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by Chris

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© Copyright 2001 - Chris - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; outdoors; pond; naked; other/m; frog; tongue; stuck; caught; swallowed; mast; climax; eaten; soft; cons/reluct; X

Chris was walking around a pond near his home one day trying to catch frogs. At 16 years of age he knew he was getting a bit old for this kind of thing but he still got a thrill out of it. The pond itself was surrounded by a thin forest making it somewhat secluded. Perhaps that's why Chris chose to go naked, leaving his clothes in a nearby clearing.

Over the course of around an hour Chris had covered a good portion of the pond. He had caught several frogs but they were all of normal size and he threw then back into the water carelessly. What he wanted was a really big frog, not these puny little ones.

As Chris continued on he figured he'd try looking in the huge mass of bullrushes that he usually avoided. Normally it was too much trouble to pick his way through the dense reeds but since he had already searched the rest of the pond and not found a frog to his liking, he figured he'd go through the trouble.

As he slowly crept through the bullrushes he noticed they seemed to thin out the further in he went. As he broke though into the center of the reeds he entered a small clearing. His search for a large frog had certainly struck gold for a few feet in front of him, sitting in the mud was a frog that was easily as large as a hippo.

Chris immediately started to get hard as he stood staring at this frog in fear and excitement. As he watched it he saw it's eyes moving in time with the slight bobbing of his dick. Suddenly the frog flicked it's huge pink tongue out and caught Chris' dick. It's tongue was more slimy than sticky though and slipped off causing him to stagger forward and have the frog's mouth snap shut on his boner. It took all of the boy's strength to pry the thing's mouth open and get his dick out. As he was doing this though, the frog slid backwards on it's stomach and used it's forelegs to grasp Chris' thighs. The end result was that while he got his dick out of it's mouth, he was also forced to kneel in the mud in front of it. The frog made a loud, deep "CROAK" and then slowly opened it's huge mouth.

Chris stared into the things cavernous mouth for a few seconds until it snap shut, sealing his head and shoulders inside it's cool slimy confines. The boy felt the frog's slimy tongue working over his face and shoulders as it slowly gobbled more and more of him into it's huge mouth. Chris was in a panic. He didn't want to be eaten up by this thing, and yet some part of him found the sensations really exciting. The frog continued to suck him in as first his chest and then his tummy slid inside. Chris' bottom half now hung out of the thing's mouth with his boner slapping against it's chin. The frog suddenly thrust it's head down and forward, taking in the boy's hips in one go. Chris suddenly found his dick in the thing's mouth and instinct took over. He stared to pump his hips as it's tongue slipped over his balls and between the cheeks of his ass. It then used it's tongue to pull him in more as it continued to take in his legs. The frog chomped hard on the boy's legs and got them in after Chris curled up in a ball. As his feet slipped in the frog's mouth closed, sealing him in.

Chris moved around and tried to pry it's mouth open but with no luck. It was just too slick and slimy in the frog's mouth to get a good enough grip. The thing spent long minutes rolling him around and covering him with spit in preparation for swallowing. Chris kept thrusting his dick into it's tongue until he finally came. As he lay there exhausted, he felt the thing's tongue push him to the back of it's mouth. He started to struggle in panic again but to no avail. The roof of the frog's mouth seemed to move downwards forcing him into it's throat. Chris felt helpless as he was squeezed down it's throat. After only half a minute of swallowed he emptied out into it's stomach. It stretch out a bit to accommodate his size, and was completely dark. The boy struggled to push himself back out but only met with slimy stretchy flesh wherever he pushed. He couldn't believe it. He had actually been swallowed up whole by the biggest frog he'd ever seen! It looked like his frog catching days were over. As what little air as there was in it's stomach ran out, the boy got tired and stopped struggling. Within minutes he was asleep.

The frog croaked contentedly with its full belly. It sat there in the sun for the rest of the day, enjoying it's meal.



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