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Anya's Adventure

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2009 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: Plant/f; bond; slave; envelope; cocoon; insert; mast; bodymod; vore-ish; nc/cons; X

It was not Anya Smythers finest hour. Shot down by the druggies she’d been detailed to reconnoitre she’d ejected from the blazing jet and plunged straight into the river. With the winter melt-water coming down it rapidly swept her down stream and away from her allies and any possible rescue team.

For seemingly hours she flowed until finally on a sharp bend an exhausted Anya was able to reach the shallows and make for the shore. Emerging into what had been described as ‘classic’ jungle. The type no human could survive in and she only had about a week’s rations in the pack that’d come out of the seat with her. A quick look and Smythers found her pistol, a combat knife and the rest of her gear had got soaked but would survive. Her radio however didn’t work and that was a shock as it was supposed to withstand this sort of drama. If only she knew where the hell she was. Northern Colombia for a start but exactly where?

At least she was physically alright as she examined her limbs. Landing in the water helped and only a slight sprain of her right wrist was a fair result. Better than getting hung up in the canopy of trees by her chute and waiting for the druggies to catch her. What they allegedly did to captured pilots was bad enough. To get a female one and Anya knew she’d have endured a shocking ordeal with many men wanting her butt, tits and the rest of her too.

Moving along the shore Anya realised it would be dark within two hours so she had to make a camp. But a moment later she was thrilled to find a small cave above the waterline in the cliff-face near a small waterfall. The gun went barrel first as she went in, hoping there were no ‘ooh nasties’ inside. There wasn’t, in fact the place was empty apart from a large shrivelled plant that somehow had taken root deep inside. It looked dead actually, a long feeler reaching just out of the entrance. Anya seeing that another part of this went into the water but somehow it had broken in two and the plant must have perished. She unpacked her mat from the bag and hung it off one of the branches then she cleared the floor of junk.

None of it looked like flood debris so if the river swelled up she wouldn’t find herself trapped by the water. Another hour passed while she ate a ration bar and wondered whether to try and make a raft tomorrow and drift further downstream. But that was for later and as darkness fell she decided to get some sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day and she wasn’t looking forward to it. The mat had already drip-dried in the heat and she laid it on the floor, stripped off all her clothes and lay down. The pistol within easy reach of her hands. Anya was so tired she was asleep within minutes.

Waking with a start next morning Anya was amazed to see it was daylight. She tried to get up from the mat but there was something on her leg. Smythers looked down and was surprised to see the plants’ feeler had somehow wrapped itself round her right ankle. She must have rolled off the mat during the night and caught herself on it. Grumbling she bent down and tried to pull it off.

Strangely however there was no join there. Almost as if the thing had ‘captured’ her and she smiled. Imagine being held captive by a plant! Very sci-fi and she chuckled and reached for her knife to cut it off. Unsheathing the blade she moved her hand down.

Anya almost screamed when on reaching to her ankle and holding the thing steady when a small tendril emerged from the brown feeler just above her leg and wrapped itself quickly round the knife holding wrist. It stopped once she did too and the lassie paused, wondering what the hell was happening. When she tried to move the knife closer to the leg the tendril gripped harder. When she moved it away the thing began to slacken. How bizarre and Anya was lost for words. Twice more she tried moving the blade and each time it depended where the knife was heading as to what the plant did. She tried leaping to her feet and attacking the root where the feeler came out from the main stem.

That was a big mistake as the plant shuddered and the feeler round her ankle, coupled with the tendril yanked the girl away, throwing her into the far wall. This time Anya did scream, mainly in pain, but also frustration and shock. Knowing there was something really strange with this thing. It seemed to sense when it was in danger and react to that. So surprising that this was beyond her comprehension. She really was being ‘held captive’ by a plant!

Climbing to her feet Anya went for the blade again but this time planned to test this plant. It was still wrapped around her wrist and she felt it tense up when she grabbed hold of the knife. Anya came back into the middle and found the sheath, stuffing the thing inside then putting the knife back into her pack. There was a brief pause then the tendril unwrapped itself from her wrist and re-absorbed into the main part of the feeler. Anya got the sheath out again and the tendril emerged but waited. Just swaying like a snake-charmer’s reptile. Once the knife went back in the bag, so the plant relaxed. A repeat of this got the same result.

Anya began to cry. Exhausted by the drama she was shocked at what was happening to her. How the hell was she going to escape from this? Drawing her pistol got the same response and the tendril pushed the barrel up before she could shoot at the root. That got put away too so the plant once more relaxed…a bit but Anya knew that it was always on alert. Perhaps it was somehow reading her thoughts from the feeler wrapped round her leg. Thirsty now she grabbed the bottle and started to drink, feeling the water flowing down her neck and almost immediately she began to sweat. The effect of this on the plant was amazing as the feeler on her ankle swelled a bit and a strange funnel shape emerged from near where the tendril would come out.

She didn’t want to waste the water but dripped a bit into the hole. "Perhaps it’s thirsty" she muttered, tipping a bit more until to her concern the bottle was empty. The feeler’s funnel remained open and she looked out at the river, trying to gauge if she could reach the edge. Walking outside into the sunshine

Anya got to within four feet when the feeler pulled taut, almost toppling her. She turned and swore at the plant. But it wouldn’t slacken off. She knelt down and reached forward and got the bottle into the water and a few moments later it was full. Anya turned back and sat there, tipping the thing into the hole. Perhaps if she fed it enough water it’d release its grip and she could escape.

It seemed to have one hell of a thirst as Smythers must have done this a dozen times before the funnel overflowed and retracted into the feeler. Anya filled the bottle and checked it for flavour. Although she had purification tablets in her pack this was icy cold melt-water from the hills and quiet fresh. She emptied the bottle down her neck and agreed with the plant! "Nice stuff" she said before the feeler began tugging, pulling her back to the cave and her heart sank at the enormity of her situation.

Coming back inside she was amazed to see the plant had changed colour. No more the dead looking grey/brown shrivelled thing, this was a glorious green hue and Anya wondered how long it’d been in here. Certainly had it not got water soon it would have died, she wished that she’d got here a week later then this predicament might not have occurred. She sat down with a sigh resting against the wall, her legs almost together though she still wasn’t dressed. It was too hot for clothes already but at least in the cave it was a bit cooler. Anya examined her body, proud of her figure, those lovely breasts that had bewitched many a man, and Josephine too…and she grinned at the memories.

She smiled and lay down, her hands reaching for herself and with nothing better to do Anya got going, her fingers flying and a few moments later she erupted in a huge orgasm. This beat wondering what to do about trying to free herself as she wiped all over with a towel. Anya reached down again and tugged briefly at the feeler but it held her leg firmly. She rested the other one next to it and her heart seized for a moment when the thing encircled this one too!. Anya almost screamed in panic but a minute later it let go of the first leg and she lifted it up to examine any damage. There was none and she put it back. But with one leg safely wrapped the plant did nothing else.

All day Anya remained in the cave or occasionally standing outside. It rained heavily mid-afternoon and she watched nervously in case the water level rose too high. An hour later it did swell but didn’t come close to her. She ate another ration bar just after the storm but was worried. There was only ten in the pack and she’d had two already. How the heck would she survive after that and it caused her to cry again, coming back inside and slumping against the wall. Nothing much happened until nightfall when she looked down and saw the funnel emerging from the feeler again.

"More already? You greedy bugger" she said, reaching for the bottle and tipping it in. heading for the river when it appeared one wasn’t enough. Ten refills later, plus two for herself and Anya went back inside, the feeler retracting with her so it wouldn’t snag. Quite why, with it able to extend almost to the river why the damn thing couldn’t go that bit further and feed itself. She looked out and realised that most of the debris by the bank probably was old parts of the feeler. Somehow when it grew long enough to reach the water something happened and it would get damaged. "So it’s using ME instead" she grumped sitting down again.

Looking down she saw the funnel emerging but this time at the side. There was some stuff in the thing and she reached in and touched it. Taking her fingers out Anya realised they were sticky, almost like honey, though this was a creamy white. She paused then dabbed a bit with her tongue.

WOW, she thought, its’ lovely, and she licked her fingers clean then reached down and scooped out a bit more. It really did taste like some sort of nectar and Anya hoped the smell wouldn’t bring any bugs in or bees either. Things that buzzed here normally stung and bloody hard too, sometimes with fatal results. She had another go at the funnel until there was no more syrup and the thing disappeared. She’d fed it, now it had returned the complement. Maybe there was hope after all and with that thought Anya lay down again, had another session with her clit and dozed off.

Next day the plant had grown significantly larger and was now a vivid green. It still held her just as securely but she ‘persuaded’ it to swap legs and it seemed to comply. The hard surface of the floor was starting to make Anya’s back ache and she was debating whether to get some brushwood and try to make a comfy bed with the mat on top. "Perhaps you could make me one instead" she said to the plant while heading for the river as by now it was ‘asking’ for a drink. She counted the refills and twelve again was the morning ration. Once ‘fed’ it gave her some more of that syrup in return.

It was a nice day today and Anya sat outside for most of it. Only coming inside when the three o’clock storm approached. The first rumble of thunder had made her jump but she’d sat there wanting to watch the storm arrive. Only when the lightening got close did the feeler begin tugging repeatedly at her and she grumbled, retreating into the entrance, just as a huge bolt hit a tree thirty yards away.

The sap in the tree exploded and the thing disintegrated, falling into the river and a massive branch smashed down where moments earlier she’d been sitting. Anya’s heart almost stopped at that. Had the feeler not pulled at her leg the branch would have killed her!

This thing had JUST SAVED HER LIFE!

Anya sat there crying for a while, thankful she was alive but wondering quite how she could escape from here. Looking round she was about to curse the plant when she realised that it had indeed grown out from one side. Making a large flat surface covering half of the rocky floor. The bed she’d actually wanted was here! She smiled briefly and laid her mat on top and sat down. It was as comfy as any hotel one and she bounced up and down a bit. How extraordinary and she wondered what else this thing would do in exchange for water. Certainly with that nectar last night and this morning she hadn’t needed a ration bar yet. It seemed they were keeping each other alive now. The storm passed eventually and by the time they’d both been fed the jungle had once again faded to darkness.

Next day was a repeat of the previous. Water for nectar, a quick go on the clit and Anya was starting to enjoy the peace and tranquillity. Nobody eyeing her body, everyone in South America regarding her as a challenge and she’d had to fight off a few suitors already.

The plant had grown even bigger but the feeler hadn’t tried going down to the river. It still stopped her about four feet short and this was slightly annoying, as she wanted a proper wash. But any attempt to go closer soon brought a reminder and she’d be dragged back into the cave. At one point having just fed them she tried to grab a tree and hold on. Another mistake and ‘punishment’ for that hurt.

One hard tug and she ended up in a heap right by the main part of the plant, the feeler almost vanishing into the stem. Startled and a bit sore Anya sat up, her back to it so missed more tendrils emerging from the stem, one quickly wrapping itself around her other ankle. Two more grabbing her wrists and pulled them behind her back, lashing them in an x-shape, securing her almost like a kidnapper would do with his victim. Smythers had to shuffle back to avoid overbalancing and lean against the stem.

Another tendril emerged and went round her neck then a really thick one round the waist, this one and the wrists melding together, not tight but there all the same. It held her there the rest of the day and she spent quite a while crying. Anya eventually accepted this as a rebuke and thought to herself that she’d never do that again. Almost immediately the feelers extended, her wrists and neck released and all this confirmed to her that the plant WAS reading her mind. She’d have to be so careful now and gave the feeler a rub as she went to get some water.

The ‘bed’ too had widened and was almost like a double. Shame there was nobody here to share it with her but her clit provided enough entertainment for the moment. Once she settled down for the night Anya reached to the edge and realised that the bed was layered. She removed the mat and lay back on the cool surface of the plant, taking the edge of the top layer and sliding ‘between sheets’, wrapping it over her skin from the neck to covering her feet. By golly it felt good. The heat from her body being absorbed by her captor and she felt quite cool now. She got her arms inside the thing and tucked the top under her chin then put her hands by her sides. The plant seemed to sense what she wanted and waves seemed to sweep over her, the thing holding her firmly, almost like a mummy wrapped up in material. Anya wasn’t worried, she knew it would need feeding tomorrow and would let her go. She quickly fell asleep.

Certainly Anya felt amazing in the morning, all the odour of her body had faded and she sniffed. Way better than any shower and again she realised that the plant had given her something that she’d wanted. How was she going to repay it this time? Looking around the cave there were a few large rocks there, plus some other old chunks of wood. Probably his relatives maybe, she chuckled but the rocks soon got launched into the river. The plant grew into the spaces where they’d been. Anya smiled and wondered that night whether to try something really amazing. She sat in the entrance all day and by the end once they’d fed each other decided this would be the night. Just before bedtime she took hold of the feeler near the root and wrapped it around her head then lay down on the bed.

It was time to take the greatest challenge of her life. Anya sorted herself out on the green carpet that had formed on the floor hoping what was to come. With the plant’s feeler wrapped around her head she realised it’d just let go of her ankle for the first time since Tuesday. She reached up with her arms, spread her legs till she was in the x-shape then waited as it read her mind and what she wanted it to do to her. Anya shuddered minutes later on feeling the ankles and wrists each be surrounded by a loop and tighten, gradually stretching her taut. She looked down and saw yet more tendrils emerging from the greenery.

Another encircled her waist, more coming over each elbow and others each side of her knees until she couldn’t move a muscle. It even cupped her head and gently wrapped one round her neck, not tight but it was what she’d ‘thought’. The one on her forehead sprouted a tendril and this went into her mouth. Not slimy as she expected but warm and a little wet, but just like a healthy sized penis and there was a brief drop of that lovely nectar. Then expanding till Anya was totally gagged. To her delight one tendril began sliding into her pussy. Its’ probing head just grazing her clit as it pushed further in. A little’ half feeler began to rub this and the girl knew she’d not be leaving this forest for a long time to come and she no longer care a bit.

Wave after wave engulfed her as the plant did its stuff and Anya had many orgasms until she was exhausted. It seemed to sense her tiring after the most explosive one and began to retract; freeing her bit by bit until only her ankle was once again encircled. She sat up and looked around, carefully feeling her body and everything was all right. Anya smiled as the tendril near her ankle opened into that familiar funnel shape and knew it was her turn to provide. She reached for the bottle and tipped the contents slowly in till it was empty. Once that was done she went to the river and refilled it, once clear of the water she fed her captor and more till the thing stopped accepting it. The funnel closed up and Anya felt it tugging and knew she had to return to the cave.

Coming back inside and settling down, shifting up until she could lay her head by the stem. The green carpet shrank a little then wrapped itself over her naked body, holding her snug all round, the water now making the plant cool so it’d oblige by keeping her fresh overnight. Anya was thrilled.

Keep the plant happy, and she’d be happy too.

Awaking next morning Anya waited till the plant realised she was conscious and it released her and they both fed. Now she had her own personal ‘bondage’ device the girl was determined to have some fun with this thing.

She certainly did that night when it finally fell. Wrapping the feeler round her head she ‘told’ Percy, as she now started calling him what she wanted. Gradually the bed lowered and a pole formed at one end. Anya came and stood in front of this then turned and rested her back against it. Putting her arms behind the column, her wrists held together she waited, her heart leaping as she felt the tendrils start binding her. Ankles, knees, waist, her neck and finally the wrists were all enveloped by the plant and moments later she opened her mouth to accept the gag…plus nectar of course. Percy held her tight, this time covering her eyes and blocking both ears too and she was ready.

The lower tendril began to tease her, others worked on her breasts and over the next two hours sent the girl into an orgasmic frenzy of delight. What fun this was and Percy had her crashing repeatedly into orbit. With her eyes and ears covered Anya’s senses of touch were heightened and it felt SO good. Once she’d begun to tire he started to free her until the thing lowered her back onto the bed. Exhausted she lay there for a while before a tendril prodded her face. She ignored it for a while then it slapped her hard enough to sting. Anya’s eyes snapped open to see the feeler on her leg was ‘demanding’ payment and she grinned. Rubbing Percy by way of apology, grabbing the bottle Anya headed for the river.

This happened for most of the next week and she was comfortable now. Their nightly bondage games were so much fun. No stress in her life and when quite suddenly she heard voices crashing through the undergrowth and a motorboat on the river Anya froze. She actually didn’t want to be found now and scurried back into the cave, picking the feeler up and carrying it in because Percy was a bit slow in retracting himself. Then leaping onto the ‘bed’ and wrapping herself up. Anya looked down and saw the plant must have realised what she wanted as another spreading feeler soon covered her emergency pack right up. "Thanks love" she murmured.

Snuggling down under the surface she covered her head and it again obliged. Moulding the top right over and just leaving two tiny holes for her to be able to breathe. Percy knew this event wasn’t funny so didn’t bother gagging her, just holding the girl firmly in his grip. The voices came right up to then INTO the cave. Speaking in Spanish Anya listened and realised these were druggies by the way they were talking. A rather nasty smell began to permeate the cave and she managed not to cough. It really was ghastly but thankfully the voices soon disappeared.

Anya lay there for nearly an hour before Percy began to uncover her. The smell had faded thank goodness and she emerged, realising he’d obviously used some type of natural chemical to stink the place out. She smiled and already had the water bottle ready in her hand when his funnel emerged for payment. This was the second time he’d saved her life now.

That night she had her best session yet and again Percy took her over the edge and it was a happy girl who emerged at the end, exhausted but still thrilled at the way her life was turning out. She didn’t even regard herself as a captive now and the only time her knife had come out was to cut away some part of Percy’s stem that didn’t seem to look right. The faded brown colour when she’d first got here. The tendril came out just in case but hadn’t even twitched this time as she chopped off the discoloured bit and the scar from her handiwork had grown green again by nightfall.

Next morning though Anya was awoken early. Mainly because Percy was unwrapping her barely after dawn and that was unusual. They fed each other and he seemed to take a lot more water than normal. Nearly twenty bottles and she worried in case her demands were wearing him out. The nectar was as good as ever and Anya still had the rest of her rations even after two weeks here.

She was sitting on the edge of her bed when for some reason Percy began shuddering. Anya got up and looked around, only to almost scream as he began swelling up, her pack rolling in front of the green wave and eventually she snatched it up as the plant expelled her from the depths of the cave. Miss Smythers was shocked for a moment then she heard the rumbling. The earth itself appeared to vibrate and the girl, who’d once gone through an earthquake in Los Angeles knew this was probably another. For nearly a minute the jungle shook and Anya was terrified at the noise. The feeler was still tight round her ankle but she didn’t worry. She knew there must be a reason but did scream when the first rock from the cliff face crashed down barely a yard from her position near the entrance.

The rumbling stopped and she pressed hard into Percy as rocks tumbled into the river, others smashing trees and bushes nearby. Some really big ones that could easily have killed her and she wondered why he’d thrown her out of her ‘home’ as she’d started calling it. Once the rocks had stopped falling Percy’s swelling began to subside and Anya could get back into the cave. Though she was appalled on seeing what had happened. Part of the ceiling had fallen in and there was a huge gash right down Percy’s stem from top to bottom and sap was oozing out. The plant was grievously damaged it appeared and that to the girl meant trouble. Other heavy rocks covered the end of her bed where her head normally rested and Smythers knew Percy had for the third time saved her life by throwing her out while the roof was falling in.

Now she had to save him and began lifting off the wreckage and throwing each one out of the cave. It took her most of the morning to get the last of them out. Percy’s colour had faded and she knew he was dying, her eyes streaming with tears. Anya stripped off the top layers of her bed and wrapped them over the stem, using the leaking sap to glue each into place. It appeared to work as an hour later he’d stopped fading and was now only a mottled yellow. She grabbed the water bottle and hurried to the river, really having to drag the feeler until she could fill him up. But the funnel didn’t materialise and it took a lot of rubbing and pleading before a tiny hole finally appeared and she sighed with relief.

Slowly she poured in the water, taking time to keep rubbing the feeler and after the third bottle the funnel finally emerged. Anya wept with thanks and continued topping him up, losing count but it must have been about fifty bottles before the now green feeler was satisfied. It gave her a gentle tug and she hurried to obey, bringing the thing with her and she went inside. Smythers was relieved to see he was almost back to his normal colour again and she gave the stem another layer of the bed, again using a bit of leaking sap to glue it on.

Not much else happened that afternoon so she decided to look around the cave to make sure no more rock could come down during the night. Aftershocks do happen and she didn’t fancy doing all this to save Percy only to get flattened later on. Looking up Anya was startled to see there was a small hole near the back of the cave and a little trickle of water from the nearby falls was coming in. She moved her pack and hung it on an outcrop that was firmly attached to the wall. One bit of rock was loose and she managed with some difficulty to break it off and the offending weight ended up in the river. At least he was back to proper green again and you couldn’t tell where the patches had been on the stem.

By nightfall Percy had re-grown her bed back to its normal comfy feeling but Anya seemed to realise that tonight she’d leave him be just in case. Nectar was again swapped for water and both were back to normal and she settled down. Wrapping herself in the fresh layers up to her neck, planning to doze off. Percy however slowly encircled her head and Anya froze, wondering what he was up to.

She almost panicked as he closed in all around, holding her quite tightly, her eyes vanishing under a layer of green and soon she could hear nothing when her ears were blocked. She begged him to stop but as soon as she’d spoken a tendril went into her throat and gagged her till she couldn’t utter a squeak. Now she was hardly able to wriggle at all. Maybe a millimetre of give all round and the girl feared something was wrong. Really panicking she tried to struggle only for him to intensify his grip. Almost crushing her, Anya realising if she didn’t calm down then… After a while ‘thinking’, pleading with Percy to relax he did so and she sighed with thanks. Maybe he was trying to reward her for saving his, or maybe both their lives, so she ‘thought’, giving him permission for whatever he wanted now.

Anya tried to grin on feeling Percy ripple lower down and this eased her legs open a few inches then he locked everything tighter than she’d ever been held before. So he did want to play! She shuddered when a tendril inserted itself into her pussy, then went deeper than ever and really filled her up. A small half feeler began massaging her clit and she’d not be able to stand too much of THAT tonight. Then the tendril began pulsing in and out. Soon Anya was gasping in ecstasy, her nose flaring like a horse on the gallops and the lass was almost struggling to breathe until Percy relaxed his grip round her nostrils and that calmed her down. She lost count of the orgasms that night and sometime later passed out.

Coming too next morning Anya slowly cleared her head from the night before. Percy had done his stuff and she’d be sore for a while but at least he’d cleaned up after himself. It took a moment before she realised that for once he wasn’t asking for water as per their normal morning routine. She looked down at her leg and was astonished to see that the feeler wasn’t there. Nor anywhere in view till she looked to the back of the cave and saw it under the little trickle of liquid coming through the hole in the roof. The funnel was there but Percy was feeding himself! "Oi, that’s MY job" she said with a grin, coming over with her bottle and taking the feeler into her hand. She was about to tip the contents in when it shrank back and the funnel absorbed.

Anya was shocked at this. She was quite happy to feed him but it seemed that Percy was coping on his own now and maybe didn’t need her. Smythers sat down on the bed and wondered what to do, before reaching over and grabbing the end of the feeler, wrapping it round her ankle and tying the end in a knot. Hoping that it’d soon meld back and hold her again. But Percy did no such thing and Anya was disheartened. Even when she took it off and wrapped the thing around her head before going under the covering there was no sign of him acknowledging her presence. She lay there feeling a bit stupid but hoping that he’d soon wake up and secure her again.

An hour later Anya Smythers knew nothing was going to happen now. Percy plant was just that, a plant that had given her so many hours of pleasure and her eyes blurred with tears at the thought that she’d never get another chance to go through what had happened. She lay there face down, crying long and loud, the water streaming down and dripping onto her bed, where it slowly vanished into the greenness.

Eventually Anya knew she’d have to move. There was enough stuff flowing down-river she’d be able to get some driftwood and make a raft. So getting up and grabbing her pack from the shelf she sat down in the entrance and had to get dressed for the first time in a fortnight. The clothes almost felt alien to her now, certainly her skin was in tip-top condition and the girl wondered how much surgery would have cost to get this sort of smoothness in her body. Anya was almost ready to go when she felt the feeler touching her on the elbow.

She looked round and it was there, right next to her and she smiled, rubbing it tenderly. Wondering whether to undress again and hope he’d go back to normal. Quickly she stripped off her flightsuit and moments later, naked, offering her ankle to him, The sideways funnel emerged instead and there was some nectar there. She eagerly reached in and scooped it out but there was a lot more than normal.

Anya wondered what to do. If she rejected the offer then Percy might attack, thinking she’d ‘dissed’ him, as the street talkers might say. Instead she got out another smaller bottle that had once contained some powdered milk. This had been wrecked the first night and she’d binned it but kept the container. Now she opened the top and held it under the funnel. The syrup slowly oozed out and filled the bottle to just below the top before stopping. Anya smiled and put the cap on before sliding the bottle into her bag. Percy waited for a moment as she cleaned the funnel right out with her fingers then held him, stroking…praying; hoping that he’d take her back again.

Then he shuddered and to Anya’s amazement a small white tube, about an inch long emerged from the feeler and she caught it in her hand. Wondering what it was but there seemed to be nothing to give her a clue. "Thanks love," she murmured, kissing the feeler before gently laying it down. It paused then slowly withdrew back into the cave. The end almost waved as it vanished into the darkness. She stood there, crying for a moment knowing it was over and with that got dressed again then headed along the downstream path and into the jungle.

Smythers was rescued five days later by her amazed colleagues. Intercepting her raft almost a hundred miles from where her jet had crashed. They simply couldn’t believe she’d survived for three weeks on ‘grubs and stuff’ though she didn’t let on about that bottle of nectar, of which there was still a third left. She’d treasure that, plus that little white tube, thinking that maybe it was some sort of seed.

She returned to the States a heroine, met by many VIP’s and so on and it was a relief when she finally got back to her little homestead near the Air Base in northern Florida. The place was intact and with a promotion due she selected a ‘home based’ assignment for the next three years.

Two days later Anya Smythers went into her two-deck greenhouse in the steeply sloping garden. Only she had the key for this and she was relieved to see her automatic watering system hadn’t failed and all her plants had survived the six months of her ‘tour’ in Columbia. A grow bag lay against the wall and she took this down to the empty lower level. It was a lot hotter down here, the sun streaming through the opaque glass, almost tropical in fact. Probably why her normal plants never survived but she had a gut feeling about…

Slitting the bag open she tipped the compost into a six-foot wide tub of earth and got a stick to stir it all together in one big mass. Then Anya got the bottle of syrup from her pocket and created a small hole in the soil. She picked up the white tube that Percy had given her, kissing it before tenderly planting the thing into the dirt. A covering of syrup went over it before she put the earth over that then left things to their own devices.

Six months went past and one afternoon Anya’s friend called in to see her. But the lass didn’t appear home and Jeff walked round the garden, looking into the greenhouse windows but not entering, as he wasn’t a nosy guy. Quiet why his buddy was growing a large patch of moss or something downstairs he didn’t know. Perhaps it was new turf for the front lawn that the garbage Dumpster had wrecked a few weeks ago and she hadn’t got round to laying it yet. He’d ask Anya next time she bothered to answer the phone.

Not that Anya could at the moment. Spread-eagled and naked under the layers of greenery, her body held rigidly as if she was inside a vac-bed. Eyes and head totally covered, mouth gagged and only her nostrils visible. A lovely tendril working her over repeatedly and it’d be a while before ‘Peter, ‘Son of Percy’ released her back to the real world. Anya was so pleased this had happened and she repeatedly looked back to the first time.

She’d waited for three weeks after the first greenery had emerged and within another the ‘lawn’ had been complete. Anya had waited another week then one afternoon she’d come down and got the door locked, stripping off her clothes…hoping… She sat on the edge of the plant, stroking…praying.

Lifting up the layers of green partway down, like the sheets on her bed she slithered underneath until only her head was visible. Like Percy it was lovely and cool under there. For nearly two hours she’d waited, feeling a bit daft then her heart leapt with joy when she sensed the plant trembling. It began to shrink around her, moulding to her every join and holding Anya quite firmly. She did move slightly, pushing one arm out to see what would happen and it let her do it. Having done that and knowing she could get out the girl put her limb back inside and settled down. The plant again contracted. Nothing further happened for another hour but the girl was determined to wait.

The thing loosened slightly below her waist and she eased her legs a few inches apart then it gripped again so she knew what was coming next. This being confirmed as the plant delicately enveloped her head from the top. Covering her ears and then pausing as it realised she was crying. She thought ‘I’m OK, carry on,’ then closed her eyes, managing not to scream with happiness as everything went dark and she felt the thing come down, covering over the bridge of her nose. More sliding round her chin, meeting the rest at her neck until Anya knew only her nose and mouth were free now.

"Hello love, take me away…" she whispered, leaving her mouth open and a second later shuddering as she was invaded. The narrow feeler examined her right around, almost cleaning her teeth too. There was another moment of joy as she got a sip of nectar, easily as good as Percy’s and Anya was delighted her instincts were being proved correct. She sucked greedily on the thing until no more came. ‘Thank you. Now…yes that’s right you need to gag me nice and tight…’ she thought, heart leaping as having swallowed the plant’s offering the feeler swelled, stuffing her mouth, with the rest of her head covering increasing the pressure. She was still a little nervous but it seemed to sense this. Rippling slightly, as if it was stroking her skin and after a while Anya’s heart rate began to fall again.

Once she was calm the plant tightened right up over the rest of her body and Anya was pleased as that wonderful enclosed feeling came back into her life. Trying to move and she found this was impossible. Then the best bit as a tendril slowly slid inside her, enlarged and its little friend began to work away on her clit. Over that afternoon the plant had taken her into... utter bliss. Anya would have smiled, had she been able too. Three hours later it’d released her and the lassie was delighted. She’d got dressed and was about to leave when the feeler emerged and wrapped itself round her wrist. For a moment she was fearful that it would trap her in here, but having sat down and stroked it for a while, giving it the odd kiss it seemed satisfied and let go. Anya smiled, officially named him ‘Peter’, told him she’d love him and after another rub the feeler retracted and absorbed into the plant.

Since then she came down every other day to play and her colleagues at work kept wondering who her new boyfriend could be as Anya was so happy, blooming with health but seemingly rarely at home. Occasionally after a tough week she’d come down, check the systems, give the plant’s feeler a cuddle then strip, get into him and lie down and have a snooze. He seemed to accept this and hold her close all round with just her nose visible, no gag or anything and she’d have an hour or so then ‘ask’ to leave.

Today’s session had been the best one yet and one she’d ‘asked’ him to do, just as well Jeff hadn’t seen it start. Having finished maintaining all the systems upstairs she’d come down and done him last rather than first as per routine. Once the feed had taken place Anya headed for the door with a grin, knowing that hopefully she’d be punished…yes! A feeler grabbed her ankle and before she could turn more arrived. Quickly seizing her by all four limbs Peter got to work. A big one totally enclosed Anya’s head, blinding and gagging her then she shuddered as the other tendrils stripped her naked! Dress, bra, knickers were all removed and Anya hoped he’d put them on the shelf close by.

She hadn’t struggled as it was what she’d wanted and Peter easily lifted her up then shovelled her into the ‘bed’ before locking her solid and going to work on his ‘victim’. This was scheduled to last at least a couple of hours she hoped.

Now as Jeff left the place Anya’s mind was blowing as yet another orgasm approached.





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