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Chinese Takeaway

by Daviddrb6

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Storycodes: FFF/m; drug; kidnap; prepare; enema; insert; roast; eaten; nc; X

1: Assessment

Christiaan had never heard of "Emerald Recruitment" until he began his job search. He'd found them in the "Yellow Pages" where the advertisement had explained that they were from China looking to recruit and set up opportunities in England. There was no address but there was a telephone number. So he'd rung the office and got an appointment with their employment adviser Yan Li.

Christiaan found they were in a pedestrianised side street with a Starbuck's coffee house at one end and a hairdressing salon at the other called "Cut 4 U". Walking in front of him were three Chinese girls. One had a curvaeous figure, a round face with brown eyes and a broad, snub nose which contrasted with her seemingly delicate mouth.and straight, brown hair which she wore in a fringe. The other had a thin but shapely figure, a heart-shaped face with a pointed chin and an intense expression. She also had brown hair which though tied back had come adrift with strands flying around. They both wore t-shirts and jeans and were talking and laughing. The third had a more petit figure and wore a cardigan over a demin mini-skirt, sandals and was speaking on her mobile. The girls went down an narrow alleyway and Christian followed as he'd been told where Emerald Recruitment's offices were. Strange that they didn't draw attention to themselves as there wasn't a board outside.

The alleyway turned out to be a cul-de-sac with the inevitable tangle of drainpipes above him and spikes on the walls to prevent birds from roosting. Christiaan walked past the door and had to retrace his steps to find it. The door was plain and set in an alcove. In the lower panel was a white sign which seemed to be loosely fastened on. It read:

Its About Finding the Postion for You"

Christiaan tried the door but it was locked. Next to it was a bell which he rang. The door was opened by a Chinese girl, the one he'd seen wearing the cardigan and mini-skirt.

"Hello, I've an appointment with Yan Li," he told the girl.

"I'm Yan Li," she said smiling, "Come in."

Inside Christiaan saw to his right a locked door marked private and a short staircase which Yan Li took him upstairs to the office. It was large yet sparsely furnished with metal and formica furniture and a computer to one side surrounded by screens. He sat down and looked at Yan Li as she read his CV. She seemed younger than he was: about eighteen or nineteen, and had an oval, doll-like face with shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, a slim nose and a mouth which he felt was pretty and showed perfect white teeth. It was odd there was no one else in the office apart from her Christiaan thought.

"So is it part-time or temporary work you are looking for?" Yan Li asked. She spoke English perfectly.

"I'm looking for full time work," Christiaan answered, "But I'm quite happy to do part time and temporary work. I've had admin experience at college and I've also done voluntary work with the Carers Centre and Age Concern. I can provide references from both of them" he added.

He realised Yan Li was looking at him with interest and was smiling. "I'm sure your references are good enough," she said. "I can follow them up later". She led him over to the computer. "I'd like you to do a typing test," she told him. Christiaan sat down and Yan Lin typed in a password and brought up a screen menu. Using the cursor she brought up a three paragraph letter on the screen. "If you read through the letter correcting any spelling and punctuation mistakes you see and also, retype the last paragraph". She smiled again and Christiaan felt it was a strangely sweet and beguiling smile. "Let me know when you've finished and I'll print it off. I've just got to go out for a minute" She got up and Christiaan sat down in the chair. He saw a that a webcam was fixed to the screen. Well it wasn't important, he thought and started typing.

Outside the office Yan Li dialled a number on her mobile. "Hi, it's Yan Li. Are you getting him all right...? That's good, what do you think...? OK we'll get started. I'll call you later. Goodbye". She ended the call, went back into the office, opened a drawer in her desk and took out a small bottle and a cotton pad.

Christiaan had corrected at least six spelling and three punctuation mistakes. He was still never sure about his punctuation and felt he would see them better when the letter was printed. He was starting to correct the final papargraph when he heard the slap, slap of Yan Li's sandals. "I'm just starting the final paragraph," he said without looking up.

Yan Li walked up to him and rammed the cholroformed soaked pad over his mouth.

Christiaan felt his head pulled back hard and the pad massaged into his face, squashing his nose. He felt an arm clamped round his chest and forcing him back into the chair. He saw Yan Li's face looking down on his and thought he heard her saying: "Sssh...sssh..." He breathed in the heavy, sweet smell and his eyes closed.

Yan Li carefully laid Christiaan back in the chair then picking up her mobile she called another number. "Hi, he's ready now," she said.

2. Induction

Christiaan felt his senses returning slowly. It seemed cool underneath him and yet the air felt warm and he could hear a gentle whooshing sound that sent a cooling breeze around. He felt he must be in bed but he must have pushed the bedclothes off him as he could feel the breeze on his bare skin. He usually slept naked in bed.

He could feel his briefs which was the one item of clothing left on him being eased down his thighs and over his feet causing his toes to flex. Now he felt completely naked and the cool sensation flowed through him. He could sense himself lying on something flat and metallic. A table maybe. But why was he asleep on a table? Christiaan could sense light through his closed eyelids. He opened and then shut his eyes again as the light was shining down on him. He also had a sharp pain at the top of his skull.

Christiaan felt himself being turned over onto his stomach. He opened his eyes again and saw that he was on a metal worksurface in what appeared to be a large room. He felt his legs being spread out as wide as they would go. Then his buttocks were parted and something slid into his anus.

Instantly Christiaan stiffened and moaned as a stabbing pain seared through his anus and then he began to move rhymtically as he heard a harsh sucking sound behind him. Then a smell filled his nostrils. It reminded him of blocked toilets and he realised his bowels were being emptied!

It seemed to go for ever. Finally, it stopped and Christiaan felt his buttocks being wiped down. His anus felt sore; just as it had when he'd had that bout of gasterentious. He also felt weakened and his head was hurting even more. He was turned over onto his back and felt himself flop over the surface.

A hand slid onto his private parts. Christiaan felt them being fondled and his penis grow and harden. Then he felt the foreskin of his penis being drawn back and the whole member being squeezed making him cry out. He raised his head and saw the bright light shining down on the bag as it being filled with urine.

He was being milked like a cow!

Christiaan's manhood was squeezed and manipulated so that sperm mixed with the urine. Finally it finished; leaving his penis stinging. "What next?" he murmured, but it came out as "Wha-nex?" He rolled his head to the side and saw the room he was in was large with grey brick walls and strip lighting and ceiling fans overhead. Nearby was a girl dumping the bags and a pair of surgical gloves into a white surgical bin which she sealed up. She then came over to him and Christiaan recognised her as another of the Chinese girls he'd seen earlier on: the round-faced girl with the curvaeous figure now shown off by the wine-coloured bikini she was wearing. He saw her large breasts were threatening to burst out their top. She knelt down and smiled; looking intently at him, but Christiaan found himself looking into her large cleevage. "Hello," she said, "I'm Su Lin. How do you feel?."

"My head..." Christiaan moaned, " feels as like it's been put in a vice. Where...where am I?" he asked, "This isn't..."

"It is. Downstairs," Su Lin answered, "You know I do wish you boys would go to the bathroom first," she added. "It's always very dirty having to clear up, but we do have a shower over there," nodding to a white-tiled stand that stood in a far corner.

Christiaan tried to sit up but Su Lin pushed him down, then he heard Yan Li's voice: "Is he being difficult?" he turned and saw her enter the room carrying a board. There was writing on it which he was astonished to see was the "Emerald Recruitment" sign from outside. She leaned it against the wall and walked over to the work-top. "No, he's been fine," Su Lin answered "He's only just woken up."

Christiaan saw Yan Li unbutton her cardigan and take off her mini-skirt revealing a green and purple camoflage-pattern bikini top and briefs underneath. She joined her other bikini-clad colleague to stand over him. "You're... You're not really a recruitment agency?" Christiaan asked.

Yan Li bent over him. "Oh yes we are," she said. Christiaan found himself looking at her large breasts which strained against the seemingly flimsy bikini cups which contrasted oddly with her slim, elegant form.

"Do you remember what it said on the door," Yan Li asked, "'Its About Finding the Postion for You'. Well we've got you one and we're getting you ready for it."

She then helped him off the work surface and took him over to the shower where Su Lin was standing with the shower head in her hand to check the temperature. "You stand inside," she told him. Christiaan stepped into the stall and was sprayed with water. He spread out his arms, lifted his chin and felt the spray worked all over him. He turned round and felt the water sprayed onto his back.

Yan Li stepped forward with a lathered scrubbing brush and scrubbed Christiaan down. She worked the brush everywhere and smiled as she rubbed it against his crotch leaving his penis standing out reddened against the white foam. He was washed down and laid back on the work surface where the two Chinese girls then shaved and washed him down again: drying him with hair dryers which they moved up and down his body. When they'd finished the girls lifted him on to a trolley and secured him to it with large velcro straps.

Yan Li leaned over him again. "By the way, your typing was very good, but it's not a priority where you're going."

Christiaan suddenly thought of stories he'd heard of Western women being lured into prostitiution; sex trafficing; even murder in the far east. He'd also heard rumours of Western men also being kidnapped or falling victim to mysterious Asian cults. "Oh my God," he blurted out, "Are you taking me to China?"

Su Lin laughed. "No silly," she gestured towards a pair of large swing doors, "We're only taking you in there, and you won't need a passport." She and Yan Li began wheeling the trolley towards the doors. Su Lin who was leading held the doors open and helped Yan pull the trolley through. As he passed through the doors Christiaan felt heat flow over him.

3. Evaluation

The heat reminded Christiaan of the day he'd gone walking on the moors. It had been a hot day and the sun had pressed down on him even though there had been a slight breeze. He started sweating immediately, and raising his head saw it was coming from a large oven in front of him. The oven was at the far end of a large kitchen he'd been wheeled into and around and in front of it were work surfaces. Above him Christiaan saw three large ceiling fans that rotated to cool the atmosphere.

Christiaan saw there was another Chinese girl here, and he recognised her as the third girl he'd seen outside with the intense expression and loose hair. She was in a yellow bikini and the top seemed too tight; sqeezing and thrusting out her breasts. When she saw Christiaan she smiled and he felt it to be a wild, crazy smile. She giggled as she came over and said: "Hello. Is he good; is he nice. Will he go well with rice?"

"He's very sweet," Yan Li answered and Christiaan saw all three girls gather round him. "This is Mao Ya Chi," Yan Li said to him. "She's studying poetry."

Mao Ya Chi lean't over Christiaan. "I'm trying to write it as well, but I'm not very good at it."

"Well I only know: "One fine day in the middle of the night, two dead men got up to fight..." Christiaan said. Mao pulled and face and shook her head; the loose strands shaking. "It's a nonsense rhyme," he added. "By Anonymous"

"A - non - o - moose", Mao pondered before saying. "Mm. Sorry. I've heard of Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll." She grinned. It was broad and displayed strong white teeth and Christiaan thought of the rhyme from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland":

"How doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail...
How cheerfully he seems to grin,
And welcomes fishes in,
With gently smiling jaws!"

He asked: "What are you going to do. Are... are you going to eat me?"

Mao shook her head: "Oh no, no, no, no, no. We're not going to eat you. But I'm going to cook you. The oven's all warm and ready for you."

"Oh no. Oh no - !" Christiaan pleaded. He struggled against the straps. He wanted to get out. But the girls held him as they undid the straps and lifted him onto a work surface. "He's been washed and had everything done," Su Lin said. "Ok," Mao replied and produced a bottle of oil. "Nutmeg," she announced, "For little boy's nuts." She and Su Lin began to rub it on to Christiaan's body.

"Stop it. Stop it!" Christiaan cried. He writhed and rolled from side to side as the girls massaged the oil into him before turning him on to his stomach and oiling his back. They turned him over again and he lay panting on his back. His whole body was damp from the oil and the sweat. Then he gasped as the girls began rubbing parika and other spices onto his skin. It felt gritty. When they'd finished Christiaan lay panting only to wince as Mao squeezed his penis. "I'm sorry you're name's not Mike, because you're going to get a spike!" She drove a sliver of wood into his manhood while singing: "Do, do, do, do, do, do, do!" and Christiaan screamed.

"You ... bitch!" he gasped.

Yan Li slapped him. "Don't say that," she said and Christiaan noticed her voice was calm and her expression relaxed. "Mao will only make your preparation more painful."

Mao leaned over and her face was inches away from his. "I love you and think you're nice. But we must get you ready for dinner otherwise our guests will be thinner."

She pressed a cherry into his navel saying: "Ker-ching!"

"Now your bottom," she said. Christiaan was turned onto his stomach again. He felt his buttock cheeks parted and tensed as Mao pushed a potato in; gently at first then it stopped and he thought she'd finished. Then he yelled as Mao pushed it tightly in. He was turned on to his back again and lay panting and his heart thumping. Behind him he heard Mao quip: "It's a shame that all he does is whine, because this job is rather fine," and the other girls giggled.

Christiaan twisted his head round. "Please stop," he gasped, "You like playing cannibals but I'm hurting all over."

There was a moment's silence except for the humming of the oven and the gentle whoosh, whoosh of the overhead fans. Then Yan bent over him. displaying her clevage.

"We're not playing cannibals," she said calmly, "We are cannibals."

"We do like you," Su Lin added.

"Even better when you've been eaten," said Mao .

Christiaan suddenly felt chilled in spite of the heat. He looked up at the three girls whose bodies shone from the sweat. Yan's and Su Lin's expressions were dispassionate while Mao grinned. He realised now while "Emerald Recruitment" hadn't drawn attention to itself: was hidden away in an alley and why the sign on the door was loosely attached. That was why Yan Li had been delayed in joining Su Lin in the preparation room so she could take the sign down and cover their tracks. Once there was no trace of "Emerald Recruitment" no one would know where it was or what had happened to him.

"Am... am I... the first?" Christiaan asked shakely.

"No and you won't be the last," Yan Li replied and pushed an apple into his mouth.

Christiaan's tongue was curled up and his teeth bit into the soft skin. Saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth as he cried: "Mmmh, mmmh" which turned into muffled groans as Mao and Su Lin bent his legs up into a lotus postion and, folding his arms across his ankles, bound his wrists to them so that oiled, stuffed and garnished Christiaan looked like a turkey.

"Oh My God help me!" he thought.

He was lifted off the work surface and onto a large baking tray. Then he felt peppers, sweetcorn and potatoes piled around him; underneath his shoulders and around his head; against his thighs and arms and tucked underneath his buttocks. Yan stood over him with a two pronged fork and pinched his breasts with it. "Very beautiful," she smiled at the others, "He'll turn out well."

Christiaan started crying.

Yan wiped his eyes with a paper towel. "You needn't be ashamed at what's happening," she told him. "Our Director is coming tonight and she's never tasted a European man before. When you came you were perfect. So remember, we've found the postion for you."

"You have," Christiaan thought bitterly.

He felt the baking tray lifted off the work surface and placed on a trolley by Mao and Su Lin. "What have we got," Mao sang, "A little boy who'll soon be hot." He turned his head to look at Yan. She had that sweet, beguiling smile again when they'd first met. But now he imagined her perfect white teeth biting into his flesh. The trolley was wheeled up to the oven and a huge blast of heat hit Christiaan as the door was opened. "This isn't right," thought Christiaan desperately, "This can't be the end!"

The tray was pushed into the oven and the door shut.

4. Work in progress

Christiaan screamed through the apple and found it hard to breath through his nostrils. That was why he had the apple in his mouth. As well as garnishing it was also to make him suffocate. He thought again of being sunburnt on the moor. Now his arms, legs and backside were being burnt too. Everything about him was hot and cooking: cooking his life away. His whole body was moist from the oil and sweat and it was intensely hot inside the oven. It would be, Christiaan thought, a human body would need longer and require a higher temperature.

"What will I taste like?" he thought.

"He's very sweet" he recalled Yan Li saying to Mao.

"It's wrong," Christiaan protested, "People don't eat people. It's sick to eat flesh."

"But it dosen't stop us eating cows, pigs, chickens."

"They're all mammals with meat on them," he reasoned, "Why should humans be any different?"

"Except it's wrong and it shouldn't happen."

"Well for Jesus' sake it's happening now. I'm it. I'm being cooked. Help me!" he pleaded.

Christiaan couldn't move on the tray either and his limbs ached from being bound. He lay there on the tray and staring helplessly out as he was turned into food.

He saw Mao and Su Lin look in at him and give him a cheery wave. Then Yan Li looked in and smiled. Later, Mao came to look in on him again and then turning to her side, stretched out her bikini bottom to give him a glimspe of her buttocks before letting the pants snap against the cheeks. He felt his penis twitch against his bound limbs.

That was another reason why they'd worn bikinis. As well as to titilate their victims it was also easier and more comfortable to work in due to the temperatures.

Christiaan felt the heat through the baking tray and he saw his legs and arms turn a beetroot red as his skin began to burn and sting. This oven was his tomb. It's metallic walls glowed a harsh orange-yellow and there would soon be nothing left of him but leftovers in a bin bag.

"It's not fair" Christiaan protested.

He felt himself going limp despite being tightly bound. He closed his eyes and thought of himself walking the streets; among people on a fine but cloudy day. He was away from "Emerald Recruitment", but when he opened his eyes again he was still in the oven.

"Please let me out," he pleaded to no one. "I want to go home. All I wanted was a job. I can't end up as someone's dinner. Please let me out!"

Eventually, the oven timer bleeped to say the cooking was over, but Christiaan didn't hear it.

5. Audit

Gong Lan seemed impressed by the simple dining room which Yan Li had done her best to give a Chinese flavour. Paper lanterns cast a soft orange glow on the table. The table had candles and small bowls of lemon and cherries. A red and green mural on the wall depicted a landscape of mountains, a wide river and a pagoda. Yan Li had thought the long, straight Qipao's she, Su Lin and Mao Ya Chi worn were too simple, but when she saw the director prefered plain, simple dresses as well she relaxed. Gon Lan was also pleasant; her oval face, cool eyes and firm, full mouth seemed intimidating, but she'd smiled and returned Yan Li's greeting: clasping her hands and curteysing as they'd done.

Wine was served in small cups to the Director and her guests, then Mao struck a small gong. "Gentle ladies, noble lords," she began, "I will now speak a rhyme, which will not take up your time."

"Here we are far from home,
but we are really not alone.
There's lots of boys to be got,
for cooking, roasting or the pot!"

Then to applause Yan Li and Sun Lin brought Christiaan in. He was on a serving trolley with hot plates underneath. His skin was a redish-brown and he still had the apple clasped in his mouth. Between them, Yan Li, Su Lin and Mao carved off his thighs, rump, legs, and shoulders and served his flesh along with fried rice, black beans and mushrooms which they'd also prepared. During this Christiaan's eyes stared open in surprise but saw nothing.

Yan Li sat next to Gong Lan who as guest of honour was seated at the head of the table. "It seems a shame to eat him," Gong Lan commented to her. "Was he a nice boy?"

"Yes he was," Yan replied, "But we find them even nicer when we strip and prepare them!"

Gong Lan ate another mouthful of Christiaan before asking: "I know our policy is never to have sex with our clients, but if you had the chance would you?"

"No," Yan Li answered, "Why have sausage raw when you can have it cooked!"

She looked down the table. Mao was grinning and for once, had managed to tie her hair up without it coming loose. Su Lin was talking to a young man in a Mao suit which made him look like a beigh panda.

"This project is turning out to be very successful," Gong Lan told Yan Li, "It is a shame to deceive the English, but considering the investment we've put into this country then it's only fitting we get something back."

"There hasn't been any problems with the authorities?" Yan Li asked. "When we're processing the clients it's easy to get out of touch."

"None so far," Gong Lan said, "As you know we only take a few at a time. It's easy to go to ground, and we always insist places like this are secret." She smiled and added: "You're one of the best I've seen, so you'll be the first to hear my announcement."

She tapped her glass to get attention and began: "Before I congratulate our hosts for their hospitality tonight I want to announce the next stage of our operations. We intend to start exporting personnel recruited in England back to China. No longer will it be for expatriates and a select few here, but it will be appreciated by our clients and associates at home. The final shipping plans have been finalised and we intend to begin next month."

There was applause and she added: "Now, to our hosts Yan Li, Sun Lin and Mao Ya Chi, a toast to the excellent meal they provided tonight."

The three girls were toasted. Then Yan Li stood up and bowed. "Thank you," she said and gave her sweet, haunting smile. "As gratitude to Madame Director for honouring us with her company and the privilige of her announcement here tonight, we have also saved a surprise for her."

She went to the trolley and took out a hot plate with a cover on it. She placed it before her Director and took off the lid. On it was Christiaan's penis. The extended member was not only the same redish-brown, but had also been seasoned with parika.

Yan Li picked up a lemon slice from a bowl and squeezed the juice over the penis. "You may find it to hot Madame Director," she explained. "I hope you enjoy it."

Gong Lan carefully filleted Christiaan's manhood along it's sides so as not to dig into the silver of wood still inside. She ate it; chewed it carefully before saying: "This is excellent. You're right in saying that sausage is better cooked!"



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