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Banfield's Story

by Amanda

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© Copyright 2018 - Amanda - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; arousal; desire; tease; oral; orgasm; torment; toilet; urine; eat; bite; chew; swallow; gore; hard; vore; cons/nc; XXX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Author's Chapter Notes: I hope you all enjoy reading Banfields own account of his demise. This story was written by my friend BANFIELD who is unable to post this magical txt for us all to read so he has kindly asked if I could post this story on his behalf, all credit should therefore go to him. I trust the forum members will give praise to his vision as I myself already have.

A picture....... i trust it shall remain anonymous to everyone else Tony, look into my eyes relish at my mouth...imagine your body nestled between my lips, my tongue darting out to greet its meal.... to taste your flesh. Mmm it’s a nice thought having a man in my mouth willing or other wise.

It was her words and her picture that drove Tony to pay his fatal visit to the delectable Amanda. He tried to suppress the bizarre desire to be eaten by his email Mistress, but he couldn’t fight it and felt compelled by his weakness. At the back of his mind he thought that it would be easy to withdraw at the last moment as long as perhaps Amanda would allow him to debase himself… to worship her feminine altar, to lavish kisses all over her body – every crevice, every cavity, every orifice; and perhaps, to realise one other greatest desire, a desire he had harboured since he was a lad of only 14.

He arrived at her door trembling like mad, wondering whether the photo of her was real, whether the Amanda he had become so besotted with over the computer would really be as she had shewn.

When the door opened, Tony’s heart, that had been thumping alarmingly, almost stopped. His eyes widened with the pleasure of a child receiving his most desired toy. With stuttering, faltering words, he bade her good-day and introduced himself. Amanda gave him a smile as she stepped back to allow his entry. The nervous trembling began again as he stepped over the threshold. As he moved Amanda closed the door and purposely allowed her left hand breast brush against his arm.

With the sound of the closing door, a sense of fear gripped his heart and he heard his inner-voice asking: do you really want to go this far? Yes, he assured himself, but only so far.

He stood back against the hallway wall to let Amanda glide past to lead him deeper into her sanctuary – the sitting-room. She gave him a second winning smile, this time revealing her perfect teeth set between her kissable lips. Once in the room she bade him take a seat in one of the low armchairs while she sat almost opposite. “So, Tony, you really want what we’ve discussed… . really?”

Tony gazed into her eyes for a moment and then cast them swiftly over her figure and legs; everything about her fitted perfectly with his long-harboured visions. He looked back to her dark blue eyes and replied falteringly: “Yes, I do.” As soon as he uttered those confirming words that warning voice exploded in his mind: ‘You can’t, you mustn’t. Don’t you know what that means? You have submitted yourself to the most horrendous ordeal. She’s going to eat you!.

Again, Tony tried to soothe the advice: only so far. I don’t think she’ll really go so far as that. It’s all in the mind. It’s fantasy, that’s all.

Amanda rose from her chair. “I’ll fetch us a drink.” As she stepped to a cocktail cabinet Tony followed her with his eyes. He noticed with pleasure she possessed a plump derriere and fine sturdy legs. She brought two glasses back with her, passed one to her guest and sat back in her chair. She crossed her legs and, to Tony’s immediate excitement, revealed a great deal of thigh.

“Here’s to a lovely time,” Amanda toasted with smile and raised her glass to her lips. Tony smiled back and followed suit not bothering to ask what the glass contained. He tasted the drink and exclaimed what a pleasant flavour, and so sweet. Amanda merely smiled at him as she sipped hers. Because of the long journey, Tony really needed a drink so he quaffed the lot.

“Very nice,” he commented, “All right to have another?” “Of course,” she said and rose again. She stepped up to Tony to take his empty glass and as she did so she gazed steadily into his eyes. Tony looked up to admire her very attractive features, completely forgetting for an instant the reason he was there for.

As Tony gazed he suddenly felt a queer sensation in his head. Surely that drink wasn’t that strong, he thought. His senses began to get fuzzy, but just before he passed out, he blurted out a question that had been in his mind ever since they first communicated: “Tell me, Amanda, have you really eaten humans… .boys and men?”

Amanda was still regarding him steadily as he slowly lost consciousness, but he caught her reply. “Yes, Tony, I have, lots, and you are going to be my next.”

When the dizziness wore off, Tony opened his eyes. He thought he’d only dropped off for a moment, but it quickly dawned on him that he’d been unconscious for some time. First, he realised he was bound to some wooden contraption in a crosswise position and more shockingly, he was entirely naked! Immediately, his mind devoid of any reason, he began asking why he was in that alarming position. Amanda was standing before him. She, too, was undressed but for her dainty knickers. Naturally, being a male, he gazed at her breasts then at her face, back to her breasts.

“Amanda,” he croaked, “You don’t have to… not like this!”

“O, but I do, Tony,” she replied in a sultry tone. She stepped close to him, her face close to his and continued: “You see, I’ve had many victims; boys as well as men like you. The boys, of course, were unsuspecting. I simply lured them into my web like a spider and I found them so manipulative and easy to devour; but men are so unpredictable. They arrive here with eagerness but then lose their enthusiasm when they know they are doomed. They adored my body, worshipped me in all my intimate places, even submitted to my love of peeing and that other stuff into their mouths; but when it came to being prepared for their final submission, they get so frightened. They beg, they plead. They offer me every penny they have, their cars, their houses and all sorts of things. Then they threaten me. So this is why I’ve made you my poor helpless prisoner. You can’t escape. You’re going to be eaten… ”

Amanda stepped back a pace… ”Look, Tony, this is where you’re going… ” She patted her tummy.

“No… no… not really! I mean… .” As he spluttered, Amanda drew her skimpy knickers down. She rubbed the garment over her vulva and went further by pushing the fabric inside with her second finger. She then caught him unawares and thrust the garment into his mouth. This was swiftly followed with a length of packing-tape to prevent him from spitting it out.

“There,” she said softly, “That’ll keep you quiet while I tell you what I’m going to do with you. First, I shall make you show your devotion to my body… .I mean everywhere. I shall use you as a receptacle whenever I need to go, and then, my darling Tony, I shall eat you alive.”

Tony was by then beside himself. He stared in abject fear into her eyes. He wanted to say so many things. Amanda then told him: “I’m going to give you a choice, Tony. If you obey every demand I make, then your final fate will be easy; but if you annoy me, don’t do everything I want, then your end will be very painful indeed. Would you really like to feel my teeth biting into your flesh, Tony?”

As a test, Amanda began running her hands over his torso, feeling and squeezing here and there. She took each of his nipples and gave each tiny nub a tight squeeze. He gave a muffled groan from the sharp pain. She dipped her head and took one between her teeth and bit – not enough to break the skin but to bring a more intense groan from behind her knickers filling his mouth.

“It hurts, doesn’t it, Tony? Think what the pain would be like if I bit right through, and then the other. Think what’ll it be like if I did the same to your treasured manhood… .” So saying, she reached down to grasp his flaccid penis. She squeezed it several times as a milkmaid would to a cow’s teat. “I’d make it grow,” she murmured. “I’d make it grow to what size you said… .what was it, eight inches? Mmm… lovely. I’d take the whole length in my mouth and then… .snap, it’d be gone and in my mouth. You think I’m joking, Tony, that I wouldn’t go that far. Well, you’re wrong. I’ve done it many times, and you know what? I love doing it. It’s better than sex. In fact, my darling, I’m getting excited now.. … .”

As she spoke, Amanda reached down to her vagina and began titillating her clitoris and delving her fingers into the fleshy interior. Because of much self-gratification her clitoris rose to a startling length, much like the penis of a very young lad. Suddenly she brought her fingers up to his nostrils forcing Tony to smell them.

You see how excited I am?” she murmured sexily. “It’s better than sex… ordinary sex. I love the build-up… and I’m going to erupt down there many times… especially when I start to feast on you.” Tony stared at her, his emotions battling with the sheer ambiguity of the situation; half of his mind wishing he hadn’t made the visit, the other half still whirling in that vortex of hedonistic excitement.

“Now, Tony,” she went on in her alluring tone, “I’m going to remove my knickers from your mouth. I hope they tasted nice. I’ve worn them all day yesterday, all night as well, so they really must be well garnished with my sexy flavour. If you start shouting or anything, I’ll get very cross, and when I get cross I can get very vicious. You understand?” Tony nodded his head in meek compliance. He had no doubt that this vixen, this evil temptress was capable of the most devilish acts – including that of biting off his penis.

It was with some modicum of relief for Tony when Amanda tore away the tape over his bulging mouth and removed her well-worn knickers. He worked his jaw to rid himself of its stiffness. Then he spoke: “Amanda, thank you. I must ask you, please, do you really mean to… you know… . “

“Eat you?” she finished for him. “But of course. It’s what we’ve been leading up to. I know you have that death wish, and that you want to be sent down in my belly. Well, you’re going to get that wish and make me very, very satisfied. Now I’m going to tell you something. I shall demand several things; they’ll take a couple of days. Things that you may not like, but if you obey me I can make your last ordeal fairly painless by numbing your nerves so that when I begin biting into you, you’ll only feel tingling like pins and needles. O, and another thing. You said in one or two of your emails that you wish I could make your tongue six or eight inches long. Well, I can’t, but what I shall do is, I will cut your tongue out – right from its root – and you may see what I intend to do with it.” She smiled at him, a sinister smile and added: “I remember quite well where you wanted to put it, Tony, and you may watch.”

Tony gave a deep sigh. He looked into Amanda’s pretty face: “You know, I thought we’d only sort of play-act, pretend. I really do want to worship you and be your abject slave, but I can’t believe you’d go further. I mean, you’re so, so attractive… .”

Amanda gave a tinkling laugh. “O no, I’m not pretending, Tony. I’ve told you, I love eating boys and men. I adore the taste of their flesh, the flavour of blood. I lie awake at night dreaming of eating them, and I can’t help playing with myself. I’ve played with myself many nights thinking of you. I was grateful you sent me your two photos. If you’d been less handsome or terribly old, I would have finished our acquaintance; and you know something, my darling Tony, I believe my cannibalistic diet improves my looks and actually galvanises my sexuality as well as enlarging my clit. Can you believe that?”

Amanda then decided to release her latest conquest from the cross –beamed structure but tied his hands behind his back. Tony tried to assure her it wouldn’t be necessary, but she insisted: “I’m really excited. All this talk has worked me up; so let’s start the initiation, but don’t forget, obey me. You know there’s nothing worse than a woman scorned. On your knees – now!”

Tony fell to his knees. Amanda moved close to him, his face level to her stomach. He gazed at it, seeing it was pleasantly plump like her buttocks. He’d often wondered why a lot of authors like to describe a female’s stomach as “flat.” He cast his eyes down below the gently undulating swell to catch sight of her pubic hair. The curly hairs were in abundance, the same colour as the equally curly locks on her head. He glanced back up, his eyes traversing her tummy to rest on her rounded breasts. He could see the sexual affect of her nipples. There was no doubt that she was highly-sexed.

“Kiss my stomach,” she ordered, “All over, and don’t overlook my navel.

Notwithstanding his forthcoming ordeals, Tony thrilled with the task of paying obeisance to the very place wherein he was destined to go. He gave no thought of those who had been there before. The devotion he gave to Amanda’s belly lasted a good ten minutes. By then, she was satisfied. She then instructed him to move, still on his knees, to a chair. She sat and signalled for him to move close and spread her thighs wide. There, fully exposed, was her womanhood. At her command he dutifully kissed and licked the puffy labia and administered to her demand of using his tongue to rekindle her sexual libido. And it was rather disturbing for him to feel the extraordinary length of her clitoris that stretched out proudly – almost demanding the attention of his lips.

As he laboured there, licking her labia and delving into the sticky interior of her vagina, he could hear Amanda’s heavy breathing and gasps, fully aware that she was approaching the first of the many ensuing climaxes.

Tony was also gasping as he licked and lapped at Amanda’s fleshy lips and stiff protuberance until, with blessed relief, she gave out a squeal followed by heavy gasps. With both hands she grasped his head and crushed his face into her crotch. Her thighs closed around his head holding him inescapably as she erupted in a frenzy of utter bliss. Tony felt the expulsion of viscid fluid filling his mouth and hearing her crude words of unladylike abandon – her sexual fulfilment, something he may never experience.

As Amanda slowly recovered from her heavenly euphoria, Tony ventured to ask yet again: “Please, dear Amanda, tell me you aren’t going to really… eat me. I’ll do anything you want, I won’t mind, but… … ”

Amanda lazily opened her eyes; her legs still splayed apart, her vagina dripping droplets. “Tony, why don’t you accept it,” She murmured.

“Of course I’m going to eat you. I want you in my belly. I want to feel you squirming as you slide down my throat, my gullet, and feel your frantic struggles as I begin digesting you. You know it takes ages, not as those ignorant authors reckon when they say it only takes minutes. That’s what’s so awfully exciting; a real live person fighting for his life inside me and knowing it’ll all be in vain. Tony!” she said in a stern manner, “Don’t ever question me again. If you do I shall tear your tongue out, and you know where it’ll go.” From then, Tony kept quiet.

Amanda, true to her word, used Tony in every conceivable manner to abase him and provider her with sexual pleasure. It would be of no surprise that Tony, although for years had harboured the most outlandish fantasies, found the stark reality quite abhorrent. He was also astounded that Amanda had focussed in on his weaknesses and his imaginary desires. She regarded him speculatively with her half-lidded eyes.

She spoke, as always, in her seductive tone of voice: “Tony, I haven’t been for some days… two or three actually. Now I’m ready. I really must go.”

Tony looked up her with questioning eyes. She spoke again:

“You’re not sure what I mean, are you?”

Tony meekly shook his head. Amanda rose from her chair.

“Follow me… .on your knees. You said once in one of your emails something about an exquisite body-service.”

Her words shook him as he moved behind her. She led him into the bathroom, a tastefully ornate toilet-room, fully-tiled with feminine designs. The bath and hand basin equipped with gold taps. She stopped by the lavatory and pondered a moment before muttering: “Now, how shall we proceed?”

By then, Tony was very nervous. As he had followed the girl, he had gazed in silent admiration at her bare behind, seeing how her plump cheeks ground with each step. His mind formed the pictures he had envisioned during his many nocturnal reveries – just such scenes. He gave a strangled gasp as he realised what was to occur. Still with much troubled mind, she bade him turn and move back to the lavatory-seat, his feet spread on either side to enable Amanda to adjust him in the right position. She placed her hand on his head and forced his head back over the open bowl. She gazed into his eyes with a pitiless expression. Without a word, she positioned herself with her back to him, each foot planted on either side of his torso.

With trembling heart, Tony watched as she bent her knees to confront his eyes with her generous buttocks. He looked with ambiguous emotions as her crinkled anus came closer, and he saw also the fatty lips of her vagina. In the next instance, Amanda released the pressure of her bladder and sent a deluge of piss into his open mouth. Immediately his mouth was filled. He gulped desperately as the silvery-golden nectar spewed rapidly from her urethra.

When at last the drops fell from her labia, Amanda positioned her anus over his mouth.

“And now for the exquisite service,” she murmured… …

Because of the extremity of Tony’s olfactive and scatological ordeal, we shall pass over the bizarre description and let it be read that Tony endured one of his gut-wrenching fantasies and let the readers’ imagination picture the enormity of Amanda’s content of her long-delayed release.

Tony felt the immense relief when Amanda’s anus clenched tight, but his relief was short lived when he heard her stern command to clean her with his tongue. She then straightened up and turned to gaze down at his strained features:

“You’ll never know how much I wanted to do that,” she said with a smile, “And I know, Tony, that you may have wanted that yourself.”

She allowed him to move away from the lavatory, gave him a glassful of water to rinse his mouth and drink. For the rest of that day she pleasured herself with him, making him worship her body in every conceivable manner, even licking her armpits and each of her plump buttocks.

“You know why I’m making you do this, don’t you, Tony?”

“I think so,” he muttered as his tongue lapped over her chubby cheeks.

“Good,” she said, “And now I’m ready. I feel awfully hungry. Haven’t eaten anything since yesterday, my tummy’s empty… ..”

It was the time. Tony’s long-harboured dream was about to come true. He thought about it all the time he was paying obeisance to her body, her legs, her firm strong thighs, her arms, her breasts and finally her buttocks, all with the knowledge of soon becoming an integral part of her flesh, her bones, her blood, her skin and every vital organ.

Naturally, Amanda had to muffle his screams as she began her ghoulish feast; and what better than the knickers she had worn and used to stifle him earlier, but not before again using them to wipe the copious fluids already seeping from her vagina.

The feast lasted a few days. She reneged on her promise to deaden any pain in order to obtain the sexual excitement of seeing the anguish in his eyes as she took each bite, and then came the piéce de résistance. How she was able to raise his penis to a fierce erection can only be conjectured by her feminine adroitness and past experience. She gazed with admiration at its 8 inch length and sturdy girth. She put her face close to his, gave him a smile to reveal her bloodied teeth and sank down to take the whole length of his most treasured possession into her mouth. And amazingly his penis remained erect in traitorous disregard of its fate. With a savage, animalistic bite at the very base of his manly column, she removed it and before his crazed eyes, chewed it to a pulp and sent it down to join the flesh she had eaten; and as if that weren’t enough agony for Tony, she returned to his groin to tear the silky skin of his scrotum away exposing the white, minute-veined eggs of his testicles.

Tony was then no longer a man, but as he passed out into oblivion, he felt himself entombed in Amanda’s satisfied stomach, and as he had envisioned he would remain part of Amanda for all eternity – aye, even in the spiritual existence – to feel and sense her every emotions. To him it would be the heaven so often spoke of since time immemorial… … ..

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