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Date with a Spider

by Robin Barnard

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© Copyright 2012 - Robin Barnard - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; spiderwoman/m; transformed; naked; web; entrap; cocoon; mum; mast; sex; climax; bite; vore; soft; cons/nc; XX

Pat was 50 but didn’t show it because of the transformation when she was turned into the spider woman that she was. She was well endowed and looked like a 30 year old, gorgeous from her head to her toes, her flowing red hair replaced the graying dull red she had when she was looking her age. Her tits were large and firm with firm nipples and her vagina was smooth and barren, she was a gorgeous redhead that looked 30. She loved the fact that she had her looks back, that with her actual years of experience chasing men, all those years paid off by allowing her to pursue and catch her prey with relative ease. She always wore a mink coat over her nude form to hide the extra arms and legs from her intended prey. It wasn’t until caught in her embrace that her true form was found out but by then her prey had been subdued.

She had a fun game she used to like to play with her prey and Tom having just met her had no idea what he was in for. He’d met her at the bar, they had drinks and talked awhile, then she got up and pecked him on the cheek and whispered in his ear the address to follow her to, with the instructions to wait at least a half hour. Agreeing she left him to the bar for a while. She pulled up to the house in the country where she lived. Got out of the car and went in leaving the door unlocked and leaving a note that read, "Congratulations you’ve found me - remember to remove your clothing at the door before you come in."

She then went to the corner of a dark room off of the front room and removed her fur, after allowing her arms and legs to stretch she walked over to the wall crawled halfway up and rubbed her pussy against it releasing a silk line, she then carefully crawled across the ceiling to the opposite wall and stretched the line tight rubbing her pussy on the wall to anchor it. She now had a line running across the middle of the room, she then crawled carefully out to the center and attached another silk line crawling back to the wall she climbed to the ceiling and attached it she did this several more times from the ceiling to the floor.

After having built a scaffolding of sufficient strength she crawled to the center, rubbed her pussy against the center and started stringing a silk line out of her pussy in a spiral form, attaching them to the silk lines she laid before but this silk was different, as it left her pussy it had every few inches a drop of sticky glue . This was her trap silk it had a sticky glue to trap her prey after. Finishing she stood on the floor and admired her work caressing a nipple she laughed a deep throaty laugh "I’m waiting lover".

Tom arrived at Pats house at exactly a half hour after the encounter at the bar, he looked down and found the note that Pat had left. Obeying it he undressed and went in, seeing the front room he looked around impressed. He was looking around and then heard a low seductive voice, "Mmmmmmmmmmm in here my lover yum!!"

Walking into the dark room he barely felt the webbing brush his skin but Pat felt it waiting in the corner toward the ceiling with a string of silk attached to her pussy she felt the vibration and started getting wet. Tom felt the strings and started to walk when he felt a tug at his arm, feeling around with his other hand he felt the strings suddenly he started to get concerned, no matter how hard he tugged he couldn’t pull his arms or hands free.

Suddenly he heard a deep throaty laugh, he started really paniking then struggling even harder he tugged at the line suddenly he felt a jerk. Pat had come to within a few inches of her prey and suddenly yanked the web where he was stranded effectively lifting his legs off the ground. Now stranded and tangled in the web he was right where she wanted him, she swiftly started to pull silk out of her pussy in thick white sheets and started coating his body with it. Tom screamed and struggled but to no avail. Pat slowly and carefully snapped some of the connecting lines that he was tangled in giving her freedom to rotate him for cocooning.

Slowly and methodically she started the process of cocooning her hapless victim, pulling a sheet from her pussy she coated his feet first, holding his legs together and slowly started rotating him, thick sheets of silk poured from her pussy as she coated her prey, Tom felt the hot sticky silk as it adhered to his skin then the tight feeling as it cooled and shrank to fit around his legs. Slowly she rotated him wrapping in a tight silk cocoon.

Every once in a while Pat took the time to take one of her free hands to stroke his cock and then lapping up the cum from the ejaculation. She kept wrapping her prey slowly working up his body, when she got to his arms he put up a struggle but was subdued by two of her arms as they held his tight against his sides, slowly rotating she wrapped him in a silk cocoon. All that now could be seen was a male shaped cocoon from the waist down and a man's upper body being rotated by the female spider, the cocoon squirmed trying to break free but to no avail.

Soon she was at his head, suddenly she stopped and licked her lips seductively, giving a small giggle she whispered in his ear, "Now we're going to have some fun lover!" Bringing him close to her body she grabbed his head and planted her lips to his probing his mouth with her tongue with the longest french kiss he had ever had. Using one of her other hands she freed his cock from the silk prison it was in, which by now was hard as a rock and guided it into her vagina. Slowly she started pumping and reveling at the feeling of the love making session. She listened intently as he moaned and whimpered in sexual ecstasy. She kept pumping him until the moment of ejaculation, she did this several more times. After the final session she stopped and held the cocoon

Close to her body, enjoying the helpless struggle her prey was putting up. Tom feeling helpless squirmed, wimpering "Please let me go".

Pat laughed a deep throaty laugh, "Too late lover", she said seductively licking her lips, "I own you, now shush and enjoy your final night on earth".

Once more Pat started another round of fucking, frenching the whole time. Finally after about three hours Pat relished the final orgasm and ejaculation. Looking Tom in the eye she giggled and said, "Thanks for the fun time sweety now it’s time to end the night, mmmmmmmmmmmm, goodnight lover !!!"

Then while laughing uncontrollably she started cocooning a second time, starting at the feet she started rotating him working her way past the ankles, then to the knees, past the thighs and slowly over his waist and swollen cock, past his chest and finally slowly rubbing her pussy across his face until cumming and finally rotating him and sealing his head in a total silk cocoon. Slowly she brought the cocoon to her and held it against her body enjoying the struggle it was putting up and then she delivered the final bite to his neck releasing her venom. Holding the silk wrapped man close to her body and orgasming from the feel of the intense struggle the cocooned man was putting up from the pain of the venom working through his veins. Several hours later she enjoyed her meal, took the cocoon and stuck it up in the corner with all the cocoons of other victims.


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