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Breast Implants

by Bnimrod

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© Copyright 2014 - Bnimrod - Used by permission

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The women were sitting in the back yard chatting. Sandra a vivacious blonde was discussing breast implants with her friend Cathy. Cathy was a tall, somewhat thin brunette who now sported full large breasts and wore the tight clothes to show them off.

“Those look great Cathy,” Sandra observed, eyeing her friend’s new acquisitions.

“Umm,” Cathy responded pushing her breasts up with her hands, accentuating their round fullness. She laughed. “The only problem is feeding them.” She said, sighing.

“Oh?” Sandra responded.

“Yes, that was part of the deal with these,” Cathy replied. “They’re made of males and you have to feed them males to keep them looking good.” Cathy picked up a pack of cigarettes from the table pulled one out and put it between her full lips. She casually lit it, inhaling fully.

Sandra watched her for a moment and then took one herself. She lit hers and continued the conversation. “How often do you have to eat?”

Cathy exhaled, blowing the smoke upwards, “Every few months. I don’t mind really but sometimes some of the women get jealous when I eat their husbands.”

“There’s plenty more where that came from,” Sandra replied, laughing.

Cathy eyed her friend warily. ‘I wonder if she’d let me eat her husband?’ she thought.

“Why don’t we have a few drinks,” Cathy suggested.

Sandra smiled, and waved her hand in the air. “Bob can you mix up some margaritas? We are parched.” She looked back over to Cathy who was taking another drag on her cigarette. “Might as well put him to good use.”

“Yes,” Cathy reflected. “…Just what I have in mind.” She was smoking languidly when Bob appeared with the drinks on a tray.

“You look delicious Bob.” She said to him as he put the tray on the table. “…er, I mean.. the drinks look delicious.. thanks.”

Bob bent over the table to place the tray down Cathy eyed his round buttocks and licked her lips. “I hope you made those strong”’ she commented and drew on her cigarette.

‘I need to get quite a few more drinks into Sandra before I can do what I want to Bob’ she reflected, eyeing his male form as he walked away. She could imagine him barbecuing on the grill just by the table in a few hours, unconsciously she licked her lips.

Cathy poured the drink for herself and a larger one for Sandra. She watched as Sandra took a large gulp of her margarita.

Cathy waved her hand to Bob who had made his way back to the kitchen. He popped his head out and she yelled, “Could you bring the tequila out?” He nodded then disappeared back into the kitchen only to reappear a few moments later with the tequila.

Cathy waited until Sandra turned to talk to Bob and then surreptitiously added more tequila to Sandra’s drink.

Sandra turned to Cathy and asked, “Would you like something to eat Cathy?”

Cathy eyed Bob up-and-down, licked her lips and replied slowly, “Yes but not yet…”

Sandra waved Bob away dismissively and turned back to Cathy. “So tell me the story about those breast implants Cathy. How did that work out?”

Cathy smiled. A good long story she thought would be perfect while Sandra drank a bit more than she should and her plans would progress.

“Well,” Cathy replied, smiling, pouring more margarita into Sandra's only partially empty glass. “I went to the clinic.”

“It seems,” Cathy said, “that you have to consume not one but two males to get them the right size.” She said, lifting one hand under a supple large hemisphere. It shook just slightly as she did so.

Sandra laughed and looked at Cathy's large round breasts and said, “Do you mean those are…?”

Cathy nodded. “Yes Male meat.’ she replied.

Sandra leaned forward, interested. “How does that work?” she asked.

“First,” Cathy said, “you were shown a group of candidates that are tied up and partially sedated…”

“Once you pick a couple of candidates that look particularly tasty you’re lead to a room where you are alone with the first of your choices.”

Sandra licked her lips. She could almost taste those helpless males. She had had a few herself in her life but none recently of course, since she was married.

“They’re sedated of course Sandra.” Cathy continued her story. “I walked over to him and started rubbing his cock before I untied him. I didn't want to eat any rope after all.”

“Once he's good and hard I tied off his cock and then untied his wrists. Fortunately he had been given a sedative so all he could do was murmur.”

Sandra had finished her margarita without even realizing it. Cathy poured more and added tequila this time not disguising it in front of Sandra.

“Yes,” Sandra said, “I hate it when my food makes a lot of noise. I remember that from high school. All the yelling as we used to put those boys on the barbecue.”

Cathy lit another cigarette inhaling deeply and turned to Sandra and said, laughing, “Yes but we ate them anyway didn't we?”

Sandra laughed in return then took a cigarette for herself and lit it. “We certainly did,” she said patting her stomach and then pushing upper breast little bit, “and it didn't hurt here either…”

“Well,” Cathy continued, “the clinic was kind enough to provide me with some lotion which I started to rub on the first meal. He became very submissive after that of course, looking up at my teeth and the inside of my mouth. I think he knew where he was headed. I rubbed the lotion over the rest of his body-- his hard muscles felt really good but by this time I was starving and starting to drool. A little a bit embarrassing.” Cathy said laughing

Sandra dabbed her mouth with a napkin. She was drooling just listening to the story. Maybe she should get some breast implants. She didn't care so much about making her already large breasts any larger but the process sounded just delicious.

“The hard part,” Cathy said, “ was starting to swallow him. I took his hands into my mouth and started to swallow, pulling them down into my throat. He pulled back at first. I think it just reflex… knowing he's near his end. I think he knew he was about to become my dinner and then my breasts.”

“Once I had his hands in his in my mouth and started swallowing though his arms were pinned and he could only pull his head back a little bit. I pushed it down with one of my hands and guided his head into my mouth. By now my throat is widened enough that I could take in his arms and his head and I started to swallow him. The process was slow.”

Sandra took a drag on a cigarette and picked up her margarita which now once again half-empty. Her mouth was getting dry just listening to the story and her stomach was rumbling with hunger.

Cathy took another sip of a margarita and a drag on a cigarette and continued her story.

“I had to sit there all quite a while,” she recounted, “his head slowly went down my throat into my stomach… my mouth widened more and my throat more to accept his body… thank goodness. I had put the lubricant all over it--made it much easier.”

“Some of the sedative effects wore off though and I could hear him yelling ‘no’ as his head entered my stomach. His body started to curl up in there though and didn't give him much room.”

“I usually just barbecue them and eat them part by part. This was new to me-- eating all-male all at once.” Cathy told Sandra, “I thought I might burst I was so full.”

“He really started squirming around then,” Cathy continued laughing, “even started kicking his legs which were still sticking out of my mouth.” Cathy took another drag on her cigarette and refilled Sandra’s margarita glass again.

“I finally grabbed his legs and held them still. I shoved him down into my stomach. I could hear him groaning. I think it was the stomach acids getting to him and then I remembered the digestive juice bottle the clinic had given me. It was kind of hard to manage that but I swallowed that along with his lower legs. It helped to soften and dissolve him.”

Cathy intentionally pushed out her stomach and patted it, remembering the moment. She turned to Sandra saying, “It was so full but it felt so good. He had been just delicious.”

“I think I laid there for 12 hours and more, sleeping part of the time as he slowly digested.”

Sandra looked over at Cathy, “Did you continue to hear him yelling?” she inquired.

Cathy smiled taking another Drag on a cigarette. “Yeah at first he moved around more moaned, yelled, told me to let them out. I just laughed. I patted my stomach rubbed it and reassured him he was going to be part of my breasts and that's what his purpose in life was.”

“Ha ha,” Sandra giggled. “I don't think he agreed with that.”

“Too bad.” replied Cathy,” that's what he is now.”

Cathy looked over the empty pitcher. “I think we need more margaritas. Don't you Sandra?”

The time had flown by as Cathy had recounted her story and she was only halfway through. Sandra was starting to really feel the effects of the fortified tequila and margarita mix. She waved drunkenly toward the kitchen and Bob happen to notice.

“We need more out here Bob.” she slurred.

‘Perfect,’ thought Cathy eyeing Sandra. ‘I think she's just where I need her to be but I think I'll finish my story first’.

Bob brought out another pitcher of margaritas and a second tequila bottle since the first one was almost empty. He eyed his wife and then looked over at Cathy who just shrugged at him. Cathy watched Bob's ass again as he bent over and put the tray down. She took a risk and cupped it gently. Bob looked over at her.

“You look delicious, Bob,” she commented. Santa stopped for a moment took a deep drag on the cigarette and then laughed.

“Better watch out Bob’” Sandra said, “I think she's a man eater.” And then laughed.

‘She's just kidding Bob.” Cathy replied, winking at him.

He looked over Cathy and her full breasts, her slick, luscious lips, piercing blue eyes… she was quite attractive. He swallowed hard.

Fortunately his wife Sandra was too drunk to notice his attention and he was getting hard. Cathy looked down at his pants--she had noticed his hard on too.

Cathy acted like she was starting to get up out of her chair while Bob was still slightly bent over and grabbed his crotch. Sandra hadn’t noticed this.. her vision being blocked by Bob's body. Bob got instantly much harder. Cathy instead of letting it go rubbed his crotch and then said, “Oops I've bumped into you” and then sat back down.

Bob had to turn toward Cathy and away from Sandra as he turned away from the tables. Otherwise Sandra would see his hard on which was pushing through his pants. He smiled weakly back at Cathy, nervously breaking into a sweat.

Cathy eyed him up and down like a piece of meat. She liked it when the Males sweat. It made them taste salty and she like the flavor of salty meat. She sucked on her cigarette as he walked away toward the kitchen.

Cathy refilled Sandras margarita glass and then added some tequila. “Whoa.” said Sandra, “anymore of that and I would agree to anything.”

‘That's the idea’ Cathy thought.

“So where was I?” Cathy said putting a finger to her chin, “oh yes I have just had my first Male in the clinic.”

“So after I slept on and off…” she patted her stomach, “and this meat was added to my breasts, I woke up and they were much fuller softer rounder. I was so happy with the way I looked. I went back out to tell them I was done. But the other male had already been tied up and was waiting for me. So I thought ‘what the heck?’ “ Cathy's shrugged her shoulders as she said this. “I might as will have him too.”

“He was a real screamer though. He started carrying on the moment they dragged him into the room--like he didn't want to go where he was going to be going.” Cathy seemed a bit annoyed with this took a long drag on her cigarette and then stubbed it out in the ashtray.

Sandra was listening intently, sipping on a margarita. Cathy poured more for herself and took a sip.

“I figured I’d have some fun with this one.” she said. “after all my breasts were already much larger and I was already happy so it didn't matter what happened.” she said

“The rooms are soundproof. I told him. You can scream all you want but you're going to be inside me.”

“Of course he had been medicated so there wasn't much he could do about it. He was too weak to fight me off. I walked around him and put my foot on his head and then said out loud, ‘maybe I should just make leather clothing out of you.’ There was still a cloth gag in his mouth so it was mostly screaming and groaning but that made it louder. it was funny. I teased him like this for a while-- making suggestions what I could do with his body instead of just eating him, which is what I was really going to do. He was very upset. I just enjoyed it.”

Sandra laughed looking at Cathy. “Cathy you are so cruel.”

Cathy laughed “Sometimes,” she said taking a sip of a margarita.

“Anyway after a while I got tired of teasing his meat and decided it was time for me to help myself to his body. He couldn't stop me from doing whatever I wanted anyway. This time instead of starting with his hands, I kept them bound. I took his head in my hands showed him my teeth, opened my mouth showing him where he was going. I told him where he was going in fact. He was shaking his head ‘no’ moaning out loud. I had to take the gag off. I didn't want to swallow all that cloth-- kind of annoying. I told him if he cooperated I probably let him go. Of course I was lying”.

“I put the lotion all over his head and face reassuring him that I was just gonna play with him a little bit. Then I pushed his head into my mouth past my teeth tasting him with my tongue. I sucked on his head and his face for a while-- letting him thrash around. I think he knew I was lying that I was going to eat him anyway. Then I started to swallow him. He really started bucking. It was fun. I had to hold his shoulders while he kept his head in my throat. I swallowed very slowly to make it last. I was really turned on”.

Sandra was mesmerized, leaning forward, listening to every word, looking at Cathy's mouth and teeth. How perfect they were; how her full lips would've caressed that male body as it passed them into her waiting maw. She was riveted.

Cathy licked her lips, “I pushed his shoulders into my mouth and began swallowing in earnest. I could feel his head passing into my stomach. He kept thrashing the whole time and kept moaning and yelling. I actually had an orgasm as he did so. It was awesome”.

Cathy took another sip of her margarita and leaned forward. She took another cigarette out of pack and lit it, inhaling deeply. She blew smoke toward the canopy looking over at Sandra.

“Well,” Sandra said, “don't stop there. How did it go?”

Cathy smiled taking other drag on her cigarette. “He was delicious,” she said. “he struggled the whole way down. I forced him into my stomach. I kept him there. I didn't even swallow the digestive lotion they gave me. I let him struggle for hours. I think I had three more orgasms while he tried to fight the inevitable. He was meat after all. That's all males are for.” Cathy said, waving her cigarette. “they’re just delicious morsels for us to enjoy.”

“You got that right.” Sandra said reflecting back on past conquests she took into her body in high school and looked over at Cathy.

Cathy continued her story. “After a while I was pretty exhausted too. I just lay there patting him inside my stomach as I digested him. Finally fell asleep with his struggling to keep from becoming part of my tits. I woke up later and got dressed and paid the bill at the clinic thanking them. It was a great experience”.

“They warned me though that I'd have to have a male once in a while to keep looking the way I do. But I didn't mind after having that experience. I figured I would look forward to it”.

“The problem is..” Cathy sighed, inhaling her cigarette, looking over at Sandra. “…sometimes women object when you eat their husbands.”

Sandra smiled, “I can't see why. I don’t think I would miss Bob at all really.” Cathy tilted her head looking at Sandra.

Sandra said, “Yeah it's kind of a pain in the ass with the toilet seat up that's sort of thing. I get annoyed. He doesn’t pay attention”.

Cathy took it another drag on her cigarette and eyed Sandra closely. “I think bob would be a delicious addition to my breasts, Sandra.”

Sandra laughed. Cathy looked over. “No really. I know the best barbecue recipe ever, meat just falls off the bone. It would take a few hours but it would be well worth it and I can't think of a better ending for Bob.”

As Cathy said this she put one hand under one of her full breasts and pushed up. Her hand dimpled the softness of her breast as she did this. “Think of Bob being part of that in just a few hours.”

“Wow Cathy I don't know. I think he might object to being eaten!”

Cathy waved her cigarette around. “Who cares what the meat thinks? they're just food.”

Sandra laughed and Cathy leaned forward, “Come on. it will be fun. let's eat him.”

Sandra yelled, “Hey Bob!” still looking at Cathy and smiled evilly, “we need you out here for a little bit. We're having something special for dinner.”

Bob came running out. “What can I get you girls?” he said.

Sandra examined Bob in an entirely new way, looking at him as dinner, not unlike when Cathy was looking at him earlier. Now to her he resembled a piece of meat about to be barbecued. Cathy licked her lips.

“I think we need all the barbecue sauce we have in the house.” Cathy told Bob she wanted him to bring that and at this point Sandra interrupted. “I know we have that really special bathing suit we got you a while back Bob. Do you remember it?” Sandra asked him tilting her head. Bob blushed.

He stammered, “I don't know if that would be appropriate.” he said looking at Sandra and then looking over at Cathy.

“I think it'll make you look delicious,” Cathy said pulling on her cigarette looking Bob up and down.

Sandra slapped Bob's ass and said, “Go put it on and then come right back out with the barbecue sauce.”

“…And don't forget the barbecue sauce,” she said as he trotted away. Sandra turned back to Cathy and giggled partially covering her mouth. “this is so funny. he's going to be so surprised.”

She was quite drunk Cathy reflected--just perfect.

Cathy poured some straight tequila into Sandra’s empty margarita glass. “Well.” Sandra said. Cathy shrugged and her tilted her head. What the heck. it's not like Bob going to be around to complain about Sandra’s drinking.

Sandra fired it down and looked over Cathy, licking her lips. She stood up and walked over to the barbecue and flipped it open. It was quite large Cathy reflected. Bob’s meat would easily be able to fit into it.

Bob walked out slowly with a towel around his waist covering the special bathing suit. He looked a little sheepish and looked over at Sandra almost for approval. The two women were standing by the barbecue now having lit it. The flames were visible. The women deciding to warm it up. Cathy had taken the spit off of the barbecue and was holding it in her hand. She kind of tapped it on one palm like a slightly annoyed teacher looking at the student. Sandra turned and looked at Bob and said, “Oh for chrissake take that towel off. Do expect us to cook you with that on?”

Cathy turned and looked hard at Sandra.

Sandra just laughed. Cathy turned back to Bob who was getting a little nervous and said, “She's just joking. What is the bathing suit about anyway?” With that Bob dropped the towel.

And there it was, the bathing suit was actually made of dough that would cook up nicely on the barbecue Cathy reflected. She started to drool and licked her lips, coughing a little bit. She wanted to throw Bob on the barbecue this instant but she needed to do some preparations first.

Meanwhile Sandra swallowed hard. Bob had a full hard-on that the Pillsberry doughboy bathing suit showed to full glory. It would cook up really nicely. She started licking her lips remembering high school boys and that had gone the way of her digestive system.

Cathy turned and walked over to the table opening a purse and taking out a small bottle.

She crooked one finger at Sandra to come over and whispered in Sandra’s ear, “You’ve got to get him to drink this. Otherwise the meat gets too feisty when you put it on the barbecue.”

Sandra took the bottle from Cathy turned out to Bob and threw it at him Bob.

“Drink that.” she ordered

Cathy was a bit stunned not sure Bob would comply but he sheepishly unscrewed the cap and drank it down. He grimaced at the flavor.

Sandra turned back to Cathy and shrugged her shoulders.

“Where’s the meat for the barbeque?” Bob asked. The women stared at him and laughed.

Sandra patted him on the head and gave him a pouty look. “Well seeing that it’s last minute. We decided to eat you for dinner dear.”

Cathy walked over to Bob who was starting to sweat a little bit.

“Let's help you over near the barbecue Bob. You want to taste good for the women don’t you?” Cathy asked.

The women pushed Bob to a kneeling position and then leaned him forward. Cathy picked up the spit and started to position it by his ass. She indicated with nod of her head that Sandra should pull up Bob's hair so that his throat was straight so that the spit with slide straight through and out his mouth. Sandra nodded her consent.

Cathy pushed the spit into his anus guiding it expertly and at the right moment Sandra pulled his head back and it exited out his mouth. Bob grunted but didn't do anything else. The potion was working it's magic. The two women lifted the male meat and hoisted it over the barbecue. The women secured his hands and his feet around the spit and Sandra turned to look for the barbecue sauce.

She put her hands to her hips, and lips tight, turned back to Bob. “Bob! you forgot the barbecue sauce! you idiot!” and she leaned forward to where his face was slowly spinning over the barbecue. “Just for that I'm going to eat you for dinner!”

Cathy laughed watching her. “You were going to eat him anyway Sandra.” Sandra turned back to Cathy smiled and shrugged.

She drunkenly then walked into the house to get the barbecue sauce.

Cathy watched Bob slowly turn on the barbecue his meat slowly cooking and the Pillsbury doughboy shorts hardening with his already hard cock inside. She licked her lips-- that was going to taste especially delicious tonight.

Santa came out a few minutes later with a couple of quarts of barbecue sauce. “I hope this is enough,” she said to Cathy. Cathy shrugged in reply “We will eat him anyway,” she said.

The women took out brushes and began to slowly brush barbecue sauce on Bob's turning body. Cathy was especially enjoying this, licking her lips, reflecting on how his male meat was going to taste.

She looked over at Sandra who was still drunk, wondering how’d she feel in the morning when she realized she had eaten her husband. ‘Well that was going to be Sandra’s problem’ Cathy reflected.

After sometime the women finished adding the first layers of barbecue sauce to the cooking husband and sat back down to drink more margaritas and smoke while his meat cooked. Occasionally one of the chatting females did look over at his slowly turning form, smiling sometimes licking their lips. This went on for a few hours.

Finally Sandra got up, picked up a knife, and stuck a fork into Bob's ass. She cut off a small piece blew on it and took a bite. The dough kept the meat moist and Sandra closed her eyes as it entered her mouth. She made a sound of pleasure as she swallowed. She turned to Cathy, “he's just delicious” she said.

Cathy got up from the table. “Well he's ready so soon? That’s perfect! I am starved. Let's get that meat on a platter and attack it.”

The women quickly got organized and set out plates on the table moving the drinks and ashtray to the side and putting down napkins and glasses. They turned their attention back to Bob.

“Okay let's just bring him over and slide him off the spit on to the platter” Cathy said, “it's a little tricky so we have to be careful.” Sandra listen to her and nodded. The two women went over and with potholders lifted the spit off the grill. They carried Bob’s steaming meat over to the table and plopped him down on the platter. His meat sizzled slightly as it touched the plate.

He made a slight moaning sound when this happened and Sandra looked to Cathy.

“He's still alive!”

Cathy smiled, “That's perfect.” She said to Sandra, “they taste better that way.”

Sandra swallowed hard. Well at least her husband would know where he was going. He had been in her many times in their marriage. This time was going to be permanent. He’d be a part of Sandra’s sizable breasts. He should appreciate that, Sandra reflected. She walked over and got a large knife and began cutting one of Bob's arms off and placed it on Cathy's plate. She cut off another arm for herself and put it on her plate. The two women sat down began eating voraciously.

Bob was vaguely aware of cutting motions and movement, the women hovering over him, hearing smacking sounds as he was slowly eaten alive. He couldn’t believe he was still alive and that he was going to be digesting in these two women's bodies. He could hear them having happy conversations in between chewing food and he was the food.

Cathy took a sip of wine. She was chewing on a mouthful of Bob. She had gotten to one of the thighs by this time, having finished off an arm. She looked over the half skeletal remains of what used to be Sandra’s husband. This is a perfect evening she reflected.

Sandra looked perfectly content, mouth covered in barbecue sauce, chewing large pieces of meat. She’d also finished off an arm and was most of the way through Bob's leg. She was starting to feel a little bit full Santa reflected. But she was surprised at how much she could eat.

She leaned forward and whispered in the Bob's ear, “Are you still with us Bob? You taste pretty delicious. You're going to be part of Cathy's tits and thighs and mine too”, she said, pinching her hips, “you're going to be a weight problem too. But you were really delicious. Your meat came out perfectly. Cathy and I are going to undo that special underwear of yours. I need your penis right now. It should be just as tasty as everything else.”

With that Sandra took a knife and a fork opened up the hardened, now thoroughly cooked bread roll, on top of Bob's hard cock. Steam rose as she split it open. Cathy looked at the waiting male member, smiled and began to drool.

“Wow Sandra I've never had it this way. It looks like it comes out delicious and juicy and that's going to taste just perfect. I can't wait until Bob's cock is inside me.”

Sandra just smiled. Sandra took a knife and stuck a fork into the male cock and sliced it off at the base. She got his balls along with it. She plopped the steaming meat on the plate front of the two women.

Cathy took this is a signal, grabbed a fork and a knife attacking the cock. She sliced off pieces, chewing them, enjoying it thoroughly. Sandra attacked the cock from the other side and in moments the two women had consumed it completely. There were smiles and moans of pleasure as they did so.

Bob's balls were sitting on the plate thoroughly cooked. The women eyed each other and each ball. Cathy shrugged. “I guess there's two of them for a reason,” she said sticking her fork through one as juices spilled out onto the plate.

Sandra smiled, stuck her fork into remaining ball and popped it into her mouth. She began chewing and closed her eyes enjoying the flavor.

Two women sat back at the wicker table, smiling, rubbing stomachs that were pretty full, looking at each other and at the remains of Sandra's husband. He was on the table and there was still steam rising from the meat. Sandra got up and leaned over to Bob.

“Are you still with us Bob? Your cock and balls were just delicious. Cathy and I really enjoyed that and now are going to slice open your head so we can eat your brain.”

Bob could only whimper in reply as he was mostly skeleton now. He was surprised he was still alive. The women had cooked him perfectly so he was just alive enough to be aware of what was happening. That's what they had in mind. It was more enjoyable for them. He was now digesting into the women’s stomach, sometime soon be part of their body and they were about to have his brain for dessert.

Sandra went into the house and came back out with a high-speed saw. Cathy was surprised.

“I didn't know you had those Sandra.”

Sandra shrugged, “From the old days in high school. Couldn’t let any of those males go to waste.” She immediately applied it to Bob's head.

After Sandra finished her work with the saw they popped the top to Bob's head. Both grabbed a fork.

“Well,” Sandra said looking at Bob, “In you go.”

The women dug into the male brain and began eating it with relish, smiling as they did so. It was quite delicious, Cathy reflected. She always liked it better when they were aware of what was happening to the very end.

After a few frantic minutes, the two women sat back looking over their meal. It was just a carcass now, scraps for the garbage. As they sat there their stomachs distended, they were feeling very full, enduring the gurgling sounds of digestion as Bob became part of their bodies. Another male that served them well.

Cathy took a cigarette out of the pack and lit it, sliding in the pack over to Sandra who did the same. They both smoked languidly, leaning back, their bulging stomachs gurgling along.

Cathy looked over at Sandra. “You think you'll miss him?”

Sandra padded her distended stomach, “Why should I? He’s part of me now. Just where he belongs”.

Cathy took another long pull on her cigarette, smiling and sending smoke upward.

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