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Cheerleaders' Revenge

by Argon15

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© Copyright 2009 - Argon15 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m+; elixir; shrink; swallow; disgest; nc; X

This story contains violence (m/f, shrinking, eating) if you do not like this type of story then read no further...

It was a Friday night and a few of the cheerleading squad where at one of the girls house having a little get together. "He hit you again, Paula?" said Michelle.

"Yea, Scott was pissed that I wouldn't deep throat him."

"What an asshole", Kelly said.

"I know what you mean", stated Toni, "last week Todd smacked me around because I was out with you guys."

"The whole team is bunch of dicks, they think they can do what ever they want to us because they're jocks" said Jen.

"I wish there was something we could do to get back at them." said Kelly.

"They would probably be 3 times worse if we tried to pull something on them," said Diane as she started to cry. Diane had been date raped by Billy Porter, the teams quarterback 6 months ago, she didn't report him for fear of her life.

"I know a way that we could get even and be rid of them once and for all", Michelle stated, "I've been thinking about it for sometime and I think we should do it."

"How?" asked Toni.

"Its a pretty horrible way to get them and we all have to agree on this, but we won't have to worry about them anymore" Michelle stated.

"What do you have in mind Michelle?" Jen asked.

"Remember that stuff that Sue was working on in chemistry?"

"The stuff that shrank the lab rabbit" Kelly exclaimed.

"Exactly, we could use that on the team."

"Then what?" asked Paula.

"Then we eat them, one by one."

"You can't be serious", said Jen, "eat them, how disgusting."

"It is, a little, but we will be rid of them once and for all and there will be no evidence to get us jammed up with the police."

"I bet they taste gross!" said Kelly.

"Ever eat raw oysters, Kel?"

"Sure Michelle."

"Well you do same thing, swallow them whole and you won't taste a thing, plus you get the added bonus of feeling them squirm around inside you as they are digested."

"I bet that real painful" said Toni.

"Nothing's too good for those assholes" stated Jen.

"I'll do it!" exclaimed Diane, "just let me be the one who gets to eat Billy".

"I'm in" said Paula.

"Me too", said Jen.

"When do we do this?" asked Kelly.

"Tomorrow night at Todd's party, all of team should be there".

"OK then its settled, tomorrow is the night, come on an empty stomach girls", Michelle stated with a giggle.

The next night the girls all arrived together at the party. It was your typical jock party, lots of beer and girls around. Todd also had a large hot tub in the house. Todd greeted the girls at the door.

"Hi babes, want a beer?"

"Not quite yet" said Kelly.

"OK a few of us were just going to get into the hot tub, want to join us?" asked Todd.

Michelle, Kelly and Paula sensing an opportunity immedially said yes. The other 3 girls decided to mill around the party for a little while before getting even. Michelle, Kelly and Paula had slipped into their bikinis and got into the tub. Todd, Scott and Brian joined them.

"Did you slip it into their beers?" whispered Kelly to Michelle.

"Yup, it shouldn't be long now". The boys drank the beer and immediately began attacking the girls.

"Stop Todd!" yelled Michelle.

"Come on babe, what do you think you're here for anyway."

"You'll find out!" Michelle stated with an evil grin on her face. With that, the 3 boys began to shrink, they kept shrinking until they were about 2 inches tall. The girls all started to laugh as they plucked the 3 helpless men out of the water. Michelle brought Todd up to her enormous face.

"What's a matter Todd, not feeling so tough anymore?"

"What did you do to me you bitch?"

"You should be asking me what I am going to do to you" she said with an evil laugh.

"I had might as well tell you. The girls and I have decided that you and you fellow team mates have to go, permantly." With that Michelle raised Todd above her head and opened her mouth wide. Todd was helplessly dangling over her open maw. It looked like a giant cave.

"You... you're going to eat me?"

"Good guess", said Michelle, "you're about to be swallowed whole."

"Do you have any last words, on second thought who cares". With that she lowered Todd into her mouth. Todd was screaming and begging Michelle to spare him, but his cries went unnoticed. Michelle could feel Todd moving around inside her mouth. She began coating him with saliva to make him easier to swallow. After a few minutes, she looked at the other girls, they gave her a slight nod of approval. With that, she tilted her head back and swallow the little victim. She could feel the vibrations of his screams as he slid down her throat.

"I can feel him going into my stomach, it feels incredible. I can feel him squirming around inside me".

"I wonder how long he will last?".

"Probably not too long", said Paula, "Your digestive juices are pretty strong".

"He must be in agony right now" Michelle said as she rubbed her tummy and smiled.

"I guess your next" Kelly said to Brian.

"I think we are going to play a game first. You remember the movie Jaws. You are going to play the swimmer and I going to be the shark. If you can get away from me then I'll let you live". She plopped Brian into the water and let him swim around. Kelly submerged and started swimming under the water.

"Come on little man, swim the big shark Kelly is going to get you," Michelle said, teasing the little man. The game didn't last long. Kelly saw Brian trying desperately to swim away. She came up from underneath him, her mouth wide open. Brian could feel the water moving he knew the end was near. Kelly's head emerged from the water, Brian was in her mouth along with some of the water. Kelly closed her mouth and swallowed it all down.

"Two down, one to go" laughed Kelly. Paula had the last little man in her hand. By this time Scott was a total wreck, seeing his two friend devoured by these incredible hot cheerleaders.

"Now Scott, remember when you wanted to me to deep throat you? Well you are about to get your wish, sort of." She brought Scott up to her mouth and began to suck on his body like a human dildo. Scott was screaming as Paula moved him in and out of her mouth.

"Umm, you are so tasty Scott. If I had know this before maybe I would have done this earlier." She continued in and out. She pulled Scott out and held his saliva drenched body in front of her face.

"Is that deep enough for you?, no, ok" With that she sucked Scott in between her enormous lip and all the way back into her throat. She held him there for a few moments before finally swallowing him.

"That was great" said Paula, "I wish I could do it again".

"You will, there is still the rest of the team to take care of."

"Lets wait a little while, I want to enjoy digesting Scott for bit before I eat someone else."

"OK, let see how the other girls are making out." Michelle, Paula and Kelly got out of the hot tube and got dressed.

"That was pretty fun" said Kelly, "I can still feel Brian squirming around in my stomach".

"How about you Michelle?".

"No, I think Todd is pretty much history by now". The girls all started giggling as they made their way back to the party. The party was going pretty strong at this point, along with the rest of the team were some of the jocks friends. Michelle, Kelly and Paula met up with Diane and Toni.

"Hi girls", said Toni, "how did you make out?"

"No problem" said Michelle as she rubbed her stomach, "I'm ready for some more".

"Where's Jen, Toni?"

"She took four of the guys into one of the bedrooms and promised them a night they would never forget".

Jen had managed to persuade Jerry, Tom, Kevin and Matt into one of the bedrooms. She had slipped them the elixir and they had already shrunk down to size. Jen was naked at this point, she wanted the boys to get a good look at where they would be going. Jen was probably the hottest of the 6 girls. Her body was incredibly tan and toned. Most of the guys would have died to have her. She then scooped the 4 helpless men from the floor and placed them on the bed. She took a few of the pillows from the bed and made a sort of wall around her victims. She positioned herself and the entrance and and sat back on the bed. The helpless men scattered around the area looking for an escape.

"There is no where to run, don't even waste your time. I guess your wondering what this is all about. The girls are sick of how the team has been treating us and we decided to take action. None of you will be ever be able to hurt us again."

"What are you going to do with us", Jerry squeaked. Jen reached down and plucked Jerry up by his left leg.

"I'll tell you, its actually pretty sick, but its the best way to dispose of you all."

"Lets put it this way, by this time tomorrow I'll be shitting out whats left of you."

With that Jen brought Jerry above her head and opened her mouth wide, her long brown hair flowed down her back. She held him there for a moment to increase the terror. Jerry was screaming wildly, begging Jen not to eat him. Jerry's screams were making Jen feel very hot and powerful, any doubts she had about eating him were gone now. She began to lowering Jerry into her mouth. She maintained eye contact on him the whole time, enjoying his little screams for mercy. Jerry was soon completely in her mouth. Jerry was terrified at this point he was now in her mouth. He could feel Jen's tongue moving him around, coating him with her warm saliva. If he wasn't about to be swallowed he might have enjoyed the experience.

After a few minutes of being played with in her mouth, Jerry could feel himself being pushed to the back of Jen's throat. He knew the end was near. All of a sudden with one big jerk, he was pushed down into her throat. Jerry was still screaming as he was pushed down Jen's esophagus. The trip seemed to take forever as he neared the opening to her stomach. He stopped briefly at the opening before being pushed into her stomach. It was pitch black, but Jerry knew where he was. Jen's stomach was empty, so her stomach walls were pressed up against him on all sides. He couldn't even move.

Jen's stomach, sensing a meal, began to secrete the deadly digestive juices that would dissolve his body in a matter of minutes. As the acid touched his skin, it stung a little, then burned. With in a few minutes, Jerry's body was completely covered with her acid. The pain was incredible, it felt like he was on fire. He couldn't feel his hands or feet, he assumed they had already been dissolved. The pain was so intense he just wanted to die. A few seconds later, Jerry lost consciousness from the pain. 10 minutes later his body had been completely digested. Jen looked down at the remaining 3 men. "I can feel your friend inside me" she said and she rubbed her hard, sexy stomach.

"My digestive juices are dissolving him alive" she said with a girl like giggle. "Don't feel left out, the rest of you will have your turn" Jen decided she want to try and swallow 2 of the boys at once. She had pretty good control of her throat muscles as she was confident she could do it without gaging. She reached down for 2 of the screaming little boys. Matt and Kevin were the 2 unlucky victims. She brought them up to her enormous face. She smiled as she looked over her snack.

"Well guys what do you think?, I bet you didn't think this night would end like this. How does it feel to know that in a few minutes you will be dissolving in my stomach? I can only imagine the pain you two are about to experience. Don't worry, in a few minutes it will all be over. Just think in a few hours you will both be part of this body". With that she tilted her head back, and lowered the 2 screaming boys into her mouth. She swallowed them both down with very little effort. She looked down at the last little man and smiled evilly.

"I can get over how incredible it feels to have 2 little, live men squirming in my stomach" With that, she let out a little burp. "Excuse me", she giggled, "that must be Jerry".

"Well Tom, I've saved you for last. I know you also wanted me and I wanted you to give you special treatment." She picked up the horrified little jock and pinned his hands and feet within her hand.

"You look so sweet I think I'm going to suck on you for awhile." She began to lick and suck on Tom's head and body like a popsicle. She covered Tom's body with her warm and salty saliva. Tom cried the whole time, he could believe this was happening to him. He had such plans for his life. Now it would all end with him becoming a snack for an incredible sexy young girl.

"Well Tom I've had enough, time for you join your friends. Take your last look at the world" With that, Jen turned Tom around and placed his legs part way into her mouth. She then began to slowly suck him in. Tom could see his body being pulled into her mouth. After a few seconds his head was all that was sticking out, he saw the outside disappear as the last of his head was sucked inside. Jen swallowed and few moments later Tom was in her stomach. Jen got dressed and went back to the party to find the rest of the girls...

Jen returned to the party and found the rest of her friends. Jen had an incredible glow to her.

"How many did you get?" Said Michelle.

"Four" Jen said as she rubbed her sexy stomach. "A few of them are still alive I think".

"They must be in agony right now", said Kelly, "They probably wish they were dead".

"Don't worry, they will be in a few minutes, our stomach acid is pretty strong and nothing could live in that for very long", said Michelle.

"Just think, 20 minutes ago, Todd was alive and probably thinking he was going to score tonight with one or us, now he's nothing more then dissolved protein being absorbed into my body". All the girls giggled. "Look Diane isn't that Billy Porter over there?"

"Yea, now is my chance to take care of him once and for all." Diane went over to Billy. "Hi Bill, its been awhile."

"Yes it has, I still remember that night, I was pretty good huh?"

"You were great, I would love to give it another try."

"Sure Di, lets go upstairs." The two went upstairs. Bill was so obsessed with Diane that he didn't see her put the shrinking elixir into his beer. Diane threw Bill onto the bed and stripped off her clothes. Her body was just as hot as he remembered. She was pretty well developed for a junior. As he lay on the bed, Diane straddled him. She told him not to move, she would do everything. Just then, Bill felt a strange sensation. Diane smiled as Bill began to shrink down to size. Bill finally reached the size of 2 inches. Diane immediately picked him up and held him up to her face.

"You don't know how much you hurt me that night." Diane said. "Ever since that night, I've wanted nothing more then to see you dead. Now I finally get to see my dream come true."

Bill began squeaking in terror. Diane didn't even listen to him, it didn't matter what he had to say anyway. "Goodbye Bill"

With that Diane tilted her head back and dropped Bill into her mouth. She fought her desire to swallow him right away, instead she would swish him around in her mouth for awhile increasing the terror while prolonging her pleasure. Finally, after about 5 minutes, she ended the game. Going over to a mirror on the wall, she open her mouth and watched Bill stumble around on her wet tongue. Watching him struggle was giving her great pleasure. She wanted to watch him go down. With her mouth still open, she began to relax her throat muscles. She watched as Bill helplessly slipped down her dark throat. She could hear his pathetic cries get weaker as he traveled down her gullet. She finally felt him entering her stomach. She smiled, knowing that she had finally got her revenge on the boy who raped her. Diane went back to the party and met up with the girls.

"How are we doing?" said Diane.

"We are just about to finish the rest of team off" said Michelle "I put the rest of the elixir in that bottle of tequila. The jocks are about to do a shot, that should take care of everybody".

John came up to the girls "Do you want to do a shot with us?"

"No we're ok."

"Suit yourself" With that, everybody at the party did the shot. With in 5 minutes they were all 2 inches tall. The girls scooped up the tiny people, 6 were the last of the team and 15 were unfortunate friends of the jocks.

"Well girls, its time for our shots", Michelle said. With that she took 6 shot glasses from the bar and lined them up. She picked up the remaining jocks and placed them in the glasses. She grabbed a bottle of peach snappes and pored them over the little men. The girls laughed as the little men screamed in horror. Each one of the girls took a glass. Michelle raised her glass and made a toast. "To our freedom" With that the girls all raised their glasses to their mouths and swallowed the shot along with tiny men captives.

"Well thats that", said Kelly, "There are all gone."

"Not quite," said Michelle and she looked at the remaining 15 men.

"You know we can't have any witnesses," The girls all nodded and began picking up the little men. Michelle, Jen, Toni and Kelly grabbed 3 each and popped them into their mouths. With little effort, they were able to swallow all 3 of them at once. Diane and Paula each took care of the last 2. "Well that all of them", said Jen,

"Good thing too, I couldn't eat another one!" as she rubbed her slightly distended belly.

"I say we hit the hot tub before we leave", said Toni, "It will help us relax as we digest our victims."

"Sounds good Toni", said Michelle.

"That was actually kind of fun", said Kelly, "I wouldn't mind doing it again."

"Well now we know how good the elixir works, we can get rid of anyone we want to", said Michelle.

All the girls started laughing.



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