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Amanda's Story

by Banfield

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Storycodes: F+/m+; laboratory; experiment plan; serum; inject; shrink; swallow; eaten; disgested; attack; gas; boxed; transported; femdom; soft; cons/nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

For a million or so years since man evolved from either fish in the sea or mere microbes from the earth or, indeed, from some faraway planet, the female has, even today, been the lesser/weaker of the human species; but came the time when that “weaker” and long-down-trodden species grew stronger, not so much physically but mentally, even in those countries that steadfastly kept their womenfolk under the thumb and foot.

The team of women working on the project finally had some luck to add to the mix of ingenuity, they all watched in awe as the small rodent shrunk. Once again this had proved successful many times. Now it was a 3rd of its original size just like the others. They hugged each other excitedly. Sharifa’s idea had finally become a reality, the purpose of its development could now be put into use, the first test on a human would be necessary, after all this was the reason for its design, it would be a life changing weapon that would allow them to take control.

She went back to her office she had worked out the effects on a population many times, the figures checked the chosen group to target with the greatest effect. Her fellow believers had agreed to the plan, 6 teams of eight were already selected, all female, young, attractive and well educated, they needed to fit in with the societies world-wide. America was to be the main target for operations to begin with, if successful, they would then move more teams into place in other countries, to gain a foot hold the UK being the next place due to its easy going rules regarding other religious beliefs.

The daylight hours had left them in the darkness, they decided to resume the work on the next procedure in the morning, she bid them goodnight and locked up the labs before leaving, the test subject was put into a small container and taken home. She pulled up to the ornate doors to her large home, the electronic lock opened allowing the doors to fold back against the wall. She drove in and parked the BMW in the corner. The air was warm, it was summer time, the humidity very high, for a foreigner it was unbearable but for her it was a comfortable heat, she opened the door to her luxurious home and entered.

Her Siamese cat scurried up to greet her rubbing its slender body against her leg, she smiled at her, “Come little one. I have another treat for you to eat” she lifted her up and carried her into the kitchen area. She sat obediently on the worktop, her nostrils twitching as she sniffed the air, the smell already real to her she purred excitedly. Sharifa placed the box on the table next to Samora, she stood up her tongue lapped against her whiskers, Sharifa opened the lid, the buck rabbit scurried around inside the fear evident in its rash movements. Samora stared at it intently as it passed below her head, with one movement she plunged forward into the box open mouthed, she grabbed at it raising her head triumphantly her mouth now filled with the struggling fur ball.

Sharifa smiled stroking her back “Go on then, eat him up. I know you want to, he is a gift from me to you.“ She laughed!

Samora closed her jaws against its writhing body her sharp teeth piercing its flesh, the buck screamed out in pain and fear as Samora pulled it inside her mouth a bit at a time, chewing on it as more of the helpless rabbit’s body was pulled, inside the bones crunching and cracking loudly as they splintered under the pressure. Within minutes she had all of its body inside the large ball of fur screaming out as she started to swallow it.

Sharifa watched excitedly as the struggling rabbit was consumed alive by her cat, until nothing remained on the outside Sharifa stroked her tummy. Samora purred satisfied with her meal, “Mm you enjoyed him didn’t you little one, I enjoyed watching him being eaten alive, I wonder if he is still alive inside there, I hope to find out for myself very soon.“

Watching her pet eat a living thing made her wet, her arousal seemed strange to her but she liked it, something she dared not share with the world outside, her peers would frown upon this behaviour, the strict code could be brought into effect to punish such feelings. Sharifa had chosen her followers wisely, time had been taken interviewing them, getting them to be open with her. They would all enjoy the new role they would be playing in their fight against the unbelievers. She made some food before spending the evening going over the findings from the days experiments, they had successfully shrunk 3 rabbits, 2 rats and a guinea pig, all had ended up in Samora's belly Sharifa using her pet cat to see how her body would cope with the raw meat, we are not able to process the meat as efficiently as a cat.

It was also important to check the stools produced to see if there would be any evidence embedded within the excrement. The drug was only tested on males at first for this stage, when tried on the female subjects it had no effect at all. Sharifa and her female colleagues were comfortable with this, after all, if the males are removed in enough large numbers, then the females could be put to good use as donors for the men to inject their semen into. This was not her idea but the dominance of the male in her subservient existence meant she had to go along with it.

The next morning could not come quick enough for her and her team, they were all young women most of them no older than thirty, Sharifa being the oldest at thirty nine, they all wanted to be the guinea pig when the test on a male had been proven to be successful. The subject had been chosen four months previous, his back ground checked so that his disappearance would go unnoticed, he worked in the lab as an assistant, the job created especially for him. They needed him close by, he was easy to access that way when required, he would be needed today.

Zainab called him to come to the lab to help with the experiment, unbeknown to Philip he was the experiment. The girls giggled, they had all befriended him since his arrival, each vying for the chance to eat him alive when the time was right, he meant nothing to them he was something to be enjoyed, a lab experiment with a past. Philip joined them in the lab, he was young in his early twenties, naïve and shy the girls all gathered around, Sharifa closed the door behind him they guided him to the bench, each one teasing him, the words lost to him, the Arabic ringing in his ears. Sharifa stabbed the syringe into his arm, the girls pushed him along towards the bed before he lost consciousness. Philip slumped down onto the mattress, the girls already undressing him already.

Zianab had the digital camera loaded ready to start filming experiment. They stood back and waited, Sharifa and Almora were writing down changes to his mass, the stop watch timing his reactions this was important they needed to gather information so that time could be calculated, once the teams were in the settings, each small groups needed this information to carry out the task. The reaction time was actually faster than in the small rodents, Sharifa was puzzled at first but then realized that it was due to size, the doses for a smaller person would need to be tested also.

One of the girls took hold of his leg whilst the shrinking occurred, she held him up triumphantly to the others. Phillip screamed out the shock of the changes shook him to his core, she licked his naked body teasingly. Sharifa smiled at her indulgently. Ever since he had started at that laboratory, and being the only male, he had harboured romantic and carnal thoughts but was not confidant enough to make any intimate moves. Instead, he just yearned after them and fervently wished. “Go on then, seeing as you have him in your grasp, you can be the first test subject using young Phillip here as your guinea pig.”

Phillip looked at the pretty girl in utter bewilderment, unable to comprehend her intention. The girls applauded excitedly. “You have filled in the form regarding your meals eaten today and your toilet habits this morning?” She nodded Sharifa gestured to Zainab to position herself so that every detail could be recorded, once happy she instructed her to eat Phillip’s body, he was unaware of this so Sharifa explained what was about to happen in English so that he also knew the outcome in advance. He begged her not to proceed, but to no avail. His body was slowly placed inside her open mouth and sucked; she felt his feet brush against her tonsils and immediately swallowed the screaming lab assistant’s squirming body.

The girls stared at her throat in awe; the questions now being asked about how she felt at each stage of the experiment. The girls were excited. They were liberal with their comments, each female felt aroused just watching him being consumed. The young Arab scientist had an orgasm during and after she had swallowed him, her cotton underwear damp from her lube. Sharifa was pleased. She picked up her stethoscope and listened for any noise from within her stomach, the other girls waited patiently for her reaction. She smiled at them handing them the instrument in turn so that they could all listen to his screams, which enhanced their sexual satisfaction even further, each of them gaining pleasure from the demise of the young lab assistant’s fate.

The girl’s stomach appeared bigger. She pointed this fact out to Sharifa. It was apparent that the young boy’s body had grown slightly once inside the walls of her stomach now holding the meal in place. Sharifa asked her if she was ok; she explained to her that she felt full as if a larger meal had been consumed. They decided to allow her to rest so that she could be monitored during the digestion process, Phillip’s movements were more visible to the team now, something which was a bonus for them all. The digestion process went on for a few hours, Philip’s progress checked every fifteen minutes until no heart beat could be found; he had survived most of it and the girl’s stomach finally returning to normal after three hours had ticked by.

Sharifa was very pleased with the results, his suffering had been prolonged which was an unexpected bonus to her and the team of females. The next phase would be to examine the stools from the boy’s remains something which was under natures control, it was the next afternoon before she went to the toilet. Her stools were collected and examined by them to see what remains could be identified. It turned out that very little did remain, a few of the larger bones were found scattered throughout the faeces also the wiry blond hair from his scalp which amused them. Over the coming weeks they carried out many more tests on the white men abducted for the testing procedures, each of the girls eating them to see how their own bodies coped with the raw flesh, Sharifa herself indulging in the test with vigour and excitement, they all enjoyed the experiments, the unfortunate subjects ending up as excreta and ejected from their behinds.

It was now time to start the war on the Americans. The teams had all been given at least four of the shrunken men to eat and enjoy so that they got used to eating them in large numbers, the chosen group of victims were, after all, smaller, therefore, more could be consumed at each sitting. They started integrating into schools, always choosing the private ones these tended to have the rich family’s males housed inside, plus, they were more isolated from the population. The first attack was planned over a period of three months. Six such establishments were infiltrated and the young males ranged from seven up to teenagers, each team had two teachers working at the schools. The other six waited patiently to join them. They also had a team of trained men waiting to pack the youngsters into containers for easier movement. The dates were chosen wisely. Boxes were prepared to transport the boys away once the gas had been filtered throughout each of the schools; no male would escape. Each team had the delivery vans ready to be used to collect them, all carefully planned to insure normality was assumed, taken into account, they waited until all the school had fallen silent before administering the gas through the schools ventilation ducts.

Once the gas had taken effect the night was spent collecting the small unconscious children and teachers; all would be taken ready for consumption. It was well organized, each raid worked without any issues, the schools devoid of life. By morning’s first light. some of the boys were eaten by the girls before they had finished clearing away the little bodies for storage. They all awoke to find themselves shrunk and trapped by these brown eyed girl-extremists with pretty faces, soon to be eaten alive for the good of the cause and the enjoyment of the girls. The vans sped away into the early morning mist each of them driven to predefined safe houses so that they could continue to eat them in safety. They provided enough food for them all to wait out the activity from the police forces now involved in this mass disappearance of so many innocent boys at the targeted schools.

The sewers were now full of the discarded remains and what was selected by the girls’ digestive system was now an integral part of the girls’ bodies. They faded into the night as quietly as they had arrived blending in unnoticed, young dark skinned students here to learn the ways of the west, America wept, as did the other countries of the world, at its loss. The CIA worked endlessly trying to piece together the mystery. The Arab world was silent; no claim was made of this triumph against the west, other countries were soon to suffer the same fate. Over five hundred pupils had been taken away that night, now all consumed, their young lives ending inside the hungry stomachs of the beautiful girls in the teams… the taste for the unbelievers spurred them all on, sexual satisfaction adding to the pleasure of inflicting suffering on the “heathen” populace. Sharifa and her team had given them a weapon that inflicted pain and fear into the hearts of everyone; only time was needed, and planning to once again inflict the horror onto other international platforms, their message clear. Sharifa’s status now elevated within the sisterhood ranks, her reward was the countless captives being transported to her country, only to end up in her stomach and lavatory.

Her plan grew daily; the amount of volunteers queuing to join her ranks now became a problem to them, so it was decided to tone down the operations only using them to eradicate small numbers. This proved very effective. Many young soldiers and opposition forces were removed from this world by Sharifa and her deadly assassins, her reputation known to the people of her country keeping the men in check. But, that was not all she indulged in. She was constantly in need of other self-gratifying sexual experiences prior to shrinking her victims… acts that are shared with her female cohorts.


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