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Dark Desires

by Amanda & Banfield

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© Copyright 2019 - Amanda & Banfield - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; scifi; mutations; giantess; shrink; objectify; captive; insert; toy; dildo; orgasm; used; swallowed; eaten; mast; climax; soft; con/nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

This is joint venture with my good friend Banfield we have been discussing writing together for some time, here is a tale shared by us both we hope you all derive some pleasure from our sexy collaboration.

The year 3013 man had advanced to a greater and frightening degree. Anything was now a possibility. The earth and all its problems were now stable once more. Space travel had been accomplished and Man had left the earth’s sanctuary to travel to distant planets.

We had colonized many new worlds found to have sustaining environments that were only a jumping point from large spaceports. Man’s future secured.

Due to the Global Warming, the whole population – even the Moslems – were obliged to wear the scantiest clothing, attire that would have been scandalous back in the 21st Century this helped to keep the body cool. This had been a slow process allowing the differing views of the religious factions time to adjust to the radical way in which they conducted them selves.

Unfortunately, Man’s greed and depravity still prevailed… but one thing had changed. Men were now vulnerable to the opposite sex… for some unexplained reason unknown at this time young males from the age of 5 would shrink; their size determined in accordance by age. The process was slow, but the end the same.

Women loved these little people. They had multiple uses. Little boys being shrunk to as small as three to four inches, youths and adult males anything from seven to twelve inches. They were ideal for so many things to satisfy the sexual needs of females of all ages.

Unfortunately for them, it always ended with their deaths. A cruel end to so many helpless innocent lives as is natural for the human race; it was quickly exploited by underground networks that developed a market for these unfortunate individuals to depraved women and girls. Their bodies a commodity to be used for their own sexual desires, they died slowly at the hands of these females.

The universal net became an ideal place to conduct the under-hand deals in cyber space which the authorities were unable to control. They tried to police it but the criminal factions kept ahead of the technological age.

Females scoured the air-ways to purchase these young men in order to gain sexual pleasure from them whilst their little bodies were still able to function, they were far worse in their cruelty than man ever could be or would want to be, so these poor males were tortured and tormented until death came to call.

A well heeled lady sitting at her desk the plush surroundings an ideal setting for her to do a little Shopping:

A lady of great wealth was in the process of purchasing a number of shrunken individuals. She was seated at her consol in a skimpy bra that served only to cover her nipples. Her loins were attired in a teeny-weeny pair of knickers the lacy at its edge allowing the pubic hairs an escape route, they revealed her fulsome buttocks and barely covered her mons. Otherwise, she was elegantly coiffured, her finger-nails exquisitely manicured and carmine-red.

She studied the rows of intended victims of various sizes, her libido rising at the sight of all those on display.

In the air-conditioned sumptuous boudoir, the young lady began feeling the heat build up in her loins. Every species on the screen looked so desirable to her. The delicate fingers of her free-hand slid almost automatically under the elastic of her exiguous knickers – her digits summoned by her increasing fervour. As soon as the tips reached her aroused clitoris, she thought of her very last purchase. He was the last of a batch of ten she had bought. All the nine had perished during the month. With a sudden impulse, she swiftly reached for the eight-inch manikin. With a quick move she drew the tiny garment down her long thighs and left it at her slender ankles. She spread her thighs wide apart and without a word, thrust the miniaturised male’s head against her puffed-out labia.

Without pity, conscious only of her libidinous urges, she began the sensuous process that almost every ‘toy’ as they are commonly known as, had endured.

The fatty lips were parted with ease as his head passed into the now-lubricated orifice. The shoulders took more effort – but that was one of the exciting acts as the pressure galvanised her clitoris to a remarkable stiffness.

Once his upper torso was wedged in, she began using him gently, jerking him back and forth as she returned her gaze at the display on offer. She clicked on a second display which again revealed a series of merchandise – all of them so terribly desirable – the boys so cherubic in their nakedness, the older specimens so appetising. What caught her attention were those who had been given strong doses of Viagra – the drug once known as aphrodisiac – so that no matter what emotions the victims have, their penises are fully erected into magnificent tumescence.

Seeing them in that state stimulated the lady to a higher degree and made her thrusting movements more vigorous, she plunged her last victim deeper and faster, rubbing his body hard against her own, feminine phallus-like nub.

The sight of these erect penises stimulated her sexual urges the toy now gripped tightly by her excited contractions below, she could feel him struggling deep inside her wet tunnel his efforts to live adding to her pleasure. She thrust her hips in and out as she pulled on her helpless victim’s firm muscular torso his erect penis brushing against the sticky walls of her sex.

She moaned as her first orgasm washed over her, the milky spunk running between her open labia onto her chair. The struggling male’s body crushed as she hung onto the moment extracting as much enjoyment as possible from him, his well being unimportant to her he was a disposable item purchased to fulfill her needs.

Pleasure in exchange for pain and suffering, she enjoyed tormenting them, prolonging their death for as long as possible for her ultimate pleasure.

She screamed out her orgasms now one a torrent of emotions pulsed through her body, beads of sweat on her forehead the torment of another filling her with excitement, the vision in mind of her toys suffering giving rise to more excitable orgasms.

She slumped into her chair the pool between her legs squelching with the movement of her body, the animated man limp inside her, his erect phallus pressing against the sticky walls of her sex.

She pulled him from vagina the muscular walls clinging to their victim unwilling to give up there prize. She sighed as her inner lips closed once again her body already relaxing; she lifted him up to her face her full lips painted in red awaiting him.

He stared at her terror in his eye’s the carnal knowledge already his, soon to be consumed by this gorgeous creature before him. She licked her lips slowly the white porcelain of her immaculate teeth opening slightly, the entrance to her throat visible inside. Her tongue came out to greet him it was warm and soft, it teased his skin his erect penis getting the most attention from it.

Her stomach rumbled sex always made her hungry luckily her food was right in front of her, she slipped the screaming man inside sucking gently on his torso the taste of sex filling her senses his eight inch torso filling her mouth. She turned him inside her mouth his head pushed out into the light of day, a last chance to see his world soon to end within hers soon to be forgotten a toy used for life’s pleasures. He watched himself being pulled in the sucking lips gripping his body tightly his face brushing against the soft skin her kiss good bye delivered she sent him inside ,the screams muffled by warm flesh. His body stretched her throat a slow descent into the dark abyss below, it was a painful moment for her, he was large her body easing him slowly inside, every step felt by her.

Her fingers worked her sex the spunk flowed from her the material of her underwear saturated with her pleasure, she felt a sharp stabbing pain as he arrived at journeys end. She waited stopping all movements her breath held in anticipation at what was coming next, she screamed out her orgasm tore through her body as the eight inch mannequin struggled deep within soon to be another bowel movement a dirty mark around her arise hole to be wiped away and discarded, forgotten forever his life never lived futures never to seen.

This is futures story, filled with tales of human depravity a world where women derive the pleasure; mould our futures for personal gain. We are the reusable resource a toy…a gift to be used and enjoyed a woman’s play thing…....


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