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Chocolate Bunny

by Jo

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© Copyright 2011 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; kidnap; captive; bond; prepare; insert; enema; filled; chocolate; aliens; vore; soft; nc; X


"Speak standard English, please."


"First off, it has a soothing effect on them. Secondly, it will give you insight into their psychology."

"We breed them. What does psychology have to do with it?"

"It's less labor intensive to let them look after themselves than for us to be herders. That and it's felt to produce a better product. We'll start with the blonde."

"Free range?"

"College girl, out with friends, had too much to drink courtesy of our bartender, called a cab - our cab of course."

Veronica heard all this. She had indeed been out with two of her friends and had been vaguely puzzled since regaining consciousness. She hadn't had THAT much to drink, but she could remember nothing of that night. And right now her brain wasn't running on all eight cylinders, either. And she just realized she couldn't  move.


"Special order - chocolate."

"What do they see in that? It nauseates me."

"An acquired taste, I'm told."

"And the other two?"

"Standard processing. I'll tend to them while you do this one. I'll talk you through it."

"I passed my exams-"

"And worked with a simulator. This is real."

Veronica felt herself being hefted onto a metal table. Part of her brain felt like screaming, but what she felt mostly was calm curiosity.

"Start with the intestine and while that's running you can fill the bladder and vagina."

Veronica wanted to retch as the tube slid down her throat. She could feel it moving into her stomach.

"Use the viewer to position it in the end of the intestine. Turn it on to level 6. Make sure the chocolate stays at 120 degrees or it will harden too fast."

"Now insert the cleaning tube into her rectum. She's been on a liquid diet for the last two days, so there shouldn't be much waste."

"Some think human waste is a delicacy."

"As do I, but for this process she needs to be cleaned out. Work the tip until it reaches the end of the large intestine, then remove it slowly as you pump in the water."

Now Veronica did want to scream. The assault on her rectum was distinctly uncomfortable,  but the chocolate (Chocolate?!) being pumped into her gut was causing serious cramps.

"It will take a few minutes for the small intestine to fill, so proceed with the bladder. Use a catheter to flush the bladder, then fill it with chocolate."

"A pint?"

"For a girl her size, yes. Use the thick shaft for the vagina. It's a bit tricky. You want to fill the cavity, but you need to keep it plugged until the chocolate sets. In fact, you'll leave all the tubes in her for now to prevent seepage."

Veronica was starting to move into the realm of sensory overload. There was that distinct, familiar sensation in her bladder, her vagina felt like it was about to burst. Thank goodness the tube was no longer in her bottom. But the cramps from the chocolate being pumped into her were unbearable.

"All right. You're just about there. Shut off the pump and drop the temperature to 100 degrees to give the chocolate a bit of firmness."

"Now insert the filler tube into her anus as you did with the cleaning tube. This is the delicate part. Before the chocolate with a thin liquid, but now it'll be fairly solid. You want to fill the large intestine without bursting it. Just set it to level 4 and withdraw it slowly as it's filled. That's right."

Veronica was in agony. And she could feel, though she didn't know how, but she could feel the chocolate becoming solid inside of her.

"Three more steps and you're done. Backfill her stomach and esophagus, but stop before you reach the trachea. We used to fill the lungs at this point, but some felt the death was too traumatic and affected the quality of the product."

"Place the pacer on her chest and set it for 175 beats per minute. Make the incisions here, here, and here. Now slide the wand  into her heart. Set the level at 2. You don't have to pump the chocolate so much as replace the blood as it bleeds out. The heart will do the pumping."

"The chocolate looks different."

"It is. It's a special blend, slightly thinner than blood and doesn't set up so hard. But you still have to work quickly to flush the system before it cools too much to pass through the capillaries."

"How long do I let it run?"

"After you see chocolate coming out of the incisions, another three minutes. You'll start to get a back pressure indicator. That will tell you when to stop."

"Right. You know this is an awful lot of work for something so vile."

"We give the customer what they want."

"Still, maybe I'm a purist, but slip a wand into the heart, pump in some spices and tenderizer, let it circulate, and you're done. Tastes better, too."

"Speaking of food, I'll get the black girl into the cooker unless you'd prefer Chinese."

"No I-"

"That's a joke."

"I don't get it."

"She's Asian and Chinese food is popular. Never mind."

A few minutes later.

"How is it coming?"

"Just getting ready to shut off the pump."

"Good. Now insert the tube into the trachea and fill the lungs. Work your way back up the throat. Tip her head back and you can fill the mouth and nasal passages at the same time without too much spillage."

"Let me double check the order to see if there isn't some other special processing we need to do ... oh, now this IS funny."


"Her name."

"Veronica Anderson. So?"

"Her nickname is Bunny. You just created a chocolate Bunny."

"How is that a  joke?"

"This is one of their religious holidays, Easter I believe, the children are given assorted candies. The most popular item is a rabbit made from chocolate, a chocolate bunny."

"I don't get it."



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