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A Bride for Goth

by Dave Martin

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© Copyright 2014 - Dave Martin - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/f; snake/f; village; ceremony; prepare; oiled; bond; swallowed; tease; eaten; digested; soft; cons/nc; X

This was a good time for Lanita, a young girl of sixteen summers, for she had been chosen as a special bride for Goth.

Goth was reputed to be the most handsome and strongest man in the whole nation.

Nobody in her Tribe had ever met or seen him, apart from the ruling Elders.

Every month a young girl was selected from the surrounding Tribes to be given to Goth as payment for his protection, but once a year, a maiden was chosen to be Goth's Bride.

Lanita was by now a very attractive woman, with firm breasts, flat belly and long shapely legs. Young men in the village competed for her attention, but now that she was to be a bride for Goth, they would be severely punished if they tried to court her, or look at her with lustful eyes.   

Lanita was filled with excitement at the thought of meeting and living with the Mighty Goth. She had been told that Goth was a wonderful protective being, who would surround her with love and give her many sons.  

As the time approached for her betrothal, Lanita was taken by the women and elders away from the village and led to a clearing in the forest were there was a small hut, with a sloping wooden platform at the front, leading down to the grassed covered clearing.

The women elders then removed her short reed skirt and the cloth covering her breasts.

They then laid her nude body onto a raised couch, were they proceeded to rub sweet smelling oils all over her naked body.

The feel of their hands massaging her belly and breasts, sent wonderful feelings through her body and when their hands worked the oils up her legs and between her thighs she found that she was getting very moist from her arousal.

The women smiled knowingly to each other, as they knew Lanita was a virgin and as they gently rubbed the oil around and into her vagina, they were pleased that the young girl was enjoying the experience.

Towards the end of there preparation, the women brushed and combed Lanita’s hair so that her long dark tresses hung down to her waist and covered her bare breasts, they then placed a floral crown on her head.

Helping Lanita to arise from her couch, they led her outside, onto the sloping platform, then holding her naked body firmly they laid her down on the platform with her feet pointing to the grassy glade. 

Then keeping Lanita’s legs together they placed a bronze band tightly around her feet. "Why have you done that?" she asked.

"Ah!", the women replied, "this is your special wedding band which will show Goth that you are his woman and you will never run away from him".

The leader of the women spoke, "We are done now, let us leave the bride to await her groom".

With that the women walked out of the glade, back towards the village. On the way they spoke to the waiting elders and told them that everything was in order for the arrival of Goth. The elders returned to the clearing, but moved silently to a spot were they could see the lovely naked body of Lanita laying waiting at the front of the hut, but they could not be seen by the young bride.

The warm sun and the scent of the heavy perfumed oil on her body made Lanita very drowsy. As she was drifting off she was aroused by a loud rustling noise coming from the edge of the forest. Could this be her new master and husband Goth?

Opening her eyes she looked with excited anticipation towards the sound.

Then she screamed in horror, for sliding over the grass towards her was a very large snake, at least 40ft long and over 2ft thick. Lanita screamed again "Help" "Help" but no one answered or came near.

What poor Lanita did not realise that the large serpent approaching was her intended husband Goth and he had come to claim his bride.    

Goth looked at his new bride and he was pleased with what he saw, a lovely fresh young naked human who would make a delicious meal, but first he would tease and tempt her before he swallowed her alive.

Lanita tried to get up and get away, but the bronze band prevented her from moving, meanwhile the great snake was fast approaching the terrified girl, Goth circled around the nude girl and then swiftly he stuck, with his mouth opened wide he lunged at her feet, trapping them in his jaws, Lanita screamed out in pain and shock, but Goth had now secured the helpless girl, ready to begin the swallowing of his bride.

Lanita, lay back trembling and crying at the thought of her terrible fate, just then Goth's forked tongue reached out and began to lick and rub against her thighs and inside her upper legs, Latina then cried out as Goth started to push his tongue into the warm entrance of her pussy, before working his way deep into her vagina, as the serpent took her virginity. At the same time the other fork of the tongue was pressing into her bum cheeks and forcing itself deep into her anus.

Latina bucked and heaved her lovely naked body, at this double penetration, as she began to experience wave after wave of extreme pleasure as orgasm followed orgasm.

The Elders, who were watching from a distance, were enjoying the sight of this beautiful young girl being slowly swallowed and digested alive. They knew that if they had not prepared and offered a Bride to Goth, he would have come to their village and taken any human that came into his path.

After a while Goth tired of this game with his bride and decided that he would like to taste her beautiful body, deep within his stomach. Removing his forked tongue from Latina’s vagina and ass, he gulped and took her in up to her belly, Latina, recovering from her orgasms, let out a loud piercing scream as Goth's jaws moved closer to her breasts. Goth's forked tongue then wrapped themselves around Latina's orbs and began rubbing and massaging them, until they became hardened and pointed. Latina gasped again, but wasting no more time Goth sucked again and drew her breasts inside his jaws.  

With just her head showing a terrified Latina screamed and continued screaming until her shoulders and head disappeared inside the beast.

As the serpents jaws closed on Latina for the last time, she felt herself sucked and pulled further into the snake, she could still just about breathe, but as she continued screaming and gasping for air, her mouth and nostrils were filling with Goth's saliva, causing Latina to cough and choke. Now a great sharp pain was spreading up her nude body as Goth's stomach acids began the work of digesting her alive.

The watching Elders could see Latina's naked form struggling within the belly of the snake, when her struggles finally ceased they moved away, back to their own village, knowing they would be safe from Goth for another year.

Sometime later the women returned to the clearing, all that was left of Latina was a mound of waste, a thin bronze band and a length of dark black hair.


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