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Storycodes: F/f; vore; swallowed; eaten; reluct/nc; XX

They seemed like the average middle aged couple. Amy had run into them, literally, while out for a jog. A 5' 9" 120 pound blue-eyed brunette, she had an well toned athletic body, an attractive face and slightly larger breasts than she would have liked. A conversation with an offer had resulted: Did she think she would like a position helping take care of their daughter? Amy had the impression that the girl was an infant, meaning a lot of work. She had meant to ask the age and to get more specific about duties and pay, but being an aspiring, temporarily out of work, actress she had agreed.

"...Perhaps you could come for dinner," Mrs. Ashton suggested. So Amy had a short work out at the gym and went straight over wearing the black stretch one piece, sneakers and a windbreaker for cover. The house was in a good part of town and well maintained. "Perhaps I'll ask $15 an hour or more," Amy thought, "if I can get a peek at what's parked in the garage." She had proceeded up the driveway, thought the better of it and went straight to the front door. She had hardly finished ringing the front bell when Mrs. Ashton opened it.

"Oh, good my dear, your timing is perfect." And turning her head, "George that girl is here." Turning back to Amy somewhat quickly (as if I might get away, Amy thought) , "Did you drive here? Where's your car?"

Amy pointed to the Red Cabriolet on the street.

"George, GEORRGE...Get the girl's car and put it in the garage,"

"Oh, that's okay," Amy said, " It's looks like a safe neighborhood, besides anyone stealing that old thing would be doing me a favor." She laughed at her little joke.

Mrs. Ashton didn't. George was coming up the entrance hallway two glasses of wine in hand. He wore a pleasant smile and was about to speak when Mrs. Ashton took the proffered wine glass and gave it directly to Amy. She then took the other.

"George,the car..."

"Oh!" George startled, and moved quickly through the doorway almost pushing Amy in the process. He took two steps forward before turning, hand outstretched, for the keys.

"Really it's okay," Amy flustered, fumbling with her purse while trying to balance the glass handed her.

"Don't be silly," Mrs. Ashton cooed, "Its better for us in the garage. That way we won't be worrying about it. You might be staying longer than you think." And after a moment's reflection, "If you are delayed, is there anybody you need to call?"

"No," Amy replied, "No roommates. I'm pretty independent."

Mrs. Ashton smiled broadly, "We love independent young people, don't we George?" Amy turned waiting for the reply but George was already out of earshot, entering the car. He must have run down the driveway Amy thought.

"Come inside," Mrs. Ashton beckoned, stepping aside, "I'll give you a little tour."

The front entrance opened to the living room, den and the hallway that lead straight back to the kitchen. Mrs. Ashton barely nodded to either room and walked quickly back to the kitchen. Here she stopped and turned, examining Amy fully. Light brown hair fell just below her shoulders, with innocent crystal blue eyes in a soft feminine face. Her body sensual but trim with wonderfully full breasts, a flat stomach and long, smooth, lightly tanned legs. "Ummmh," moving her tongue slowly over her lips, her eyes stopping more than once on her soft, well rounded breasts.

Amy blushed. "I, uh, work out," she offered, and took a gulp of the wine. Her head swam. Damn, this is strong, she thought. Mrs. Ashton slowly sipped her wine, savoring it, and swallowed. "You will leave my daughter quite satisfied."

"Oh, yes," Amy perked up, glad to change the subject, "Where is she? I would like to meet her."

"She's out on the patio by our Jacuzzi" Mrs. Ashton stated. Just then George came through the door from the garage and nodded to his wife. He did not offer the keys to Amy. Mrs. Ashton turned and opened a door to the back.

George smiled at her, "It really is a nice Jacuzzi." And extended his arm toward the door. Amy, feeling a little confused, walked past him to the door.

"Oh, don't forget your wine," he said, handing the glass to her.

"It's a little strong...uh, for me, " Amy demurred.

George pouted, "It's a family wine. We've been making it for generations. Give it a chance. It will help you digest."

Feeling trapped, Amy took the glass and since George continued to watch, took another swallow. This time an odd tingling sensation followed, like thousands of tiny little needles within her. George refilled her glass at the door and sent her through. The couple did not follow. "Tell Michelle to let us know if she likes you," he called down. She thought she heard him lock the door as she descended the steps.

The stairs led down to an glass enclosed patio surrounded by extensive shrubbery. There were the usual white wrought iron furniture pieces and, by the Jacuzzi, a semi-reclined female. No child this. Greeting her was a 16 year old with golden blond hair, well developed breasts, silky legs overtaxing a tight red bikini. She turned to look at Amy.

Michelle's eyes were blue, and...hypnotic. Her full lips, glossed red, formed an almost natural pout. They spread slowly, and a perfect set of white teeth opened. Her tongue pushed forward and moved with deliberate languor over her lips. Amy could feel herself being drawn in, imagining herself entering that mouth...and shook her head to clear it. Must be the wine she thought.

"Hi!" Michelle smiled, "You must be Amy. My parents told me about you and I had to have you for dinner."

Amy was confused. This was not what she expected but she continued to move forward toward Michelle. She felt drunk and looked down at the wine glass to find it empty. She looked past Michelle's mouth to get her bearings. There was a pack of cigarettes next to her lounge. She didn't usually do this unless she had been drinking.

"Can I have one of those?" Amy asked pointing.

"Oh," Michelle responded casually, "After I have dinner. Otherwise it spoils the flavor."

Maybe if I ate something, I would feel better, Amy thought. She was about to ask...

"Hey want to try the Jacuzzi?" Michelle gestured with her arm. Amy mesmerized following the outstretched hand. She could almost feel that soft hand caressing her, red painted fingernails digging into her flesh. She pulled her eyes away and stopped. It was twelve feet in diameter, set into the ground and already bubbling. What stopped Amy was the water.

It was brown.

"Isn't it great? I really love it. It saves so much time and makes everything so d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s."

Even Michelle's voice was hypnotic. Amy stared. "Why... why is the water brown?"

"Oh that, " Michelle said laughing, "We use a special combination of, uh, ...minerals to, uh,... soften the skin." She stood up and stepped forward to Amy. Michelle's hands almost caressed the windbreaker off as Amy stood transfixed. She was Amy's height and looked straight into her crystal blue eyes as she held Amy's face. Her hands moved down the sides of Amy's neck to the black stretch cloth. Deliberately, the hands peeled back the black, exposing the upper chest.

"Wait. I, uh..." Amy began.

"Don't you want to get in?" Michelle asked pouting. "It's very relaxing. You won't be able to resist anything..." The voice continued heavily while Michelle's mouth moved sensuously with each word.

"Yes,... I... I'm afraid you're going to eat me"

Michelle continued to move her hands downward taking the cloth with them. She ran them over Amy's breasts. Lightly, tickling at first then firmer. Amy's nipples became erect. She moaned softly, her head drifting backward.

"Oh, I wouldn't eat you like this," Michelle offered. Moving her mouth to Amy's erect nipples. She eased Amy forward into the Jacuzzi, moving her lips across her breasts, painting the nipples with her tongue. "There. That's better." Michelle said stepping in with her. "Why don't you take off the rest of this," she suggested, moving her hands downward and sliding the wet black nylon off.

Amy floated, not resisting, feeling tiny pin pricks on her flesh. "You know," she said dreamily, "it smells a little like the wine but with... herbs?"

"Ummmh," Michelle replied, lifting Amy's thigh upward in the water and spreading them. "Let me just check the taste." Moving forward she placed those red lips on Amy's pussy. Her tongue pressed Amy's clit and began tasting it. "Ummmh, Just right, I think" and began sucking. Amy got hotter and harder and could feel herself opening, dripping fluid. She grabbed at the blonde head and buried it in her pussy. She came again and again. Michelle pulled back.

"That was a nice appetizer. Amy do you mind if I eat you?"

Amy heard the voice in a fog. She had never been so turned on and now so exhausted and helpless. She knew she had to get out of here but felt trapped.

"No," Amy barely replied, "Please don't. Please let me go."

"Are you sure?" Michelle teased, taking Amy's pussy into her mouth again, running her tongue all over it.

Amy moaned, exhausted, "No, please stop, don't." She thought she heard Michelle say, "Oh well..." in the distance, but someone was still holding her legs and began bringing them together. She felt herself being pulled out of the warm brown water. Her feet tingled with an odd pressure. She thought she could feel Michelle's tongue moving over them, tasting them, her mouth sucking on them.

She opened her eyes. Her feet were up toward Michelle and seemed to be entirely in her mouth. The brown fluid from the Jacuzzi was dripping off her silky naked body but the brown had stayed on her skin. "Oh my GOD," She screamed, "I've been basted. You're eating me! No!" 

She tried to kick but Michelle had her feet firmly in her mouth. The red pouting lips began to suck as Amy was pulled inexorably forward. Her calves followed and then Michelle's lips were at her thighs. Her tongue caressed each part as it moved, tasting, titillating. Amy thought she was too large to be eaten this way but watched as Michelle continued to suck her in. Her thighs had disappeared and the tongue was again at her pussy. It teased and tasted and despite the terror, Amy came again. Michelle's hands came up and caressed Amy's soft basted buttocks.


Michelle slid them forward, her teeth pressing into the roundness, indenting the flavored skin. "Ummmh. Delicious."

Amy tried to look elsewhere, anywhere but that mouth that kept getting closer. Michelle had moved up her torso and sank her teeth into her midsection. She moved her head slightly from side to side, teasing, showing total control as Amy's limp body moved with it. Michelle sucked her in to her breasts again sinking her teeth into the soft tasty flesh. The nipples got hard and she sucked them, pulling the flavor through them into her body. Amy tried to push off with her hands, but Michelle simply pulled them together and stuffed them into herself, continuing to swallow. As Amy's head began to enter Michelle's mouth, Michelle looked down.

"Would you like that cigarette now?" And laughed as she pulled the last of Amy into her mouth. Amy could feel Michelle playing with her face with tongue, tasting her, sucking savoring the flavor. Then she swallowed. Amy's body slid downward to fall into Michelle's stomach. She was conscious feeling the "wine" dissolve her insides and Michelle's gastric juices doing the rest. She was absorbed into Michelle.

Michelle dabbed her pouting lips with a napkin and patted her distended belly. She laid back on the lounge and lit a cigarette. Smoking languidly, she massaged her abdomen. "You were delicious, Amy."

The intercom buzzed. "Michelle," Mrs Ashton's voice sounded, "I don't want to catch you smoking."

"Yessss, mom," she replied.



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