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Storycodes: F/m; shrink; giantess; tease; lick; bite; chew; swallow; digest; nc; XX

As Danielle lead me to her dorm room, I was overcome with excitement. This was the moment I had been waiting for since the day I met her in my History class. 

Danielle was one of those women who really stood out, she had an exotic beauty. For an Asian-American girl she was very tall, about six foot three. Her body was athletic like there was no tomorrow, she was firm and lightly muscled. She was on the track team and had been very successful. She had short hair, which she dyed a burgundy shade. She also wore a pair of silvery wire frame glasses, which I thought was sort of cute. 

I had recently mustered up the guts to ask her out, and she surprisingly accepted. I thought she might say no because I was a little shorter than her, but she was happy that I had asked her out, she said she had been waiting for me to do so all semester. 

The date went wonderfully, we went to a nice Italian restaurant and had a wonderful time. We talked about our majors, our plans for the future and our pasts. She had such a vibrant personality, a beautiful smile and displayed a great amount of grace with each movement she made. I found it odd that she only had a salad while I had a bigger meal, but I rationalized that she was probably on a diet for her training 

We went to see a romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Danielle and I totally enjoyed the film, we shared a soda and some Milk Duds. I put my arm around her, she put her hand on my thigh. By the end of the film we were looking at each other intensely. It was a good thing we had chosen the back row of the balcony, because no one was there to see us make out at the end. 

After the film I drove her back to her dorm, she whispered into my ear, "Let's go up to my place, my roommate is gone for the weekend." I eagerly agreed. 

We entered her room and began to kiss again, as I rubbed her body I could not believe how tight her body was. We instantly tore away at each others clothes and soon we were in her bed. 

She was great, it was the greatest sexual experience of my life. She clearly knew what she was doing. Suddenly, an odd sensation came over me. It was like needles were pricking me all over. Then Danielle seemed heavier and stronger than before. She was still on me, I could not get her to pull off, she was crushing me. Then everything blurred into a colorful vertigo and then everything went black. 

When I woke up, Danielle's hand was resting on my side, my whole side, shoulder to toe. Danielle was huge. When she saw that I was awake, she tightened her grip, surrounding my body with her huge hand. She lifted up to her face and smiled, "Have a nice nap?' 

"What happened?" I asked 

"I shrank you!" she replied with a grin, "And now I am going to eat you." 

I was in total fear, I thrashed around in her grip trying to escape, "Why?" I cried. 

"Because I am hungry, silly, why do you think I had such a light dinner. I was saving you for the main course. I've wanted to eat you all semester, but there were so many other tasty morsels in the way." 

She took me into the kitchen and pulled out a bowl of mustard. As she dangled me over the bowl she asked, "Should I swallowed you whole or munch you into tiny pieces?" She lowered me into the yellow sea, covering my legs in the spicy sauce. As she put my legs into her mouth, I started to scream. She sucked the mustard off and dipped me again and again. 

After a while, I thought that her "eat you" comment was merely a joke. She dipped every part of my body into the mustard and sucked it off. It was actually a wonderful sensation, actually. 

When there was only a little mustard left, she spoke to me again, "I know you think I was joking about eating you, I wasn't. I am about to eat you." 

"What? Danielle, no!" I protested. 

"I am sorry, do not think of it as me killing you; think of it as becoming part of me, making me more beautiful than I was before." 


"I am sorry." 

In that final moment, Danielle shoved my lower body into her mouth and bit down. I could feel that section of my body being ground between her teeth. It was incredibly painful. She shoved the rest of me in her mouth and managed to bite off my arms. I had no limbs left, I watched as she mashed my arms into oblivion. Then, she swallowed me. 

In that little time I had left, I traveled through her body and into the dark pit of her stomach. From what I could see, I came to rest on the remains of my arms and lower body, which rested on some salad and Milk Duds. Her stomach acid had already broken down most of the salad, it would only be a matter of time before I was next. 

I looked up hoping to find a way out, but I realized it was pointless because I had no means to climb out. As the stomach acid loomed closer, I though back on what Danielle had said that at least I would become part of her. In a way this was a desirable fate, I would be part of her glorious body. I would become one with her shapely thighs. As the acid ate away at me I closed my eyes and smiled. 

Danielle felt a tiny belch roll up her throat and she released it. A wave of power rushed over her, she felt her muscles grow a little larger and she felt a little taller as well. "He added to me quite nicely," she thought to herself, "He was very delicious." 

She went over to her calendar, and looked at the date she had scheduled for the next day. It was Stephen the campus championship bodybuilder. She knew he would be a tasty treat and would add to her greatly. 


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