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After The Club

by Insidher

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© Copyright 2014 - Insidher - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/m; club; dance; bedroom; sex; climax; swallow; digest; eaten; whole; soft; cons/nc; X

It was a cold, still evening as Tina locked her front door behind her and headed for the light rail. The rain of earlier that day had thankfully stopped a few hours ago. She walked quickly nonetheless, as she was anxious to be in the warmth. She could see her breath steaming in front of her, and she increased her pace as she approached the stop. 

Tina had decided to go clubbing. As well as hoping to find a bite to eat, she was looking for something that she didn’t usually think about. She was hoping to find a date for some more traditional pleasure. She didn’t often think about sex. Perhaps this was because of her relative lack of experience earlier in life. Rejections suffered in the past may have led her to cease to crave it, but for some reason she couldn’t put her finger on, tonight was different. 

She disembarked from the light rail in down town, and headed to the club. The doorman looked at her twice as she paid her entry fee.

Tina was an imposing spectacle in anyone’s book. Just under 6 feet, she looked to be in her early 40’s. She had thick, long brown hair, and had an unusually broad face. She was broad shouldered and stocky, with a stomach that was much larger than the average. 

It was around 9:30 when Tina carried her drink back from the bar and looked around for a table. The club wasn’t yet full, and the dance floor was deserted. Quickly she made her way to a table on the balcony, and walked over. For a while she sat there, sipping her drink and watching her fellow revellers come and go. 

The age range of the clientele was broader than she had assumed. She had thought that the majority would be in their 20’s, which while true, didn’t mean that they by any means all were. A table of women who looked like co-workers had to be in their 30’s, and one looked as old as Tina herself. 

Dave, Sam and Ella entered the club around 10:30. Sam was Dave’s brother, Ella, Sam’s girlfriend. They were out to celebrate Dave’s birthday, and they were expecting other friends to join them later in the evening. The club was a little busier than when Tina had entered it some 45 minutes before, but still by no means full. Dave went to the bar and bought beers for the three of them, and joined Sam and Ella at a table on the lower level that Ella had picked out. 

“Happy birthday,” said Sam to Dave, and they clinked bottles. 

“Well I’m glad we’re finally here,” said Dave, “Having to work on your birthday is no fun at all.” 

Tina passed close by their table as she walked to the bar for a refill. She saw three contented looking people in their mid 20’s, she smiled and licked her lips. Either one of the guys would do fine, hopefully she’d manage to persuade one of them back. Two of them looked as though they were part of a couple, so perhaps the other one. 

None of the three partiers had noticed Tina as she went to the bar, nor did they notice her when she returned to her table. 

Some half an hour later, four more friends joined Dave, Sam and Ella. The two guys were friends of Dave, the other two were their girlfriends. The group of seven enjoyed a few drinks at the table, but after a while Dave wandered outside for a cigarette. 

“You think a smoking ban would be enough to make you stop in this weather,” said Lydia, the girlfriend of his best friend Eric, “It’s raining again you know.” 

Dave smiled and walked out anyway, checking with the doorman that his hand stamp would get him back in again. 

Despite the rain, Dave lingered over his cigarette. He was enjoying his birthday. 

“The last one in my 20’s,” he thought contemplatively, “A big one next year.” 

“Excuse me,” a voice said, “But do you have a light?” 

Dave looked around, then he looked up. A big woman in her 40’s was standing close to him. He must have been preoccupied with thoughts of becoming 30, as he hadn’t heard her approach. 

“Sure,” he said, extending the lighter. 

“Sorry, but you don’t happen to have a cigarette as well do you?” and she laughed raucously, sweet smelling breath blowing against Dave’s face. 

“Of course,” he said, and handed it to her. He leaned in to light her cigarette, and she thanked him, touching his arm with her free hand. 

“I’m Dave by the way,” he said. 

“Tina,” she said, and took his hand with her free one, engulfing Dave’s much smaller one. 

Dave noticed that Tina unconsciously licked her lips from time to time, as she smiled at him and smoked her cigarette. 

“I’m going to go back in,” Dave said, “My friends will be wondering where I’ve got to.” 

“I’ll come in as well,” Tina said taking his arm in hers, “It’s cold.” 

As Tina stood on his left, Dave realised how much taller she was than him. She topped him by some four inches. Her breath gusted not unpleasantly against his left cheek as they ran to re-enter the club, rain glistening on the sidewalk. 

Dave resumed his former seat, and Tina reclaimed her balcony table. As Dave went to buy the next round, he asked Tina whether she would like a drink. 

“That’s very kind dear,” she said, smiling at him, “A gin and tonic would be lovely.” 

As he brought the drink over, Dave asked Tina if she’d like to join them. 

“No thanks,” Tina said coyly, “I’ll just sit here. Maybe you’ll give me a shout if you go out for another cigarette.” 

Dave’s thoughts dwelt on Tina as he resumed his seat. Dave had been single for some months now, ever since his fiancé had decided that Dave’s work-life balance wasn’t in reality all that balanced, and had decided to travel around the world for a year to find herself. Her travel plans, she reasoned, would be more fun if she wasn’t encumbered by someone back home. 

Dave didn’t know why he was thinking the way he was about Tina. She was by any stretch of the imagination a big woman, and she had to be 10 years older than Dave. Still, it was his birthday, and if he could have some fun at the end of the night with no strings attached, would that be a bad thing? If it was on the agenda, he’d make clear to her beforehand that that was the deal. She had seemed friendly so far. Reluctantly, Dave pulled his mind away and rejoined the conversation. 

Tina was feeling very contented. She thought she may have found the guy to take back to her place for some fun, and then for something else in the morning. Unusually, he hadn’t shrunk away from her when they had been speaking, nor had he seemed particularly reserved. She chuckled to herself and licked her lips again. Unlike Dave, she didn’t try to pull her mind away from this topic. 

“Would you like another cigarette?” asked Dave as he passed by her table some 20 minutes later. 

“That would be great honey,” she said, taking his arm again. He lit the cigarette for her as before, standing close as he did so. They brushed against each other as Dave leaned into light it, and her breath gusted against his face once again, ruffling his hair. 

After one cigarette, they went back in. The club was much busier now, with the dance floor started to fill up. 

“Would you like to dance?” Dave asked. 

“I haven’t been asked to dance in years!” said Tina delightedly, and Dave seemed to see a hungry look enter her eyes. As they walked onto the dance floor, Tina put her arms around him holding him close. She rocked and stepped on the spot rather than dancing vigorously, enjoying holding Dave against her stomach. 

‘Soon you’ll be an awful lot closer to me baby,’ she thought to herself, and smiled. She didn’t know what possessed her, but as she held him, she playfully licked his left cheek with the tip of her tongue. Far from drawing away, Dave giggled involuntarily. 

As she held him, Dave realised just how much bigger she was than him. The difference in their height he had noticed earlier, but holding her made him realise just how much broader and thicker bodied she was. He wondered to himself for the first time whether he should treat this woman with a little more reserve. He was certain that she was a lot stronger than he was. Unfortunately for Dave, he didn’t give this line of thought any further consideration.


“That was great,” she said, kissing him lightly on the lips. 

“Who was that?” asked Ella as Dave eventually rejoined his friends. 

“Oh just a woman who asked me for a cigarette,” replied Dave, a tinge of colour rising in his cheeks. 

“Well you’ve certainly made an impression,” said Sam, “She can’t take her eyes off you, and she’s licking her lips as she does so. I think you might get to go back to her place if you want to.” 

The rest of the evening proceeded uneventfully. At around 1:00, Tina and Dave danced again. At the end of the dance, Dave spoke. 

“Would you like to come back to mine tonight? I don’t live far from here. It’s a shared house, but my room is at the top and it’s quite quiet.” 

“Oh honey,” she said, “I’m not sure. I’m an awful lot older than you.” 

She knew that if she was seen to be demur, then he would ask again. 

“I’ll be honest,” he said, “I’m not looking for a long term relationship, but I would very much like you to come back.” 

“Well,” she said, “I have a nice big house and I live alone. Why don’t you come back there? We definitely won’t be disturbed.” 

Dave ignored the friendly cat calls from his friends and brother as he left with Tina, and they took a cab to her apartment. When they arrived, she poured both of them a drink and sat next to him on the sofa, one meaty arm around his shoulder, squeezing gently. 

After the drink, they went upstairs. As soon as they were in the bedroom, Tina threw her arms around him again, and they kissed. At first it was hesitant, their tongues exploring, then it became increasingly passionate. 

She used her size and strength advantage to throw him onto the bed. She tore frantically at his clothes, discarding them on the floor. Then she was on him. 

She straddled him as she took his member in her hand. His hand travelled between her legs, and he could tell that she was ready. 

Their lovemaking was physical, all power and energy rather than grace and gentleness. Tina panted and moaned as she pumped hard against him and they both slowly came towards climax. 

When they had finished, they climbed under the blankets, he still locked in her arms and between her thighs. 

“That was fantastic,” she said, “Fantastic.”


Dave awoke some time in the night. Looking at the big woman next to him, he couldn’t quite believe that he had slept with her. He had obviously had more beer than he had thought in the club. 

He gradually became convinced that the best thing he could do would be to quietly extricate himself and leave like a coward before first light. He gently moved his body, but he was stuck. As he moved, her arms that were already wrapped around him locked tighter in her sleep, as did her thighs lower down his body. Unbelievably as it seemed to him, he couldn’t free himself from the big woman’s embrace. Her breath, so sweet in the club, now blew sourly and hotly against his face. 

“Mmm,” she said sleepily, “Are you awake?” 

“Yes,” he said, “I was just trying to go to the bathroom.” 

“Don’t worry about that,” she said, “I want you against my body.” 

Dave fell asleep again. When he woke some hours later, Tina was looking at him. She still held him in her arms and thighs, and a strange look had come into her eyes. 

“What is it?” he said. 

Tina didn’t reply. Instead, she slowly, ever so slowly, began to lick his face. 

“Mmm,” she said again, “You are delicious. I want you inside me.” 

Dave naturally assumed that Tina wanted to make love again, and he reached between her legs. 

“No silly,” she said, licking his ear, “I’m going to eat you right up. You’re going to be in my stomach before too much longer, and what a lovely breakfast you’ll make.” 

Dave laughed. He didn’t think the joke was particularly funny, but what else was he supposed to do. 

Suddenly Tina’s arms spasmed, flipping him onto his back. Her big body came down hard on him, and her mouth was on his. Except it wasn’t. Her mouth was expanding well beyond his. Well beyond, in fact, his face. He lay there in disbelief, helpless under Tina’s body, as her mouth slowly engulfed his head. 

Strands of saliva ran down his face, as his head hit Tina’s tongue. 

“What’s happening?” he asked, still more in bemusement than anything else. Despite his head filling her mouth, she laughed, and sat up. She still had hold of him, as a violent sensation came from the top of his head. Remarkably, more of him moved into Tina’s mouth as she, yes she must have done, began swallowing his head. 

Dave tried to scream now, his screams muffled by Tina’s mouth. Hot air was covering Dave’s head and neck now, and her body’s internal processes were deafening. She still tried to laugh as she continued to swallow. 

As his chest entered her mouth and lay on her tongue, she stopped. He felt her stand, carrying him in her mouth and her arms, as she went downstairs. She had decided to finish her meal on the sofa. 

Tina’s movements made it no easier to breathe. The lack of oxygen, the motion, and being swallowed head first meant that Dave was becoming increasingly dizzy. 

Dave was now petrified, he knew on a distant level that he may never get out of this. He tried to scream as Tina swallowed again, engulfing his stomach and hips now. She began sucking wetly on his lower body, and the air was becoming increasingly thin. There was also little room to breathe in the confines of her throat. She spent several minutes probing his abdomen with her tongue, and moved it slowly down. She then reluctantly slurped in the rest of Dave – his legs and feet – and sent them to join the rest of him. 

Dave moaned in protest as he entered that big stomach that had pinned him to the bed some moments before. He felt her caress her stomach, and felt the first tingling of stomach acids. 

Tina’s stomach rumbled contentedly, and she smiled to herself. She had had sex for the first time in a long time, and what a delicious date he had been. 

Dave slowly began to lose consciousness, as those enormous stomach muscles and that deadly acid worked on him. Some three hours after he had been swallowed by the big woman, he eventually gave up the ghost.


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