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Consuming Passions

by Incubi

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© Copyright 2013 - Incubi - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; majick; spell; creature; mythical; desire; swallow; devour; tease; oral; sex; climax; soft; cons; X

'It was a dark and stormy night...'

Well actually it was quite a balmy summer evening but It certainly should have been dark and stormy. Catherine mused to herself as she finished pouring white powder in a neat circle on the freshly swept clearing floor.

A little under average height Catherine Holt was a pale, slightly overweight girl just edging into her twenties. Her clothes were filthy after sweeping the clearing free of leaves. Hooking her long black hair back behind her ear she paused stretching and rubbing the small of her back with her free hand.

"Next time I'll bring a bloody leaf blower."

Kneeling down she began to carefully pour more powder into complicated patterns referring to the blackened volume by her side. As she worked her way around the circle her thoughts drifted back to when she first found the book...

"What about this one Cathy?"

"Thirteen pink and fluffy love spells? We are looking for decent books Sue decent books on the craft don't have pink fluffy covers and they don't come with a free pen either."

Sue Jenkins was hopeless Catherine mused, at eighteen Sue had seemed so clued in about the occult she had her own set of tarot cards and she even knew about the healing power of crystals. Now nearing her twentieth birthday Catherine had long since decided her friend was beyond help.

Her hair dyed black to match her long painted fingernails,Sue wore a black velvet bodice with long medieval sleeves and a skirt of layered black cobweb lace. The effect should have looked exotic, but sue just managed look like a rather gothic shuttlecock. For two years Catherine and Sue had dreamed of travelling Europe and seeing the world and after two years of putting up with Sue college was over and they could barely scrape up enough money to visit a mouldy old second-hand bookshop.

"Are you even listening to me Cathy?"

"Sorry Sue" Catherine realised with a start she had been standing there completely ignoring Sue's continuing twittering.

"Look there's nothing here lets just go."

Sue's face fell

"But Cathy they have all the new Bronze Eagle Fox books in."

"The last time you read any of that rubbish you announced to the entire college that your name was now Willow Dolphin Song and you were going to live on a commune in New England."

"That's not fair Cathy." Her friend muttered lowering her eyes in embarrassment.

"Look I'm going stay here and read whatever you want."

Leaving Sue in the stacks Catherine made for the front of the shop, Mordred's Books was an ancient building, a creaking pile of extensions and extra wings seemingly bolted on at random and filled floor to ceiling with decaying shelves and musty books forming a maze of incomprehensible passages. After a few minutes scurrying through the maze Catherine realised she was lost.

"Sue! Sue! Can you hear me? Sod where is the dammed exit."

The stacks here were even closer together than in the rest of the shop, most of the books were old hardbacks in bad repair; their spines pocked with mould and covered in grime. Above her head a broken arrow sign dangled from its single remaining hook declaring to the world at large that the occult section was somewhere under her feet.

"Sue, damn it you are never about when I actually need you."

Seeing dim sunlight coming from an even narrower aisle Catherine turned sideways and began to squeeze down the narrow passage, she sidestepped over small piles of torn and ruined volumes scattered across the floor.

"They really need to clean back here, damn it Sue where the hell are you?"

The stack's turned abruptly, the light that was streaming into the passage was coming from a dirty skylight set above a narrow doorway.

'Well I've come this far.' Catherine thought to herself as she turned the door handle.

The room beyond the door was as immaculate as the passage behind it was filthy, the walls were panelled with rich golden brown wood, the tidy bookshelves built into the walls. A spotless heavy wood table matched perfectly the colour of the walls and several green leather upholstered recliners were scattered around it. All in all Catherine thought it looked like she had stepped right back into the nineteenth century.

"Can I help you my dear?" the voice was old but firm with a perfectly polite English accent.

"Who's there?"

"Oh I do apologise" with a gentle creak a handsome elderly gentleman raised himself from one of the leather recliners brushing his long white hair back over his shoulders. "Edward Mordred at your service my dear, a pleasure to meet you."

The old man was dressed in a simply gorgeous velvet suit of the darkest purple, his shirt was obviously silk with lace at the collar and cuffs, from the size of his shoulders it was obvious he had been powerfully built in youth.

"Do excuse my attire my dear I tend to dress more for how I feel than what is popular as I grow older, but then I see you yourself are something of an individual."

"I'm sorry." Catherine stammered quite at a loss for something to say to the curious gentleman, "I got lost in the stacks, I didn't mean to disturb you I'm just looking for the way out."

"Oh I'm sure you didn't mean to disturb me my dear so few people know I'm back here after all, but I rather believe in fate over luck my dear." The old man smiled warmly.

"Are you a pagan?" Catherine asked, the old man certainly looked odd enough to be an elderly pagan, perhaps he was an old hippy with all that long white hair.

"Oh I'm something of a student of the Occult my dear, a dabbler in things arcane. You have a bit of spark in you. I see it now. I have just the thing for you my dear." The old man went to the bookshelf behind him and pulled out a thick red book with gold lettering. "le Majick j'taime, a little love magic to enhance your life perhaps?"

'More bloody love spells' Catherine thought. "Sorry Sir Love spells don't interest me."

The old man frowned a moment, "tricky customer eh, well if love isn't for you how about the Mort's Grimiore? Talk to spirits raise the dead?" the old man lifted free a large black volume with silver writing.

'We tried to call up Sue's great grandmother last year all we managed to do was upset the neighbours' Catherine thought. "I don't want to play around with ghosts I want real magic not silly illusions."

For an instant the old mans expression turned solemn then his ready smile returned.

"If you hunger for real power then I may have the volume you seek my dear." The old man turned and walked across the room to a cabinet Catherine could have sworn hadn't been there before. Opening the doors the old man pulled out a slender book with a charred and blackened cover and a tarnished silver lock.

"Consuming Passions, an excellent tome, if a trifle dangerous for the unwary." The old man patted down his pockets in absent-minded fashion clicking his fingers in sudden realisation and gave out a sudden piercing whistle. Catherine turned at the sound of claws on the wooden floor of the passage, a huge shaggy black dog trotted past her and went to sit at the elderly gentleman's feet.

"Don't mind Wulf my dear I found him sniffing around where he didn't belong a long time ago he makes an excellent guard dog, but he was certainly a pain to housebreak." The old man reached down and pulled a small ornate key on a silver chain from around the hound's neck.

"Can never be too careful where books of magic are concerned I always say." He wound the chain around the book and held it out to Catherine.

"For a pleasant moment in an otherwise plagued day take it with my blessing my dear, no charge." For a moment his smile faltered again and he suddenly looked stern. "you have a hunger my dear, be careful you do not pay too much to sate it."

"Thanks Mr Mordred," Catherine took the old took in her hands the charred cover feeling surprisingly soft and warm to the touch.

"Wulf here will lead you out my dear, if you ever find you need advice I'm sure a lady like you will be able to find me again."

The old man watched the young girl squeeze back into the narrow passage.

"But I don't think ill be seeing you again somehow my dear." He said quietly to himself.

Completing the complicated symbols around the circle Catherine dusted herself off and checked her watch. Standing in the exact centre of the circle checking the book she began to read aloud.

"Hungry one I call to thee.

I summon you from the endless void,

I call you from your halls of flesh

I hold open the veil so you may enter."

Pulling a lighter from her pocket she bend down and set fire to the powder with her free hand, the circle erupted into blue flame the symbols catching fire in sequence as she continued to chant.

"I Light the sacred flame,

I offer you lusts bargain.

Grant my wish.

Appear to me!"

With each verse the flames grew higher, with the last words of the final verse still ringing in the air the flames roared skywards completely surrounding her in blue fire. As the flames died back to a narrow blue line of flame Catherine looked around the circle expectantly.

"Hello? Is there anyone there?"

The book said the summoning was simple as long as the practitioner truly believed in their ability to invoke what was summoned, flipping through the pages of the book Catherine tried looking for something she might have missed.

"Stupid book why didn't it work cant see in this bloody gloom should have brought a torch."

"Allow me." The voice was deep and masculine every single syllable sounded as if it was dipped in honey, as he spoke the growing darkness was driven back by a rich golden glow.

Catherine whirled around dropping the book with a thud as she turned to face the creature she had summoned, as she caught sight of him her breath caught in her throat.

Long tangled golden hair hung like a mane cascading down his muscled chest. His flawless skin was deeply tanned and his wide eyes a glowing gold without iris or pupil. He stood a head taller than her, and she noticed he had a small pair of curling horns like an antelope sticking up through his tangled curls. His body was perfect, like something sculpted by some inspired Greek artist of history and he was she blushed to see completely naked. The light came from his outstretched hand where a flame danced upon his open palm.

"You summoned me sweet one." The beast looked her up and down a slow seductive smile in his perfect lips. "You have something you want, Wealth, power beauty beyond mortal compare? Tell me your desires and I will make them reality, if you are willing to pay the price."

"I won't give you my soul." Catherine said, the book had been very clear on what to say.

"I deal not in souls little one, keep your immortality it is your flesh that interests me."

"My flesh you cannot have either demon pick another price." Catherine replied.

"Do I look like a demon my tasty little treat?" He asked raising one flawless eyebrow. "A demon is small and red with extremely bad hygiene the book calls me the lord of lust do try not to ad lib darling."

"I'm sorry this is my first summoning" Catherine said without thinking.

"Oh don't worry my dear after a few centuries of the same old script it can be nice to chat awhile but do try not to call me demon again its very demeaning." He smiled and stretched his spine audibly cracking as he arched his back.

"Oooh I needed that, being corporeal is nice but summoning always gives me backache. Now where were we... ah yes" he cleared his throat and continued in an even deeper more seductive tone. "If I cannot take your soul nor possess your flesh then you have nothing I want lovely sorceress."

Catherine picked up the book and flipped through the pages until she found the proper section.

"I will not give you my flesh to keep but in exchange for your power I will offer you one night of carnal pleasure to sate your endless hunger for the night at least." Catherine looked up at him expectantly. "how was that?" she asked.

"Much better my dear but do try not to break character." He winked at her. "One night of passion for my power this I grant but on one condition, I will take no more than you give freely but I shall take all that you give me whatever that may be." He folded his arms and looked at her expectantly. "speak your desires and seal the bargain."

Catherine closed the book her heart fluttering in her chest, finally all she ever wanted was hers to ask for finally she would have whatever she desired.

"Grant me wealth health and beauty great one, I want to be wealthy powerful and beautiful with a long healthy life to enjoy it in."

He frowned at her, "You know traditionally your supposed to ask for one gift at a time but what the hell, for you lady anything you ask."

This was it, deal struck bargain made. Once she invited him into the circle there was no backing out, she would end up with what she wanted or... well she didn't want to think about the price of failing.

"Then I accept your offer and invite you into the circle."

The flames reared again as he stepped closer but the fires that would have burned him to ash had he tried to enter by force parted to let him enter and for the first time she caught his scent upon the breeze, all spice and musky maleness that made her heart race.

"Wh.. what do we do now?" she asked as he smiled at her timidity his broad smile showing of his long canines.

"First a change of scenery, I like the woods as much as the next person but really after a few hundred times it begins to lose its charm." With a wave of his hand the world seemed to shift the forest disappearing into darkness...

The humid heat hit her first like stepping into a sauna from a cold room, as her eyes adjusted to the dim red light she made out the shape of a bed piled with furs.

"There, much better." He came closer his scent filling her senses, his burning hot fingertips slowly dragging down her cheek. "much more intimate don't you agree?"

"I.. that is.. should I undress?" now she was so close to him she was not certain this had been such a great idea.

He laughed softly "I took care of that little detail while we travelled my dear, I dislike clothing one of mankind's stranger ideas, things are always so much better naked."

With a gasp she looked down at herself, she was naked as the day she was born. He reached for her and she backed away.

"Now my dear I hope you are not having second thoughts, all deals are final I'm afraid." His smile turned suddenly predatory the aura of seduction tinged with sudden menace.

"I'm not backing out" she stammered, the book had gone into rather grisly length over the fate of those who broke the bargain.

"Then come to me my dear" He purred offering her his hand as he took a step back towards the bed.

His hand was silken soft the nails long and golden coming to razor points, as she took his hand his long fingers curled around hers and he pulled her slowly towards him.

"Don't worry my dear, I promise you nothing but pure pleasure" his voice was soft and gentle as he enfolded her in his arms. His hot breath on her throat as he bent his neck, the burning touch of his lips on her shoulder.

She felt his hands running down her back his long nails dragging down her soft pale skin his feather touch becoming firm as he pressed her downwards cradling her in his arms as he lowered her to the bed. His lips seemed everywhere at once kissing, licking and biting gently.

"You taste simply delicious my dear, so soft and ripe" He purred his lips tracing their way down her neck.

As her eyes began to adjust to the gloom the room seemed to move as if alive, she moaned as his long tongue found her nipple and began to tease.

"Oh god I didn't know it would feel this good."

"Not a god but my thanks for the compliment my lady." He said releasing her nipple for a moment and smiling down on her before taking up the other between his teeth.

She moaned as his hands trailed down her body and gently slid between her thighs and began to part them, his burning body pressing into her as his hips began to slip past her opening knees.

She moaned softly as she felt the iron hardness of his manhood come to rest against her soft skin, he paused a moment and looked down at her.

"Are you ready little one?" he purred.

"Gods yes don't stop" she gasped feeling him begin to move again, his hands sliding down to squeeze the cheeks of her ass and pull her up and onto him.

"It doesn't have to stop if you don't command it little morsel, but carry on too far and you might find it rather difficult to leave" he laughed softly, she would have replied but at that moment he began to thrust and all thought of words escaped her. As she writhed in pleasure under him all thought of the book and its warnings on giving in to lust faded away like mist.

A hard nip made her eyes open in shock and what she saw reaching out for her from over his shoulder almost made her scream, the walls that had seemed to writhe in the distant darkness had crept forward and now she could see it in gruesome detail. The walls looked like flesh, deep reds and fatty yellows shot through with pulsing veins and arteries and dripping with slick transparent fluid. And reaching out of it were the outlined shapes of women straining to reach her as they writhed beneath the slick surface like flies trapped in amber.

"Don't mind them they just like to watch." he growled into her ear as he felt her freeze in shock.

"But what are they?" she asked breathlessly as she clung to him.

"Those that choose to give me their flesh become part of me and I am a part of this place, or rather It is a part of me." he paused a moment his long nails trailing down her back "while I release their souls to the next life a part of them remains, consider these an echo of the flesh."

He moved within her again and in spite of herself she moaned with pleasure, closing her eyes she concentrated on the sensations and tried to block out thoughts of where she was.

He was a consummate lover, with every touch she was thrown to the heights of pleasure. His lingering claws and thrusting manhood made her gasp and moan as orgasm after orgasm sent her into blissful daze that made her feel as if she was floating in midair...

When he stopped within her again she almost had to fight to open her eyes, he loomed above her smiling down at her with a devilish grin.

"That was beautiful sweetling but now I'm starved, time to move on to the main course." he brought her legs up onto his chest and brought her feet slowly to his mouth his eyes locked with hers as he licked his lips.

"No, don't" she barely managed to force out the words, they came out barely a whisper a shadow of a command with no strength to them.

"Don't fight it my love, give into the pleasure only I can give for I hunger so. I will keep my oath. Your flesh I will take but your soul I will return to be reborn with all the gifts you have earned."

"You cannot take what isn't offered." She gasped.

"True enough," he replied "tell me to stop and I must obey but is that what you really want?"

His eyes gleamed golden fire as he lifted her toes to meet his lips, she arched her back as his long tongue slid out to caress the soles of her feet. He sucked lovingly on each toe and nibbled on her delicate arches before giving one last lust filled smile and slipping her feet into his mouth.

She opened her mouth to refuse him bout could not find the words. The book had warned of this, warned of the price of submitting even as it described the pleasures of doing so in exquisite detail. She tried again but the feeling of her feet being chewed delicately between those flawless white teeth made her wriggle in helpless pleasure.

'if you don't like it you can always tell me to stop' his lips remained locked around her feet but she heard him clearly inside her head, as she watched voicelessly he gave the first swallow and she felt her heels gripped firmly by the muscles of his throat and dragged deeper into him.

His hands were everywhere squeezing kneading and teasing with delicate flicks of those long sharp nails, as she opened her mouth he began to thrust inside her again and her words were lost amid moans of pleasure.

He swallowed again and her eyes jerked open as she felt her calves disappear into his mouth, another gulp and her knees sank out of sight as he purred appreciatively his agile tongue caressing every inch of skin before swallowing.

'He's eating me' the thought trickled into her pleasure fogged mind and she found it surprisingly hard to care 'if I don't stop him soon I'm going to be history but God it feels so good.'

She was being lifted now, it felt like there were hands everywhere. She opened her eyes and saw the room had shrunk around them and the writhing flesh had reached out and lifted her from the bed touching and stroking covering her with warm syrupy fluid, she felt him shift as he swallowed again, her hips disappeared bite by lingering bite until his lips slid up to caress the swell of her thighs and his long tongue slipped inside her.

She wailed her hands grabbing fistfuls of his hair and thrusting herself at his questing tongue and unintentionally helping push herself deeper into his waiting maw. 'Now now I like my hair attached my tasty treat' his voice inside her head sounded amused as his strong hands forced hers to open and slid them down into his mouth. Another gulping swallow pinned them over her crotch as her hips slipped into his throat his tongue still somehow buried deep inside her pussy.

'its like I'm already in his stomach' she thought to herself watching the fleshy walls close in about her, the thought only lasted a moment before he swallowed again the sucking pressure of his throat bringing her to yet another orgasm.

'my but you are delicious' he murmured in her mind, she could sense his thoughts more easily now as if a veil was being drawn back and she realised it was because she was almost finished.

With another swallow her belly vanished out of sight forever and her soft breasts slipped into his mouth, she arched her back as he began to chew on her soft breasts his long canines teasing her nipples before swallowing hard and sucking her in to the shoulders. 'its now or never little one, time to decide in or out?' his thoughts sounded amused, she could see his thoughts, she could see in his mind the thousands of women that had been given this very choice and the handful that had refused him.

"Don't stop" she whispered.

'your wish is my command.' he replied in her thoughts as the walls closed in about them...

The clearing was quiet when the sun finally rose that morning. The bare earth scattered with windblown leaves, a creative imagination might just pick out the remnants of a burned circle in the soil.

A young man came walking through the woods, dressed in leather trousers and jacket with high riding boots turned down over the knees. His long shaggy black hair hung loose to his waist as he loped across the forest floor. Picking up the book he slipped it into a pocket and dusting away a few stray leaves he pulled a long silver chain from the embracing earth. Smiling cynically he hung the chain around his neck.

A gust of wind blew across the clearing picking up leaves and dancing them across the ground. The big black dog shook itself and headed off between the trees...


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