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Another Way To Go

by Angel

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© Copyright 2006 - Angel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; angel; swallow; mast; digest; cons; X

He looked down from the top of the tall skyscraper to the street below. One foot forwards, then many feet down and it would all be over. He had no regrets, there was nothing left to live for.


He looked up at the voice, rather disturbed. Even more so because it was coming from a direction where there should be nothing but thin air. 

His jaw litterally dropped at what he saw. 

Right before him, floating in the air a few feet from the edge of the roof, there was a female being so beautiful that there was no doubt. This golden-haired, blue-eyed and white-winged being could only be an angel. He closed his eyes in disbelief, then reopened them carefully. 

She was still there, and smiled, "I am real."

"Wh..why are you here?", he asked. 

She smiled, "For you. I was supposed to guide your soul after you jumped, but..." 

He became suspicious for a moment, "But what?". 

She kept smiling, "Well, you know I felt kinda sorry for you." 

She looked down for a moment, then back at him, "It's a painful and messy way to die, you know. And frankly, your chances of going to heaven afterwards aren't too great. I wanted to offer you an alternative." 

He thought for a moment, then nodded, "What do you suggest, o being of light?" 

She smiled again, "I want you to be my dinner." 

He merely blinked, and she explained, "I will swallow you alive and whole. You will die painlessly inside me, your body will nourish mine, and your soul will go to heaven." 

His initial reaction was to refuse, upset by such a strange offer. But then a thought occured to him. Wouldn't dying inside such a beautiful being be far more desirable than breaking every bone in his body on the pavement below? 

The decision was easy. He kneeled on the edge roof and nodded, "Angel, I am yours. Do with me whatever you desire." 

She smiled and licked her lips, "Not here." She snapped her fingers. There was a bright flash of light, and suddenly they were in a secluded grove in the woods, far away from the city. She slowly approached him and smiled, "I hate to get interrupted when I am eating"

She reached under his arms to lift him from his kneeling position, and tenderly kissed his forehead. Then she opened wide and effortlessly stuffed his head in to her mouth. She licked his face and began removing his clothes which she obviously did not want to eat. Then she swallowed once, taking him further inside. She kneaded his shoulders until they were soft enough to be taken in as well. 

His excitement rose as she swallowed again. His head now rested in her eager throat, and he was down to his chest in her warm wet mouth. 

Another gulp took him in up to his abdomen. Her hands removed the rest of his clothes, then stroked his now rigid manhood. Then she swallowed again, taking him up to his hips inside. Her tongue caressed his manhood now, until he shot his load into her mouth. She moaned and gulped him up to his knees. He could hear her heart beat softly now. 

She removed her own robe, since it would not fit her in a while. Another gulp followed, and only his feet remained outside now. He felt comfortable inside her, and proud that he would soon be her food. He only hoped that he would make a large enough meal to satisfy her. Then she made the last swallow.

Her final gulp caused him to slide down her soft throat and into her eager stomach, which stretched to accept him. For a moment he was surprised he did not suffocate in there or get burned by her acidic juices, but then he remembered she promised him a painless death, and she kept her promise. After all she meant him no harm; she just combined her duty with her pleasure. Thus reassured, he wriggled until he was comfortable in her tight stomach, and then awaited his digestion, which he hoped would be soon.

The angel laid on her back for a while, stroking her well-filled belly, then rolled over and went to sleep, a satisfied smile on her lips. 

She began to digest him, her juices tingling him in a pleasant way and luring him to sleep as they slowly dissolved his body. After a few hours there was nothing left of him except the rich nutritients in her blood. Most of him became her wings, giving them strength, the rest went into her breasts, making them fuller and firmer. His soul was lovingly carried by her and finally released in heaven.




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