a very beautiful young girl with long blonde hair, a cute baby face and an astonishingly shapely body with huge c-cup breasts. She was wearing a short black satin dress with spaghetti shoulders, due to the warm weather; very thin sheer to waist black pantyhose and open toe high heeled sandals. She looked a bit too sexy and overdressed in her outfit but she didn’t mind. She loved to dress sexy and expose her long legs in nylons. It made her feel desirable and she loved the aroused looks of the men when she was walking down the streets. “Why not show what you got?” Was her life philosophy.

After a short walk her feet began to ache in her heels and she sat down on a park bank to have a smoke. She sat down, stretching her nyloned legs and relaxed while smoking. The sun made her legs in her thin pantyhose shimmer even more.

“Excuse me little lady, do you have a light?” Adrielle was suddenly interrupted. Before her stood an about a 50 year old, slightly overweight men dressed in an expensive Armani suit, holding a cigarette in his hand.

“Sure”, the young girl said as she lit his cigarette. The older stranger didn’t hesitate too much as he simply sat down next to her.

‘Wow, this guy is trying to hook up with me’, Adrielle thought to herself. But she didn’t mind, she always had a crush on older men. ‘He looks cute, let’s see what this will lead to’ she mused.

“What’s your name, cutie?” The stranger asked her in a slightly dominant way which didn’t disturb Adrielle too much because she always had a more obedient character.

“Adrielle”, she said.

“You sure look very beautiful in your pantyhose and satin dress Adrielle, I like young girls like you wearing nylons, most of the girls at your age don’t wear pantyhose anymore and you have gorgeous legs”.

“Oh thank you”, Adrielle answered a bit uncertainly but aroused at the same time.

After a while of small talk about fashion and her time in college the stranger suddenly asked;

“Say Adrielle, do you like snakes?”

“Eeeeeh, what?” She asked confused.

“I asked you if you like snakes?” He asked her in a voice like he was asking her about the weather.

“Eeeh well… why not, at least I am not scared of them”.

“Good, have you ever watched a python swallowing down its prey?”

“Well yes, sure on animal documentaries like on discovery channel.”

“Did that turn you on? I mean, did you ever fantasize to be the mammal that gets swallowed?”

Adrielle was becoming more uncomfortable by this weird old stranger, ‘What kind of freaking pervert was this old guy?’ she asked herself.

At the same time she realized the crotch of her pantyhose was becoming wet, due to the fact she never ever wore slips only stockings or pantyhose. This old dominant guy was kind of scary but she couldn’t resist his charismatic attitude. How could he know about her darkest sexual fantasies? He could have been a rapist, even a serial killer but for a strange reason she felt more and more comfortable with him. But she also felt that this guy wouldn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want to, he seemed to be just a horny, charismatic, self confident aged rich man; the type of guys she always got turned on by most. Although all of the guys in college were madly after her she only had sex with older men. And she had dozens of them. She loved to tease them with her ‘innocent Lolita look’ and seduce them.

Adrielle had quite a lot of experiences with old perverted men who had strange sexual fetishes even at a younger age, but this guy was a little different. He scared the hell out of her but at the same time she got sexually aroused by him like no other man had made her feel before. And she had had those weird sexual fantasies to be devoured by a slimy monster since she was a little child.

“Well yes it turns me on, but I wouldn’t like to be an animal that gets swallowed by a huge serpent, I prefer to be a sexy young girl not just food for a snake. And I never heard of pythons swallowing a human”, Adrielle smiled to the stranger.

“What if I say I have a genetic engineered huge python that is able to swallow a full woman and digest her alive for weeks in his stomach until she dies?”

Adrielle was out of breath, her heart started to pump violently.

“You are telling me you have a genetic engineered huge Python that is able to swallow a whole human?”

“Yes, but he only eats pretty young human females just like you and I have to feed him one girl per month”.

“Your descriptions sound very arousing to me, but sorry sir, I don’t believe a word of it, you are just an old pervert who wants to fuck innocent looking young girls like me.”, Adrielle answered in a harsh way.

The old stranger started to lose his patience with the young sexy Lolita. Pulling out some pictures from his wallet he smiled at Adrielle’s face. “So take a look at the pics, you little bitch, now you see what I am talking about”, he said still smiling.

The young girl looked at the photos and was suddenly paralyzed by what she saw. The pictures showed the same 40 foot long snake swallowing down several very beautiful young girls, either head first or feed first. All of the girls seemed to volunteer freely without any resistance. Having done photography courses whilst in her high school, Adrielle could tell that these pictures where no manipulations, they were for real.

She gulped down heavily, being deeply aroused by what she had seen.

“Ok, I believe you, you have a giant snake that you feed with willing beautiful young women.”

“Finally you got it, little slut”, the dominant old man said arrogantly.

“So what do you want to tell me?” she asked innocently.

“Don’t act more stupid than you are, you know what I want from you. I asked you if you would like to feed my pet python with your gorgeous young body”.

“You want me to be food for your snake?”

“That’s what I am offering you, little slut”.

“But I will die”.

“Yes you will die, digesting alive in my snake’s stomach for 3 weeks. But you will enjoy every second of your digestion as you will be in a steady state of orgasm. It will not hurt as your pretty young body  melts into nutrient suffused slime that will feed my snake to grow larger and to absorb more and more sexy girls like you”.

“I really won’t get hurt being digested alive in the snake’s stomach?”

“Not at all my dear, you will reach the greatest orgasms in your life while being melted alive in the digestive slime of my serpent. It’s a great honour for a girl like you to donate her beautiful body to the nourishment of a women eating serpent”.

“But I will die at such a young age”, Adrielle sobbed.

“We all are going to die someday, but I give you the chance to die in a very passionate way, you won’t regret it, believe me”.

Adrielle thought about her life; which was nothing more than shopping, having sex with older guys and trying to arouse men to increase her self esteem. Having a strong bond to her young mother she always fantasized about returning to her beautiful mother’s womb where she would live forever in a happy state of ecstasy.

“What is your answer, little slut?”

Thinking about all of this Adrielle made her decision and replied “Yes I want to feed your snake with my young nutrious body.”

“Good girl, you made the right decision, so come with me I will drive you to my house.”, the old stranger said, grabbing Adrielle gently by her hand and walking away with her.

The Car

Stepping into the car Adrielle had known there would be no way back. As they drove Adrielle thought about never having sexual experiences again with men and she just couldn’t resist this weird old stranger as the crotch of her pantyhose was getting wet again.

“May I?” She asked shyly as she lowered her head to his chest.

“Go ahead my love”, the stranger smiled at her.

Adrielle opened his zipper, pulling out his large shaven dick and stuck it in her mouth. She sucked eagerly on his limp dick until it became steel-hard.

“Mhhhhhh”, grunted the old stranger, grabbing Adrielle by her hair and forcing her down deeper on his cock. Adrielle’s sensual lips glided down his large piece of fuckmeat until they rested at the base of his dick. The end of the cock pushed itself into the back of her mouth through her uvula and entered her throat. With the thick shaft in her throat Adrielle had difficulties breathing and started to gag.

“Better get used to this Snakefood, the tendrils in the stomach will go much deeper.”

With that he grabbed her hair with a stronger grip and started to fuck her narrow throat like a pussy.

Adrielle didn’t quite understand what he meant, but she had other problems at the moment trying to breathe as his massive member fucked her throat mercilessly. Just before he came he pulled the dick out of her throat and squirted a large amount of cum into her mouth. Adrielle happily drank down every drop of his cum. Licking her lips she closed his zipper and said “Thank you for making me drink your sperm.”

The House

The house was a beautiful modern villa with a pool and a pretty garden. Inside the house he offered her a glass of French Champagne.

“A toast for my python’s next meal”

“Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to feed my young body to your serpent, now I am nothing more than snakefood and that’s what I’ve always wanted to be. Thank you so much my dear”. Adrielle, deeply moved, started to sob in tears.

The stranger hugged her stroking his hands over her long hair and pretty face.

“It’s ok my sweet little girl, this now is the end of your very young life. But you can be proud to end your life in this way. Be honoured to donate your beautiful body to my snake. Now you are nothing more than food for my snake which is very natural. The only reason for a woman’s existence is to satisfy man and to be food for the serpents”.

“Yes I know and I want to fulfill my duty”, Adrielle sobbed.

“I’ll give you one last chance my little girl. Do you really want to die digested alive in my pet snake’s stomach? I mean are you really sure about your ultimate sacrifice? If you say no, I will let you go, it’s still your choice. So what’s your decision?”

Adrielle looked into the stranger’s eyes and replied, “My decision is clear my love, I want to be food for your serpent. I want to be digested alive in his stomach and donate my nutrients for his sake.”

“Good, then let’s not waste time, let’s go downstairs to my basement where my hungry pet snake awaits you”. Then he pulled out a pair of scissors and cut out the crotch of her pantyhose.

“Why did you do that?” Adrielle asked confused.

“When you’re inside his stomach you will see, you can dive into the snake in your nylon outfit, but your little fuckholes have to remain exposed.” he said, grabbed her by her hand and guided her to his basement.

The Snake

The basement was a big room with large windows, the exit sealed by a heavy metal door. The old stranger opened the door and said: “This is the room of my snake, step in now and feed yourself to him.”

Adrielle kissed the old stranger deeply on his mouth and with a smile she took off her high heeled sandals and walked into her doom. The heavy metal door closed behind her and she could see her master watching her through the thick glass windows.

Then in the middle of the room she saw her predator, about 24 feet long and 2 feet thick, shimmering green; a women eating python.

Kneeling down before his head Adrielle said: “Hello my love, I am a female mammal, your natural source of food. I offer myself as your prey. Please eat me now and digest me alive in your slimy warm stomach.”

The huge serpent raised its head over her face and opened its mouth. Adrielle looked into the wet pink flesh of the snake’s mouth and realized that she would die.

The python’s mouth closed over the teenage girl’s head and shoulders, pressing her face down to the serpent’s throat. The thick slimy throat muscles stretched over her scalp drenching and coating her head and long blonde hair in thick saliva.  The throat sphincter stretched further over her eyes, nose, mouth and chin until her head was completely in the snake’s throat. The inside of the esophagus was filled with a thick digestive slime with no air. Unable to breathe, Adrielle inhaled the thick slimy mucous deep into her lungs. She panicked, and thought that she would drown in the snake’s goo, but the snake’s slime was full of oxygen providing her lungs with essential O2.

“Oh my god, what am I doing? I am going to die in the snake’s stomach. Well I guess that’s nature’s way, I am just a part of the food chain. Yes that’s what I am, I am nothing worse than food.”

Her c-cup breasts were squeezed tightly in the serpent’s throat. Her chest was getting swallowed into the snake’s gullet, and finally the rest of her long nyloned legs were slurped easily into the python’s gullet. The stranger’s last view of Adrielle was her pink polished nails in her shimmering thin pantyhose sliding slowly into the tight muscular ring. In the serpent’s  throat, her whole body stretched through another slimy fleshy ring, sending the beautiful teenage girl into the stomach of the snake.

As the stomach sphincter closed over her nylon covered feet Adrielle knew that she was doomed deep inside the warm fleshy prison of the snake’s abdomen.

“My final destination, no way out anymore, that was a one way trip to death, this is my tomb, the place I was longing for all of my life”, the young beauty thought to herself as she relaxed and accepted her fate.

Inside the guts of the merciless python, Adrielle stayed calm and awaited her final digestion…

The Stomach

Adrielle was now deeply concealed in the snake’s stomach. She was in a tight fleshy prison with countless long 3 inch thick tendrils that tried to find their ways to her lust holes. The first tendril found her pussy, penetrating deep into her shaven cunt until it reached the base of her tiny cervix, pushing its way into her little womb and stretching it out until bursting. The second tendril found her ass, pushing 40 inches of tentacle into her bowels. She managed to raise her arms over her head and grab two tentacles with her hands. Stroking them like she used to massage the hard dicks of her former lovers. The third 3 inch thick tendril reached her mouth and pushed itself deep into her throat until the tip of it reached her stomach. Resting deep inside of her body the tentacles where ready to climax their fatal slime into the teenage girl’s little body.

Then suddenly all three of the tendrils started to erupt very large amounts of a thick slimy digestive juices. Filing up her caverns until bursting. At the same time her skin bathed in the thick mucus digestive slime that started to soften her pale skin and melting it into girl-slush.

Adrielle knew that this was her end. She would get absorbed alive into the snake’s guts from the inside and outside at the same time. She smiled to herself, accepted her fate and became proud of her duty as being food for a serpent. There was no escape anymore for the little pretty teen girl. She would be digested alive now for three long weeks in the reptile’s stomach.

Her tiny cervix dissolved under the strong thick acids and the tendril penetrated into her abdomen.

Her colon couldn’t resist the high pressure of the slimy melting acids as they started to dissolve and burst, allowing the fatal digestive slimy enzymes to fill up her abdomen and start to melt her inner organs like her bowels had just suffered; liver, kidneys, spleen, ovaries and pancreas soon followed into nutrious slime.

At the same time the tendril in her womb penetrated itself through and into the caverns of her abdomen. Filling it up with thick digestive slime.

Just in time her stomach filled up with thick acid slime, it couldn’t resist the pressure as it burst and the thick acid juices began to liquefy her lungs and her heart.

Her smooth skin was turning into thick goo already. The whole digestive progress was absolutely painless for the little teen slut. As her body dissolved slowly she was in a steady state of orgasm. She enjoyed every part of her digestion, realizing that her once beautiful body was getting turned into nutrious slime for the health of the merciless woman eating reptile.

Her gorgeous young body broke down into a thick goo that was absorbed in the snake’s bowels. The slimy nutrients that once was a very desirable sexy teenage girl started to feed the cold blooded reptilian. Adrielle’s last thought before she died was: “I hope I was tasty for my snake and I could fullfill my duty as a ‘snake food girl’”.

The huge serpent crawled into his corner and continued to digest his latest girl meat.


Four weeks later The old stranger went into the serpent’s cage finding Adrielle’s short satin dress and thin sheer pantyhose in a pool of white slime.

“Guess that was all of you that came out from the other side of my snake. Only your undigestible sexy nylon clothes; the rest of you remained in my hungry snake. Oh you naive little teen girls, you get so aroused by the thought of the perfect never-ending orgasm, that you happily accept to end your young lives for the sake of my snake pet.”, the old stranger thought to himself.

“Well there are many other teenage girls on the streets who will freely donate their perfect young bodies as food for my serpent. And it seems that he is ready again to eat.”

With that he entered his Cayenne Porsche, driving on his way to town to find another young teenage girl for his beloved pet snake.

“Maybe today I should check out the lingerie store in our shopping mall…”

The End




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