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Carnivorous Planet

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; Other/m; bond; plant; scifi; vine; vore; eaten; soft; force; climax; anal; nc; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

"Breathable air, Earth-like gravity, presence of water and vegetation. Small insect like creatures, small harmless animals detected and so far no known large predators on this Earth like planet. Looks like planet Vega P69 will become mankind's next planet to colonize."

Space explorer Sandra reviews the data, removes her glasses, fixes her long luscious blonde hair as she looks up at her fellow space explorer Adam. "Yes, the data looks great but we still need to land and do some exploring."

The small spacecraft lands on the planet near some dense vegetation. The climate is tropical with the humidity high.

Adam sees the weather report and begins to undress in preparation for his walk on the planet.

"What are you doing Adam?" Sandra stares at his amazing toned body and his sexy chest hair.

"It's like a sauna out there…we both need to strip down to our underwear."

Sandra reluctantly agrees and strips down to her pink satin lace bra and panties.

They both walk out onto the planet, they take readings and many photos of the planet's scenery. Adam is testing the water from a stream as Sandra goes exploring the dense vegetation.

"Looks like you are busy with the water samples, I'm going to explore the vegetation and I will back in 15 minutes"

"Ok. Looks like everything checks out here. I will send my final report and tell the colonists to go ahead and land at site A to begin settling down."

More than 20 minutes have passed and Adam becomes worried about Sandra. He goes the same way she went to find out what happened to her.

As he walks for about 5 minutes…he sees her and her situation. The vegetation vines have forced her arms behind her back and they are tightly wrapped around her arms. Two vines have forced her bra off and they are feeling her now erect nipples. She appears to be enjoying her situation.

As he stares at her young firm creamy breasts, he cries, "Sandra! Are you alright?"

"Mmmm…yes…I'm…I'm…great. These vines started…mmmmm…attack me, they tied my hands behind me. Then they…mmmmmm…pulled down my bra and panties…mmmm…the vines are stimulating me…mmmmm…pleasuring me. There's a vine right now that's playing with my…my…OMG…I'm going to have an orgasm! There are now two vines pleasuring me…one is teasing my clit and the other…other…it's inside my pussy! Oh Adam! It's wonderful…I'm cumming!"

Adam can only watch as Sandra endures an intense orgasm caused by the vines. His cock is so hard inside his boxers, he is so distracted he does not notice two things. Vines are starting to wrap around his legs and a venus fly-trap type of plant emerging from behind Sandra.

As Sandra screams, the vines have totally wrapped themselves around Adam's body…pulling and securing his arms behind his back.

"Adam help me! A large vine has just enter my asshole and it's fucking my ass. Oh no another vine wants to push its way into my…Mmmffggg."

As the vines remove Adam’s boxers, he can see the vines have wrapped up Sandra tightly and they are moving her body towards the opening of the Venus fly-trap’s mouth. She is struggling hard as she sees where she is headed.

White substance is being poured into Sandra's mouth as the other vines continue to torture and pleasure her holes. The fly trap has now closed itself around Sandra and it will begin to feed off of her body.

The vines have now wrapped itself around Adam's cock and it's pleasuring him. As the vines bring him to orgasm another enters his tight asshole. Adam screams as streams of cum shoot out of his cock.

Both Sandra and Adam are both trapped inside the giant alien Venus fly-trap. They both struggle inside to avail as they are slowly eaten. The plant feeds them, keeping them alive longer and causing them more suffering.

Three Months Later

The 300 colonists arrive ready to create a new home for themselves. Not knowing what waits for them…a slow agonizing death over a hundred years.


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